The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 45

About the Future

Night. I entered Hiiragi-chan’s house, and waited for her to return. As usual, her room was tidy and the kitchen had no dishes left and was flawlessly clean.

“I’m home…?”

“Ah, welcome home.”

“How unusual, for you to come on a weekday. What is it?”

She takes off her coat and sat on the sofa.

“It’s about your little sister Natsumi…”

“About Natsumi…?”

It was about last time I was released by the time leap. When I had visited Hiiragi-chan’s home, it didn’t seem like I received a good response. The condition was to have an annual income of 10 million yen, but I don’t know if that was meant as just a condition, or whether it was made since I was not properly acknowledged as a marriage partner.

“To a certain extent, it would be better for me to be acquainted with her.”

“Why’s that?”

“I was just thinking that maybe if we had our relationship acknowledged by one of your family members, talks of the future might be able to proceed more smoothly.”

“We’ll expose our relationship to Natsumi-chan?”

“No. I don’t mean to expose our relationship. We’re still a student and teacher in the same school after all. The point is, that if I’m recognized, then if I say, ‘We’re in a relationship!’, then the response would be like ‘I see! If it’s Sanada-kun then I can leave Onee-chan to you!’ or something like that.”

“Fumu fumu. I see.”

She nodded her head as and then looked at me

“Eh. What?”

“…This may be something obvious, but as a high schooler, I feel that it’s quite a mature way of thinking.”

I only wanted to take down the flag that appeared after returning to the present time period.
Attaining the approval of the little sister should be at the very least some small form of protection.

The me in the future was after meeting Hiiragi-chan’s father, but for now, I had not met him yet. Since I was still a high schooler, there was no way I could be introduced, the only thing I can do now, was to make my way around the target.

“Rather than being a mature way of thinking… I was just thinking about our future together.”


“Yeah. Really… Why, do you doubt me?”

Hiiragi-chan was now fidgeting on the sofa and pursing her lips..

“It’s not that you are interested in Natsumi, I’m quite on alert for that.”

When our eyes meet, *pui* Hiiragi-chan turned her face away.

“I won’t take interest in her, I won’t! Why do I have to be interested in someone who I met for the first time?”

“But… your age is closer to Natsumi… You’ll want to get along, right…?

*kurun* She turned her back toward me. Is she pouting…?

“I want to get along with her because I want an ally who would recognize our relationship.”

“I-I thought that it was just your excuse!”

So you say, but what’s with that child-like remark.

“Natsumi is a good child. She’s athletic, and has a bright personality. And, she’s only a year older than you…”

“If a reason is because her age is near mine, then why wouldn’t I date one of my classmates instead?”

It seems that Hiiragi-chan cares a lot about our age difference.

“If I wanted to meet Seiji-kun, I would’ve rather met you while I was still in high school. Going home after school together and taking detours on the way, studying at each other’s homes for tests, going to festivals while wearing a yukata…”

Apparently, this is one of her complexes. I never thought of it that way, but Hiiragi-chan was different.

“Even with all of this, I’m quite uneasy, you know?”

Her back was towards me, and she wasn’t looking in my direction at all.

“Maybe you’re feelings would change all of a sudden…”

The world of a working adult and a highschooler is so very different. Since I have experienced both, I understand that well. Compared to the ever repeating daily work of a working adult, the life of a highschooler was much more exciting. It would be natural to value them differently.

Even if I say it’s okay, it wouldn’t be easy to erase the anxiety.

I hug her from behind.


*pikun* I felt her shoulder twitching a bit as she fidgeted around.

“Being uneasy, I also feel that way, you know?”


“Yeah. I’m really worried that there’s some strange bug after Haruka-san in the staff room. I don’t even know what goes on at the drinking parties.”

“It’s okay! Don’t worry! I’m very cold towards any of those male teachers.”

“Even if you say that, you’re really popular, Haruka-san.”

“I’m not that popular, you know? It’s you who’s popular, Seiji-kun.”

“No no, I’m not popular at all.”

The two of us were like equivalent to an idiot girlfriend with her idiot boyfriend.

Hiiragi-chan nodded her head while speaking, “Don’t worry, Seiji-kun”.

I laughed unintentionally.

“Eh? What? Is something funny?”

“Nope. Now you know how I feel, right? I also told you, it’s okay, don’t worry, there’s no need to worry, didn’t I?”

“Ah, I see.”

“First, let’s trust in each other.”

“That’s right.”

Hiiragi-chan agreed as she points her pinky finger and I too stretched out my pinky to hold her’s.

“If you lie, your finger ♪, will be cut with a knife ♪”

S-scaryyyyyyyy!! Why is she singing that?

“Well, if that doesn’t happen, then it’ll probably be fine… But, why are saying something like that suddenly?”

“Because, Seiji-kun wanted to become closer with Natsumi…”

“Ah. I understand. You’re sulking because you’re jealous?”

“Yo-you’re wrong. I won’t become jealous of my little sister”

She frantically tried to untangle my arms from around her. With this response, it’s certain. She seemed to be really embarrassed as she said that too.

“What is it truly?”

“……… I was.”

Hiiragi-chan suddenly becoming obedient sure is cute.

“I’ll be worried, I’ll be concerned, and then, it becomes jealousy! Th…that’s why I treasure and love you so much!”

Gufu… You don’t need to say it like that when it made your ears so red… But, I do want to hear it once more…

“What about Seiji-kun…?”


“Then, please say it…”

“I get worried and anxious, because I treasure you so much… Haruka-san, I love you…”

I got embarrassed part way through, and my words ended up becoming formal. Hiiragi-chan was holding her chest and curled up.

“Gufu… Cause of death, because Seiji-kun made my heart beat wildly.”

“You’re still alive, aren’t you?”

The two of us who are similar, were still an idiotic couple like usual.

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19 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 45

  1. Yeeeeeah!! My depression from getting 4.0 in miniature is blown away!!!!

    Also guys have you read the manga adaptation? It feels lacking doesn’t it??

    Thanks for the chapter!! 💓 💓 💓


    • I agree that this is better than the manga adaptation, but if it wasn’t for that version I never would have known this exists, so I’m glad that the manga version is around.


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