The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 63

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Resting in a Private Room

Juwah juwah, juwah, jiiiiiii… It was now afternoon, with the screeching of the cicadas growing louder.

“Seiji-kun, it’s hot…”

“Yeah. I’m in complete agreement.”

Hiiragi-chan elegantly wiped of sweat with her handkerchief, then as if she was a surgeon or a nurse, she wiped the sweat off my forehead as well.

Going to a town far away would mean that we wouldn’t need a disguise, but that was the only good thing about it. In this town that we did not know, the two of us wasted all our energy walking around for no reason at all.

“If only there was a café, or someplace that was cool…”

We were an hour early in saying that. While becoming covered in sweat, we walked around here and there.

“Seiji-kun, over there. Resting for two hours is 1900 yen!”

“What? Did you find a café?”

No, Hiiragi-chan shook her head and pointed, “It’s that.”

Just as Hiiragi-chan had said, there certainly was a sign that mentioned two hours for 1900 yen. However, isn’t it weird that it’s time-limited. It isn’t a café, then…?

As we moved closer to the sign, we noticed other things written besides resting like free time, accommodations, and other systems that charged for more.

… Yeah, I thought so. Looking at our surroundings more closely, there were stores that looked like plain unnatural buildings and also stores that seemed to be built in a tropical look, however, the one thing in common between all of them was that it wasn’t clear where the entrance or exit was.

“Haruka-san, around here…”


As expected, she doesn’t get it.

“This isn’t a place where you rest in the way that you are thinking of…”

“We haven’t found a café, and it’s cheaper here anyways. Let’s go, let’s go ♪”

She started pulling on my arm, making as if to enter the building with the sign. If you’re talking about rest, then this is technically for rest, but it’s more of an indirect way of saying, or rather, it’s a break that causes you to expend a bunch of energy…

Once we found the difficult to find entrance, Hiiragi-chan plodded on forward. Well, it’s probably fine since we have no intention of doing that anyways. It’s a good thing that Hiiragi-chan didn’t know some other devious man before me.

“Huh? There’s no one working the store…?”

“That’s the kind of store it is after all…”

“Is that so?”

“You can think of it as automated karaoke.”

“I see!”

In this way, it became the first time I entered a store like this. Over there, there was the rumored panel that you use to choose rooms with.

“Haruka-san, it seems that you use this to choose what type of room you want to hang out in.”

“Hoeeh~ there’s a lot of different types… I wonder if the darkened rooms are ones that people are already in.”

“I think that’s what it is.”

Out of the 30 rooms, half of them were already occupied. They were all in the middle of enjoying themselves I guess.

The reason we came here was to take a break, I am 100% certain that Hiiragi-chan didn’t come in here with the other thing in mind. That’s why, I never intended to get weirdly excited, but still, coming to a place like this with Hiiragi-chan, somehow makes my heart beat faster…

Then how about this one, Hiiragi-chan pushed a button, and picked up the key that dropped. Then, we got into the cramped elevator, and headed towards our room.

“Two hours for 1900 yen is cheap, right? Normally at a café, two people ordering a cake set and then maybe one more thing after that would come out to around that.”

“You have a pretty good sense when it comes to money… is it because you live alone?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Haruka-san, you’re a teacher, but you don’t really seem to have common sense.”

“I doooo!”

I’m sorry about making you pout like that, but seriously thinking that this is a place just for resting already shows that you lack common sense, Sensei.

Using the key, we entered the room. It was like a one-bedroom room at a business hotel with no suspicious feel to it.

I patted my chest in relief.

“Waaah! It’s amazing! There’s a bed here! It’s even super big!”

Well, of course there would be one…

Hiiragi-chan became excited, like a child going on a trip.

“They even have a TV and games! Over here is…”

Gacha, she opened a door and confirmed what was inside.

“Fuwaaaaaah! It’s a bath! It’s really big, Seiji-kun!”

“No… well… of course they would have one…”

Is it better for me to actually tell her what this place is? As an adult. However, she came here thinking purely of taking a break, for now, not telling her is probably fine.

Bii, Hiiragi-chan grabbed the remote control and turned on the television.

“If it’s at this time, they might be rebroadcasting the drama. I liked it quite a bit. Huh——”

“Ah, ah ♡ Nn, nn, nn, aaahh ♡”

A woman was on the bed, looking in quite a disarray.


At an incredible speed, I quickly turned it off.


Hiiragi-chan was frozen with a serious face.


The atmosphere became really awkward.

If you look at the channel listing located on the bed, it was filled with R18 channels.

“T-that’s right. We ended up sweating a lot… Maybe I’ll take a shower…”

Unable to stand the air of this room, Hiiragi-chan disappeared towards the door.


Since she isn’t too used to places like this, once she gets an explanation of it, it’s unavoidable for her to faint. I’ll properly explain it to her, but only after we leave this place.

Confirming that Hiiragi-chan wasn’t coming back anytime soon, I once again turn on the television. I then change the channel until it was showing the rebroadcast of the drama that Hiiragi-chan was talking about. There we go, now if she were to turn on the television, it won’t turn awkward.

Just waiting for her was a little boring, but when I think that it’s because Hiiragi-chan is showering first, it for some reason makes me more excited.

Since Hiiragi-chan finding it would be troublesome, I should hide anything that might be suspicious and hide it first. The television can’t be helped anymore, but everything else. There better not be any weird items…Vibrators for that or maybe massaging tools for instance.

I made sure to investigate all around the bed. This bed seemed to be the type with storage drawers below it. Pulling it out with my hand, I found clothes inside of it. Sailor uniform, policewoman, nurse, and so on and so forth…


Uwaaah… But, I want to see her wear it… I think that Hiiragi-chan would look good enough in a uniform.

Sneaking into the changing room, I quickly switch out the clothing. Will she get mad…? If that happens, I’ll just honestly say that I wanted to see her wear it, and apologize.

“What!? My clothes… they turned into a uniform…!?”

Your clothes won’t suddenly transform, okay?

“Ah. But it’s a sailor uniform ♪ I had a blazer for mine, so I kind of always wanted to try one… fold the skirt a bit over here…”

So, it’s alright. She’s going to wear it. She didn’t resist at all. As I was getting excited just imagining it by myself, the door opened.

“D-does it look weird…?”

Hiiragi-chan came out looking embarrassed.

Just as I thought. Even if she’s in her early 20’s, she can still do it.

“The sailor uniform looks good!”

“R-really!? Yay ♪”

The ponytailed beauty went pyon, and made a jump right there. Thin legs and white thighs. A miniskirt on her looks great as ever.

“Ah! Just now, you were probably thinking, what’s with this old lady getting ahead of herself, right!?”

I unconsciously made a wry smile at the pouting JK Hiiragi-chan. [1]

“I wasn’t thinking that, not at all.”

Her skin is beautiful, and her hair was also bundled together, so it gave off a clean feel. The extraordinary fluffy cuteness and charm that Hiiragi-chan originally had, was now 50% more powerful.

“If you were to walk around on the street, there wouldn’t be anything weird. You would be mistaken as a high school girl.”

“Mo-moouuuuu, Seiji-kun, that’s too much! There’s no way someone would mistake me for that!”

Even though she seemed to be acting meek, Hiiragi-chan still seemed really happy.

Since this place was what it was, she looked so much like a high school girl, that it really felt amazingly out of place. The indecent feel to this was needlessly increased.

Spinning around in place, she smiled teasingly. With alluring eyes, she seemed to be inviting me to do something.



With a slightly sweet voice, she tilted her head slightly.

So cute…

“I hope that you don’t do that in front of another guy… if you could…”

She closed in, and looked up at me.

“What do you mean by that? Wearing a uniform? Or do you mean, looking at them with eyes that seemed to be asking for a kiss while being tightly hugged?”

“Both of them.”

“I wonder.”

She turned her back towards me, and peeked over her shoulder at me.

When I hug her from behind, Hiiragi-chan patted me on the head.

“No need to be so greedy.”

Even though you were the one who invited me like this. You…!

“Surprisingly, my desire to monopolize is quite strong.”

“Yeah. It’s okay. It’s the same for me as well.”

When I kissed Hiiragi-chan on the cheek, she faced her lips towards me, asking for my lips.

“You changed my clothes, right? You mischievous child.”

“It’s really cute, Haruka-san.”

“Mou~ … I’ll forgive you ♡”

After that, we kissed on top of the bed. We kissed while watching television. The uniform dressed Hiiragi-chan and I fully enjoyed ourselves for the rest of our break time.

TL Note:

  1. This is just in case you guys don’t know. JK stands for joshikousei, which in Japanese means high school girl.

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7 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 63

    • More like Haruka just unwittingly and unknowingly dragged Seiji into the Love Hotel. RED LIGHT DISTRICT! And she doesn’t even recognize it as one! She can’t even tell that she’s entered a red light district! *facepalm* So dangerous for a lady!


    • And this really says it all. Haruka was probably taken advantage of by some creepy older guy and had a miserable life in the previous timeline because Seiji missed confessing to Haruka, which should have occurred, and thus the time-space continuum is trying to pull things back into their proper alignment.


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