The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 78

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A Clean Slate — First Part

“Nii-san…? W-who was that person?”

Sunday night, once I returned home, Sana quickly showed up in my room. She probably wanted to ask about Yukiko-san, who she encountered on her walk.

“It’s just a person I meet once in a while. Her dog is called Seiji, and so we ended up getting to know each other a bit more.”

I once again told her the story that I made up in advance.

“Is that so… then it’s fine, but… w-when you say close… close enough to do lewd things…?”

Stop asking if you’re just going to turn red. Even I’m getting a little embarrassed now.

“Didn’t I explain to you by text that that was a mistake?”

“… R-really?”

“Really, it’s true. What’s with you, after I come back, you’re just asking the same thing over and over again…”

Seeing me shake my head back and forth, Sana began to shake as well.

“S-Sana doesn’t care about anything when it comes to Nii-san!”

Sana threw a cushion at my face.


Gon, with an excessive amount of momentum, I hit the back of my head on something. My eyesight turned black. It seems I’ve fainted.

◆Sanada Seiji◆

“Nii-san…? A-are you okay? T-that was a pretty loud sound…”

I woke up to my body being shaken. In front of me, was a beautiful girl with long black hair, looking at me worriedly.

“Ah, you woke up. T-that really surprised me.”

“Ummm… Can I ask who you are?”

“What are you saying? Stop it with that. You’re just joking, right? Sana won’t bite on that one.”

I look around the area, unable to recognize anything.

“Is your name Sana-san?”

“…… Nii-san?”

Since she looks at me and calls me Nii-san, I guess this girl is my little sister.

“Such a beautiful girl, is my little sister…?”

Sana-san’s face turned red.

“B-b-beautiful… E-even if you say something like that, Sana won’t be happy.”

She looks really happy.

“Nii-san, what happened? Your name? What’s your name?”

“My name… Hmmm?”

I don’t know it at all. Who am I? What am I? Moratorium… [1]

“You don’t even know that? M-memory loss…”

“Ah. That might be what happened.”

“Fueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? I-is it because of Sana!? B-but, if it’s Nii-san that’s been wiped clean, maybe Sana can be more honest…”

She’s fidgeting and saying something. According to Sana-san, my name is Sanada Seiji. This place seems to be my room at home.

Sanada Seiji… Sanada Seiji… I feel like I’ve heard it before, or maybe not…

“A-and also. This next part is the most important. Nii-san is a helpless siscon older brother that loves Sana.”

“Eeeh. Really? What was I doing? You certainly are beautiful though.”

“M-moouuuuu, don’t call Sana beautiful! I’ll end up going crazy.”

That’s she says, but I was just saying what was on my mind.

“A-also… It’s a secret, but we are blood-related siblings… and we’re lovers…”

No way, that…

Kaaaa, Sana-san’s face turned red.

“… Eh, for real?”

“F-for real.”

I liked my little sister…!? I guess it couldn’t be helped that I was called a siscon older brother though

“T-this is something no one, and of course not even Tou-san or Kaa-san know. No one other than us knows about this. That’s why you shouldn’t tell anyone else, okay? Do you understand?”

“Y-yeah. Well of course, if it was found out it would be terrible…”

“T-then, that’s that!”

Then, Sana-san left my room.

I apparently go to school at the nearby Hasumori high school, and am currently in my second year. So the next morning, I was woken up by someone who seemed to be my mother, and went to school with Sana. Just like I was told, I sat down in what seemed to be my seat within the class B of the second year. Looking at my notebook, I saw various notes taken down.

After seriously taking a few different classes, it became time for world history class. It was taught by a young female teacher. She had a cute looking face, and her movements and gestures seemed refined. She was a bright person that looked good in a ponytail. Our eyes ended up meeting a few times, during which, my heart would start to beat faster.

What is this…? It’s almost as if I can remember something…

The students call her Hiiragi-chan.

While holding a textbook, she did her explanation, and seemingly threaded her way through the seats towards me. Then, she crouched down, and picked up something near her feet.

“You dropped your eraser.”

“This isn’t mine though?”

“Eh!? Eh, what? No, I mean… I mean…”

While holding a new eraser in hand, Hiiragi-chan-sensei seemed to be at wit’s end.

I don’t recognize it. Is it really mine? I accepted the eraser while tilting my head. Sensei seemed relieved as she patted her chest.

There’s something in the case…? A folded note came out with something written on it.

[For today’s lunch break, I’ll be waiting in the world history reference room ♪]


What is thiiiiiisssssss!?

Waiting. Who is she waiting for?

Trying to confirm it, I move my eyes towards Hiiragi-chan-sensei and see her wink back twice. Which means, that message was for me.

The reference room, am I supposed to help out with preparing for class…? No, but, if it was that, she could just ask me normally. The complicated manner in which she did this, the reference room where no one would be, and calling me out during lunch break…

——This, isn’t it as if I was being confessed to!?

“Uwah. What should I do?”

“What do you mean, what should I do?”

Fujimoto, who was sitting next to me, called out to me.

“N-no, it’s nothing.”

Hmmm? Fujimoto…? I still remember Fujimoto. I forgot everything important, but I guess things or people that are not important, I still remember.

What am I going to do if I really am being confessed to? N-no, if you think about it normally, there’s no way… There’s no way a teacher would come to like a student. It feels like something that happens in pop culture. It’s a needless fear.

After the last class of the morning ended, Hiiragi-chan-sensei left the classroom. In the end, I’ll probably be made to help out with something troublesome.

Kon kon, once I knocked on the door of the reference room, it opened.

“Come in, come in.”

After urging me in, she immediately closed the door and she even locked it. W-what is she planning on doing…!?

“Seiji-kun? Troubling Sensei like that isn’t very admirable, you know?”

Hmm? Her tone is different from before. I became like that of a girl my age.

“Refusing my eraser message. It really surprised me, you know?”

“Ah. About that, sorry… I didn’t know that it was a message from Sensei…”

“Mou. When we’re alone it’s not Sensei, but Haruka-san, right?”

“Haruka-san!? Why with the first name…?”

“Why, well… it’s because we’re dating, right?”

Heeh. So Hiiragi-chan-sensei and I were dating.

“Dating!? But we’re student and teacher!?”

“What’s wrong, Seiji-kun? You’re a little bit weird today.”

While secretly dating my little sister, I’m also dating my teacher…!? Two-timing!? What was I doing? Moreover, both are people I really shouldn’t be dating.

I explained to Sensei, that I had lost my memory.

“Eh… But… What about the memories of Seiji-kun and I dating for the past few months?”

“For a few months!? It’s continued for quite a while!?”

“Polite speech is forbidden! It makes me feel distant… so can you stop…”

Seeing Sensei look at me with a painful expression, my chest also began to hurt. Why?

“We kissed a loooooooot, you know? At school, at home, and other places.”

“Sorry… I don’t remember…”

“Uuu, polite speech… If that’s the case…”

Sensei wrapped her arms around my head.

“Eh? Wait, what are you doing?”

“I’ll make you remember how much I love Seiji-kun!”

Stretching forward, Sensei kissed my lips.

“Nuah!? What is it, all of a sudden!?”

“Umumu… Just this much, isn’t enough. Ah, that’s right. Do you want to see my panties!?”

“I don’t want to see them! Are you a pervert, Sensei!? What are you suggesting…?”

“Your retorts are polite… but your snapbacks are strong.”

“Please don’t do some weird analysis.”

“Seiji-kun, you said before that you wanted these panties, so I thought that you might remember if you saw them.”

I wanted them!? Sensei’s panties!? I’m the one who’s a pervert theeeeen!

While looking over my reaction, Sensei started to lift her knee-length skirt.


“As I thought, you do want to see!”

“Y-y-you’re wrong.”

“You were staring weren’t you? You can’t help but look, right? It’s fine, it’s okay. I’ve even let you touch my breasts before.”

Fuaaaaaaaaaah!? I never thought that I would regret this much not having my memories!

Fugu, nuuu Focus my energy into my hands, at least the feeling… maybe I can remember it… Do your best… my ulterior motives!

“What are you doing, Seiji-kun?”

“No, it’s nothing. I can’t… I can’t remember at all…”

“But, if I don’t make you remember, I don’t like it… We were completely a couple in love… It makes me sad.”

Looking at Sensei’s sad face, I once again felt pain run through me. Before I lost my memory, I liked Sensei, right? I didn’t feel anything special when I was with Sana-san like when I’m with Sensei. I don’t want to see Sensei’s sad face. But, the reason is because of me…

“We’ll running out of time, so why don’t we eat?”

Sitting down on a picnic sheet, she patted her lap.

“Come over here? Or maybe since you don’t have your memories, you won’t want to…?”

“… Excuse me.”

It seems to be true that we were dating.

After lying down and placing my head on Sensei’s lap, I don’t know the reason for it, but I felt at ease.

Aaahn, she started feeding me food.

“Ah. The karaage, it’s really good.”

“Right? I put a lot of effort into it today.”

I understood after having my head petted while being fed lunch. We were probably dating, there’s no doubt about it.

“You know? Last night, I made a special marinade and soaked the meat. I was so excited thinking about how happy you would be, Seiji-kun.”

Sensei, really does love me. And, I don’t have any proof, but Sanada Seiji probably also liked Hiiragi Haruka-san.

“Does it seem like you’re going to remember?”

“Not at all.”

“Mouuu! Until you remember I’m going to keep kissing you!”

“Wah, wait, stop it please—”

Sensei laughed, and I did too.

Regardless of whether I have my memories, I love Sensei.


  1. This was written in katakana. I believe it’s referring to him like being completely blank when it comes to his name, as that kind of makes sense in this context. I’m not too sure though.

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7 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 78

  1. Ewww, garbage troupe is garbage troupe. What a blatantly pointless chapter. This author seriously can’t commit to an actual story with progression because he/she keeps doing this crap.

    The amnesia was pointless. Does nothing but create unnecessary drama and will probably be fixed (or maybe even completely forgotten based on the end of this chapter where Seiji basically says the last few months weren’t important. ) in 1 or 2 chapters.


    • Dude, are you mental patient? This is slice of Life work. For art’s sake, please stop reading BS and know your books first.
      Also, instead of spewing rage, i’d say these are one of the most sweetest stories i’ve ever read. Maybe from time to time there are chapters where there’s not enough sugar, but this is still wholesome.


      • Slice of Life doesn’t make it safe from other troupes, genius. In fact, most netorare novels ARE slice of Life since, shocker, it’s telling a story about their daily life.

        I never once stated this was going to be full of drama, or that this wasn’t “wholesome” novel. Why don’t YOU learn to read. I simply stated it’s a garbage troupe because IT IS and because of that this chapter was dumb. The irony is, you and other people are madder at my comment than I was at this chapter, lmao.


    • Akemua, you’re the garbage. I was top in Mathematics, Science, Literature AND pretty good at certain sports. And from the point of view of literature, this far outclasses Shakespeare’s nonsense, or William Wordsworth’s garbage poetry. This chapter with its amnesia DOES happen to progress the the story, in case you haven’t noticed. Maybe not in the way YOU wanted it to, but it does progress the story in the way it’s SUPPOSED TO. It also introduces more of the factor that has been left out for a while now and only hinted at. Sana. The little sister. She’s supposed to be there to be Haruka’s love rival. This chapter makes it easier to push Sana into the story. It is thus a vital chapter. You make not know because you may not have written essays and stories that get you As from an English teacher who just basically never gives As to students for essays and stories except to me, but I will guarantee you that this does push the story further.


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