The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 60

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Pool 2

“Haru-chan, you really won’t leave Thief-kun’s side at all… you’re completely stuck to him.”

“Eh? Really? Isn’t it always like this?”

For me, it was also pretty normal, so until Natsumi-chan mentioned it, I didn’t notice it at all. It’s true though, she was clinging on to me.

Since we were tired from playing around, we bought yakisoba and takoyaki and were now eating it together at the poolside.

“I should’ve made some bentous for us…”

“This is also part of the experience, Haru-chan. It’s cheapness of it that makes it so good.”

Hiiragi-chan tilted her head while questioning that.

In terms of the quality of the yakisoba and the takoyaki, it could be better. However it’s true that buying it in this way feels easier.

After standing up, I went to go throw out the trash, and as I turned the corner, I bumped into someone.



“Sorry. Are you… okay…?”

In front of me, Sana was there, sitting down on her butt.

“N-n-n-no it’s, my bad…”

Her shy mode in full throttle, she looked away from me. She was wearing a swimsuit that revealed her unblemished body.

Why is she here…!? Ah, if I remember correctly, she did say she was going out today…

Just as I was about to turn my back towards her, Sana took a sidelong glance at me and noticed.


“You’ve got the wrong person…”

“It’s Nii-san isn’t it? The mole on your back, it’s the same one as Nii-san’s.”

Resigning myself, I stopped my feet.

“What are you doing here?”

“Sana is here, hanging out with Kana-chan. What about Nii-san? What are you doing here when you don’t even have friends?”

“What you said there was definitely an exaggeration.”

That’s right, I can technically say that Fujimoto is my friend. He’s just barely over that line though. Ah, this is bad. I came with Hiiragi-chan and Natsumi-chan. Considering Hiiragi-chan, she didn’t bring anything for a disguise—no, wait. I can just act as if I coincidentally met the Hiiragi sisters while I was here.

“W-who did you come with…? There’s no way you came alone, right…?”

Sana looked at me with squinted eyes, as if doubting me.

“T-that’s how it is though? I thought I would go out swimming on my own.”

“H-hmmm… since Nii-san seems quite pitiful… as an exception, Sana will allow you to join us, okay? It’s an exception, just an exception.”

At this point, I really don’t know if I can say that Sana was nice, or not. However, I have to stay firm and refuse here.

“It’s fine. I’ll take your thoughts though.”

“D-don’t just accept the thoughts. It wasn’t meant in that weird way anyways, okay?”

Why is her face turning red?

“Thief-kun, what are you doing? Haru-chan is—”

Uuooooh!? In this situation, the most annoying person ended up coming!? It was a chance meeting between the younger sisters.

Looking at Sana, Natsumi-chan gave me a cold look.

“Who is this?”

“How…. H-how…. H-how about you? W-who are you…?”

Sana activated her shyness, and started speaking politely. During which, she moved to hide behind me.

“This girl is my little sister… we just happened to bump into each other.”

“Ah, so that’s what it was. That’s a relief.”

Natsumi-chan’s smile returned.

She definitely misunderstood and thought I was cheating, right?

“Nii-san, this girl with a bad mouth, who is she? Didn’t you come alone…?”

With my eyes, I tried signaling to Natsumi-chan.

I was trying to make sure that she knew that we couldn’t let anyone else know of my relationship with Hiiragi-chan. She winked back at me twice as a signal of confirmation.

“I’m a third year at Shinjoukan Woman’s High School, Hiiragi Natsumi.”

Natsumi-chan had assumed the air of a refined lady, as she brushed her hair off her shoulders. Since she wasn’t normally this sort of character, I can somehow understand that she was just putting up an act.

“Shinjoukan… it’s where all those rich ladies go… Sanada Sana… N-nice to meet you. S-sana goes to… Hasumori High School… the same as Nii-san. It’s my first year…”

While faltering multiple times, Sana was finally able to finish her self-introduction.

Nice nice, before, she wouldn’t have been able to greet anyone she was meeting for the first time, nor could she talk properly. She really has grown a lot… Though her chest hasn’t grown at all.

“Ummm, Natsumi-chan is Hiiragi-sensei’s sister. It seems that the two of them came here together today. And so, after coming alone to swim, I ended up bumping into them.”

What a coincidence, hahahaha, as I let out a laugh, Sana started to look at Natsumi-chan, who responded with her own fire.

“I see… With an intruder detecting infrared sensor like little sister like this, it’s no wonder that Thief-kun can’t get a girlfriend. Haru-chan really has it tough…”

“W-who are you calling an infrared sensor!?” This time, it was Hiiragi-chan who came, “Ah, it’s Sana-chan! Hello. What are you doing today? Did you come with Ii-san?”

As Hiiragi-chan was walking, the parts that should be shaking continued to shake, causing Sana to shake.

“W-what’s with that… Sensei… breasts… Eh. No way…”

Sana touched her own chest.

No matter how many times you touch it, Sana, I’m sorry to say, but what isn’t there won’t be there. You’re breasts remain flat, paved over by a barren land, unable to allow for even a single weed to grow…

“Yeah, Imouto-chan, I also understand your feelings…”

Natsumi-chan also depressingly dropped her shoulders.

The sisters had faces that looked similar, but their bodies were not similar at all.

“Umm. Sana was planning on meeting up with Kana-chan later… currently, Sana is alone though…”

“You’re currently alone?”

“I-it has nothing to do with Nii-san…”

While pouting, she looked the other way.

And here she was thinking that I was the one who was lonely. This girl…

“If Sana-chan wants to, why don’t you come hangout with us?”

As if she understood my intentions, Hiiragi-chan invited Sana to join us.

After meeting my eyes with hers, Hiiragi-chan made a small smile. She really understands what it is that I want to do.

“If you’re fine with it, then it’s okay…”

“If Haru-chan is okay with it, then Imouto-chan should also come. Let’s play!”

Kaku kaku kaku, Sana nodded as if she was a tin toy. [1]

She’s probably not used to hanging out like this. I mean, if I were in her position, I would probably be nervous as well.

Natsumi-chan grabbed Sana’s hand as she walked away. During this, Hiiragi-chan looked over the two of them with a smile.

“Isn’t that great, Sana-chan?”

“Sorry about this. It was our precious pool time too.”

“Don’t apologize. I know that Seiji-kun is a nice brother that cares for his little sister. That makes me happy to know that.”

The two of us then followed after Sana and Natsumi.

“Caring for my little sister makes you happy?”

“Rather than caring for your little sister, it’s more that seeing you cherish your family in that way makes you more likeable.”

I don’t really understand it very well, but I guess that’s how it is.

We arrived at the water slide. It had quite a bit of height, and was the type with lots of different twists and turns. If there were a lot of people, there would probably be a decently long wait, but today, we were able to use it without anytime waiting. It was one where you go down in pairs while riding a vinyl boat.

“We… should split up among siblings… that would be good, right…?”

Sana came closer to me, and smoothly grabbed onto my arm.

Hiiragi-chan, on the other hand, made a slightly sad expression.

“What are you saying? We should group up as little sisters!”

Oooh, good one, nice thinking.

After I gave a push to Sana, Natsumi-chan grabbed onto her.

“T-this is the first time we met. We can’t go down together. It’s embarrassing.”

“It’s not embarrassing. It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll be gentle ♪”

“Sana feels her chastity is in danger.”

It’s not in danger. You’re just going down the slide, what are you even imagining.

Natsumi-chan was grinning from ear to ear.

“Aaah, I see, I see. Then Imouto-chan wants to slide down with her beloved Onii-chan, right? I’m sorry about that, I can’t really read the mood very well.”

“F-fuun. It’s not that Sana wants to do it with Nii-san. There’s no way that’s the case. It’s just that Nii-san seemed like he wanted it like that, so Sana just made the suggestion first.”

“If it’s not true, then isn’t it fine. Just come with me!”

Firmly grabbing onto Sana’s thin arms, Natsumi-chan began to pull Sana along. Natsumi-chan was totally aiming for this. Such a sly person… However, as long as she’s our ally, it really puts my heart at ease.

With eyes that seemed to say that she felt betrayed and sold out, Sana stared at me, but with Natsumi-chan’s pressuring, she was pushed onto the vinyl boat. Kyaah, Natsumi’s enjoyable scream could be heard, overlapping with Sana’s real scream.

Uwah. That’s quite some speed…

The person in running the attraction then gave us a brief explanation, “Please sit down and hold on tight.”

“Seiji-kun, which do you want? The front or the back?”

“Let’s see…”

If I were to sit in front and brace myself while sitting… those weapons, those breasts would definitely touch my back. It’ll become something that’s not just about the water slide.

“Okay, I’ll be in the back.”

“Understood ♪”

Hiiragi-chan sat down at the front of the boat, and I sat down just behind her. The person running the attraction then told me to hold on tighter, so I hesitantly did as I was told. We were stuck quite close together. It was to the point where Hiiragi-chan’s butt was touching between my thighs.

I failed! Like this, I fear Hiiragi-chan might be able to notice the changes within me! Holding my hands firmly, Hiiragi-chan spoke quietly to me.

“Since it’s a water slide… even if there was some sort of, accident, then Sensei won’t get mad, okay? There’s nothing to worry about.”

Accident…? What the heck? Just as I was tilting my head in wonder, the person running the attraction gave us a push, and all of a sudden, we started sliding down.

Uooooh, it’s faster than I thought it would be!? If it’s like this, no wonder they were screaming earlier. My hands that were grabbing on tight, began to slip and move out of position.

This is bad, I might fall of the boat. However, I was somehow able to grab on to Hiiragi-chan.



Funi funi.

T-this feeling———!?


Hiiragi-chan is writhing in embarrassment!?






Ah. Am I going to die to day? The moment I thought that, zabaaan, I was thrown out into the water.

Poking my head out of the water, I couldn’t find Hiiragi-chan.

Where is she…? Ah, she’s probably by the flipped over boat.

After diving down and moving in that direction, I found her there, just as I thought.

“Fuguu… Seiji-kun did so many things to me…”

While remember everything that happened, she covered her face with both hands.

“Well. About that, sorry. About half of it was an accident… the other half, I believe was something that was unavoidable as a living being.”

“The accident part was okay… B-but, I didn’t think the accident would continue for that long. Even I was surprised… next time, Seiji-kun’s in front!”

“Y-yeah… About my general, I’ll do my best to hold it back…”

For the next time, her breasts ended up hitting me in the back a lot.

As for my general… as expected, I couldn’t do anything about it.


TL Note:

  1. The term that was used buriki no omocha (ブリキのおもちゃ), which roughly translates to a tin toy. Here would be an example of a few which are shown at the Yokohama Museum of Tin Toys:


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13 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 60

  1. “intruder detecting infrared sensor” shouldn’t it be “intruder detector infrared sensor”?

    also, maybe those tin toy are the one that has detached head and nodding when you shook them?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The translator was correct. To be precise, it is actually “intruder detecting infrared sensor-like little sister like this”

      And from the artwork, what I can roughly estimate is:-

      Haruka: D-cup
      Natsumi: B+1/2 cup (still growing, i assume eventually will be C-cup)
      Kanata: A-cup (normal for Japanese girls)
      Sana: AA-cup


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