The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 46

Discussion 1

Apparently, Hiiragi-chan told her sister, Natsumi-chan, about me. Of course, not that I was her boyfriend, but that I was her student and was on good term with her.

“In the end, Natsumi was pouting quite a bit, but she seemed to be curious about you?”

“Curious? About me? … Maybe she’s doubting you?”

“Ma-maybe… But, if that’s the case, then I’ll put my all into convincing her otherwise. Don’t worry.”

In the plan to avoid future obstacles by obtain prospective allies, Hiiragi-chan seems to be supportive of it.

“… But, she wants to meet with you and talk once more.”

If it’s that, then it would be a good opportunity to let her know more about me. As such, on the weekend, we were supposed to meet at Hiiragi-chan’s place, so I pedalled my bike there.

“Nyaa~? Nyaa nyaa nyaaa~?”

Just as I was about to arrive, I saw Natsumi-chan, speaking in cat language. Her conversation partner being a stray cat.

Nyaa, the cat purred and then walked away.

Th-there’s still some more time… just a little bit more…”

After checking her surroundings, she followed the cat.

What are you doing? We’re going be meeting and talking after this, you know? Well, I was also kind of interested, so I followed her. If Natsumi isn’t there, we can’t talk anyway.

After parking my bike, I follow her with quiet footsteps.

Natsumi chased after the stray cat, which had arrived at an open grassy area. From my hiding place, I watch over them.

“Nyaa~ nyaa? Nyanyanya~?”

It’s real. She’s seriously talking to a cat.

“If it’s like this…”

She plucked a cattail out from nearby and tried to draw the cat’s attention.

*swish swish*, *swish swish*

“How about this? Myaa~? Mya mya myaa~?

Please say it correctly! (lol)

Pu pu. Pu—kusukusu.

It should be the cat that wants to get attention, but since it isn’t paying no attention to her, it made her look like a person who wants the cat to give her attention.

By the way, once the cat saw the cattail, it became wary of her, and moved a distance away from her.

… I took out my phone to take a video.

“Cat-san? Over here, over here~”

*swish*, the cat turned away.


Feeling a bit disappointed, Natsumi-chan moved over to the other side.

“Myaa Myaa~? Mya mya myaa?”

It came out!! The cat language! (lol) Even with “Nyaa” or “Myaa” it’s impossible.

Wh-what should I do? It’s too amusing, my stomach hurts… The cat isn’t paying her any attention.

“Nya~n? Nyaa”

It became “nyaa” again!?

Natsumi-chan made her hand into a paw shape, and moved her hand like a cat.


While moving her hand like that, she crawls on fours and forcibly cut into the line of sight of the walking cat.

Oi oi. I didn’t think it was possible, but she’s imitating the cat, right?


She tried stretching her back like a cat.

I-I’m not wroooooooooong! That girl, she’s imitating a cat!! She’s not embarrassed at all, because she she didn’t think anyone is watching!

If I appear in front of her right now,

“Long time no see, Natsumi-chan. What are you doing?” and I say something like that, it’ll be amazing. But, I want to watch for a little longer.

It’s amusing.

The cat stood up and started to walk. Natsumi-chan, who was pretending to be a cat, followed it on all fours.


No, stop doing that. How much do you want it to pay attention to you anyways? *pat pat pat* The cat comes closer to me.

“Nyaa, Nyanyanyaa~n!”

Of course, Nyatsumi-chan who was chasing after the cat, also came over. It was already too late to leave as the cat was too close. The two of them appeared in front of me all of sudden.

“Nyanyaa? Nyaan, nya………. Wha–!?”

*Pffft* She’s so surprised!

“He-hello. Long time no see.”

Pupu, pupupu… This is bad, I can’t stop myself from laughing.

The red-faced Natsumi-chan suddenly stood up.

“T-that’s right, lo-long time no see… What great weather we’re having today, right?”

“Yes, that’s true, it’s a great weather to be a cat.”

“You sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-saw it!? Fr-from when!?”

“From when u started to try and get the cat to pay attention to you while using cat language.”

“That’s from the start!!”

“Ahh, that was quite surprising. You were so into trying to be like a cat.”

“Why didn’t you call out to me?!?!?!?!”

“I took a video, do you want to see it?”

“Noooooo. Delete it… Ah, I mean, please delete it. Please…”

As I was not one to laugh at the misery of others, I delete the video straight away.

“Even Sensei would never never think that Natsumi-san would try to imitate a cat.”

“D-don’t tell Haru-chan…!”

“But you know, with such a skillful cat imitation, I would definitely want her to see it. It’s good enough to put on a show!”


If I end up thinking about this at night, I’ll end up laughing till morning.

“Please, I’m sorryyyyyyyyy… Please don’t tell Haru-chaaannnnnnn.”

It feels like I teased her too much about the cat. Natsumi-chan was already half crying.

“Sorry, I’m joking. Let’s go, to Sensei’s home.”

I walked while pushing my bicycle, as Natsumi-chan moved beside me.

“From that time, I heard that you’re getting along Haru-chan. Is that true?”

“Yes. Since that time, I see Sensei from time to time and talk with her about various things.”

I see, she said. It seems that she felt polite speech would be too stiff and was unneeded.

“You knew about Haru-chan from before didn’t you? I mean, it wasn’t that you didn’t know about Haru-chan at that time, but that you did know her, or something like that.”

As expected, she’s sharp. Of course, she was right.

As I reply “Of course not”, Natsumi-chan nodded ambiguously.

“I go to school, but it’s a girl’s school, you see?”

She started with that. Within our prefecture, there was only one girls only high school.

“Of course, there are guy teachers, but they’re all the popular type. Isn’t that amazing?”

What’s with that? Amazing…

“From what I heard… there’s a lot of students going out secretly with them.”

“O-oh…? But, I thought that a student and teacher couldn’t date each other…”

That was our conversation as we put our stuff onto the shelf. Well, I guess common sense is not always the correct. No… Since girls at a girl’s school have a more exclusive image than other school, maybe that type of thing is a common thing there.

“Yes. I also think that. But, a girl in love has a lot of power you know?”


Natsumi-chan tried to hide her reddening face.

“It’s quite embarrassing to say this, but… for a woman, being a woman has a time limit. It’s something I learned in health class.”

That’s, well, when a woman gets older they can’t have children anymore, right? For reproductive functions, men have no problem, even after getting older. That’s why, a woman can be said to have a shorter “lifespan” than a man.

“That’s why, the feelings of love for a girl is more powerful than that of a boy.”

Natsumi-chan hit me lightly in shoulder to hide her embarrassment.

As I thought, she probably already knows. The relationship between Hiiragi-chan and I.

I just want to avoid the situation where I say, “We’re dating,” and she ends up going “WHAAAAT!?” in surprise.

Speaking of the girl’s only school within the prefecture, it was supposed to be one with high standards, and has many refined rich ladies going to it. It should also be quite far from here.

“In general, everyone there is a sheltered girl, and whether it comes to falling in love or liking someone, they’re all starved of it. Even if they’re quite hesitant, they’re all surprisingly… how should I put this, carnivorous?”

She unexpectedly seems to know a lot about this. About love affairs between students and teachers. If that’s the case, maybe I should ask.

“If your sister… Sensei, has someone like that… that she can’t help falling in love with, and ends up dating with someone forbidden—”

“Hmm…” Natsumi-chan thought for a bit while staring at the sky. Then, she spoke, “If Haru-chan is happy, then it’s okay… If it’s someone that can be relied on, then I would support their love.”

“Even if there’s an age difference?”

“You can’t force someone not to love because of age, right?”

That’s right. I didn’t fall in love with her just because she’s my teacher or because she’s older than me.

Even though my first time meeting her was like that, after speaking with Natsumi-chan, I know that she’s a good girl.

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