The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 70

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The Hiiragi Family’s Circumstances – 3

Since Hiiragi-chan and Sanjou-bocchan returned faster than expected, The parents were all suspicious of the two.

In the hotel lounge, the last tea party for today had just started.

Just like I did at the restaurant, I moved to a nearby table to watch over them. The parents from both families started a conversation, asking the two about how the garden had gone.

Hiiragi-chan herself had passed it off with an appropriate fake smile, but Sanjou-bocchan openly displayed his bad mood. The reason for that seems to be because he failed in bringing Hiiragi-chan to his room. That’s just karma though. Rather, if he really thought he would succeed in that way he must be quite an optimistic person.

“Takafumi? Is something wrong?”

Sanjou-bocchan’s father asked him. It seems that his name is Takafumi.

“Earlier, at the rooftop garden we were just talking.”

Sanjou-bocchan played with his hair with an unhappy expression.

“… This person, she has a boyfriend or something. She has absolutely noooo interest at all in me.”

This person…! He was the one with the sexual harassment and yet now he’s acting all innocent…!

Hiiragi-chan’s expression stiffened. Everyone at the table directed their eyes at her.

All she had to say was that it was a lie. Just tell them that it was a lie made to stop his sexual harassment. If you end up revealing the sexual harassment part, then he’s the one that would be troubled.

“Haruka? Is that true?”

Hiiragi-chan Mama, who was sitting next to her, asked. Hiiragi-chan Mama was wearing black rimmed glasses and seemed to be a bit paranoid. It’s just, her face looked similar in every way when compared with Hiiragi-chan.

I shook my head. It’s fine to say it’s a lie. He’s the one that did something uncalled for after all. It’s the same as saying a lie in order to dodge a colleague’s question—

Understanding my intentions, Hiiragi-chan smiled, and shook her head.

“I’m sorry? I don’t want to lie… I don’t want to say that there isn’t…!”

Most likely, Hiiragi-chan had even more resolve than me, in choosing to date me. She just didn’t show it.

Being colleagues and talking about the presence or absence of a boyfriend it is a completely different matter when it involves parents at a marriage interview. The weight of it is completely different.

Even I felt a knot in my stomach. If you dream of getting married, it’s a gateway that must be passed.

The table once again got loud.

“But, you never said anything about that….”

“You guys just didn’t want to listen, right…!? You guys always selfishly decide on things like this! And so I thought I would at least endure for today!”

—You knew that Haru-chan really didn’t want to go back home, right?”

I remembered what Natsumi-chan had said on the phone yesterday.

“When it came to my friends in high school and college! All of it! Even this time! I’m not just a tool!”

Letting out her tears, Hiiragi-chan stood up from her seat. The rift between Hiiragi-chan and her parents was deeper than I thought.

The last time my time leap was released and I returned to the present time, I wasn’t able to gain approval to marry her. Maybe that was because Hiiragi-chan had taken me back to her home due to the circumstances right now.

Because I wasn’t one picked by her parents, because I wasn’t approved by them, I wasn’t able to marry her—

The same applied when it came to the yearly income of over 10 million. He probably was exaggerating quite a bit at that time though. Hiiragi-chan had followed up with me telling me that it was just her father being surprised.

Worried about Hiiragi-chan, I also stood up from my seat. On the way, I put my hand on Sanjou-bocchan’s back, as he was lounging about with his legs put up. I easily forced him to fall over, causing him to let out a sound.

“Oww… Gufuu…”

“Excuse me.”

I walked away. Hiiragi-chan was crouching by the entrance to a nearby bathroom.


“Seiji-kun… I’m sorry… If I lied, I probably would have been made to accept it I think…”

In respect to her being asked further, she did what she could to hide or misdirect them. However, Hiiragi-chan never said anything that would distort the truth of our relationship.

That’s the type of person Hiiragi-chan is. A woman who 100% puts emotions first. If she properly thought about the future, she probably wouldn’t have said OK to my confession.

Pulling on her hand, I walked towards the stairs where less people could see.

“I want to go somewhere far away with just the two of us…”

Hiiragi-chan once again cried into my chest.

There was probably nowhere that was okay for us to run to. If we didn’t have friends or family, if that was the case then we would still be fine. However, in reality, there are Hiiragi-chan’s parents and her little sister. I also have a home and family to return to. She has work. I have school. Real life is just like that, it’s full of various obligations.

If I were a real immature high school student, I would have said that everything would be fine if we eloped. I love her that much after all.

But I want to make this person happy. I won’t be satisfied unless our future was bright, the people that are involved with us are happy, and we have a stupidly sweet happy end.

“… Let’s not run, and try for a little longer?”

Hiiragi-chan nodded without saying anything.

“Ah, it’s this guy.”

Sanjou-bocchan and Hiiragi-chan Papa had come chasing.

“He hit me in the garden!”

“… You are?”

Hiiragi-chan Papa was wearing frameless glasses and his suit look really expensive. He looked just like a capable businessman. A huge difference from my own father.

“I’m… My name is Sanada… Earlier in the garden, that person was trying to harass her, so I ended up stepping in to stop her.”

Hiiragi-chan Papa’s eyes turned towards Sanjou-bocchan.

“N-no, that’s… Hahaha….”

“Otou-san, that’s not a lie, you know? It’s the truth. He tried to force me to go to his room and even touched my thighs…”

Sanjou-bocchan then ran away and fled the scene.

Seeing that, Hiiragi-chan Papa lowered his head a bit.

“Thank you for helping out my daughter.”

“It’s nothing…”

“And you are… Sanada-kun, you appeared in front of my crying daughter and comforted her. You’re not just some sort of hero or something, right?”

His implied question was, who are you?

“You seem to be very young. A high school student?”


I just happened to be in the same place, passing by——

I tried to say that, but stopped.

Hiiragi-chan was straight about her relationship with me. She hid it until now, but she didn’t lie about our relationship. Even if all she needed to say was one lie to avoid her situation, she didn’t run away. That is true strength, sincerity, her resolve in dating me.

Even I should have the same resolve. I will hide, and misdirect. However, I don’t want to distort anything. We haven’t done anything to be ashamed of—

Hiiragi-chan Papa was asking me with a sincere look. Who are you?

I looked straight back at those eyes. Stuck out my chest. In order to encourage me, Hiiragi-chan held onto my hand.

“I am— My name is Sanada Seiji. I’m currently in a serious relationship with Haruka-san.”

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14 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 70

  1. Oh wow. I guess if it’s just the dad I guess he’s fine with it. If only the dad knew, he could take his time to convince the mom to actually not have an arranged marriage for Haruka. Something like she deserve to search for her own happiness? That would make it easier for the mom to accept when they come to light with their relationship to the mother I guess.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I bet the mom will probably scold them both but still accept them, right? I wish it were only like that….

      I had a friend who proposed to a girl who was a daughter of a Colonel (her mother), and he was given crazy challenges…. As for me I was stressed out since he was my friend….
      My country’s people(the conservative ones) have this kind of habbit…

      Liked by 1 person

    • To be fair, she probably originally would not have a problem. The thing is… emotions can be blinding. Heck, our dear MC actually understands this.

      I mean, let’s be real. She’s dating a high school boy. That in itself is quite the problem, and can cause many troubles. Even if she wanted a relationship, it should have happened AFTER he graduated.

      Second, the vast majority of high schoolers will change their mind and feelings. That’s just an objective fact. So it’s quite normal to be against it.

      And that is without counting the fact that often times, they are so into the passion that they could mix it up as love, not realizing that they need to learn to treat their partner as family.

      Also, even though it’s “arranged” all they are really doing is making the 2 parties meet up and try to get to know each other. Usually, since the families get along, have similar cultures and social classes, they can lead up to a more stable relationship.

      Often times, passion can be mistaken as love. And let’s be fair, “love” is WAY to broad of a word with an extremely wide range.
      Now, for our boy, the main issue is that he is too young, and the fact that as a teacher, it is not right for Haruka to be dating him.

      Plus, having such a large age gap could be a problem down the line in normal cases (in this case, it’s fine since he’s someone who time traveled and is more mentally mature, but how the hell do you explain that to the parents?).

      There are too many issues that can only be justified to readers who both know that he’s a time traveler and the fact that we know that this is a fictional story, so a lot of the problems aren’t as big of a deal.



    「Sanada Seiji-kun….

    that would be the line that I might say in front of him


  3. Well that was pretty cool but I’ll never really understand stuff like this most probably cuz I hate my family and when I got a job after finishing college I got a house and disappeared and truthfully I was pretty happy, I mean I can understand it if you actually have loving parents but she also seems to not really like them so what’s the point of getting their approval ? The sister would still talk to her anyways as well ai I just don’t understand those people that think just cuz they’re their parents they deserve unearned respect

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