The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 90

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My Results

[The current me is a promising young employee of the HRG company. The company has not gone bankrupt yet, but it is a fact that it has started to fall.]

With my time leap released, when I tried to check the date, I noticed this note sandwiched in the cover of my notepad type smartphone. When I regained my consciousness, I found myself laying in bed, which was in what seemed to be my house, and Hiiragi-chan was sleeping soundly next to me. I’ve returned from ten years ago to the present time once again. And this note seems to be a message from the present me to the high-school me.

[Speaking of results, it wasn’t wrong of me to join the HRG company and work part-time in my second year of high school. However, it seems there’s another big reason for the company to go bankrupt. Of course, I don’t know what that reason is.]

It was early in the morning and I had a serious expression as I got up out of bed.

It seems that even doing as much as I could as a part-time worker, I could only delay the bankruptcy, and not stop it.

[The company’s 2500 employees and their families will be affected by this. I want to stop it no matter what.]

I know that. I really do. He’s talking about how it would be fine as long as Hiiragi-chan and I were happy. Something like that may be fine in a romance between high schoolers, but it was now a romance between two adults. There are a lot of things that I need to consider.

[Hiiragi-chan… about Haruka-san, with the support of Natsumi-chan, we were able to live together, but marriage still seems to be difficult.]

This is way too early in the morning for something this depressing…

[Leaving Hiiragi Papa to Natsumi-chan was the right call, but as for her mother, she still hasn’t accepted our relationship. I need to advance further within the company, or at least that’s what I’m currently working hard towards at the present.]

I’m talking about doing my best, but there probably isn’t much advancement in a company that’s starting to fall.

[Rather than trying to do something from the inside, it might be better to do it as a person of the Hiiragi family.]

There is a limit to how much one can do as an employee.

In my second year of high school, I started working part time, I thought that with my knowledge and experience at the HRG company, I could prevent its bankruptcy, but it seems that it’s hard for a mere employee to work towards avoiding it. However, the last time I returned to the present, the HRG company was already bankrupt, and Natsumi-chan was living with us as a freeloader, borrowing a room.

That’s why it could be said that the worst of it was avoided, and that there were results.

[In that case, it shouldn’t be Sanada Haruka, but rather Hiiragi Seiji.]

Sanada Haruka… The feeling of marriage closing in on becoming a reality, feel really good. However, Hiiragi Seiji… Ah, does that mean I should become the adopted son in-law?

[With that, as the husband of the president’s daughter, I should be able to gain some sort of authority within the company.]

The way it’s mentioned makes it sound like becoming an adopted son in-law of Hiiragi-chan’s family is just means for a career advancement.

[I’m not just saying this for the sake of career advancement.]

As expected of me. I really do understand my own thinking.

[I need to be officially recognized by the family as a fiancé by the time I graduate high school. If that doesn’t happen, now, when I’m twenty-seven years old, the company has already started its downfall, and marriage is far from progressing.]

That was the last thing that was written in the note.

The difficulty of this hurdle is quite high.

This time and the last time, the company ended up doing badly, but before all of this, before I even made a time leap to my second year of high school, this wasn’t the case. When I was living with Sana, and wasn’t in a relationship with Hiiragi-chan, my workplace didn’t changed at all. When I became a teacher, I wonder if the HRG company was already beginning its downfall.

If that’s the case…

“No, but… there’s no way Hiiragi-chan and I dating would be the trigger for the HRG company to fall…”

Even if that’s the case, breaking up with Hiiragi-chan is not an option. Breaking up for that reason, would be mixing up priorities. I should quickly become officially on good terms with her family. That should take highest priority.

“… Seiji-kun… what is it, making such a scary face…?”

Hiiragi-chan who was sleeping next to me woke up, and wrapped her arms around my waist.

“Yeah. Just thinking about some things.”

I stroked her lustrous hair.

Morning was laid-back, a time for just the two of us. Somehow, this feels like it would be enough to make me happy.

… Hiiragi-chan was topless… and I wasn’t wearing any clothes either.

Looks like last night was quite a lot of fun!?

On her pale back, there were a few slight bruises.

“Haruka-san, your back, are you okay?”

“Yeah. It’s fine. You did it, didn’t you?”

Me!? No way…!?

“I said it was fine if you applied more force too…”

Did she become a masochist!?

“There’s no need to think about such troublesome things. It’ll be fine.”

I didn’t say anything, but Hiiragi-chan seemed to notice something and hugged me. As expected, having Hiiragi-chan do this to me is quite healing.

“Yeah. Thank you. However, if I have something I can do, I’ll do my best.”

“Choosing you was right. You were always amazing, but now, you’ve become even more of a wonderful man.”

The “power of love” that Hiiragi-chan often mentioned, was at this moment something that even I wanted to believe in.

Fuwaah, the feeling of being involved in a time leap enveloped my body.

The next moment after I blinked, the scenery in front of me changed to Hiiragi-chan’s place. It seemed to be around lunchtime, Hiiragi-chan was currently in the kitchen making something.

I moved around behind her back and lightly hugged her.

“Kyah!? … Hey, it’s dangerous while cooking.”

While saying that, Hiiragi-chan quickly gave me a kiss. It seems that she’s learned a weird skill called Fast Kiss.

“I’ll do my best to become Haruka-san’s fiancé.”

I release my arms from her as she turns around to face me and opened her arms, making a pose as if to say, “Come here.” I let myself be taken in and was hugged by Hiiragi-chan.

“It’ll be fine even if you don’t work too hard, you know?”

“No, even so, I want to do my best.”

“… Seiji-kun, that’s… basically a proposal, you know? Do you understand? You’ve already said something similar to that before though I guess.”

Hmmmmm? She peeked at me.

Of course, I know. There’s only Hiiragi-chan for me, there isn’t anyone else I can think of.


As I was staring straight at her, Hiiragi-chan was able to sense something due to her good intuition.

With a tense face, she cleared her throat once.


“I’m still just a high schooler and nothing else… but I still love you, Haruka-san.”

“… Yes… Me too… I love you.”

Saying that with quivering lips, tears swelled up in Hiiragi-chan’s eyes.

“Please marry me. From now on, I’d like to be with you forever.”

“… Yes.”

With tears spilling out, Hiiragi-chan smiled with all she could.

That’s right. I didn’t even think of it, but at a time like this, you’re supposed to give a ring, but I didn’t even prepare for that.

When I mentioned that, Hiiragi-chan didn’t seem to mind at all, she said, “You can do it again after you graduate. It’s okay.”

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8 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 90

  1. Hiiragi Company dont have a successor? or maybe one higher up on the company have a crush on Hiiragi-chan that he brought the company to bankruptcy?

    Why did this fluff turned to a mystery novel?!


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    • what I am thinking is that maybe after a few years her family convinces her to join the company and when she does she ends up having a high position and either she has a really good business sense or she just attracted more people and kinda became a poster girl sort of thing or maybe she just cause some rich dude to support the company but because she is with him either she doesn’t join the company or maybe since she is already taken the rich dude doesn’t end up supporting them and without the support they weren’t able to keep things going

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  2. So, my guess is: in the original timeline, Seiji wasn’t there to stop the guy from the marriage interview. They said his family had a big company or something like that. Maybe in the original tl that guy supported HRG in some way

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