The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 64

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The Secret Part-time Job

◆Hiiragi Haruka◆

Seiji-kun seems to have started a part-time job.

“Eeeeh? Did you want an allowance? If it’s only about 30,000 yen a month, then I could give you one.”

“Nononono! I won’t accept that. Doing something like really makes it feel like you are seriously trying to make me into a useless person…”

When I told him that, Seiji-kun was amazed. I think that it’s good for a student to diligently do part-time work, as it serves as good work experience, but… Is Seiji-kun troubled with money? Does he maybe have something that he wants?

“If that was the case, then he could have just mentioned it to me…”

“What’s wrong, Haru-chan?”

Since it was now summer break, the frequency in which Natsumi would come over had increased. Today as well, she was eating dinner with me at my place.

“It’s Seiji-kun, he started a part-time job… if there was something he wanted, he could have just told me though.”

“Isn’t it fine? Being a working student is better than spending summer break lazing about and doing nothing.”

“How about you? Haven’t you been coming over almost three times a week? What about your future?”

“I have a recommendation to go to college, so isn’t it fine for me to play for a bit.”

Muuu… She’s the exact opposite of Seiji-kun.

“It’s okay, Haru-chan.”

“What is?”

“Thief-kun isn’t the type of child to do something without thinking, right? I’m sure that there is some sort of reason for it.”

“But still… even if that were the case… I’m worried…”

“Uwaaah… super protective.”

Natsumi pulled back a bit.

The place that he works at is part of the food industry. It seems to be a small café.

“If you’re that worried, just go to the store.”


The place where Seiji-kun is working… I want to see it…!

“Uwaah… your face became so much like that of a maiden in love…”

“Let’s go!”

… As such, over the weekend, I went with Natsumi to the café that Seiji-kun was working at.

Our school wasn’t that strict when it came to working part-time. You would be given the okay as long as you tell your homeroom teacher beforehand and finish some simple paperwork. There were quite a few students that properly followed the proper procedures, but a large majority of them did not.

Driving to the shopping district in my car, we parked at a suitable parking lot, and arrived at a side street close to the station.

At night, the café was supposed to become an Italian restaurant and its outer appearance was quite fancy. Looking through the window, a lot of female customers could be seen.

“Thief-kun, isn’t he wearing uniform for bartenders?”

“Oh my god. I need to take a picture.”

“You’re like his guardian. One of those super overprotective guardians!”

Within the store, there were also a lot of female workers carrying drinks and dishes. I understand… I understand it very well… it’s super easy to get along with coworkers…! All of them are female college students that are younger than me…! They’re so young…!

“Haru-chan, wait, can you stop letting out some weird aura. Specifically speaking, there’s a bunch of that miasma like black smoke coming out of you. Also, don’t start growling at people. Stop glaring at people as well.”

Being told that, I took a huge breath.

A female waitress had come over with a notepad to ask for our order. After ordering two pasta lunches, we waited for it to finish cooking.

“Ah”, hearing that sound come from Natsumi, I looked in her direction, and saw Seiji-kun.

“Hello, Thief-kun.”


His expression was subtle as he stood there holding the salads for our sets. He was wearing a dress shirt, with black slacks and an apron wrapped around his waist.

“Here are your salads… What did you come here for?”

“I was just wondering whether Seiji-kun hard at work.”

Also, observing the workplace.

“Thief-kun, you’re in charge of carrying out the dishes?”

“No, there weren’t enough people, so I’m just helping out for a bit. Normally, I’m in the kitchen… Also, I’ll call you later, so when you’re done just go home, okay?”


Turning around, Seiji-kun walked into the back.

“Haru-chan, are you satisfied with this?”

“I am satisfied… but my worries have increased.”

As I was stabbing my salad with a fork, a different worker carried our pasta over. Muuu… it’s different female worker again. (She’s younger and cuter than me, and also college student probably.)

After we finished eating the delicious pasta, we conversing with each other while drinking iced coffee. It’s a nice and quiet restaurant. The shops furniture and decorations are quite fashionable. I kind of get why a girl would want to work part-time here.

If I remember correctly, Seiji-kun gets off at around evening time.

“Maybe I should wait until he’s done and then drive him home…”

“Haru-chan, that’s really stalker like. You even found out when he gets off of work.”

“I-I’m not a stalker.”

“Even if you’re his girlfriend, if you go overboard, you’ll still be hated, you know?”

“Seiji-kun won’t hate me just because of that….”

W-what would I do? What if he actually ends up hating me.

What if he goes out for food with his co-workers once they get off of work? “Sanada-kun, you’re a high schooler? You’re so mature that it surprised me.” If he were praised by a female college student like that… they’ll get on good terms… what am I going to do…? Ugugugugu.

“Wait, Haru-chan. It’s coming out again. The miasma. Keep it inside.”

“What will I do if Seiji-kun goes out for food with another girl…?”

“It’s fine if he goes though, right? Does he seem like the type to cheat on you, Haru-chan?”

“No, but…”

“Just trust him then. Thief-kun, really does love you, Haru-chan.”

How nice would that be if I heard it from his own mouth. Recently, he’s been quite embarrassed and hasn’t said it as much to me…

He didn’t tell me his reason for starting this job, and I feel like he’s hiding something from me. If it’s about Seiji-kun, I want to know everything. But that might be really annoying…

Becoming a little nervous, Natsumi spoke to me secretly.

“Hey hey… Have you had sex with Thief-kun yet…?”

“W-w-w-what’s with that all of a sudden?”

“It looks like you still haven’t then.”

“… Isn’t that fine, it has nothing to do with Natsumi. We told each other that until we were married, things like that are a no go…”

“Fufuun? Now then, here’s the problem. Between a girl that’s easy to talk to, cute, and OK with a physical relationship, and a girl that’s cute, perfect at everything, but a NG on a physical relationship… which do you think a boy would like more?”

“The first person?”

“That’s right. The more you treasure him, the easier it is for him to be stolen away, you know?”

“Seiji-kun said he was okay. He said he would endure it…”

“That would be good if that were the case.”

Muuu, Natsumi is definitely having fun making me feel more anxious… She’s definitely grinning right now.

“When he said he was okay, it’s because he’s okay using some other girl as a replacement, right?”

“Se-seiji-kun wouldn’t do something like that!”

“Fufufu. Yeah, that’s true. Sorry for teasing you like that.”

B-but still, none of that till marriage, might be going too far…?

In the end, we didn’t wait for Seiji-kun and went home. A little bit after I finished eating dinner, a call came from Seiji-kun.

“Sorry for bothering you today.”

“No, it’s okay. I was just a little surprised.”

I should say it. The fact that I’m super worried.

“… Then, why did you end up coming? All of them have boyfriends it seems, so it’s okay.”

“Ah, is that so?”

My worries ended in vain.

“There is that, but the most important part would be why you started working part-time all of sudden… You didn’t tell me anything at all.”

“If I tell you, then the effect would be cut in half so I didn’t tell you.”

The effect would be cut in half?

While I remained unconvinced, the next day, Seiji-kun came to my house. He was holding a stuffed animal bear.

“W-what is that!?”

“What day is it today?”

“It isn’t my birthday… Ah, anniversary!”

“Yeah. That’s right. This… is an anniversary present.”

I was handed the large and fluffy bear. It feels so nice to hug it…

“Then… the part-time work…”

“I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be nice, and so this time, I forcefully obtained a bit of money to buy it.”

“Mo-mooouuuu, Seiji-kunnnnnnnn.”

I hugged the bear tight. It’s so soft and nice.

“It was just as Natsumi said.”

“Hmm? What about Natsumi-chan?”

“Fufuun, it’s a secret ♪ Thank for you this. Let’s decide a name together for it?”

Mou, he didn’t need to give me a surprise like this…

With the stuffed animal, I hugged Seiji-kun.

“Wah, wait, we’re still at the entrance.”

It seems that since then, Natsumi had gone two to three more times and had decided that he was a good hard-working man.

Yeah yeah… a working Seiji-kun is super cool.

After going through this, I once again fell in love with Seiji-kun.

TN: Just a random thought, but it seems kinda excessive to be getting a part-time job just for a stuffed animal.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Saving it til marriage…didnt think that thought existed anywhere except the middle east anymore!
    Also depending on the size of the stuffed animal a part-time job may,be needed. Imagine a 1m tall teddy, that shit cost me almost £100(¥13,500).


  2. I always laugh at this trope when it’s used in anime or manga because they’ll get a part time job only to buy something small like a hair clip or in this case something like a stuffed bear.


  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    I’ve seen a stuffed animal with the price of $1000, so him getting a part time job for one isn’t that surprising to me.

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    • Although stuffed toys can get pretty expensive, it’s probably more a sincerity thing. A gift prepared with money you earned is more meaningful than otherwise. It’s not that all his money went there, but it’s not that easy to get one-off jobs that will get you precisely the amount of money you need compared to a seasonal position, and money is just something generally useful anyway. He can use the rest for dates later.


      • Exactly this. Buying it with his own money is the second best choice. Going after the best choice (a handmade present personally crafted) would be too dificult for him.


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