The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 81

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Sports Festival – Part 1

On the day of the sports festival, the normally empty school grounds was bustling with people. It was held on a holiday after all, and many local residents come to see it as a small festival of sorts.

After the end of the troubling opening ceremony and a word of thanks from the principal, the program officially began.

“Heeey, Thief-kun!”

A girl waved at me from a seat in the general audience. It was Natsumi-chan.

“Can a student in the process of taking exams really waste her time like this?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll be entering on a recommendation after all. Anyways, do your best today!”

Natsumi-chan grinned and showed her white teeth. She definitely came just to laugh at me, this girl…

“Nii-san? Did someone you know come?”

Sana came over in gym clothes with a red headband wrapped around her head.

“Aah. Sana-chan! Hello~”

“Ueh, Nacchan… A student from another school isn’t supposed to come!”

There’s no such rule.

“I came to see Sana do her best!”

“Hmph. Sana will just say this, but she’s super athletic, so she’ll show you. It’s fine for you to just sit there and watch.”

“Eh? You’re lying.”

“It’s not a lie! Just watch. Sana will win first in all her events!”

After fuming from her nose, Sana returned towards her own class.

“Sana-chan is really funny because gets provoked more easily the more you push her.”

“Natsumi-chan, please don’t play with another person’s little sister.”

“But, I was really surprised. She has a flat chest so it was nice when she was in a swimsuit, but gym clothes with a headband really suit her.”

Describing Sana, she would have a slender build. Whatever she wears would look nice. Or at least, that’s what Fujimoto said.

After Saying goodbye to Natsumi-chan, I started my work as part of the organizing committee and while waiting for my turn. Since Hiiragi-chan was Hiiragi-chan, she was busy with work as the teacher in charge, and it would seem to be unlikely for her to watch any events.

The events that I’m in are the borrowed item race and the bread eating competition. Being a part of the organizing committee, I was in fewer events than other people, which to be honest, is quite a lot of help.

“The next event is the borrowed item race. Participants please take your positions and until the race starts, please—curse you—talk among yourselves.”

In place of the normal broadcasting club announcer, it turned into a handsome guy’s voice. There was a comment that I didn’t really get, but anyways, it’s my turn. Since I was first, I’m pretty nervous…

“——This time, the broadcast is brought to you by, second year class B’s Fujimoto.”

So it’s you! What are you doing? You have a great voice!

… Was he part of the broadcasting club? Wasn’t he part of track and field…?

Aaah, somehow, after going back and forth between now and ten years later has really changed things a bit.

Taking a short glance over, I noticed that Hiiragi-chan who was supposed to be over there just now, wasn’t there anymore.

While tilting my head in confusion, I faced the starting point.

“Contestant Sanada, please move to the start point without tilting your head. Are you looking for someone you’re interested in, YO?”

As Fujimoto’s attractive male voice urged me, I lightly jogged over to the starting point. At that time, a black shadow appeared on the course, and left just as fast as the wind.

… That’s Hiiragi-chan.

She seemed to be trying to communicate something to Fujimoto, who’s at the broadcasting booth.

While I was thinking that it was weird, the starting pistol sounded out, and with the three people in the same group, I ran straight out into the course, arriving at a place with face down cards. From left to right, there was a normal card, a normal card, a heart shaped card, and a normal card, lined up. I-it’s suspicious… Rather, there wasn’t such a card included in the props.

“Do your best~!”

Hiiragi-chan was jumping and cheering me on. In her hand was a camcorder. She’s taking videos again…

No matter how you think about it, anyone would avoid this weird card and so I tried to take a normal one. Kuu. I missed my chance to take a normal one…!

Everyone checked their cards.

“Eh? Something red?”

That’s normal.

“A handsome guy? Who wrote this?”

That’s normal.

“There’s no way this exists——A person that’s in the middle of a time leap and redoing his youth.”

That’s me.

And for me, this heart shaped card that I was forced to pick up… Aaah, I have a terrible feeling about this.

“Oooooh, Contestant Sanada has picked up the special caaaarrrrrddd!”

While ignoring Fujimoto’s annoying commentary, I confirm what’s behind the card.

[The person you like ♡]

“It’s heeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee! The person you like caaaaaarrrrrddddd!”

This is the card she set up!!

“Now, let’s see, how’s Contestant Sanada going to handle this—!? Will he take it as a joke, or will he bring something serious—!? If it’s serious, it’s the same as publicly confessing!”

Choosing Hiiragi-chan in a public situation, is as expected—

In this situation, I should choose the old lady teacher from the health room—no, the physical education teacher, Komada, might be funnier—

“Ooohhonn! Gohon, geho geho! Ooohonnn!”

Hiiragi-chan was coughing super obviously. Adding on to that, she was staring straight at me. It seems like she wants to say, “There’s no one else other than me, right?”

Sensei, your serious face is kind of scary.

“Ah! Sana needs to prepare for the next event!”

Sana spoke in a monotone voice, taking one step at a time while glancing at me.

“Pufu—! Sana-chan, you’re terrible at appealing! How much do you even want to be chosen? It’s so funny.”

Natsumi-chan, who was in the audience seats, was clapping and laughing loudly.

“I, Fujimoto, am his best friend! Therefore, I’m also included in his choices!”

※ He isn’t included.

As I was hesitating, the other three people found what they needed and came back.

You found a person who was in a time leap!? Alright. If it’s come down to this—

I left the course, and ran towards Hiiragi-chan in a straight line.

“Sensei, please follow me!”

“B-but, it’s kind of embarrassing…”

Didn’t you prepare this? You even appealed so hard for this. And when it comes down to it, you get embarrassed!?


“Yeah ♡”

Pulling on Hiiragi-chan’s arm, I returned to the course.

“Contestant Sanada’s choice was maaaaaadddeee! It’s the talented Onee-san that is admired by all the boys, Hiiragi-sensei!”

Waaah, the venue got excited over this. Holding each others hands again, the two of us aimed for the course.

“I thought it was going to be me in the end! So it isn’t me? Sanaaaaaaaddaaaaaaa!”

What’s with that confidence? More importantly, can you do your commentary properly? The speaker is already screeching, you know? Screeching.

Since Hiiragi-chan was really close by, we ended up splendidly in first place. I thought that we would be looked at with strange eyes, but that wasn’t the case. A student and teacher dating each other would never be that bold and put it on display, so it ended up having the opposite effect. Also, Fujimoto using the phrase, “admired by all the boys,” gave the impression that the choice was a safe one.

“First place! This is probably the power of love, right!?”

“Isn’t it because Sensei was nearby?”

“Mou, do you not dream at all…?”

It seems that my calm comment was too boring, as Hiiragi-chan pouted and puffed out her cheeks.

“Well, it’s fine. I can edit the video later, and then I can get it to loop starting from when Seiji-kun was troubled and blushed, to when you started to head in my direction ♡. I’ll just watch that and drink some alcohol.”

Please don’t use the video of me being embarrassed as entertainment.

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  1. Gotta love how everything was set for Seiji to pick Haruka.
    Also, it was surprised that they added the time leap note as to say there is someone that may know about it or just the author wanting to added there.

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