The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 79

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A Clean Slate — Second Part

It seems that I was a part of the home economics club, which was similar to the going home club. So after school, just as I was told by Sana-san, I went to the home economics room and waited. The me before I lost my memory, supposedly had a secret relationship with my little sister.

“What should I do…?”

“… Is something wrong?”

I heard a quiet monotonous voice come from Kanata.

As I thought, there are people that I do remember, and people that I don’t remember. The placement of my seat in the classroom, the location of my shoe locker, and the location of the biology classroom, I unexpectedly remember all of that. My family or lovers, the more important they are, anything about our relationships, or the memories I’ve had with them are all gone.

Kanata sat in the seat across from me, and started up a cellphone game.

“… Ever since lunch, Sa-chan has been in a good mood. It’s unusual…”

“Eh? Really?”

“… Yeah. I don’t know why though.”

Sana-san said that our relationship was a secret and not to tell anyone else. She probably didn’t tell Kanata about it either. My relationship with Sensei is of course, also a secret.

Who can I ask for help…?

“Kanata, are you attracted at all by a forbidden romance?”

“… I don’t have much interest in romance, so… sorry.”

“It’s okay… For example, if a little sister were to truly love her older brother, what should the older brother do?”

“Eh? Did Sa-chan say something to you?”

“Eh. Wait, what do you mean by something?”

“……It’s nothing… As I said before, if you do end up liking a person of the opposite gender, make sure you properly make your rejection. Grinding it into pieces is what I believe to be an older brother’s kindness.”

After glancing at me, she once again returned her eyes to the screen that was in her hand.

She told me that before…?

“Ah. Nii-san, you’re already here!”

“Ah, Sana-san.”

“… Sana-san?”

Kanata furrowed her eyebrows.

“Let’s go home. Let’s play games in Sana’s room today!”

“No, I still have something like a previous arrangement, so…”

“… Polite speech?”

Sana-san was pulling my arm to get me to stand. And at the same time, Kanata was pulling from the opposite side.


“… Seiji-kun, is kind of weird. Does it have anything to do with Sa-chan’s good mood?”

“T-there’s no way that’s the case. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Nii-san.”

“… So, it does.”


While shrugging her head, Sana-san gave up and sat down in a chair. Then, she told Kanata about the incident that happened to me yesterday.

“… I see. Then, polite speech and Sana-san……Did you indoctrinate this pure Seiji-kun with something strange?”

“I-I didn’t indoctrinate him with anything! M-more importantly, what do you mean by strange?”

“…Taking advantage of his memory loss, telling him something like you guys are actually dating, for instance…”


Sana-san was easy to read as she turned rigid.

Indoctrinate? Dating? And, gikuun? Which means…?

“… Sa-chan, you can’t lie… I do understand a little bit your feelings of wanting to be lovey-dovey with your beloved brother though.”

“I don’t want to be lovey-dovey with Nii-san! Why would Sana want to with Nii-san…”

“Which means that yesterday, the things she said were lies?”

Sana-san’s expression contorted into bitterness.

“Sorry. Yesterday, that was a lie. I just wanted to tease you a bit. Nii-san easily believed me after all. It even surprised me. T-there’s no way that would happen, right…?”

In conclusion, my little sister and I were not dating. That’s a relief… I’m not actually two-timing.

Sana-san ran off and left the home economics room. I could see that her cheeks her wet. Maybe—she actually did like me—

As I was going to chase after her, Kanata shook her head.

“… You can’t. Seiji-kun, you definitely can’t go and comfort her.”

“Why? It seems like I’m the reason for it after all, I can at least talk to her…”

“… You can’t. If Seiji-kun has someone he likes… if you have a girlfriend, than it’s even more so that you shouldn’t chase after her.”

Ugeh!? D-does she know about my relationship with Sensei?

“I-I wonder what you mean by girlfriend…”

“… You’re too shaken… I don’t know the details, but I at least understand that you have a girlfriend.”

Which means that she doesn’t know that it’s Sensei. That’s a relief…

“… Sa-chan always plays the bad person. Even though she purely just likes you.”

“If I do have someone I like, I… Sanada Seiji wouldn’t be able see her in that way.”

I probably didn’t even notice.

“… Yeah. That’s truly how it is. However, Sa-chan is also in the wrong… Most likely, Sa-chan already understands, but she keeps taking it as you being dense and not being able to admit it, and her wounds just keep getting larger… Anyways, leave Sa-chan to me.”

Grabbing her bag, Kanata left the home economics room.

“… Human relationships are quite a lot of work.”

She muttered that at the very end.

Now that I think about it some more, my cellphone is full of texts from Hiiragi Haruka, even sent texts are the same. I thought that maybe because we lived in the same house, there was no need to contact each other in that way, but we’re not dating nor are we lovers. I can accept that.

“Hmmm? Sanada-kun, your alone? There was supposed to be club activities today though…”

Sensei came in with a blank face. Just seeing her makes me happy. In reality, Sanada Seiji likes this teacher. Me too though.

“There were various things, and it seems they went home.”

“I see, I see. I’ll almost be done with work, so do you want to eat dinner together?”

“Eh. Is that okay?”


I wonder if the me without memories is okay for Sensei.

While being on guard of everything around me as I walked home, Sensei, who just happened to be passing by in her car, picked me up.

On the car, I thought about things, as the rain continued to hit the front windshield.

“Sensei, we were actually dating, right? This situation, don’t you not like it?”

“Hmmmm, if you ask whether your different, then I would say that you were very different. But, even if you don’t have your memories, Seiji-kun is Seiji-kun. I understood that during lunch. So, I don’t hate it, you know?”

“Eh. What about me is similar?”

“The way you retort.”

“That part!?”

“There’s that, ufufu, but the rest is a secret. It just reminds of things before we started dating.”

All in all, Sensei seemed to be having fun with all of this. If I can’t return to how I was before, I wonder if she would become anxious.

By the time we arrived at a small nice apartment, the rain had stopped.

“Careful of the stairs, okay? After it rains, it becomes really easy to slip.”



Hearing a yell that sounded like she was falling, I turned towards her, only to find her panicking and staring at one thing.

“Aaah~ My laundry is all soaked…”

At the end of her line of sight, there were shirts and t-shirts hanging on hangers.

In the middle of the stairs, there were what seemed to be Sensei’s colorful underwear… S-so erotic… S-so she was wearing ones like that…

As I was distracted, my foot slipped and I fell down the stairs.

◆ Sanada Seiji ◆


“Seiji-kun!? Are you okay!?”

Hiiragi-chan was looking at me worriedly.

… Hmmm? I’m at Hiiragi-chan’s apartment?

“I’m okay, but… Haruka-san, what are you doing…?”

“What am I doing, well… Ah, just now you called me Haruka-san instead of Sensei!”

“Yeah, we’re alone after all. Ah, sorry it was my mistake. Sensei.”

“There’s no need to correct it. It wasn’t wrong! You were right! Mou, you’re doing it on purpose, right?”

With a mad expression, Hiiragi-chan lightly poked my cheek.

I remember up to the point where Sana hit me with a cushion, but after that, I don’t remember anything at all. I’m wearing my uniform, and I’m at Hiiragi-chan’s apartment. I have no idea what’s going on. Looking at my phone, the date has progressed about a day from when I last remember. I thought that maybe it was a time leap, but it doesn’t seem to be that.

After being let into Hiiragi-chan’s place, I asked her about what was going on.

“Memory loss… I can’t believe it.”

Though, it really isn’t something I can say when I’m currently in a time leap.

Hiiragi-chan came over by the sofa.

“Having an innocent Seiji-kun return was nice. Every one of your reactions were so cute… ♡”

What are you getting so passionate about?

“Were you not worried? I might’ve not been able to return to how I was originally.”

Kusu, she laughed. Hiiragi-chan entangled her arm with mine.

“You guys asked the same thing. Seiji-kun is Seiji-kun, after all. I had confidence that I would once again fall in love.”

Saying something so straightforward like that, it’s quite embarrassing…

“Seiji-kun, your getting embarrassed!”

“I am not!”

“Seiji-kun, you don’t remember anything? Nothing until now?”

“Yeah. Not at all… However, even if I lost my memories, I am confident that I would once again fall in love with you, Haruka-san.”

“Moouu,.. You immediately say something like that. It makes me happy to hear you say something like that.”

Already, both her arms were around my neck, the distance between us became close enough for me to feel her breath, and we look into each other’s eyes. I felt the warm and soft feeling of Hiiragi-chan’s lips as we kissed.

“Which me was better? With or without memories?”

“The current Seiji-kun ♡”

Without noticing that the rain had once again began to fall, we flirted.

When I returned home, Sana was taking an unfriendly attitude for some reason, but overall, my life had returned to how it was before.

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