The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 74

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Deciding Match! Public Pool


“Yeah, that’s good, you’re doing well.”

“Fuuhii, fuuiii…”

“You’re starting to get better, Haruka-san.”

“Fuuuun, hiiin…”

Hiiragi-chan was moving her legs with all her might, causing water to splash upwards. I was in the pool, pulling her along by the hand, while slowly backing up.

“Sei-ji-kun, my legs can’t hold up…”

“Don’t raise your head. Properly keep it down. Only raise your head to breath.”

“I don’t waaaant toooo… A strict Seiji-kun is no good…”

There was a reason for me to be teaching Hiiragi-chan swimming in such a Spartan way.

Three days earlier.

“Seiji-kun, let’s go to the beach next time, the beach!”

“That’s fine, but Haruka-san, you can’t swim, right?”

“It’s fine if I can’t swim. As long as I have a floating ring and goggles, I’ll be able to manage.”

“That’s what you say, but last time at the pool you were drowning after getting swallowed by a wave.”

“T-that was an accident…”

“Not knowing how to swim will lead to an accident, so if you want to go, only go after you learn how to swim, okay?”

So I said to Hiiragi-chan who had changed into her dazzling bikini outfit, and was already equipped with her floating ring.

“I’m just going to be floating around so it’s fine!”

“Don’t underestimate the ocean!”

As such, I decided to teach her how to swim and that’s the reason why the two of us here at the public pool today.

We’re wearing caps and goggles, so there shouldn’t be anyone that would recognize us.

After my recollection had ended, I realized that I couldn’t hear the sound of splashing water. Hiiragi-chan, who was wearing a race use swimsuit was just floating there.

“Heeeeey, are you okay!?”

I hurriedly got the goddess out and onto the poolside. While breathing deeply, Hiiragi-chan took off her goggles and spoke.

“As expected, it’s impossible… Isn’t it fine if I can’t swim…?”

Lying down, she got herself rounded and into a fetal position.

“I want to go… I want to hold hands while walking on the sandy beach dyed by the sunset…I want to play around in the ocean water.”

Her sense of location is perfect. If it’s really just that, then it’s fine. I won’t refuse to go to the beach. However, it’s certainly better to know how to swim to prevent accidents. That’s why, I decided that a bit of strict special training was necessary with the time that we had over summer break.

“Only after you learn to swim. If not, I’m not going. If my leg were to get a cramp and I were to start drowning, what would you do, Haruka-san?”

“That’s obvious!”

The sight of her panicking and asking her surroundings for help comes to mind.

“I’ll die with you!”

“Don’t die. Live.”

Haah, I sighed.

“If Haruka-san learns how to swim, then you can actually save me, you know?”

The race use swim suit really looked good Hiiragi-chan quite well. However, since she had curves here and there, it looked a bit tight. The area around her chest and her butt looked particularly stiff.


“Let’s take a short break…”

Being too persistent and having her lose motivation wouldn’t be good. Deciding that, I went over to the vending machine and bought a sports drink before coming back.

“Onee-san, can you not swim?”

“Ahaha… yeah, that’s right.”

Hiiragi-chan who was sitting on the bench, was surrounding from some kids (around fifth grade) that seemed to be taking swimming classes.

“The person that was with you was probably teaching you badly.”

“Ahaha… I don’t know about that.”

“Onee-san, I’ll teach you!”

“Thank you.”

“Hey, you kids. Do you need something from my girlfriend?”

“Eeeh!? This person, you’re this old man’s girlfriend?”

O-old man…!? But I’m supposed to be in my second year of high school…

“That’s gotta be a lie!”

“If that’s really the case, then Onee-san is getting tricked by him!”

Ahaha, Hiiragi-chan laughed.

“I’m not being tricked.”

“Y-you guys… I’m in my second year of high school, not an old man at all. Moreover, I haven’t tricked her at all.”

“““You’re lying!”””

“I’m telling you it’s not a lie!”

“Stop getting so serious with children, you old man.”


“Onee-san, if you’re really dating this old man, then you should break up with him.”

Saying whatever you guys want…!

Still , calm down, Sanada Seiji. They’re only children. A middle-aged man getting seriously mad at them isn’t mature at all.

“That old man is bad at teaching, so we’ll teach you.”

“Stay out of this kids. Quickly get home and have Mama bake you a pie or something.”

“You probably have some secret intentions for teaching this Onee-san, right?”

“If you can swim better than us, then I guess it’s fine?”

“A competition, a competition!”

——I’ll destroy you guys…!

“Just how I want it, come and get it!”

“Seiji-kun, do your best!”



The kids had an interesting expression.

“Hmmmm~? Did you guys think that maybe you guys would be the ones who would be encouraged?”

I tried my best to agitate them a bit.

The three people took their kickboards and started to attack me.

“Hey, using weapons is unfair—”

“““Shut up, you old man!”””

“Who’s an old man! Hey! Fine then… bring it on!”

“Then, how about a 3 x 100 meter relay.”

They were now selfishly deciding the rules.

That means, I’m going to swim 300 meters by myself…? Okay, fine. Justice overcoming unfair disadvantages is cool after all.

The first kid and I both take our positions.

“Don’t complain if I take your self-proclaimed girlfriend, old man.”

“Haah? You won’t take her though? Rather, it’s not self-proclaimed.”

“—— Ready, go!”

Pachin, Hiiragi-chan clapped her hands behind us.

At that moment, we jumped. I looked out of the corners of my eyes. His dive was smooth and the form was clean. However, it’s not good enough to matter! I don’t care if it’s not mature, I’ll crush it with all my strength. I instantly widen the gap, and did my turn at 100 meters.

“Seiji-kun, you’re so fast! Like a penguin!”

Kyah, kyah, I heard Hiiragi-chan cheering with a shrill voice from the poolside.

Isn’t there another metaphor you could have picked? Thinking that, I continued to advance through the water.

… Ah. This is bad. I tried too hard at the start. As lactic acid began to build up, my arms and legs became heavier.

When I did my turn at 200 meters, “Just a little bit more! We can catch him!” I heard someone say that.

When I looked back for a moment, I could see that my lead had been cut in half.

I’m going to bet my whole existence on crushing these kids…! Turning my negative emotions into energy, I raise my speed again.

After finishing my 300 meters, I raise my head and saw that the difference was about 10 meters until the goal.

“Seiji-kun, you’re really fast!”

“W-well… yeah…”

While breathing hard, I pull myself onto the poolside.

“Good work ♪”

Hiiragi-chan came over while holding a towel like a manager.

“Old man, you’re really fast.”

“Right? Rather, stop calling me an old man.”

“Can’t you hold back a bit, old man.”

“I’m telling you, stop calling me that.”

“Going hard on a few kids as your opponent.”

“You guys were fast too, though?”

Nishishi, laughing like that, the kids went, “See yeah, Onii-san,” and left the pool.

“Aaaah, I’m zo dired…”

Sitting down next to me, a smile came up on Hiiragi-chan’s face.

“Fufufu. That looked really fun, you know? Seiji-kun, you might be the type that children like.”

“That isn’t true.”

“Sometimes, I think about our future. If we had kids, Seiji-kun would probably make a good dad.”

“I wonder about that one.”

“Let’s go back too?”

Hiiragi-chan stood up and walked towards the exit.

“Where are you going? You’re training hasn’t ended, you know?”


What are you doing, trying to make a good mood and then leaving.

“N-nooooooo! I hate a strict Seiji-kun!”

“Yes yes, I’ll be nice and gentle, okay?”

Pulling along the struggling Hiiragi-chan, we did another two hours of training after that. Thanks to my guidance, and Hiiragi-chan’s efforts, she learned how to doggy paddle.

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12 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 74

    1. Somehow I started using my own ?style?. I’m on my back and use my arms and legs to have a burst, not continually. Somewhat like a frog. Or is that an acknowledged style? I can also take a break on large distances, by using really small bursts to keep myself above water. This way I managed to cross a lake before, needing a couple of hours. This “frog style” mildly consumes your stamina, but it’s disadvantage is it is difficult to control the direction you are swimming in.

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    2. As for me, my musclular and skeletal density doesn’t really jive with swimming… I sink. I can tread, and when I was younger I was a Naval Class A swimmer, but if you do too much tone, definition, and density training, you end up like me, with the bouyancy of a stone wrapped in paper.
      The Moral is: not everyone can swim… Even those that enjoy it.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. In my instance, as much as I enjoy swimming, and having been a Naval Class A swimmer, I sink like a stone wrapped in paper, and share almost the same bouyancy.

      I can tread, but have to move very fast. It has to do with muscular and skeletal density, as well as low bodyfat.


  1. I can run fast and climb on anything but please don’t make me swim… Anything but swimming!!

    Thanks for the chapter 😊😊 😊


  2. Somehow I imagined Haruka have dog ears and tails while doggy padding in the pool. On another topic, although I know how to do both freestyle and doggy padding, it took me quite a lot of time to master doggy padding than freestyle which is why I’m actually amazed that, that was the first style she was able to do.


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