The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 71

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The Hiiragi Family’s Circumstances – 4

Hiiragi-chan Papa was speechless towards my coming out.

“… This is true. Earlier, I said I had a lover, right? That person is him, Sanada Seiji-kun.”

We once again held each other’s hands.

Then, Hiiragi-chan Papa slowly opened his mouth.

“B-but, Haru-chan… y-you work as a teacher, right…?”

Haru-chan? That’s what Hiiragi-chan Papa calls her…? That’s kind of unexpected.

More importantly, his voice has become quite restless.

“That’s right… a world history teacher.”

“Then, this Sanada-kun… which school is he…”

“He’s a second year at the school that I work at.”


Hiiragi-chan Papa took a step back looking quite shaken.

It’s really troublesome, Hiiragi Papa.

“Currently, it’s been four months since we have started dating—”

“I-I don’t want to hear it!”


Not understanding what was going on, I looked at Hiiragi-chan, whose eyes were shut with a bitter expression on her face.

“Even for me! This time’s marriage interview was something I didn’t like! But now it’s a high school student!?”

While he was talking, he fixed his slightly misaligned glasses. The breath of the capable businessman Papa was starting to get disturbed.

“That’s why I don’t like it… going home…”


Looking at Hiiragi Papa once, and returning back to Hiiragi-chan, I finally understood and nodded once.

“I’m thankful that you helped Haru-chan. It’s good that she wasn’t done by some vulgar fool. Besides, I would say that you are equipped with better looks.”

“No… that’s not…”

Sanjou-bocchan is like that, so being compared is a little…

“That’s definitely true! Seiji-kun is cool!”

“That’s not true.”

“It’s true ♪”

“Don’t flirt in front of meeeeeeee!”

As if he was trying to stop a headache, Hiiragi Papa grabbed his glasses with his empty hand.

“To be honest, I have to admit that you have the courage to be able to declare your relationship…!”

“Ah, thank you…”

“During lunch, the person who came to pour the red wine was Sanada-kun, right? He looked quite the part, and your gestures were also quite refined…!”

“T-thank you…”

Am I being given a good chance at this?

“However, dating is no good! Rather than you being the problem, it doesn’t matter who it is, I won’t forgive them!”

I guess Hiiragi Papa is an overprotective parent?

“Is it possible that for Natsumi-chan, it’s also the same?”


I finally understood why having Natsumi-chan as an ally allowed us to gain approval to live together.

“Whether you’re rich, or a high school student, I won’t give Haru-chan!”

“Even without Otou-san’s permission, the two of us are doing just fine! We don’t need your approval!”

Gufu, Hiiragi Papa took damage from her words.

Hiiragi-chan’s overprotective thoughts towards me were very similar to Hiiragi Papa.

“Haruka-san, saying something like that is not okay. Papa-san is just trying to think for you.”

“Those feelings are heavy, so I don’t like it…”

“Young man, nice follow!”


“Mou, Seiji-kun, whose side are you on anyways!?”

Turning mad, Hiiragi-chan stomped around with her legs.

It’s cute and childish.

As I was grinning, Hiiragi Papa was also grinning. Ah… we might actually get along.

This person though… I feel like I’ve seen him before…? Is it just me?

“Anyways, a student dating a teacher, that enviou——no——that scandalous situation is unforgivable…! If the teacher is Haru-chan, then it’s even more unforgivable!”

Rather than it being me, it’s more like any guy that gets close to Hiiragi-chan is out.

“Then, what could I do?”

Hiiragi Papa looked at me.

“Courage is good, looks are good, common sense, manners, finesse, all good…”

“Then it’s not even a question. You’ve already approved 70% of him.”

“However! No income. It has nothing to do with his title as a high school student. It is a well-grounded fact!”

“But, for a high school student (Seiji-kun), there’s limitless potential!”

Hiiragi-chan’s follow up for me was good.

“Courage is good, looks are good, common sense, manners, finesse, all good, future is acceptable…”

“See, there isn’t anything to say. You’ve already approved 90%.”

“Haru-chan, be quiet! An annual income of 10 milllion. If he can at least earn that much, it’s fine for him to appear before me again! If he’s at least capable, whether he’s a high schooler, or a kappa, I’ll recognize him. I don’t think your relationship would last until then though!”

After saying that, Hiiragi Papa left.

“I’ll wait. Our relationship will continue forever and ever! Even if you don’t hit 10 million, I’m already really happy, okay?”

“Yeah. That’s true, but…”


“Currently, we’re supposed to come back after I can earn 10 million, right? … Doesn’t that mean that our current relationship, is basically recognized? It’s like tacit consent…”

“That’s true!”

Hiiragi-chan put her hands together.

If we were to ask the person himself, he would probably insist that he hasn’t recognized it. But he told me it was fine to appear before him again in the future. I don’t know if it was a figure of speech, or just in the spur of the moment, but he did say it.

“Well, whether or not it’s good, I won’t be happy until it’s completely open.”

“Of course it’s good! Otou-san only says what’s really on his mind.”

It’s completely the opposite from how he feels, but he probably understands that Hiiragi-chan would one day separate from him. Even now, she has already left the house and become independent after all.

“Due to various circumstances, I lost the timing for it, but there were a lot of things I wanted to ask about you and your family.”

“… That’s true… For me, there are parts that are hard for me to say, so I didn’t end up saying anything… but I’ll tell you.”

Maybe because things have now settled down, Hiiragi-chan went into girlfriend mode. It was written all over her face that she wanted to kiss while she was acting all impatient.

“Wait. First, let’s make sure that today’s marriage interview is settled. You’re an adult, right?”

“Muuu… Seiji-kun is more of an adult than me, so it’s a little bit troubling…”

Well, the inside is actually just that.

“It’s okay to have reliable parts like that though. Being reliable but younger. That gap, always makes my heart skip a beat.”

Saying that while embarrassed, Hiiragi-chan went back to the lounge without looking at me.

As a report, I send a grateful text to Natsumi-chan.

[I was somehow able to do it. Thanks. However, Papa-san ended up finding out about me.]

[Ueeh… Papa? How was that?]

[Complete rejection. It didn’t even matter whether or not I was a high schooler.]

[Of course it’s like that! Lol.]

After that, Hiiragi-chan returned as usual to her home where she lived alone. Apparently, the only reason she was locked up was due to the marriage meeting, after that she seemed to be free.

In order to understand the circumstances, I headed towards her place.

“I’m sorry for worrying you over various things this time. Also, thank you. It made me happy that you came. Thank you also for saving me when bad things were going to happen to me.”

“That’s nothing… Then, Haruka-san, what does your family do? Seems to be really rich.”

“Aah… of course you would notice…”

With a wry smile, Hiiragi-chan continued speaking. The Hiiragi family was apparently one that originated from the Meiji era, and was a venerable family that made a fortune. It was purely informational. The explanation had no hesitation to it.

“Currently, the family just manages a company… have you heard of the HRG company? A high schooler might not know that much though.”

“Eh. HRG!? Ah, it’s because it’s Hiiragi?”

That’s right, Hiiragi-chan nodded.

HRG was where I worked just before the time leap. It was a huge company that worked with the internet and telecommunications.

“If you do know, then it’ll be fast. Otou-san is the president of that company. And he ended up treasuring me and treasuring me so much, that it was planned that I would be given a place to work there after graduating. I came to hate it… and so I ended up becoming a teacher as that was my original dream.”

Hiiragi Papa, was the president of my company… No wonder I thought that I’ve seen him before.

“For school, I went to the same combined middle and high school girls’ school as Natsumi… college was also a girl’s school. I had obediently listened to what my parents had decided and studied hard… but now the current situation, is the backlash to that.”

“That was quite a lot to understand. Haruka-ojousama.”

“Wait—— Stop that. I actually get called that at home!”

While inflating her cheeks, Hiiragi-chan lightly hit me on the shoulders.

The part about her being ignorant, and that the number of people she had dated until now was zero, I could accept that now.

“That’s how it is, but… from now on as well, please take care of me.”

“For me as well. Please take care of me.”

Slightly lowering our heads, our eyes met. The two of us then went puu, and let out some air.

“Seiji-kun ♪”

Hiiragi-chan, who was unable to stay patient, clung to me and hugged me tightly. And of course, first time in three day, the two of us then enjoyed flirting with our lips enough to make them swollen.

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  1. Sugar, ah honey honey
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    And you got me wanting you

    Honey, ah sugar sugar
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  2. Whoa I’m super, super glad that this ended up on such a good note this series does not need to go down a heavy drama route just this light drama stuff that’s easily and most importantly resolved fast is good I don’t want them separated for a long time or something, also they really need to Fuck already …..

    Papa seems like a goofy person but we’ll Haru-Chan seems like a meek person that easily gets dragged along so he was probably a real pain for her since she knew he was acting out of love for her and couldn’t really resent him that much but it slowly build up inside her heart as him being a complete pain in the ass and using love/pity to agree with him, which you know is a low move.

    The mom is probably a stuck up bitch type do not look forward to her being introduced.


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