The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 77

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W Seiji

“Seiji-kun, you can’t do that, you can’t shake your hips like that over there? That’s a pillar you know?”


“Aaahh mou, Seij-kun, are you listening? Before you eat, you should——Fugyaaaah!? You can’t pee over theeeerrreeee!”

After looking at Hiiragi-chan, who was in a huge panic, from the corner of my eyes, I once again returned to watching the television

The dog that she was taking care of seems to have the name, Seiji, and to go along with it she called it with kun. [1] Since it’s really confusing, I’d really like her to stop calling it Seiji-kun…

Seiji is a male miniature dachshund. As far as outer appearances, it’s cute.

“Who exactly is the one that owns it? That dog that is.”

When I came over during the weekend, the dog was sitting in a fixed position on the sofa that I normally sit at. Hiiragi-chan struggling alone with it.

“Joujima-sensei, she begged me to leave it in my care for a day… I can’t keep it as a pet, but if it was for just one day, I thought it would be fine, so I said okay.”

Contrary to her thoughts, Seiji was quite a struggle.

“Keeping a dog is really tough…”

“Did you not have a pet at home?”

“We did have a pet, but it was all cared for by helpers… All I did was take it on a walk every once in a while.”

The Sanada family didn’t keep any pets. We like dogs, but taking care of it would be quite a lot of work, so we didn’t get one. When she was small, Sana had cried and complained about it just once, but we still didn’t get one.

While Hiiragi-chan was looking away, Seiji took his chance and started eating the food in the container that she held.

“Aaaaaaah! I was told to not give it unless he properly did a handshake though! Mouu, Seiji-kun.”


“This one over here!”

“It’s confusing.”

Seiji on the other hand, looked like he was in a good mood, shaking his tail while eating dog food. Looking at just this appearance, it could be considered quite lovely. However, that was different for the caretaker’s side. For Hiiragi-chan, it had only started Saturday morning, but she was already completely drained.

“Seiji-kun doesn’t listen to anything I say…”

“It’s confusing so can you stop adding on kun?”

But, my future plans for happiness included getting at least one dog.

… Hiiragi-chan, maybe she’s more of a cat person, rather than a dog person?

While depressed, Hiiragi-chan wiped the floor with a rag.

“Haruka-san, do you perhaps not like dogs?”

“I’m a cat person.”

I like both of them, but if I had to choose, it would have to be a dog.

“Then, if we were to get a pet in the future?”

“A cat, it has to be a cat!”

She seems to have been left with quite a scar after this case. Her push for cats is quite strong. I want to get a dog. So, I need to make sure to convert her somehow. At least to the point where she would consider a dog, that would make me happy.

“First, the good part about dogs is that you can teach them a lot of tricks. ——hand.”

Fui, he looked at me, stuck out his short leg, and placed it on my hand.

… it’s cute.

“Ah. When I was entrusted with him, I was also given a lot of toys. Here.”

Hiiragi-chan brought out a ball that contained a bell within it.


After throwing it, a ringing sound rang out, and Seiji reacted by jumping out. He then returned to Hiiragi-chan with the ball.

“Ah… Thank you.”

“You just thought he was a little bit cute, didn’t you?”

“Uuu… I-if you use a cat toy, you can also play with them.”

“But, if they’re not interested, they’ll act annoyed and just walk away.”

I haven’t had a cat before, but I just have that sort of image. I often hear that they’re tsundere like. On the other hand, dogs are completely deredere. [2]

I see… Hiiragi-chan is like a dog. Her personality that is. When she’s with me, her excitement is always like, play with me, play with me, or pay attention to me, pay attention to me.

“I’m going to go do a bit of cleaning and laundry. Seiji-kun please take care of him.”



“Ah, you mean me.”

That’s why I said it was confusing.

I was handed the ball and made to play with Seiji for a bit. Seems like he’s been disciplined to some extent as you can tell him to do a handshake, sit, and lie down. For Hiiragi-chan and I, I want to make her think that dogs might be good too.

“Haruka-san, want to go on a walk together?”

As I was putting on the collar, Hiiragi-chan said, “Give me a moment,” before coming back dressed as Yukiko-san like before.

“Like this, no one would recognize me, right?”

“That’s right, you originally bought it as a disguise.”

While holding hands, the two of us and the dog left the house.

The appearance of it walking with its short legs was cute incarnate.

“See. It might take a lot of care, but it’s cute, right?”


Before I came, it seems that she had suffered a lot, building up a lot of negative points for it.

“Wan wan!”

Suddenly barking, Seiji started running and pulled me along.

“Hey hey, where are you going?”

He ended up running and finally arrived in front of a vending machine.


“Heh!? A dog!? W-what!?”

It looked like Sana was just about to buy a drink from the machine.

“Ah, Nii-san! What are you doing?”

“As you can see, walking a dog.”

“Whose dog is it?”

“Ah… Ummm… It’s the Yukiko-san’s dog. I just got to know her.”

While I was pointing with my index finger, Hiiragi-chan finally arrived after chasing with a ragged breath.

“Who’s that…?”

“She’s an office lady, normally she works at a manufacturing company.”

I randomly picked a suitable setting for Yukiko-san.

Hah hah hah, with rough breathing, Seiji moved towards Sana’s legs and started shaking his hip side to side.

“Wa-wait! Nii-san, what’s it doing~!?”

“What are you doing getting heated over my little sister, you dog?”

I held on tight to the leash and pulled back, preventing him from moving another step. Power from sexual desire really can’t be underestimated. Hugging him from behind, I was finally able to get him away from Sana.


He’s really glaring at me.

Hiiragi-chan scolded him over what just happened.

“Seiji-kun? You can’t shake your hips like that, okay? You did that multiple times this morning too.”

Heeeeey! Don’t call it by that name!

“Nii-san, you idiot! What were you doing shaking your hips in the morning!? You did that multiple times!?”

“Sana, it’s not about me, it’s the dog—”

“Be quiet! Perverted Nii-san that likes middle-aged woman! You’re the lowest! Congrats on graduating from being a virgin!”

The canned drink that she just bought came flying at my face and landed a critical hit.

“Ouch!? What are you doing, listen to what other people are saying—”

“You were doing lewd things with the office lady since this morning, right!? I don’t want to know any more!”

Sana ran off and left.

… Uwaaah. It’s going to be hard going home…

I let down Seiji and sent Sana a follow up text as Hiiragi-chan became depressed.

“M-middle aged… D-do I really look that much older with this disguise…”

For a first-year high schooler, a woman in her twenties would probably be considered middle-aged. If I say that, she’ll probably receive even more of a shock.

“If your age looks older than Hiiragi Haruka while wearing your disguise, then it’s a huge success!”

“T-that’s true…!”

Then, I remembered what we were talking about before. I handed Hiiragi-chan the leash and had her walk the dog.


“… I guess, I can kind of understand what Seiji-kun wants to say…?”

“Isn’t it cute? The appearance of it waving its tail while walking.”


It seems there’s still hope for her to become a dog person.

“Well, if I had to choose it would be a dog, but I also like cats, so no matter what pet we get it’s okay.”

“That’s true, but…”

Hiiragi-chan’s answer wasn’t clear-cut.

“Is something wrong?”

While looking down and fidgeting, she said something at a volume that I couldn’t hear.

“Eh, what?”

“Ummm… Getting a dog or a cat… T-that’s for after we get married or after we start living together I believe.”

Saying that, this time, it was Hiiragi-chan that ran off.

“I guess it’s still too early to talk about that…”


Seiji barked from my feet.

When I returned to Hiiragi-chan’s place, she was already back.

“… Going on a walk together, we were able to get closer, and I thought it was very nice. I also got to understand a dog’s cuteness.”

Hiiragi-chan’s thinking seems to have turned positive now.

“H-however, it’s still too early for us to decide what pet to get, okay? We should only think about it after we get married or are living together… If we decide now… I can’t help but have delusions about what would happen in two years, five years, or even ten years from now. I look forward to it so much that I end up being unable to feel with my hands…”

Seeing her say that while embarrassed, even I gave in. I once again was made to believe that Hiiragi-chan is the cutest.


  1. When Sanada refers to the dog he it’s written in katakana, while for Hiiragi-chan, she refers to the dog with the kanji, just like how Sanada’s name is usually called.
  2. Just in case, I’ll leave this year, but tsundere, would be acts coldly even though they like you. Deredere would be all kind and caring.

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  1. jajajaja XD estuvo muy bueno, sobre todo la parte donde Sana se confunde con lo que hizo el perro pensando que era su hermano.
    PD: gracias por la traduccion al ingles / thanks for the translate


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