The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 59

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Pool 1

“Natsumi was wondering whether you wanted to hang out. The three of us together.”

Hiiragi-chan brought up such a proposal.

It seems that her little sister, Natsumi-chan, had asked how things were going with us. Hiiragi-chan assumed that it would be a good idea for Natsumi-chan and I to get closer, and so it ended up like this.

Tomorrow was going to be the start of summer vacation, so there was no shortage of places and timings for hanging out. Once I gave my consent, the siblings had already decided on what to do. We were going to the pool.

When I biked to Hiiragi-chan’s place under the hot sun, Natsumi-chan, who was already there, waved hello at me. I casually returned her greeting and got into Hiiragi-chan’s car.

Our destination was a pool located in a leisure facility built just a year ago. The pool was one that had artificial currents and large water slides, so both adults and children could enjoy it. Or at least, that’s what the commercial said.

“It’s my first time going to a place like this, so I’m a little nervous.”

“A-actually, that goes for me to…”

Hey, hey, you girls. What are you guys getting scared of? It’s just a pool. Hmm? Now that they mention it, it’s also the same for me. N-now I’m nervous…

Rather than the pool, I’m looking forward to Hiiragi-chan’s swimsuit. Natsumi-chan, although inferior to Hiiragi-chan, was petite but still had her own curves. Somehow, the poolside goddess frolicking around with a town girl came into my imagination.

Maybe because it was a weekday, there weren’t that many people yet. For summer vacation, it would be considered pretty empty. I quickly finished changing, and waited by the poolside for the two sisters.

The pool was larger than I thought it would be. It was to the point where it seemed that if there were a lot of people, there would be a lot of lost children.

“See, Natsumi, look. Seiji-kun’s back. Isn’t it just so pale and beautiful?”

“Haru-chan, do you have a fetish for that…?”

“T-that’s not it.”

The two of them came over.

Hiiragi-chan was wearing a white bikini that was modestly decorated with ribbon. My estimation was around D cup… b-but, it really is q-quite big… Do I see it that way because she’s wearing swimsuit…? A-as she walks, it shakes and flutters around a bit like pudding. I won’t say what it is though. What is it? Is it a weapon? She’s carrying weapons.

The string located around her waist stirs up the desire to pull on it. If I saw her in this swimsuit at her place, then I would have definitely pulled on it… I somehow have confidence in that. A sexy neckline, and that little bit of extra meat on her stomach that was, on the contrary, quite erotic…

“How is it…?”

“Yeah, it really suits Haruka-san. It’s good.”

“Yay ♪”

Hiiragi-chan expressed her happiness in a small jump.

Furun, they shook once more.

I-it’s good that there aren’t that many people. If it’s like this, she’ll probably be hit on by some creepy man.

“Alright alright, let’s stop acting all lovey-dovey. I’m also here, you know?”

Natsumi-chan said that teasingly.

Natsumi-chan’s swimsuit was a two-piece type. The patterned stripes on it complemented her well.

Natsumi-chan was staring in my direction.


“Haru-chan said that Mr. Thief had a decent body… I was just thinking that that was true…”


Panicking, Hiiragi-chan stuck up her index finger and went, shhhh.

Hiiragi-chan, body fetish. Let’s just jot that down.

Good thing this was my high school body. My body in the present time period, lacked exercise and proper care, and so it became all squishy and flabby.

“Over there. That one seems to have those artificial currents, let’s go there!”

“Wait, Natsumi. First, you should properly do your warmups.”

Hiiragi-chan said something teacher-like. Ah, she is a teacher.

“Isn’t if fiiinnneee. It’s not like we’re swimming seriously anyways.”

Yeah, I agree with Natsumi-chan. However, Hiiragi-chan said, “You have to do it properly!” so after doing some simple exercises, we jumped unto the donut shaped pool.

“It feels so good!”

Natsumi-chan, who popped her face out of the water, shook her head like a dog.

“Uwah. I kind of underestimated it. I thought it was going to be like the school’s pool! It’s not cold, neither is it hot. It’s just right!”

“Yes yes, thanks for the commentary.”

Looking like she was enjoying herself, Natsumi-chan began a light swim with the current.

Wait, this isn’t supposed to be where you’re supposed to swim… Hmm, speaking of which, where’s my goddess…?

She was holding onto handrails and oh so slowly soaking herself deeper into the water. Her movements were slow like that of an old lady.

“W-w-wait for me. I-I’ll be there soon.”

Ah. That’s right, Hiiragi-chan can’t swim.

Moving close to her, I hold out my hand. Being unable to swim means that just being in the water must already be scary.

“Hold on.”

“Ah, yeah… ♡”

I held onto Hiiragi-chan as she dropped lower and lower. As usual, her body was soft and comes with an exceptional feeling when held. The person herself was clinging to my arm as if she would never let go no matter what happened. Seems like she thinks of this as putting her life on the line. That’s fine, but the soft feeling of her breasts… my arms…! Good thing it was inside the pool…

“Are you alright, Haruka-san? You can put your feet on the bottom and walk slowly.”

“R-really…? D-don’t let go, okay?”

Hiiragi-chan trembled in fear as if she was a small animal targeted by an eagle.

If she didn’t know how to swim, why did she decide on going to the pool?

Still just going around the pool like this was still fun. It’s probably because I’m walking around while holding the hand of my cute girlfriend.

I can’t really complain about other normies now… Rather, this is what normies experience as they turn into adults…

——This is unfair!!

“Was it Natsumi-chan that asked to go to the pool?”

“No, it was me.”

“Eh. Why?”

“Eehhhh….? Did you forget?”

“What? Did I say something?”

“When you had swim lessons, I said that I would buy a proper swimsuit and show it to you.”

Aaah, now that she mentions it, I remember it now.

“Ah, that face says that you forgot about it, right?”

Which means, she purposely decided to go to the pool, knowing that she didn’t know how to swim, just so that she could show me her swimsuit. She could’ve just showed me at home though, like a small fashion show.

“Puhah,” Natsumi-chan poked her head out nearby, from the opposite side of where Hiiragi-chan was.

“Haru-chan, was suuuuper looking forward to this, you know? She put so much effort into picking a swimsuit.”

“Nyah, Natsumi!”

While laughing, Natsumi-chan jumped back into the water.

What’s with her? Is she a water person?


“So you were looking forward to it?”

Hiiragi-chan, whose inner feelings were now exposed, turned red while biting her lips.

“…T-that’s right! As long as it’s with Seiji-kun, I’ll look forward to anything! Even if I can’t swim and we’re going to the pool, I’ll still look forward to it.”

Ah, she turned aggressive.

“How about Seiji-kun? Were you looking forward to it?”

“I was looking forward to Haruka-san’s swimsuit.”

“How is it? I took a lot of time to pick it.”

“It suits your very well.”

Niheheh, she turned really embarrassed and in a quiet voice, she said, “What should I do? I really want to kiss him…”

“… Later.”

“Eeehhh!? I said that out loud!?”

Hiiragi-chan covered her face with her hands.

After that, without being seen by Natsumi-chan, in a place where there weren’t any people, we kissed a lot.

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