The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 48

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Discussion 3

After the two of them stopped crying, we finished eating the lunch that Hiiragi-chan had made.

“Thief-kun, what do you like about Haru-chan?”

As she was having a cup of tea, a straightforward question came flying out. Hiiragi-chan, who was holed up in the kitchen earlier, now came back flustered.

“O-ohon…. What do you like me, I wonder…? Now that I think about it, I haven’t heard anything about that recently.”

For a topic like this, Hiiragi-chan always ends up showing a huge amount of anticipation in wanting to hear it. After hearing a straight answer, she would turn red within 10 seconds and run away.

“Haru-chan, you’re good at doing housework, but sometimes you’re a little airheaded. However, even as your little sister, I think that your face is quite cute.”

“The fact that she’s good at cooking?”

“That’s what he says, Haru-chan.”

“Yeah. Over the weekends I always make dinner or lunch for him. Sometimes I even make bentous for him!”

“There’s other stuff right? Like her being erotic for instance.”

“I-I’m not erotic or anything like that! W-we properly keep those things in moderation in our relationship.”

Hmmm… there are times where she’s defenseless, especially after drinking. During those times, she’s just a bit erotic… Taking off her clothes in front of me, showing her underwear to me, or having an adult kiss.

“There are some erotic things….”

“As expected, Haru-chan is erotic…”

Natsumi-chan was super curious.

“That’s not true! Don’t look at your teacher with such perverted eyes.”

“S-s-so how is she lewd…?”

“She shows me her panties sometimes for instance.”

“Uwaah, that’s super lewd!!”

“Th-that’s from before—, it’s only because I thought that Seiji-kun liked miniskirts, not because I wanted to show Seiji-kun my panties! Don’t misunderstand!”

If you add that on the end, it makes it sound like you actually wanted me to see. Please be careful when saying something like that in public.

“Uhhh, as for other stuff..”

“There’s still more!?”

“Mo—mouuuuu, stoopppitt! I’m going to go wash dishes.”

Speaking like a child throwing a tantrum, Hiiragi-chan fled into the kitchen.

Kusu kusu, Natsumi-chan was laughing on the side.

“Haru-chan, she looks super happy.”

“That would be good.”

“That’s definitely the case. Ever since she became a teacher things have seemed tough for her. I was only able to talk to her over the phone a few times, but I really thought that Haru-chan back then was a lot darker.”

Being in the workforce for your first year is pretty much like that. It really sucks. Work sucks a lot.

“… And, what do you really like about her? You wouldn’t say something that like I like her because she’s my teacher, right?”

“Her face is also that way, but she’s quite cute? In her personality as well.”

While nodding, Natsumi-chan urged on by asking further, “And?”

“At first, we were just student and teacher, so I was really only able to see what was on the surface. But I was able to see more and more as we started dating. The better I know her, the more I want to know, and the cuter parts I see about her.”

“I-I’m the one getting embarrassed just listening to this.”

Taken aback a bit, Natsumi-chan spoke out towards the kitchen.

“Haru-chan? You were listening just now, weren’t you?”

“I-I wasn’t listening!”

“During the important parts, I didn’t hear any of the water flowing though? Isn’t that weird when you’re doing the dishes?”

“I said that I wasn’t listening! I’m not cute at all!”

“”She sucks at lying.””

Hiiragi-chan could be seen secretly peeking over at us.

“Besides, Seiji-kun, is just like an Italian and always lightly makes compliments. It doesn’t shake me one bit.”

“Yeah, I also thought something like that. He’s like an American.”

“No, an Italian.”

“An American.”

I’m Japanese.

“More importantly, if you’re so bad at lying, are you guys fine at school? Like, being unable to see each other alone during school and stuff?”

““We can really easily be alone together.””

“But, there’s no way you guys would make out at school, right”

““We do that pretty easily…””

“What are you guys doing!?”

She was seriously mad.

“N-natsumi, just try imagining it! The person that you like is at school, being alone together after school when people aren’t around—? Wouldn’t you not want to leave in a moment like that?”

“Uuu. So much pressure…! I-I don’t understand it, something like that. I have no experience!”

“After work is finished and I return home, what would I do? I want to call him, send him a good morning text, and start of my day with a happy feeling!”


“I have a general grasp of his schedule by now, so sometimes I think, Seiji-kun is about to fall asleep in class, or think about how much I’m looking forward to the world history class I’m in charge of. Sometimes, I even go to see how cool he is during physical education classes—”

As Hiiragi-chan was stressing the happiness of having a lover, Natsumi-chan knit her eyebrows.

“Haru-chan, are you possibly, that kind of person…?”

“No, that shouldn’t be…”

The two of us began to whisper to each other.

“That passion is nothing to laugh at, you know? It’s at the level of an otaku talking about their reason for living, it’s that bad. Is this alright? Doesn’t it feel confining?”

“Ah, for now, it’s alright.”

“Is it fine to be like a stalker as long as you are lovers?”

“I wonder, maybe to a certain point?”

“Rather, is Haru-chan really that free? Is she properly doing her work?”

“Earlier, she showed up at the gym, and was noticed by the teacher and got scolded.”

“Uwah… She’s a teacher though…”

“Don’t flirt with Seiji-kun.”

Pun, an apron that was all rolled up came flying over and hit me in the face.

“We’re not. Haru-chan, it’s fine to spend time with your boyfriend, but you have to do your work, or else it’s no good.”

“Ugi… I-I am doing it. Right? Seiji-kun?”

“Well… I wonder….”

“Support me a little.”

Haah, Natsumi-chan made a sigh.

“I understand now how much Haru-chan is in love with Thief-kun. You really seem to have it hard.”

“Ah, you get it?”

“Seiji-kun, you’re supposed to deny it there.”

Well, leaving the earlier joke aside. As expected, if I don’t pull in the reins a little bit more, it’ll escalate out of control… I also like Hiiragi-chan, both as a teacher, and of course, as my girlfriend as well. However, if something were to happen, it would be Hiiragi-chan taking the responsibility. I need to think of a better way.

“Anyways, it’s about time for the intruding insect to leave.”

Nishishi, while laughing, Natsumi-chan stood up from her seat. As I was not leaving yet, both Hiiragi-chan and I saw her off at at the door.

“I also understand now that the two of you are completely in love with each other.”

Natsumi-chan was directing her line of sight downwards. At some point, Hiriagi-chan and I had begun to hold hands.

See you, Natsumi-chan said as she left.

At the same time, I breathed a sigh of relief as I relaxed my shoulders.

“Natsumi-chan, she’s quite a good child.”

“Right? She’s my prided little sister.”

At one point I was wondering what was going to happen, but we were able to get Natsumi-chan to recognize our relationship.

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8 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 48

  1. Ohhhhh so it is noted that she’s kind of stalkerish and maybe a bit overly dependant? Well some people like that I know I myself am also ok with it but sometimes it can get a bit much like that one part about not properly replying to texts and them not having a “proper feeling” stuff like that can be weird.

    But well it’s some people’s way of showing their love kind of, still it shows that they get too attached or something can’t find the right word lol still Haru-chan gets attached too easily and is way too ready to please it scares me thinking of girls like this getting done in by a bad fellow …..


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