The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 65

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A Round Trip

Mozo mozo, something within the warm blanket moved. I thought that maybe a cat or something had entered, but we don’t own a cat at our place. Nor do we have any other animals.

Something smooth and soft was touching my face. What’s happening in the morning…?

When I opened my eyes, I saw breasts.



The person who was letting out a calm and relaxed breath while sleeping was without a doubt, Hiiragi-chan.

What!? How and what is going on!? Wait, I’m completely naked!

“Nnnn… Ah. Seiji-kun, you’re awake? Good morning…”

“Yeah, good morning…”

We were both naked. The morning sun peeking through the curtains was bright. A refreshing morning.

This can’t be possible! What’s with this situation? As I look around my surroundings, I realized that it was a bedroom that I did not recognize. We were sleeping on a slightly large bed.

It can’t be…

It was there just as I thought. My smartphone. When I checked the date, it was late July ten years later.

The time leap was released.

Which means, this situation… It’s the next morning after a night battle! I have no memory of such an important sceeeeeneee!

It’s such a shame that I can’t share memories between the present me and the me that had returned.

“You’re making such a surprised face. What’s wrong?”

The naked Hiiragi-chan hugged me.

“Waaaaaaaaaaah!? The me right now is not the me from yesterday, so pleeeaaaaassse put on some clothes!”

If it’s like this, last night was definitely not the first time! H-how many times have we done iiittt!?

“Whose house is this”

“Whose house…? Fufu. It’s our house, you know? Are you still sleep talking?”

Ufufu, with a feminine smile, she poked at my nipples.

… Even after ten years, she still likes to poke me.

“Last night, you were even so vigorous. Did you also forget that?”


“Uwah. Such a straight face.”

Since I was troubled with where to put my eyes, I had Hiiragi-chan, whose maturity had increased, wear a T-shirt.

Pretending that I had slight memory loss, I had her explain the current situation.

“At the moment, the two of us are living together in this apartment, you know? Do you remember?”

“N-now that you mention it, that’s right…”

While I was amazed within myself, I tried to match her. The last time the time leap was released and I returned to this time period, we weren’t able to live together. She came to my place after I became a teacher and made breakfast for me…

That’s right. There was one reason for us being unable to live together. I was unable to gain the acceptance of Hiiragi-chan Papa.

“Being able to live together like this… it was hard, right?”

“Eeeh? You forgot that too? Well, it was three years ago.”

We’ve lived together for three years. That’s quite a long amount of time.

“You spoke with Otou-san many times and he had said no. But Natsumi ended up helping us convince him, and we were finally able to obtain consent.”

Oooh… so it was Natsumi-chan. So it was right for me to get closer to Natsumi-chan and reveal our relationship to her. The next time I time leap, I should buy something for Natsumi-chan.

“Then, are we living together on the premise of getting married?”

“You were told that marriage was a completely different matter by Okaa-san, remember?”

“This time it’s Hiiragi-chan Mama!?”

Hmmm. Since we were living together, I had the image of getting married, but it’s not that.

“But, before when we were inside the tea room, we decided no sex until after marriage…”

“When you say before, that’s really far in the past. Fufu… If it’s about that, Sensei doesn’t remember it…”

Pui, she turned and faced away from me. It seems like she’s playing dumb. Saying that it’s too far in the past and she can’t remember.

“You couldn’t endure it?”

“I-it’s for the both of us. It wasn’t just me.”

“Heeeh. Leaving me aside, then it means that Haruka-san was unable to endure…”

“Mooouuuuuu, don’t tease meeeee.”

Using the pillow, Hiiragi-chan started to hit me. Even if she’s more mature, she’s still a cute person.

Anyways, summing it all up, we were able to get permission to live together and so we were now living together, but marriage was still put on hold.

“Does it look like we could get married?”

Hiiragi-chan became just a little bit depressed.

“When Natsumi-chan was persuading Otou-san, we were able to show how much we loved each other… but when were asked about when we had started dating… we ended up being forced to answer that…”

She explained the situation within the Hiiragi family one by one. It seems that Natsumi-chan was able to convince them to allow us to live together, but marriage was different, especially when it came to Hiiragi-chan Mama who was concerned about our public image.

She was shocked that her own daughter was dating an actual high school student. Thinking about it from a normal perspective, anyone would feel that way. Even if I am an adult now, it seems that she still cannot let go of that point.

“Since we were allowed to live together, I think that convincing Okaa-san is just a matter of time though…”

Saying that, Hiiragi-chan was trying to reassure me, but it seems that the person herself was worried.

If we were living together, I would think that it would be unavoidable that we would do it at some point. However, if we were to forcefully get married, then a huge gap would form in Hiiragi-chan’s relationship with her family. For our happiness, even if it’s marriage, it needs to be one that is supported unanimously. Eloping could also be an option, but in the end, that’s no different from running away.

“… Sorry… If only I waited for Seiji-kun to become a college student…”

Gusu, tears spilled out of Hiiragi-chan.

I tried to comfort her and hugged her.

“Thanks to that, I’m really happy right now. I was happy to be able to spend my high school life with the person that I love.”


Fumiiiii, with her weird way of crying, Hiiragi-chan cried into my chest.

… If only I didn’t confess, I thought for a moment. However, if I did that, I would once again be looking at Hiiragi-chan from a distance, and as I spend my days until graduation, I would lose the courage to convey my feelings and feel terrible.

Even if I were to be able to confess at graduation, the situation would have changed, and there would also be a possibility for Hiiragi-chan’s reply to change. There’s even the possibility of Hiiragi-chan falling in love with someone else and dating them.

Morally and ethically, we may have done something wrong. However, neither of us are lying to each other, and are only seriously and straightforwardly dating each other.

In this present time period, we were able to stay as lovers for ten years without separating. And so, we’re now lovey dovey like this. That’s why, the day where I confessed to her, and Hiiragi-chan had given her OK, was not wrong.

——Oh. It’s here. The time leap feeling.

When I opened my eyes, Hiiragi-chan’s face was right in front of me.


“Wah. That surprised me…”

The air-conditioning was on, and I was at Hiiragi-chan’s place which I was familiar with. The sound of cicadas crying outside could be heard.

Alright, I was able to come back again.

“It looked like you were sleep talking a bit, so I brought my ear closer.”

“Ah, is that so?”

Although she didn’t hear me very well, Hiiragi-chan gave me a lap pillow, and started patting my head.

“What dream did you dream about?”

The time leap feeling was one that I had felt many times already, it isn’t a dream. That means that ten years from today, it’ll become like that.

“Ummm, I dreamed about Haruka-san’s mother being against our marriage.”

“Eeeeh? Why a dream like that?”

Looking disappointed, Hiiragi-chan pouted.

“Let’s have a bit of a serious conversation.”


“I will never ever regret the day that I confessed to you.”

“Yeah. Me too, I won’t regret saying OK to it.”

“In the future, there might be people who are against us.”

“I mean we do have a bit of an age different, and that’s adding to the fact that we are a student and a teacher. So, the two of us together need to work hard.”

“Do I need to reserve a right to propose to you?”

“There’s no need for that. There isn’t any other person after all. That’s why… I’ll wait. I’ll wait for you, forever.”

A smiling and embarrassed Hiiragi-chan is cute as expected.

As I hugged her tighter, her thin body quickly settled into my chest.

“Haruka-san, I love you.”

“Yeah. Me too. I love you, forever.”

After taking a round trip to the future and back, the bond between Hiiragi-chan and I grew even stronger.

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  1. Sure the bonds become stronger but that doesn’t necessarily change what will happen with Mama Hiiragi. There should be something or someway to persuade the mother. Maybe they should lie a bit about the time when they started dating?



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