The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 89

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Hiiragi-chan’s Consultation Room

One day during break.

As I passed by the AV room, I heard Hiiragi-chan’s voice. It was her voice and it seems as though she’s talking to someone else. The other person appears to be a girl.

I wonder what they’re talking about.

As I secretly take a peek inside, I saw Hiiragi-chan with her arms crossed facing me, and across from her was a high school second year girl.

“If it’s Sensei, you probably have a lot of romantic experience, so I wanted to ask you.”

“Yeah, leave it to me! Sensei is very experienced in things like girls talk.”

Seems like the girl is asking about romantic advice. More importantly, Hiiragi-chan has a lot of romantic experience?

I’m a little bit interested, so I’ll just take intrude for a bit.

“So, what is it that you’re worrying about?”

“My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex recently. I was wondering if maybe he was tired of me?”


Kachiiin, Hiiragi-chan turned stiff.

She instantly froze! The confidence that she had earlier was blown away in an instant!? Even though she was very teacher-like and said that she was used to girls talk, all with a smug face!

“I’m worried about whether or not he might be cheating on me…”


“If it’s Sensei, it feels like you would have a lot of experience, so I was wondering whether you might know what to do… Sensei?”

“Y-yeah… the stamen and pistil, combine… and so…”

Hiiragi-chan is in a state of complete panic.

“Sensei, we’re not talking about plants, you know?”

… There’s no way Hiiragi-chan would know. For the two of us, we’re each other’s first lovers. And, we haven’t progressed any further than kissing. In other words, this sort of topic is a zone that Hiiragi-chan has no experience in. There’s no way you could confide with her about this.

“T-that, I don’t think it’s cheating.”

“Then, what should I do to get him interested in me again…?”


With her eyes swimming, Hiiragi-chan desperately tried to think of something.

What can she possibly say without knowing anything? The moment she talked big and asked to leave the matter to her, it had already become the point of no return.

“Nose, maybe you use that…?”


“Nose? Making him smell something?”

“… Something more, uhh, p-physical than that…?”

“Eh!? Using it like that, I’ve never done it before… Sensei, you have?”

“Yeah, I have.”

Without even meeting the girl’s gaze, Hiiragi-chan gave an instant response.

She is speaking as if she’s an expert or something…

“How do I do it? Is there a way you can demonstrate… right now, nobody should be coming after all.”

“Eh…. Umm… Ah. Sorry, this, this might be a little bit too early for a high schooler.”

Leaving high schoolers aside, it’s too early even for the human race. Just quickly tell her that you don’t really have any real experience.


Teheepero, she tried to pass it off in a cute manner. At the current moment, a solution hasn’t been found, is everything going to be okay…?

“Then, Sensei, what would you do if you were in my situation?”

“Eh? D-doing something… so lewd, with my boyfriend?”

“No, I’m not talking about when you do it, but when you stop having sex.”

“I-I wonder… I guess I w-wouldn’t like it…”

She’s completely red.

“I am not asking about your feelings, I wanted to ask about measures or ways to prevent it…”

With her face still red, Hiiragi-chan looked downward.

“Uuuu… T-that’s right…”

Please stop already!

She proclaims that she has a lot of experience, but as far as I know, all of that is just her experiences with me. The teacher in front of your eyes is still a virgin.

“Ah, then, you should p-properly confirm your feelings with each other!”

“Sensei, you sometimes say things that are very middle schooler like.”

Kusu kusu, the girl laughed.

Even though she was starting to settle down, Hiiragi-chan once again turned red. This can’t go on.

Hiiragi-chan probably has an overwhelming advantage when it comes to girl power, but her level as a woman is too low.

The girl probably came to confide to Hiiragi-chan because she didn’t seem like she would say something like, doing something like that as a high schooler isn’t good.

What should I do here?

“What if, you try cheating on him…?”

What are you suggesting?

“I didn’t think of that!”

I didn’t think of that! Don’t say that!

“I-if you’re lonely then you should bury it with another guy—”

“It’s a plan to attract your boyfriend, right!? Sensei, you’re so smart!”

“Yeah, right!”

Please wait. You were clearly trying to say something terrible at first, right!? Why are you changing a student’s view on things so lightly!?

“Sensei, how far do you think is okay, and how far do you think is cheating?”

“Ah, this debate. Let’s talk about it.”

You’re a beginner, don’t act like a veteran.

“For me… maybe it’s when you’re talking enjoyably with a person of the opposite gender?”

So strict!? I’ve definitely already crossed that line multiple times.

“Sensei, isn’t that too strict? I could understand if you’re in the same class, but if you were in a different class, or even went to a different school, you wouldn’t actually know, right?”

“That’s true, that’s true. Then you just need to place a listening device in the pocket of their uniform.”

“Listening device!?”

Listening device!? 

Let’s see, inside my uniform pockets… Ah, there isn’t anything. That’s a relief.

“There’s a battery powered one that can send what it records over to your personal computer.”

She so knowledgeable!?

“I guess I wouldn’t go that far… I am lonely and I do suspect cheating, but… in the end, I still trust him.”

“Yeah, me too. In the end, I still trust him, so I won’t actually act on it.”

Phew, I patted my chest in relief.

“Thank you, Sensei. Maybe I’ll try by appealing with some lewder underwear!”


Don’t make a face that says, ah, there was that, Sensei.

The girl was coming towards me, so I retreated.

After that day, Hiiragi-chan’s underwear lineup increased in respect to those that were more erotic and had sheer lace. (Hiiragi-chan showed them to me happily.) If she were to close in on me while wearing that, my sense of reason would definitely crumble down, or so I thought.

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7 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 89

      • What if it’s in the bloodstream then? I dunno if it exists or not but if it does then in the bloodstream, heh. Nanotechnology tracker that get stuck in your bloodstream.


      • as a student in health and medicine department, making an object that stay on the same place inside the body is not impossible, but it would destroy the body slowly from inside
        and as for making it inside the bloodstream….. he’s 100% doomed to die, except maybe in the next millennia or so


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