The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 85

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Working Part-Time at the Company Where I Work 10 Years Later

I reluctantly parted from my part-time job at the café, and with an introductory word from Hiiragi-chan, I was hired to work part-time as an employee of the communications department of the HRG company.

As I was reminiscing about how I used to commute here every day prior to when I had my time leap, I got a weird sort of nostalgic feeling.

The overprotective Hiiragi-chan was adamant on giving me a ride to the company in her car, and in the reception room on the first floor, I encountered a familiar face. Kudou-san, a beautiful receptionist of unknown age. Even now, her face hasn’t changed at all from what I remember from ten years in the future… It’s like she’s a demon.

Once I told her about the reason for my visit, she ended up guiding me around various places within the company building, and after that I was told to go to the all too familiar 5th floor.

As I walked passed the entrance, a vague presence could be felt lurking in the shadows. Rather, it was Hiiragi-chan. Over protective and often worrying, it seems that Hiiragi-chan was wondering whether I can actually get through my work.

“Lady Haruka?”


“Do you have some business with the president?”

“N-no, that’s not it. Today, is a bit… umm, ahaha…”

Without concerning myself with the captured Hiiragi-chan, I got onto the elevator and departed for the communications department on the fifth floor.

On the fifth floor, there were a few people whom I recognized. Those people were people in important positions, ten years earlier, they didn’t just give out orders, but also did work on-site.

It was nostalgic and yet somehow refreshing.

“Ah, so you’re Sanada-kun? You’re working part-time starting today, right?”

“Uwah, Muramatsu-san!”

“I-It’s quite amazing that you know my name…”

Ah, that’s right. Since it’s ten years earlier, this would be the first time we meet. Since he was around 40 when I was working at HRG, he’s currently in his 30’s. His face is younger, and he wasn’t missing most of his hair at the top. Muramatsu-san was originally my direct boss that took care of me, but he’s probably a regular employee without a title right now.

“Sanada Seiji. Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah. Nice to meet you. It’s Muramatsu Kenta.”

In order to receive an explanation of the job details, I was guided to a separate room.

“Sanada-kun, do you have experience as a phone operator?”

For the communications department, the only part-time job a student could really do was being a phone operator. When I joined the company, I did it so much I could die, so this will probably be easy.

“Yeah. It’s okay. Product explanations or other customer service inquiries… Ah, I’ve done a lot of issues involving claims as well.”

“Eh? A-as a high school student? Claim inquiries? T-that’s quite amazing…”

Since customers order in-house health products via mail orders, the job was to pick up calls and guide customers. 

After carefully explaining to me the work manual and the company rules, the serious Muramatsu-san returned to the fifth floor. I waited for Muramatsu-san at the designated seat.

The work environment is practically the same as 10 years ten years in the future. If it’s like this, there shouldn’t be any problems.


Sensing a tap on my shoulder, I looked at the seat next to me and found Natsumi-chan. She had a headset on her head as she fiddled around with the microphone hanging around her mouth.

“Uwah, what are you doing?”

“Can’t you tell just by seeing? Working, okay? Working. I was free for summer break, so I’m doing it. It’s going to be 3 months already since I started, you know? Shi shi shi. If you have something you don’t know, feel free to ask me about it.”

Even though you’re just a spoiled lady, acting all arrogant like that…

“But still, three months. Natsumi-chan as well, if you have anything you don’t know, feel free to ask me.”

“Eh? Aaah, okay…?”

Natsumi-chan gave a vague response.

“I heard about it from Haru-chan, but you really are working part-time here. You knew that I was working here too, right? It seems that Haru-chan wasn’t enough to satisfy you, you even decided to extend your claws towards her little sister…”

“That isn’t true, okay?”

If I were to show any sort of gap, Natsumi-chan was bound to start teasing me.

Setting up the PC that was prepared for me, I started up the system. There was a note for the ID and the password at the corner of the display, so I entered that and the preparations were complete.

“Somehow, you seem used to this…”

“Well, yeah.”

With the manual and various printouts, Muramatsu-san returned.

“Sanada-kun, here is the manual. First is the tutorial. I’ll call you and act like a customer, and you will pick up the phone. Will you need to read the manual first?.”

Ten years later, when I was doing this with the part-timers, none of them could do it.

“No, I don’t need that. Let’s just go with the real thing.”


Natsumi-chan who was listening while sitting next to us, reacted as well.

“Thief-kun, you’re underestimating this a little too much. It’s surprisingly nerve-wracking and you’ll start hesitating.”

“Yeah. That’s possible. As long as you aren’t used to it.”

“If you act like that, then it’ll come to bite you later, you know?”

I am not acting like it, I actually am used to it.

I operate the PC and turn on the system. Like this, the phone-call capable system would automatically pick up calls from customers.

“Huh…? Did I teach you how to use the system…?”

“Yes. When I joined the company.”

Muramatsu-san and Natsumi-chan both displayed confused expressions.

“I’m sure there are a lot of things you don’t know, so if you might not know how to answer, quickly put it on hold.”


After confirming the volume on my speaker and microphone the word, [Calling] came up on the screen. I then clicked on the call pick up button and the phone call came up.

“Thank you for your call. This is Sanada of the customer service center receiving your call.”

It’s been a while since I’ve said it, but I remember it, so I should be able to speak smoothly without the manual.

“Yeah? That was super fluent.”

Casually, I wrote down a note, [Well?], and showed it to Natsumi-chan. Of course, while I was guiding the customer. It was probably the smuggest face I’ve made recently.

“That’s amazing…”

Muramatsu-san gave me his note, [If you don’t understand something, put it on hold.] Just like him in present times, Muramatsu-san 10 years earlier was still a nice person. Because you’re so considerate, you turned bald.

At that time, I did it while not particularly liking it, but this time wasn’t like that at all. Most likely, I was just doing it without a goal at that time. But this time, there’s the situation with Hiiragi-chan. For Hiiragi-chan, spending time with me was her reason for living, but that is the same for me. It’s embarrassing to say it, however, now and in the future, I want to be with her, forever.

After finishing my guidance, I waited for the customer to hang up the call. Once the call was cut,


An exclamation rose up from the entire floor.

“That well on just the first day!?”

“It totally felt like a veteran.”

“His sales talk was too good…”

“He was able to complete one contract just like that…”

Thank you thank you. I am a person from this line of work after all.

“Sanada-kun’s conversation was really good, so I had everyone else listen.”

Aaah, that’s why. It’s true that within the system, you can listen to the calls of other people.

“Continue on just like this!”

Muramatsu-san patted me on the back and returned to his own work.

Natsumi-chan kept staring at me.

“You were so good… that’s frustrating… I’m even three months ahead of you…”

“Well, if you have anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask me, Senpai.”


While pouting a little, Natsumi-chan returned to her own work, and began to speak, “Thank you for calling us.”

I was also waiting with the system on, but there weren’t very many calls coming in.

“Ummm, if you make this sort of call, it’s… a little troubling…”

Natsumi-chan was in trouble.

[Are you okay?] I handed her a note.

Natsumi-chan made a circle with her fingers, signaling an OK.

I thought that it might have been a claim, but the customer doesn’t seem to be impatient… I wonder what it is?

“… I’m going to hang up the phone, okay?”

With a strong tone, Natsumi-chan ended the call.

“A loafer… what are they doing coming to ask us, geez.”

There were a lot of women that would answer toll-free numbers, so sometimes there are perverts that call them just to tease them. Asking if they have boyfriends, complimenting them on their cute voice, or even asking for the color of their underwear.

“Was it okay?”

“Ah, yeah. Thank you for worrying.”

She didn’t seem to be shaken so there probably wasn’t any problems.

A call came from a customer to my system.

“Thank you for calling us. This is Sanada from the customer service center picking up the call.”

“Ah, finally! A-are you working hard?”

“…. Ah, haaah. I’m currently working hard.”

“Your voice, is just a little low. It sounds cool…

“Thank you…? What is the reason for your call, today may I ask?”

“Ummm… today for dinner… I was thinking of making hamburgers…”

“… Umm, did you happen to call the wrong number?”

“As expected, your voice is low and cool…”

“What is the reason for your call today?”

While thinking that it was a weird customer, I once again asked for their intentions.

“I was saying that I was thinking of making hamburgers for dinner today… However, I was wondering if you had anything you wanted to eat.”

“… No, there isn’t anything in particular…”

“Roger that ♡ Good luck with your work. This was your beloved Haruka-san ♪”

So it was you!?!?

“Ah, I forgot to say this, so don’t end it until—”

I forcefully cut the line.

“Why is she calling?”

“Was it possibly, Haru-chan?”

I nodded in reply to Natsumi-chan’s question.

“Since you guessed… the call that Natsumi-chan had earlier…”

“Yeah, from Haru-chan. She was curious about how Thief-kun was doing at work.”

The two of us sighed together at the idiot girlfriend Hiiragi-chan.

“Earlier as well, she was loitering around the floor so I chased her out. Because the eldest daughter of the family that normally doesn’t come showed up, everyone ends up being conscious of her. So she just got in the way of work.”

When it comes to Natsumi-chan, thanks to her frankness, no one around is really wary of her and are able to interact with her normally.

“I chased her out, and after I chased her out…”

“She then resorted to calling.”

“That’s right.”

Natsumi-chan was slightly mad.

Why do they have such different personalities when they are siblings?

Once the time to end work came around, Natsumi-chan found Hiiragi-chan as she was leaving and approached her.

“Haru-chan! Why did you call?”

“But, I wanted to hear Seiji-kun’s work voice…”

Towards Natsumi-chan’s angry look, Hiiragi-chan turned depressed.

“You can listen to that anytime, right?”

At that statement, Hiiragi-chan snapped back.

“Even if it’s still over the phone, his work voice is different from the voice he uses in private!”

Natsumi-chan’s logical argument was pushed back with Hiiragi-chan’s overwhelming passion.

Once the two of them left the floor, I was stopped by other people due to my instant success as a rookie.

“Ummmm, Sanada-kun, right? You’re amazing! You have experience?”

“Well, that’s how it is.”

“Thanks to you, there was less work and it became a lot easier! Thank you.”

“No no, I’m the one who’s in your care.”

The two people who called out to me, were people that I knew, and I was often in their care before my time leap. On this timeline, they haven’t done anything for me, so they made a confused expression.

“Well, anyways, continue on like this!”


‘Thanks for your hard work’, after giving my parting words to the people that are still working, I left the floor.

Was work supposed to be this fun? It was a fulfilling few hours. As I was immersing myself in my thoughts, I made my way towards the elevator when I heard Hiiragi-chan talking to Natsumi-chan.

“——If Natsumi also gets a boyfriend, you would understand! Seiji-kun is cool, so I get worried!”

“T-that’s true, today… I really did think he was cool.”

“Aaah, aaah! Just now! You meant that!”

“J-just be quiet already!”

“Fufu. Natsumi-chan should hurry and find a boyfriend like Seiji-kun.”

“Doing that would make me seem weirdly proactive… Then fine. I’ll date Thief-kun.”

“You can’t!”

“It was a joke. Don’t worry about it.”

“Mou, you’re a little sister and yet you’re teasing your older sister…!”

“What about it?”


The siblings were waiting for the elevator while having a mysterious fight.

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11 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 85

  1. I was once tasked to be an operator but was sent back to field work cause I suck at giving instructions….

    Well anyways, thanks for the chapter 😊 😊😊 😊😊 😊


  2. This is uncomfortably familiar (since I worked once as a Customer service representative) and I never enjoyed it. The hectic schedule that changes rather instantly won’t let your body adjust, dealing with unreasonable customers left and right amd getting blamed at for something you didn’t even do is something I will never get used to. (I know unlike seiji who has a clear goal I’m the opposite but I just can’t enjoy that environment.) just my opinion tho
    Thanks for the chapter


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