The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 72

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Home Visit During Summer Vacation – First Part

“During summer vacation,”

Hiiragi-chan spoke while washing dishes in the kitchen.

After turning the volume down on the TV, I turn my ears to listen.

“I want to do a home visit. What do you think?”

“What? Home visit? … Haruka-san, you aren’t my homeroom teacher though.”

“That’s true but…”

She stopped the water, untied the apron from her back and came towards me. For some reason, this type of gesture really seems to resonate with me these days.

Hiiragi-chan didn’t end up sitting across from, but next to me.

“As an advisor, I would like to get a better grasp of Seiji-kun’s home situation, or something like that?”

“Once you do that, then what?”


Groaning a bit, Hiiragi-chan formed a single line with her lips.

“… You just want to hang out at my place, right?”

“T-that might or might not be the case?”

Fuu fuu, she blew out air in an attempt to whistle.

It’s not that I don’t understand her interest in my room. Looking back, I haven’t ever invited Hiiragi-chan over even once.

“When you caught a cold, I ended up intruding just once.”

“When I caught a cold? My place? You came after school?”

“Ah. Ummm… yeah, that’s right. After school. However, it seems you were sleeping, so I left.”

Why is she not saying that while looking at my eyes? Is she hiding something?

Oh well.

“Even if you do come, there’s Sana and my parents at home, what are you going to do? You would only be there as an advisor.”

“At that time, I, Hiiragi Haruka, will do her utmost in greeting Seiji-kun’s Okaa-sama and Otou-sama! Of course, as an advisor.”

Perhaps she was inspired by me reporting our dating relationship to Hiiragi Papa. However, our family is a completely normal and average household. If she were to do a coming out like I did last time, then both my parents and Sana would draw back. Since it’ll turn into a complicated situation, I would rather her not do her greetings.

“Then… how about coming over today? There’s no one home though.”

“I’ll go!”

And so. Hiiragi-chan was invited to my place.

My parents are both working, with Tou-san usually coming home late, and today was also a day where Kaa-san comes home late. Sana also went out with Kanata today, and she might also be home late.

When I brought her to my room, Hiiragi-chan looked all around the room.

“The manga is put into colored boxes, there are also several games… You’re study desk is also neatly organized…”

“It’s nothing. It’s mostly pretty random. Feel free to sit down on either the bed or the sofa. I’ll go make some tea.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that.”

Even if she says that, she always makes some for me, so today, it’s my turn to make her some tea.

After making some barley tea in the kitchen, I return to my room.

“Thank you for wai…ting…?”

Hiiragi-chan’s eyes were full of tears as she turned around to look at me.

“Eh. What!? Is something wrong!?”

“Thiissssss! What is thiiiiiisssss!?”

Hiiragi-chan pointed at the magazine that she was holding.

Ugeh!? I thought I had put it as far into the back of my desk drawer as possible! This is bad…

“Th-this perverted book…!”

Didn’t I say only after you turn 20!? She would of course say that. [1]

Or maybe, this is what you like…? As she looks at me with a despising expression.

I hurriedly grabbed the magazine.

“Aaah. This, aaah. That’s right, of course. It’s Fujimoto’s! That guy just forgot this here!”

Like a pro-wrestler performance, I finished it off with a dunk shot into the trash can.

“Well, if it’s that, then it’s fine…”

Fuu. I made it.

“If it was Seiji-kun’s, I didn’t know what I would do.”

Thank you for you care, sorry… I secretly apologized to everything inside the trash can.

“There’s no way that would be mine.”

“I know right? I mean, Seiji-kun would never like a high school girl!”

… No, wait, isn’t that fine?

“If it was about an Onee-san living next door in the apartment, or about a teacher, then it would be safe.”

It’s a question of genre!?

“Little sister ones are forever forbidden!”

“You’re quite knowledgeable on genres!?”

This is bad… There are two other places… with hidden cards…

It was the correct decision to divide the risk up in order to deal with the worst-case scenario of when Sana or Kaa-san finds it. Packed into the back of the colored boxes with the manga, “different manga” is stored. Also, inside the game packages a “different disc” is inside it.

Neither are about Onee-sans, nor are they about teachers!!

If all of them are discovered, it would be 3 outs…

Then, why don’t you just date a high school girl? There would be a high chance of her looking at me with those cold eyes!

Even though I thought we could have fun in my room and flirt around! For there to be a pitfall here…!

“Seiji-kun, you’re sweating quite a bit, are you okay?”

“Eh, aah, yeah. I’m fine…”

I sit down next to Hiiragi-chan, and wrap my arms around her hips in order to stop her from moving.

“Mou, Seiji-kun… ♡”

Hiiragi-chan stuck closer to me like a spoiled cat. Yeah. I didn’t mean it like that, but I guess it’s okay.

“Ah. That manga. You said that that one was interesting before, right!?”

Hiiragi-chan pointed at one of the colored boxes.

Kuuuu! In the back of that one——!

“Is it fine to try reading just the first volume?”

“You can’t! Definitely can’t! Rather, it’s not interesting at all! Sorry!”

If she even pulls out one volume, she’ll notice the manga behind it…!

“Eh? But when I saw it at the bookstore before, something about over 20 million copies sold was written on the obi.” [2]

“Th-that is, you probably just read it wrong, right?”

“Hmmm… But… I’m kind of interested in what Seiji-kun is reading…”

I’m sorry! Normally, I don’t read the manga displayed in front, but rather passionately read the one behind it! By amount, I’ve probably read it at least 3 times more!

Since I can’t very well introduce it to her, I desperately tried to distract her curiosity.

“Somehow your eyes seem a little bloodshot, are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine…”

I pulled a volume out of a separate shelf, and was somehow able to subdue Hiiragi-chan’s curiosity. Of course, I picked it from a shelf where nothing was behind it.

“Seiji-kun, aren’t you bored?”

“T-that’s not true?”

“Then, let’s read together?”

Hiiragi-chan handed me the right half of the manga. If I refused to read the manga at this point, it would turn into a problem. As such, I obediently obeyed.

“Seiji-kun, you read pretty fast.”

“I know what’s in it after all.”


Reading the one volume while flirting took about 20 minutes.

We quickly read through it.

Now what should we do?

“Normally, what games do you play?”

“N-no, these are actually Sana’s not mine. Until now, I haven’t played games a single time.”

“Really? Then now is a good chance. Let’s play together ♪”

On all fours, Hiiragi-chan approached the shelf that the games were located on.

As my eyes were glued onto the butt that was facing towards me, and her thighs that were sticking out from her skirt, “Which one is interesting, I wonder…?” she picked up the game and looked at the back of the package.

Ah. That’s——!

“Wa-wait, that one—”

I quickly picked it up. Of all the ones, she had to pick out the correct one… that was close.

“Is that one interesting? Then, where’s the machine? I’ll turn on the switch.”

Phew, as I patted my chest, I opened the package softly and checked the contents. Hmmm…? It’s the same one as the package? Then, where’s the “other disc”!? I made a mistake with the case!

Where is it, where is it, where is it…!?

I repeatedly pulled games down, opened it, closed it, and then returned it. However, they were all in their correct places.

In the right place? That shouldn’t be the case…?

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun, it was the sound of the game console turning one.

Shuuin, shuuin, shuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin—

All the games on hand are properly stored, and yet the game console is still reading something. Inside of thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

It’s set to resume at where it stopped, so if that’s the case——!

An image of a beautiful high school girl with a perverted expression came up——!

Faster than a ninja, I pulled out all the plugs from the outlet.

“Hmmm…? The TV won’t turn on?”

With a blank expression, Hiiragi-chan tilted her head.

I didn’t know which was which, so it was correct for me to pull them all out.

Phew, as I was wiping off sweat with the back of my hand, Hiiragi-chan started exploring behind the console.

“Have the wires been pulled out…? Ah, there’s a game behind it…”

Pulling it out, she read the game’s title out loud.

‘A 17 Year Old High School Girl’s Real After School Life’…”


A bunch of cute girls in uniforms were looking back at Hiiragi-chan’s smile.


I thought that I had lost it, so that’s where it waaaaaaaas!

“Seiji-kun, what is this?”

It was a coooold voice.

“I-i-i-i-i-it’s a type of do-documentary. Ah, that’s right, like those N◯K documentaries that they make…”


Hiiragi-chan turned her wrist around and looked at the back of the package.

Aaah— It’s over… The image of a high school girl showing an anguished expression was shown in parts.

Hiiragi-chan was shaking in fury. She squeezed the case until it broke.

“Seiji-kun you idiooooooooooooot!”

The case came flying at me at light speed.

Gan, a direct hit to my face.


Is she Matsuzaka! [3]

“Why isn’t it a teacher ooooooooooonnnnnnneeee!”

“That’s what’s wrong?”

Poi poi, she started to throw everything that around her at me as hard as she could. The things that were around her ended up coming from the manga corner, and in the end, the two cards that I had hidden were seen by her.

Holding the manga showing girls doing scandalous things, Hiiragi-chan trembled with rage.

“This tooooooooooooo!? Isn’t this also high school girls!? The magazine from earlier was also Seiji-kun’s, right!?”

“I’m soooorrrrrry!”

Hiiragi-chan was running rampant like a wind god, but once I hugged her and gave her a gentle kiss, Hiiragi-chan, who was in her super wind god mode, calmed down.


  1. The age of 20 is the age where children are considered adults in Japanese culture. This means that it’s the drinking age, and so on and so forth. The age is usually mentioned in a completely different way than the normal counting for age to show the significance of it. Instead of niijuusai it’s normally called hatachi.
  2. The obi in this case is the band of paper usually wrapped around the outside many books in Japan. It is often used as a way to advertise a series or other works by the author. From what I remember, it’s not that popular in the US, but I’m not sure about elsewhere.
  3. Daisuke Matsuzaka, famous Japanese baseball player that has played in the MLB before.

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