The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 82

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Sports Festival – Part 2

The program proceeded without any delays, and after a little while, it was time for the cheering contest between the red and the white team to begin.

The cheering contest was a program in which the organization committee wasn’t particularly involved, so it was fine for us to just sit and play the spectator. After the guys from the red team took the stage, Kanata, wearing a male school uniform arrive with ten other guys in tow.

A uniform designed for males really doesn’t suit Kanata…

Hmmm? If she’s dressed like that, then that means…?

Dodon, the sound of the taiko drums could be heard as Kanata conducted maneuvers similar to that of a drummer.

“… Hoooraay, … Hoooraay, … Re—e—d Te—eam…”
Her voice is so low! It just feels like she’s being forced to do it! Broadcasting club, please lend her the microphone!

Evidently, she’s not quite suited for the job. Who was it that made her do it? More importantly, Kanata… Have the courage to refuse! People have things that they are suited for, and things that they aren’t suited for, okay?
The cheering contest ended safely (?), and the lunch break finally came around.

“Thief-kun, what are you planning to do about lunch?”

As I was passing by the audience seats, Natsumi-chan called out to me and asked with an inquisitive tone.

“I’m going to eat lunch with Sana.”

“Haru-chan made a bentou for me. How about we all eat together? Rather, after looking at the amount, I am certain that your portion was definitely included…”

Natsumi-chan held up the package. It was a four-storey box which looked to be quite heavy. It seems that Haruka-san really put in a lot of effort to make it.

Telling me that she was going to wait in the shade under the tree, Natsumi-chan left without even listening to my reply. I had no particular reason to refuse, so I looked for Sana and had her accompany me to the rendezvous point.

Kanata said, “… My parents came to watch my flashy stage performance, so we’re eating together,” and so we’re eating separately.

Is it alright to call that a flashy performance…? As usual, Kanata is a mystery.

Natsumi-chan had laid out a picnic sheet that I was familiar with.


I received some tea in a paper cup.

“Yeah, thanks.”


Sana hasn’t spoken up for a while now.

“Sana-chan, what is it? What happened? Are you mad?”

“It’s nothing… Sana isn’t mad…”

Natsumi-chan laughed, while intentionally raising her voice, “I got it!”

“Sana-chan, you weren’t picked as Onii-chan’s person he likes, so now you’re sulking, right?”

“T-that’s not it. Why does Sana have to sulk because of something like that?”

Hiiragi-chan happened to arrive at the same time as when Sana averted her gaze to face the other way.

“Haaah, that was tiring… Being the teacher in charge of the sports festival really isn’t something I can do… Mou…”

The exhausted Hiiragi-chan grabbed a cup of tea and gulped it down.

“Sensei, thanks for your hard work.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

Hiiragi-chan also noticed Sana’s bad mood.

“Sana-chan, is something wrong?”


My little sister acted sullen, similar to how she had been for quite some time.

“It seems that she can’t accept that Thief-kun chose Haru-chan and not her as the person he likes.”

“S-Sana didn’t say anything like that!”

“You’re so easy to read. Mou…”

Beside a wryly smiling Natsumi-chan, and Sana, whose mouth had bent into a frown, Hiiragi-chan and I picked up our plates in anticipation and started to eat the bentou.

“How is it, Sanada-kun?”

“Yeah. Even though it’s cold, it still tastes good.”

“That’s a relief ♡”

Ahahaha, ufufufu, while Hiiragi-chan was acting like her normal cheerful self, Sana finally snapped.

“Nii-san, showing such a lewd look is something that Sana can’t tolerate!”

She started pulling out paper cups, and throwing them at me one after another.

Subooh. Pyuun.


“What’s with you? Having an expression that makes it seem like you aren’t dissatisfied!”

Subooh. Pyuun.

Subooh. Pyuun.

“Waah. Hey, stop it, you idiot!”

“Why, what was up with that exchange earlier, ‘It tastes good’, ‘That’s a relief ♡’! Don’t grin like that while having such a couple-like conversation!”

Subooh, subooh, subooh. Pyuun pyuun pyuun!

“Ouch, that hurt!”

It can’t be helped since we are a couple.

The Hiiragi sisters were probably also thinking the same thing.

“Ah, I thought of something good!”

Alright alright, Natsumi-chan raised her hand.

I can tell that it definitely isn’t ‘something good’…

“Sana-chan, who can’t accept it, VS, Haru-chan, who just ‘happened’ to be chosen. You just have to use the obstacle course that anyone can participate in as a competition!”

“Hey hey hey, don’t egg them on…”

“I’ll do it!!”

Waah, Sana took the bait right away. This girl really has no tolerance for being provoked.

“Eeeh? But I’m busy as the teacher in charge…”

“Sensei, are you running away?”
Sana was in battle mode, while Hiiragi-chan was making a troubled expression.

As a teacher, Hiiragi-chan had work, so without any problems, she should be able to avoid this competition.

It happened as I was patting my chest in relief.

“The winner, gets to ask Thief-kun to listen to one thing that they want him to do! How about this!?”

“I’ll do it! Hiiragi Haruka will bring out her seriousness which she can only do once every four years…!”

It seems that Hiiragi-chan’s seriousness functions in similar ways as the Olympics.

“Being able to have Nii-san do one thing that I ask of him, that doesn’t have anything to do with this. Nothing at all… However, Sana will put all her effort into defeating Sensei…!”

Garururu, as Sana growled at Hiiragi-chan, sparks scattered between them.

Hiiragi-chan seems to be taking this seriously as well.

“Sana-chan, Sanada-kun just made a safe choice, so I don’t think there’s a need for you to get mad at it. Rather, I think it would be weirder for him to pick his younger sister. Siscon, disgusting, there might be people out there who would think that about him if he did do that, don’t you agree?”

“Siscon and disgusting are both things that are true, so isn’t that fine?”

“Hey, Imouto. If you keep lying and exaggerating like that, people will surely complain to J○RO” [1]

Pufufu, Natsumi-chan was rolling around laughing.

“I’m really looking forward to this.”

She continues to fan the flames. This person… she really has a great personality.

“The obstacle course race is about to start. Anyone who wishes to participate, please gather at the starting point.”

Immediately after the announcement, Sana and Hiiragi-chan stood up and made their way towards the starting point.

“It’s okay to enjoy this, but please don’t drag me into it.”

“Isn’t it fine? Even if Sana-chan wins, considering that personality, she’ll probably hold up her pride and not ask for anything too bold.”

“And if Sensei wins?”

“You might not be able to sleep at night…”

Hey hey.

The obstacle course race was like a side show during lunch, so about 20 people ended up participating. As the race was gradually progressing, it became Hiiragi-chan’s and Sana’s turn.

“Who are you cheering for?”

“Sana is relatively more athletic, so Sensei.”

“Haru-chan is quite clumsy after all.”

Pan, the pistol was fired, indicating the start.

As the race began, Sana ran out in a straight line.

“I definitely won’t lose…!”

“Me too, I won’t lose…!”

Hiiragi-chan was swinging her arms violently while running.

The distance between Sana and everyone else widened further.

“So slow!”

Hiiragi-chan was moving at a speed that could be written down in history.

Crawling through a net, walking across a balance beam, spinning around a bat, Sana continued to clear numerous obstacles with ease. It was a difference as wide as it would be if an athlete joined a competition among amateurs. Hiiragi-chan on the contrary, was stumbling over in the zone where you spin around the bat.

“Kyuuu~ … Seiji-kun…”

“Pufu, fufu… Haru-chan, she’s hilarious…”

Natsumi-chan was laughing while hitting the ground.

Why are their personalities so different even as siblings?

Hiiragi-chan was just in a bad matchup against her opponent.

Sana was the first one to reach the goal, as she attained victory, she made a serious guts pose.

“Sana-tan, you’re so cool!”

“Today’s Sana-tan is also super thin. Your legs are beautiful.”

“As expected of Sana-tan!”

As the girls from her class called out to her, Sana gradually shrunk back. It seems she’s called by others as Sana-tan.

“I-it’s embarrassing so don’t call Sana as Sana-tan…”

“The beautifully cute Sana-tan!”

“Be quiet.”

“It’s great, your tsundere retorts are in good form today!”

“W-who are you calling a tsundere!?”

To hide her embarrassment from getting mad, she returned back to where we were waiting.

Hiiragi-chan was somehow able to make it to the finish line while clumsily stumbling around.

“As expected, Sana won.”

“Sana’s specialty is sports after all. However, it may have been bad towards Sensei…”

“Sana-chan, what are you going to do? He’ll listen to any one thing you ask, you know?”

I still haven’t given my approval on listening to their wishes.

Hmmmm, after thinking about it for a bit, Sana smiled.

“I’ll think about it…. Nii-san, prepare yourself, okay?”

I wonder what this is girl planning to make me do?

Hiiragi-chan, who was completely out of breath, somehow managed to make it back.

“Sana-chan, you’re too fast…”

“Sensei, you’re too slow.”

“I’m not all that great at sports…”

Taking a deep breath, Hiiragi-chan sat down.

“Then, why did you accept it?”

“Umm, it’s because I wished to get along with Sana-chan.”

Hiiragi-chan smiled.

Sana averted her eyes.

“It’s not like Sana hates you or anything, so it’s fine to get along…”

“Thank you. Gyuuu~”

Hiiragi-chan wrapped her arms around Sana.

“Yaah, wait, what!? Stop it.”

“No, I won’t stop.”

“Moou… I-It can’t be helped…”

While looking at the two happily, Natsumi-chan spoke to me in a quiet voice.

“Haru-chan, she’s invincible, right?”

“Yeah. She has no enemies.” [2]

She did lose the battle, but Hiiragi-chan ended up winning the war.


  1. The line was ジ○ロに訴えるぞ. I believe the censored part was supposed to say end up saying JARO. I believe it’s supposed to refer to complaining when things to meet expectations.
  2. This seems to be a pun on invincible. In Japanese, invincible is written as 無敵, the first word meaning none or nothing, while the second word means enemy.

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