The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 58

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The In-class Pinch

It happened during world history class. I was using a plastic sheet as a fan and looking up in hope. Just as I was opening my textbook, Hiiragi-chan just happened to be pass by.

“Seiji-kun, no matter how much you beg like that, it won’t change, you know? It’s hot, but do your best.”


Fun, Hiiragi-chan was currently aloof, passing by with an expression that said, “Right now, we’re teacher and student.”

She was wearing pants today. I wonder whether it’s hot.

I really hate school during this time of year. The classrooms didn’t have air conditioning, the ventilation is bad, and my notebook ends up sticking to my arm from all the sweat.

It should be noted that Fujimoto would usually be teasing my by now, but today, that was not the case. Looking out of the corner of my eyes, his back was turned towards me.

“Mufu. Gufu…”

“What’s with that weird laugh, Fujimoto?”

“No, well…”

It’s unusual for him to hide something like this. Well, even if I think about it, nothing will happen, so I decided to focus on Hiiragi-chan’s world history class.

“Sensei, you’re wearing pants today? It looks so hot!”

“It’s already hot in a skirt. Did you not have anything else, Sensei?”

There were a few girls calling out to her in a friendly manner.

“Ah, these are pants are quite cool. So, it’s pretty much okay.”

Hiiragi-chan pulled on her pants a bit to show it off. Are those like breathable pants? So that’s what they were.

“Hiiragi-chan, it seems a little like a PK…”

“Yeah, somewhat, to a certain extent.”

I heard a few girls secretly whispering to each other off to one side.

What do they mean, PK? A foul within the penalty area…? If that’s the case, then once she’s dating a student, it’s already a foul on top of a foul. A red card all in one go.

After Hiiragi-chan turned her back to face us, she started to write down notes for the class on the blackboard.

“This is bad, I might get a nosebleed…”

With a loose face, Fujimoto was pinching his nose.

“What’s been going on?”

“Did you not notice, Sanada?”


Fujimoto shook his head in disappointment.

“You’ll understand if you just look. Even you would be excited by seeing a girl’s bra line, right?”

“Shut up.”

“You wouldn’t?”

“I would.”

“It’s like that. Though this… is a little more rare…”

“What are you talking about?”

Of course, the boys all like it. The slight transparency of blouses worn as a summer uniform. But if Hiiragi-chan were to notice, she would definitely get mad. Then Fujimoto’s excitement was directed at another girl…?

Looking around, that didn’t seem to be the case. There were majority of girls were wearing a second layer underneath the blouse. Since Hiiragi-chan isn’t that strict, there would usually be a lot of people having private conversations. However, today, the boys were all quiet, and the girls would sometimes make a fuss over something.

Hiiragi-chan continued to write with her chalk. Seeing my girlfriend hard at work today— Seeing my girlfriend…


I finally got what they meant by PK

It might also be the reason why Fujimoto is making such creepy laughs. No wonder all the boys are looking at Hiiragi-chan quietly.

W-what should I do?

I need to let her know somehow. Aah, but, Hiiragi-chan is in focusing on writing on the blackboard, so she’s not likely to come by anytime soon. If I could hand her my jersey it might somehow work out, but I already brought mine home…

Hiiragi-chan is in a pinch. What am I going to do—

“Ummm, now then, I would like someone to help read from the textbook—”

It came.

Here it is.

“Yes! Me me me me me! Please!”

As if I was a kid visiting the school, I raised my hand in excitedly. Seeing me enthusiasm that I didn’t normally show, Hiiragi-chan’s expression instantly lit up.

“If that’s the case, Sanada-kun! Starting from page 90 ♪”

“Yes… Venus de Milo is a Greek sculpture representative of the Hellenistic Period. It’s characterized by the small eyes looking into the distance, and the tall nose——”

Alright, here.

“The cloth wrapped around the waist… is…”

“Sanada-kun? I don’t think that’s what’s written?”

“Around the waist of Venus where the cloth is wrapped, or maybe on the butt, lines can be seen from the underwear…”

Everyone in the class suddenly understood and looked at me.

(Eh, you’re going to say that now!?) was what the girls seemed to say. (Don’t say it!) was what the boys seemed to say.

“Sanada-kun? I’m telling you, that’s not what’s written in the textbook…”

Notice iiiiiitttttt!

I don’t know if it’s because the pants are thin or something, but the lines from your panties are super clear to seeeeee!

Alright, take two.

“Around Venus’s butt, lines can be seen from the panties…”


PK probably referred to the panties are wedged. Probably. [1]

It’s so clear to see that it’s easy to understand!

Mou, now I’m the one that’s embarrassed… You have to be more careful about these things, especially when the class’s attention is normally focused on you! Do I need to say it even more clearly…!?

“Rather than Venus de Milo… maybe it could be my Venus…”


It’s not going to work! She’s not worried about it enough to notice!

“Ummm, I guess I’ll read it then, instead?”

Hiiragi-chan then turned her back to face us.

Aaaaaahhh, it didn’t worrrrk!

I can’t allow HIiragi-chan’s butt be exposed any longer to the boys in this class! I need to try something more heavy-handed!

Taking off my dress shirt, I revealed my T-shirt. I rolled up my long sleeves a bit, but if she were to undo that, she should be able to tie it around her waist. I stand up from my seat and hurry over to Hiiragi-chan.

“Sensei, just a moment!”

“Eh, eh, eh— what is it…?”

Surprised that I came to the front, Hiiragi-chan widened her eyes.

I handed her my dress shirt.

“Use this, for your waist.”

“Eh, why? What’s going on…?”

I quietly whisper into her ear.

“Sensei, the lines from your panties can be seen…”

“No way!?”

Hiiragi-chan, who’s face had turned red. She dropped her textbook and moved her hands to her butt. Her eyes became teary as she went into panic mode.

“That’s why, you should use this.”

“… Eh, ah, ah, yeah… T-thank you…”

She tied the sleeves of the dress shirt in front of her, and was able to guard her butt.

With this, I can feel a little relieved.

As I made a sigh, the girls began clapping.

“I was wondering whether I should tell her.”

“Even for us, it’s a little hard to say.”

“Sanada-kun, such a gentleman…”

“Using his own shirt as a guard, that might make my heart skip a beat…”

Thank you, thank you.

(What did you just do, Sanada…!?) was what the boys seemed to say.

In the middle of class, Hiiragi-chan temporarily left the class, and came back after changing into an athletic jersey.

“Sanada-kun, thank you for the dress shirt.”

Coming directly in front of my seat, she returned my dress shirt.

“I also, had my heart skip a beat there…!”

Teheh, Hiiragi-chan was embarrassed.

Hey hey hey hey. What are you saying? This is in class, you know?

“Aaah, I totally get that.”


“Yeah, it was really that sort of timing.”

The other girls all seemed to feel the same way, so it seems it wasn’t taken in a weird meaning.

Once I saved Hiiragi-chan from her pinch, my value among the girls seemed to have gone up, while the value of the other boys dropped.

TL Note:

  1. Didn’t really translate well into English. But the Japanese was パンツ食い込んでる, which would be read as pantsu kuikonderu. That’s why it’s PK.

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