The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 73

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Home Visit During Summer Vacation – Second Part

When our state of loving each other and kissing ended, my face became covered in kiss marks.

As I was cleaning the now messed up room, Hiiragi-chan was reading the manga that I had lied and called boring, “As expected, Seiji-kun, this is actually pretty interesting.”

I was happy that she was able to read a manga that I found interesting, and find it interesting as well. However, now that we were so focused on hanging out at home, I don’t know what to do anymore.

Once I sat down, Hiiragi-chan moved directly in front of me, sitting down and reading manga while using me as a backrest. I ended up hugging her just like that.



Your smooth hair is ticklish. Also, your shampoo smells nice. It’s a smell I know, but I can never get used to it and it always makes my heart beat faster.

Any part of Hiiragi-chan that I touched was soft without exception. I wonder why women always feel so soft.

“You should move. Or else…”

“Or else, what?”

I’ll touch your breasts. Or so I thought to say, but I couldn’t bring up the courage. Instead I kissed her on the neck and nape.

“Yaaan, wait, it’s ticklish ♡”

Ki ki, the sound of a bicycle stopping outside could be heard.

“Nn? This is bad, Sana might have come back.”

“Eh. Didn’t you say she would be out until late?”

“That’s what it was supposed to be—”

Moving Hiiragi-chan off of me, I looked outside and noticed that Sana was indeed back. Moreover, she brought Kanata with her. I guess that means they got bored of hanging out outside, and decided to come home for games? Dammit you Friendly Gamer Combo.

I hurried down to the first floor and collected the… mules, or sandals that Hiiragi-chan had worn. Just in time as the door opened at that moment.

“Hmmm? Nii-san, didn’t you go out?”

“No, well… I just had some business, and came back after it was settled.”

“… Sorry for the intrusion.”

Kanata, who was polite as usual gave a bow.

“Yeah, welcome.”

“Nii-san, are you hiding something? Like behind your back?”

“Ha-haah? I-I’m not hiding anything?”

I faced my back towards the wall and walked away like a crab.


Kanata continued to stare at me.

Am I being suspected?

“That’s right. We’re going to play games after this. Nii-san is probably free, right? It can’t be helped, Sana will let you join us.”

“Sorry. I’m not free.”

“Muu. What’s with the way you said that!? You’re definitely just free.”

“Be quiet—”

Walking away from the entrance, while they were taking off their sandals, I made my way up the stairs. I heard their exchange that they had at the entrance.

“Eeh? Right now? No way!”

“… That panicked look, it has to be it.”

“Ni-Nii-san can’t possibly have a g-g-g-girlfriend. T-there’s no way.”

“… Sa-chan. It’s a high chance.”

“B-but even still, coming over right now, there’s no…”

Giku. That girl, Kanata, is way too sharp.

“If Kana-chan is going to go as far to say that, let’s confirm it? T-there probably isn’t though…”

“… Sa-chan, you’re way too shaken.”

Once I entered my room, I barricaded the entrance. I stacked up colored boxes, my dresser, and other stuff in front of the door.

“What’s wrong, Seiji-kun?”

“Somehow, it seems I was found out.”

“Eh? The fact that I’m here?”

“No. Rather than it being Haruka-san, it’s more the fact that I have my girlfriend over right now.”

“Wh-what should we do…?”

Contrary to her words, Hiiragi-chan seemed happy. Being recognized as my girlfriend, seems to have tickled her fancy.

“Haruka-san, get in the bed.”

“Eh, Seiji-kun’s bed? Can I really!?”

“What are you getting happy about?”

Hiiragi-chan dove into my bed.

“… It smells like Seiji-kun… Fufu.”

It seems that she’s having fun, so it’s fine I guess.

Kon kon, a knock came from the door.

“Ni-nii-san? It’s Sana… can Sana come in?”

“You can’t, no. Definitely not! It’s currently very messy.”

On the other side of the door, the two had a conversation.

“… As expected, it’s true.”

“…… No way… Uuuuu…”

“… Sa-chan. It’s okay.”

There’s no way those two powerless girls could break down this barricade. If I don’t give them the opportunity to see the actual thing, I can stubbornly pass through this predicament…!

As I took a glance at the bed, I saw Hiiragi-chan wrapped up inside the towel blanket.

“This towel blanket… it smells like Seiji-kun… I want to take it home with me…”

Just inside the door and just outside the door, everything was super serious, and yet my goddess was completely carefree.

“Nii-san? Is it possible… that… if there’s someone there that Sana can’t talk about, then Sana wants you to please let her know… if not, Sana wants you to say that it clearly.”

“——There’s no one there.”

“… He used polite language. He’s definitely lying. If there isn’t, it should be fine for him to open the door.”

Dammit. Kanata is strong…!

“If… your g-girlfriend came, then please say it…?”

There’s no way I can say it, right? If I do say it, then she’ll ask, what kind of person is she? Let me see, let me in and introduce me——of course it’ll become like that.

If I persist and say there isn’t, this door won’t open. I must defend this with my life.

“There’s no such person. I was just rearranging things right now, so it’s all messed up and you can’t come in.”

“… If he’s being so stubborn, then there’s a high possibility of his girlfriend being someone he can’t introduce us to.”


“Eh? What do you mean by that?”

“… Seiji-kun, indirectly speaking, is taking summer break as a chance to bring elementary school girls to his room——”

“You’re wrong!”

“That’s right, Kana-chan. No matter how much Nii-san likes flat chests, that’s different from lolis.”

“Hey. Don’t just selfishly call me as part of the flat chest faction.”

“… Whether or not there’s an elementary school girl, as long as you don’t open the door, we won’t know.”

Dammit. It’s sophism, but reasonable. I know it’s wrong only because I’m inside.

“… As long as you don’t open the door, there are two possibilities exist at the same time… Seiji-kun the lolicon and the Seiji-kun that isn’t…”

“Ummm, if I remember correctly… it’s Sugar Cat.”

“Schrödinger’s Cat. What are you doing, turning it into some sort of candy?”

Feeling a gaze, I turn around. Honyuun, honyuun, Hiiragi-chan was fondling her own breasts.

“Seiji-kun… you like flat chests?”

“That’s not the case. Don’t bite at everything, it’ll become confusing.”

“… Sa-chan, just now, there was a voice.”

“… Yeah…Sana heard it too. ——Nii-san! Why are you hiding!? … Even if Nii-san is a lolicon… Sana will endure.”

What are you enduring? More importantly, that’s not right.

“…A person that he is unable to introduce to us, it’s decided… If it’s not an elementary school girl…”

“If it’s not…?”

“… There’s a guy.”

“If it’s a guy, then isn’t that fine?”

“… A guy that he can’t introduce to us would mean—— Inside that room, roses are currently blooming.”

It’s not blooming at all. Also, don’t use such an easily imaginable word.

“That means…!? ——Nii-san’s lover is… a guy? That’s why he can’t introduce him to Kana-chan and Sana?”

“… it’s highly likely.”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Nii-san! Even if Nii-san likes guys, Sana will endure.”

“As I was saying, what are you enduring?”

“Come out. Please…”

Sana, I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. Even I have things I need to protect.

Since I haven’t been paying attention to her, by the time I noticed, Hiiragi-chan has already fallen asleep. Her sleeping face is cute.

“… Sa-chan. Assuming the worst possibility… It can even be both.”


“… The possibility that inside the room, there is an elementary school boy…”

“That means… it isn’t a loli but a shota…!?”

This is bad. My pervertedness is slowly climbing.

“Before Nii-san becomes a criminal——!”

Don, after hearing a loud noise, the colored boxes moved.

H-hey hey hey, really, Imouto.

“… Sa-chan’s, power of love…”

“T-t-that’s not true. T-that isn’t the case.”

Don, another strong shock was applied to the door causing the barricade shook.

This isn’t a joke! There’s no way I would let her find out! Kuu… Sana’s strength is stronger than the strength I put in to hold it back…!? Where was she hiding this ridiculous power?

“Sana, doesn’t actually think of Nii-san in anyway, okaaaay?”

Don, the barricade shook again. It’s only a matter of time before it’s broken. Giving up on the barricade, I wake Hiiragi-chan up.

“A morning kiss…”

“Okay okay. Hold on tightly to the towel blanket. I’ll be letting Haruka-san down outside.”


Having her wear the sandals, I brought her closer to the window.

“Eh, eeeeehhh!? I-I’m going down from here!? I can’t I can’t I can’t.”

“There’s no time. Sana and Kanata are almost going to—”

“I-I got it. I’ll see you later… Seiji-kun, I love you.”

“Me too, Haruka-san.”

Hugging each other, we kissed. It felt like a heroine and hero of a Hollywood movie.

While stepping on the windowsill, I slowly let Hiiragi-chan down as she was holding onto the towel blanket. Then, the weight suddenly disappeared, and when I looked down, Hiiragi-chan was waving her hand.

At the same time, baaan, the barricade was kicked apart as Sana and Kanata entered.

“Ah. What…?”

“……Seiji-kun, where’s the elementary school girl or boy, or just boyfriend?”

Haah, I breathed a sigh of relief. The two of them probably also saw my sigh.

“I was saying that there was never that sort of person in the first place, right?”

The two of them were trying to search for a person that they thought should be in the room.

“Seee, didn’t I tell you. Nii-san doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

She stuck out her flat chest with a smug face.

“… This is weird…”

Kanata didn’t seem to be satisfied as she tilted her head.

“I was rearranging everything, so I gathered all the furniture by the door.”

With such a reasonable reason, I was somehow able to succeed in getting away.

“Kana-chan, let’s go? Let’s go play the one that we just bought?”


Kanata, who was sitting on the bed, stood up, and was about to follow Sana out of the room, when she ended up closing the door.

“… The bed. There’s the smell of a girl other than Sa-chan. The sheets were also a little bit warm.”


It’s probably because Hiiragi-chan was sleeping there earlier.

“That’s my smell. It’s a nice smell, right? I was taking a nap until earlier.”

“… If, you did have a girlfriend, please tell Sa-chan properly, okay?… Sa-chan really likes Onii-chan after all.”

Just like how I came out with Natsumi-chan, to do that with Sana as well…? If I did that, would Sana support us just like Natsumi-chan did?

Kana-chan? Sana called for Kanata from her own room with a loud voice.

Kanata lowered her head slightly and exited the room.

Goron, I rolled around in my bed. It’s true. It smells nice like Hiiragi-chan.

Kanata seems to suspect that I do have a girlfriend. She probably doesn’t know who it is though.

“It somehow all worked out.”

I called Hiiragi-chan.

“That’s good. I ended up experiencing too many thrilling things. Ahaha…. Sorry for saying something selfish like wanting to go to Seiji-kun’s house.”

“It’s okay. There wasn’t actually supposed to be anyone home, so don’t worry about it.”

After deciding on the next time we meet, we ended the call.

Suun suun, when I sniff it, Hiiragi-chan’s smell came from my sheets.

Will I be able to sleep tonight…?

I now kind of understand Hiiragi-chan’s feelings when she said that she wanted to bring my towel blanket home with her.

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  1. if kanata can predict every small detail mc spout is a lie, then surely she knows whose smell that coming out from his bed
    that girl is sharp! and the other girl is strong!


    • Yeah I get you! She’s like a blade of a katana, her sharpness can cut you whether you get hit or not, you’ll still be hurt if not by the blade it could be with the force of the swing itself…

      (Too much novel writing lol)

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  2. There’s too much that Kana-chan knew about!!

    Also why didn’t they think of a highschool girl, well I enjoyed it! ❤

    Thanks for the chapter 😊😊 😊


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