The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 76

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On Sunday, I went to Hiiragi-chan’s place. Because she was somehow ended up involved in a fall school event, she had a lot of work piled up and was even busy on Saturday. Anyways, today we’ll probably just spend our time at her place until the day ends. While imagining expecting a home date like that, I rang the doorbell at Hiiragi-chan’s place.


The person that came to open the door was an Onee-san with short hair. She had on glasses with thin black frames. Her appearance was a bit rough as she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She looked to be in the latter half of her twenties, so she should be about the same age as I actually was.

W-who is this…? Hiiragi-chan’s friend…?

“Ummm, is Hiiragi Haruka-san not here… right now…?”

“Eh? ……Ah~”

The Onee-san continued to stare at me as she loosened her mouth. The feelings that I get from her eyes and her lips are similar to Hiiragi-chan. Ah. Maybe it’s her sister?

“Ummmm, I’m Haruka’s older sister… Yukiko. Come in, come in. Haruka-chan seems to have just gone out for a bit.”

“Eh. But if she isn’t here, I’ll just go home…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Come on, hurry up.”

Yukiko-san pulled my arm slightly forcibly, and so I ended up entering Hiiragi-chan’s place. Maybe, she’s heard about me from Natsumi-chan or Hiiragi Papa. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be a surprise for her to have an interest in me.

In order to gain another ally, I need to make sure to appeal to her. I’m seriously and sincerely, in a platonic relationship while dating Hiiiragi-chan. Kissing is very frequent though.

“Why don’t you have a seat? I think Hiiragi-chan should be coming home soon.”

“Ah. Okay… then, sorry for the intrusion.”

Yukiko-san, who was sitting across from me, looked at me while smiling. She still didn’t ask me anything yet, and continued to smile, making it impossible to read what she was thinking.

“Haruka-chan’s boyfriend, right?”

I’ve already told Natsumi-chan, so there should be no problem in letting her know.

“Yes. My name is Sanada Seiji. I’m currently a high school student, and I’m also a student from Haruka-san’s school, but we are currently seriously dating each other.”

I start by answering in a similar manner as I would a job interview. Such a greeting, probably isn’t possible from a normal high school student.

“I just have a small question. You’re still a high school student, so how did you come to like Haruka-chan?”

“That… it has nothing to do with her being a teacher or anything like that… I do think her looks and her personality are quite cute though—”

“Gufuu, geho geho.”

Yukiko-san choked after hearing my super straightforward answer. Maybe it was because of her cough, or maybe for some other reason, her face was red.

“I-I see… Ah, yeah, continue, continue?”

“Since she’s older than me, and a teacher, I would’ve thought that she would have a good grasp of things, but she’s sometimes a little bit out there, and somewhat airheaded.”

“Airheaded…? Really?”

It seems she’s unable to accept that. I don’t know how Hiiragi-chan is as a little sister, but from Yukiko-san’s point of view, my evaluation probably seemed off.

“Being older, but careless, sometimes even breaking down a bit makes her even cuter…”

I also started to get embarrassed at this point.


Yukiko-san crouched over.

“A-are you okay?”


“Also… she tends to act as an older person, and likes to pamper me, she’s also good at housework and cooking, her skin is also quite fair and beautiful…”

“M-mou, I can’t stand listening to this…”

Standing up from the sofa, Yukiko-san said, “I’ll go look for Haruka-chan!”, and left the living room.

Hmmm… I guess I was boasting too much. However, she should know that I really do love Hiiragi-chan now. About five minutes later, Hiiragi-chan came into the living room.

“Ah, Seiji-kun, welcome.”

“Yeah, sorry for the intrusion.”

Hiiragi-chan was fanning her face with her hand.

“Your older sister was here earlier, she just said that she went out to go look for you. I guess you guys missed each other.”

“Yeah, probably. I guess we missed each other.”

Sitting next to me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and went into flirting mode.


“Mou, don’t run away ♡”

“W-we don’t know when your sister will come back…”

“Just a little bit is fine.”

I wonder if she locked the door or anything like that.

While tilting my head, I finally went with the flow, hugged Hiiragi-chan back and gave her a kiss. If she were to just tell her that they missed each other using her cellphone, her sister would probably immediately comeback.

“Ah, maybe—?”

Between our lips, I stuck out my hand and accepted Hiiragi-chan’s kiss with my hand.

“Fumyuu!? W-what…?”

“Are you on bad terms with your sister?”

“T-that’s not true!”

“Maybe you thought that her coming here was quite troublesome. You aren’t contacting her at all, nor are you going to go look for her after all.”

“That’s not the case at all! … Onee-chan will probably come back soon.”


“I’ll, go to the bathroom for a bit…”

At that time, I noticed something off about Hiiragi-chan’s butt.

… However, it could just be me?

After that, Yukiko-san quickly came back?

“Did Haruka-chan come back?”

“Yeah. She just went to the restroom.”

I see I see, Yukiko-san looked at me happily.

“What should I ask about now? … How about… is there anything you don’t like about her? It’s already been a while since you’ve started dating, right?”

While diverting her eyes from me, she crossed her legs. Her gestures being quite refined is also something that Natsumi-chan and Hiiragi-chan have.

“Parts I don’t like… When she flips the switch, she’ll lose sight of her surroundings and continue to run off.”

“Eh? That’s not…”

“That’s not… what?”

“Nothing, c-continue?”

Yukiko-san covered up her panic with a smile.


“T-there’s more…!?”

Even though she was the one who asked, Yukiko-san for some reason seemed to not like it. The eyes behind her glasses looked anxious as her mouth was shaped into a frown.

“Her chest often ends up touching me. Especially when she clings to me.”

“You, don’t like that?”

“I don’t not like it. But I sometimes wonder why she wants that to happen…”

“It’s because your embarrassed reactions are cute, so I sometimes just ends up doing it… or so she said.”

“Is that so…? Still, Haruka-san is taking quite a while in the bathroom.”

“T-that’s true. I’ll go check up on her.”

Yukiko-san stood up and left the living room. Her butt came into view.

… Ah. It was just as I thought.

Hearing me stand up from my seat, Yukiko turned around.

“Eeeh!? W-where are you going…?”

“Nothing, I’m just going to go to the bathroom as well.”

“J-just sit down. Haruka-chan is going to come back soon.”

“And then? This time it’s Yukiko-san that’ll disappear?”


I hugged Yukiko-san, who was trying to run away, from behind and caught her.

“Uuuu… L-let go.”

“It shouldn’t be let go, right? Haruka-san.”

“… H-how did you know?”

Yukiko-san turned around.

Taking off her glasses, I put it on myself. They were fake glasses.

“Which means, the hair…”

“This is, well… a wig…”

Haruka-chan took it off, and her own hair overflowed.

“When did you find out?”

“The shape of your jean pockets. The ones that Yukiko-san wore were the same as the one’s Haruka-san wore. At first, I thought it might be a coincidence, but then I thought that for it to be dirtied in the same place was a little weird.”

“Sorry. I just bought some new disguising tools, so I wanted to try them out… In the beginning, I just wanted to open the door and surprise you, but then, Seiji-kun, you didn’t notice at all, so I just kept going with it.”

Looking in the bathroom, I saw Hiiragi-chan’s t-shirt that she had taken off.

“And so, you ended up asking questions that would normally be hard to ask.”

“Yeah… sorry, I didn’t mean to trick you.”

I once again put the fake glasses on Hiiragi-chan.

“How is it? Do the glasses look good?”

“Your teacher-like feel increased.”

“Muuu~ What do you mean by teacher-like? I’m an actual teacher.”

After sulking a little bit jokingly, she laughed.

“Seiji-kun, you don’t like it when my breasts touch you?”

While saying that, she had her breasts touch me. This person is a bad woman.

“It’s not that I don’t like it… Rather it’s the reaction that is troubling… the fact that they touch is something… I like…”

While grinning, Hiiragi-chan’s smile showed her full intent to tease me.

“It’s a win-win relationship, so isn’t it fine? Seiji-kun who’s happy with them touching, and me wanting to see your cute reaction. You see, isn’t it good?”

When she puts on her glasses, she looks like that, but her devilishness seems to increase.

“Just do what you want.”

Ahaha, Hiiragi-chan laughed happily.

“How much Seiji-kun loves me, I now know veeery well. Sensei, can definitely work hard at work tomorrow. Thank you ♪”

Hiiragi-chan gave me a kiss on the cheek. When she wears glasses, it seems that she becomes a devilish and sexy woman.

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    1. I haven’t finished reading this chapter yet, but this starting part with “Yukiko-san” is blaring out at me, “I’m actually Haruka and I just want to find out what my boyfriend actually thinks about me!”.


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