The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 61

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Pool 3

After having calmed down my general, I somehow managed to get out of the pool.

“Why is it necessary for you touch Sana’s chest!?”

“No weeell, it was unavoidable. There’s no need to get so mad.”

The atmosphere was one of them arguing, but it seems that Sana and Natsumi-chan were both able to get along.

“Hmm… Haru-chan is significantly larger… I guess Thief-kun really likes his breasts larger.”

Hey, stop with the weird analysis. When it comes to what I like about Hiiragi-chan, that isn’t what’s important, okay? Her breasts being big is just after the fact. Her skin being smooth, or pale, or even her legs being beautiful, all of those are also just after the fact. Those are not the reason I fell in love with her.

… Still… The fact that she’s big, or that she’s pretty, being happy about that as her lover is true, though.

“This time, Thief-kun, want to slide down with me?”


“Natsumi is fine, you know, Sana-chan?”

“Na-Natsu… Natsumi-chan has no relationship with Nii-san, right?”

Yeah, Sana, I get you, I really do. There’s some resistance to calling someone you met for the first time by their first name. Even if the other person is fine with it.

“Then, Sensei is going with Sana-chan?”

“Eh, Sana should… with Nii-san… Aaaaaah—”

Hiiragi-chan forcefully brought Sana with her to the top of the slide.

“Haru-chan is also quite close with Sana-chan it seems.”

Natsumi-chan laughed, and when we were about to decide who was to go in the front or in the back, she looked up at me.

“Then? How were Haru-chan’s breasts?”

“Buuu!? How were they…”

Natsumi-chan laughed while watching my reaction.

This girl, she’s teasing me.

An enjoyable scream could be heard as two people began to slide down the slide. Hiiragi-chan seemed like she was having fun, but for some reason, Sana seemed kind of depressed.

“Sana shouldn’t have chosen to go in front… Sana was reminded of how inferior of a creature she really was …”

It seems that for Sana, same as my second time with Hiiragi-chan, the breasts were completely pressed up against the back.

Then, after fitting in a short break, we ended up going to the pool with waves. This was a first for me, but it really was like the ocean, with waves that would push you back.

Hiiragi-chan, equipped with a rented floating ring, was enjoying it to her fullest.

“Let’s go, Sei… Sanada-kun.”

“Yeah, okay.”

While pulling her along by the arm, I headed to the back with Hiiragi-chan.

“W-wait… S-sana as well…”

“It’s fine. Just leave them be. Rather than that, I want to play with Sana-chan.”

Oooh, support from the little sister acting like an older sister. Natsumi-chan filter was activated.

“If Na… Nacchan says so. It’s not that Sana wants to play with you… It can’t be helped, okay…”

That’s what she said, but Sana seemed very happy from Natsumi-chan’s friend-like words as she followed Natsumi-chan.

“I need to thank Natsumi later.”

“Your right.”

I caught up with Hiiragi-chan who was floating with her floating ring when an announcement came from a woman holding a megaphone.

“… There will be an incoming large wave…”

… It was a voice I’ve heard somewhere before… wait, isn’t that Kanata. What is she doing? She’s wearing a hat from this facility, and is even wearing a t-shirt… Ah, she didn’t come to the pool as a customer, but for part-time work.

While glancing at the piece of paper in her hand that looked like a cheat sheet, she was working by announcing to the customer within the wave pool.

“… The wave coming is going to be a little bit rough. A little bit rougher than that of the Sea of Japan.”

Why is it so intense?

“… The wave also exceeds 1 meter, that’s why you’re being notified beforehand. Also, the couples should get as far away from each other as possible. At least, that’s my personal feeling.”

The last part was your own desires, wasn’t it?

“Well then, everyone… please enjoy… N-nyan…”

Uwah. That line was total forced!

“What should we do, Seiji-kun? It’s Ii-san.”

“It’s okay, as long as we know where Kanata is, we can make sure to hide you, Haruka-san.”

I started to push around Hiiragi-chan’s floating ring, while focusing on hiding from Kanata.

“Seiji-kun, Seiji-kun!”

“What? I’m a little busy right now—”

“The wave.”

Heh? By the time I noticed, it was too late. A large wave was already approaching us.



Zabaaaaaan, I was mercilessly drowned by the water. Seeing something that looked like a butterfly, I grabbed it without thinking.

… It was a white bikini.

Huh, isn’t this Hiiragi-chan’s?

Pulling my face out of the water and looking around, the floating ring was gone.

“Fupu, apu, hoppu”

Hiiragi-chan was a bit away waving her arms back and forth a lot.

She’s drowning!? Even though you can stand in this pool!?

“It’s okay, calm down!”

As I approached her, I noticed that Hiiragi-chan wasn’t wearing anything on her upper body.

Then maybe, the white bikini that’s in my hand… Ah. Just now, I saw her naked breasts for a moment… This is Hiiragi-chan’s!?

When the floating ring flew away, it probably caught one of the strings. Still, saving her from drowning comes first!? But wait, if I brought her out as is, Hiiragi-chan’s breasts would exposed in public…!

—It has to be at the same time!

I need to save Hiiragi-chan and her breasts!

I hugged Hiiragi-chan, who was flailing about and hitting the water. Then, I lifted her face slightly out of the water.

“Haruka-san, look at me.”

“Au, hobu, apu… I love you.”

Please don’t proclaim your feelings while your drowning. The hug was fine, but her bare breasts were clearly making me aware and focused on their existence.

This selfish body of mine!

What should I do?

How should I get her to wear the bikini!?

“No, not yet, until I’ve married Seiji-kun… I can’t die…!”

“Mou, you can breathe normally, right? Take your breaths, suuu haaa, suuu haaa —— Auun!?”

Because she was struggling so violently, something, whether it was Hiiragi-chan’s knee or foot, ended up striking a critical hit on my crotch.

Gooon, a loud sound rang in my head.


“H-huh? I can breathe?”

Hiiragi-chan made a blank expression. On the other hand, my energetic general gradually calmed down. The general giving me a thumbs up, slowly faded out of my mind. For some reason, my personification of the general was a hard-boiled old man.

“Se-sensei… If you’ve calmed down now, here… It’s currently turned into a bit of a problem…”

With my eyes teared up from the pain, I handed her the bikini.


Hiiragi-chan hugged her own body.

“S-s-somhow, it fell of it seems…”

“That’s a relief, that the person who picked it up was Seiji-kun… And, huh? Why are you holding so many?”

“So many?”

Looking more closely, my arm was pulling on multiple biikinis as they fluttered around in the water. It was as colorful like carp streamers [1].

Who’s are theeeeesseee!?

T-this is bad…! It can be seen as me trying to do something mischievous…! How many bikinis did this wave pull off anyways? It almost feels like an evil act made by a perverted elementary schooler!


“Wait, it’s a misunderstanding! Don’t look at me with those eyes!”

“The demon lurking in the pool… Top Snatcher.”

“Don’t give me a weird name!”

After explaining this and that, I was somehow able to get Hiiragi-chan to understand. Since having me do the returning would invite a lot of misunderstandings, Hiiragi-chan, after properly equipping her top, went out on her floating ring with her legs kicking to search for victims.

Hiiragi-chan… she seems cute like a small girl…

“Na-Na-Na-Nacchan… Sana’s top, do you know where it is…?”

“Sana-chan, what is it? Did it get taken away?”


“It’s okay, it’s okay, Sana-chan’s breasts, are almost like they don’t exist, so even without a top, no one would notice.”

“Sana does properly have them! Don’t make it seem like they don’t exist!”

With teary eyes, and a red face, Sana looked troubled.

Sana was also a victom of the indiscriminate perverted terrorism.

“Well, mine disappeared as well.”

You should be panicking more!

Hiiragi-chan, equipped with the floating ring, was moving quite fast over the water. Since she was able to return them to their owners, it didn’t end up being a big fuss.

Then, after healing away our fatigue at the spa corner, we left and went home.

“A lot of things happened, but it was really fun ♪”

In the car ride back home, Hiiragi-chan’s statement represented what everyone wanted to say.

It was fun, but in the end, the only impression I had left in me was of Hiiragi-chan’s breasts.

TL Note:

  1. Carp streamers are those colorful koi-shaped kites, flown typically to celebrate Children’s Day. They look like this:


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