The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 53

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A Rainy Day

The rainy season was now in full swing, with the terribly hot days continuing on. Today as well, the whole day had high amounts of humidity. The clouds had worked hard until after school, before finally allowing rain to come down. I was stuck with no way out. The forecast had said that it was just going to be cloudy, so I hadn’t brought an umbrella.

“What am I going to do?”

Pichon, pichon, I spoke to myself while watching the raindrops falling onto the roof. On a day where it looks like it’s going to rain, Hiiragi-chan usually drives to work. Maybe she would give me a ride home, but I don’t know when she gets off of work.

“Nii-san? Did you forget your umbrella?”

When I turned around, Sana was there.

“Rather than forgetting, I just thought that it wasn’t going to rain, so I didn’t bring it with me.”

“Is that so…”

After fishing around inside her bag, she took out a fancy foldable umbrella with a bunny shaped handle.

Is this an elementary school excursion or something?

“Sana only packed one foldable umbrella, but if Nii-san really insists, then I would have no choice but to let you join in.”

“I won’t insist on it, now hurry up and go home. It might rain even harder in a bit, you know?”

“Y-you’re quite stubborn, Nii-san. If you really want to join, you should just honestly say that you do.”

“Bye. Sana. I’ll go home when the rain gets lighter.”

“Eh, wa—waaai… Mou, Nii-san is going to get soaked. Also, get home safe, okay!?”

So you’re going to pray for my safety still?

Fuun, fuming from her nose, Sana took the bunny-chan umbrella which was common among elementary school girls, opened it up, and went home while taking large steps.

You know, a woman in her thirties wouldn’t be able to use that umbrella. Foldable umbrellas are normally for just a single person to use. If I join you under it, you’ll be the one completely soaked.

Guess I’ll go to the library to kill some time.

I turned around and was walking down the hall when I saw Hiiragi-chan carrying some documents under her arm walking towards me.

“Seiji-kun, is something wrong?”

“Aaah, I have something to do in the library.”

“Looking up something? You’re quite studious as usual.”

Hiiragi-chan showed me her teacher smile.

Seeing her smile normally is great, but her teacher smile at school is another thing altogether.

“No, well, the rain is coming down pretty hard right now, so I was planning on staying until the rain died down a bit.”

“You didn’t bring an umbrella? Well, I didn’t bring one either.”

I explained to her the same thing that I told Sana, and Hiiragi-chan accepted it.

She glanced at the watch on her left hand.

“Well, I still have time… wait for a little bit!”

She ran off and returned with a black umbrella.

“Here, it’s the umbrella that’s always left in the staff room.”

“No, I can’t use it. There’s probably other teachers that didn’t bring an umbrella. My house isn’t that far, you see, I just need to wait for the rain to die down a bit.”

“I see I see… Then, how about I send Seiji-kun home.”

“By car?”

“Nope. Today I came on bike. So, it’ll be on foot.”

Hiiragi-chan made the proposal as if she was looking forward to it a lot. Sending me home on foot? And, Hiiragi-chan doesn’t have an umbrella of her own… And, there’s only one usable umbrella.
“Let’s go let’s go ♪”

She was happily bouncing around. I was waiting by the back gate, which we had designated as our meeting spot, until Hiragi-chan appeared with the black umbrella.

“Come come, come in. It might be a little cramped for two people though.”

“So that’s how it is…”

I decided to join her, and ended up sharing the umbrella with Hiiragi-chan. It seems that’s why she had purposely decided to meet at the back gate.

“You know, I’ve always longed to do this~ Sharing an umbrella with the person I like.”

“Just like an elementary schooler.”

“Eh!? Like an elementary schooler!?”

Hiiragi-chan’s expression was one of complete shock.

“I-is this the so called ge-generation gap.”

“Once you get to high school, I feel like you wouldn’t necessarily long to do it.”

“That’s not true. Even Sana-chan, she asked you too, right? To share an umbrella.”

“You were watching…? I don’t really think she wanted to share an umbrella though…”

At a close distance, where our shoulders were touching, Hiiragi-chan brought her face closer to me. She touched her lips to my cheek.

“Hey, if we do this on the—”

“There’s an umbrella hiding us, so it’s safe. Sana-chan, she might’ve intended to kiss you like that…”

“She won’t. Who do you think my little sister is anyways?”

“A super big brocon.”


Putting aside the super big part, I can’t really deny the brocon part.

“I was a little bit jealous of you two when I was watching, but then you didn’t go back with her. And so, I thought in front of the troubled Seiji-kun, Haruka-san could appear quite gallantly.”

From start to finish, she was watching the whole time.

“I see. And so, you decided to send me home while sharing an umbrella.”

“It’s not that far, so I could probably send you back and then come back to work.”

Potsu, potsu, the sound of the raindrops smashing into the top of the umbrella could be heard. Since even the sound of the rain hitting the ground was really loud, the distance between us naturally closed in order to listen to what the other person was saying.

“Seiji-kun, your shoulder is getting wet.”

Hiiragi-chan then tilted the umbrella towards me.

“Eh. Aaah. It’s fine. It’s only this much. I’m just going to go home and change anyways.”

“No. You’ll catch a cold.”

I lost to her pushing and so the umbrella tilted my direction. Inevitably, the umbrella became unable to cover Hiiragi-chan’s side fully.

“Haruka-san, you’re getting wet.”

“Just this much is fine.”

“It’s bad for a girl’s body to get cold.”

Or, so someone told me. Why it’s bad, I don’t really know though.

“Then, then, let’s get closer together?”

She wrapped her arm around mine, and so we walked with intertwined arms. No one will recognize us due to the umbrella, and since it’s raining, there’s probably not that many people around. We probably won’t be found out.

“It hasn’t been like this since our date in the city, right?”


“That’s—myaa!? I stepped in a puddle by accident… now, my leg is all wet…”

Hiiragi-chan’s mouth formed a frown.

I guess she had already thought up to sharing the umbrella and linking arms while doing it, but I guess she isn’t the type to really plan this far ahead. However, even after getting soaked by the rain, and getting her shoe stuck in a puddle, Hiiragi-chan still looked like she was enjoying it all.

“Going home with the person I love like this, has always been one of my dreams. Just once would have been fine. Sorry, for being so forceful about it.”

“It’s okay. I was troubled since I didn’t have an umbrella after all. Rather, it seems like it was just perfect.”

Now that I think about it, I don’t really know much about Hiiragi-chan’s past. From what Natsumi-chan said last time, let alone a boyfriend, she didn’t have any males that she was even close with, if I remember correctly.

“Haruka-san, when you were a student, were you popular?”

“Eeeh? Not popular, not at all.”

“Really…? Among the boys, Hiiragi-sensei is admired by all as an Onee-san character though.”

“Heeeh, is that so? So that means, the person that everyone admires was secretly stolen away by Seiji-kun.”

“That’s how it is.”

“But you know, that makes me kind of happy.”

Heheh, Hiiragi-chan giggled.

“If I look like I would be popular, despite my own self-assessment, that means in Seiji-kun’s eyes, I’m quite attractive, right?”

Right, right? Hiiragi-chan used her elbow to poke my sides.

“If that wasn’t the case, then I wouldn’t have fallen in love.”

“——— … M-mouuuu, Seiji-kun, you Italian!”

I told you, I’m Japanese.

As we got closer and closer to my house, Hiiragi-chan’s footsteps became heavier. Reluctant to let me go, she put a little more force into her arm that was entwined with my.


The amount of speaking lessened as she glanced at me from the side with her lips closed in a lonely manner.

“Why don’t we take a slight detour?”

“No, it’s okay. I-I need to go back to school since I still have work.”

Though she said that, her footsteps got a little lighter. It was easy to read Hiiragi-chan as her expression suddenly became brighter.

We weren’t really going anywhere, just taking a walk nearby. Having returned to our original state, we engaged in random conversations here and there. It seems that we can do normal couple like things on rainy days like this.

“Is something wrong?”

I shook my head as Hiiragi-chan turned to look at me.

“Mou, I’ve been so wet, that the skin on my foot, is probably wrinkly by now…”

“Don’t mind it.”

“If that’s the case, no matter how wet we get, it’ll all be the same…”

Mufufu, laughing like that, Hiiragi-chan jumped into a puddle. The splash flew towards me.

“Uwah!? ——So childish!”


However, just walking back together under the same umbrella was enough to be happy with.

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