The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 91

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Manga Reenactment Play

“… Haruka-san, what did you purchase?”

We were on our way back from a book store. When I told her that I was going to go buy the new volume of a manga from the bookstore, Hiiragi-chan insisted on tagging along.

“Eh? I didn’t buy anything, did I?”

Hmm? I saw her line up at the cash register, did she decide not to buy it…?

Once we returned to Hiiragi-chan’s place, I immediately started to read the new volume, and Hiiragi-chan also pulled out something to read. Normally. she sticks close to me. However, while I was sitting on the sofa today, Hiiragi-chan ended up sitting at the dining table instead.

…That’s suspicious.

As I sneakily peeked over, I saw that she was reading a cooking book. What’s with that? It’s not like she needs to hide something like that.

“Ah. It’s already this late? I’ll go make dinner, okay? Do you have any requests?”

“Maybe something Chinese?”

“Roger that ♪”

Hiiragi-chan equipped an apron and headed over to the kitchen.

Patan, as I closed my book, I noticed something weird. The cookbook is slightly expanded.… It was as if something was sandwiched inside of it… Ah. She was using the cookbook as a way to hide what she was actually reading…?

Without Hiiragi-chan noticing me, I went to the table, stretched out my arm, and grabbed the cookbook. As I thought, it’s strangely thick. When I opened it, sure enough, another book fell out.

It had a brown covering that you would get from the book store, so I couldn’t see the cover. Well, that’s fine. If I just read it, I’ll figure it out.

When I opened and looked inside, I realized that it was the fifth volume of a shoujo manga. This isn’t something to be embarrassed about… then why…?

As I tilted my head and flipped through the pages, I finally understood why she wanted to hide it.

Even if it’s a shoujo manga, I guess it would be one that is aimed towards the late teens? There were a few lewd scenes. I see. Haruka-ojousama is a lady that shouldn’t be reading lewd mangas like this.

But wait? In her bedroom, weren’t there multiple other books with the same cover? Is it possible…

Sneaking around so as to not be noticed, I went into the bedroom. I found a shelf with books for work and 2 or 3 self-improvement books. Apart from that, I found four books, with their book covers unremoved.

“… This is it.”

I thought that maybe it was some sort of novel, but to think that inside of it was a shoujo manga aimed at those in their late teens. As I flipped through them, it was just as I thought. However, there were some tags in it.

One, two, three, four… seven places in total.

“Tagging a manga… it isn’t a reference book though…”

While wryly smiling, I opened up to a tagged page. It was quite the erotic scene.

[Doki doki ♡]

That comment was written down on the tag as well.

“Ah. So, she tags the scenes she likes, and then writes down a thought about it?”

Well, people enjoy things differently.

The next tag had the comment, [I might die if Seiji-kun did this to me ♡]

…Is that? What you would call a kabedon in modern times?

I opened it up to the page and it was quite the erotic scene.

“… It can’t be.”

Checking the tagged pages in other volumes, they were all quite erotic scenes.

S-she’s completely interested! She was like a middle school boy that would look up sex in a dictionary and mark it!

The comments were all things like [Haaauuu], or [Kyuun ♡].

So she’s been studying by reading things like this.

“Seiji-kun? Mapo tofu or eggplant, which…”

Ah. I was found out.

While repeatedly looking at the manga in my hand, Hiiragi-chan dropped the ladle in her hand.

“I-It’s not… Seiji-kun, i-it’s not that…”

“Eh? What is it not?”

While grinning, I opened up a tagged page and approached Hiiragi-chan while showing it to her. A weird switch inside of me flipped on.

“This scene, what’s with this ‘Kyuun ♡’? Heeeh, so this is the type of stuff you like, Haruka-san?”

“I-I’m telling you, it’s not that!”

While panicking and blushing, Hiiragi-chan slowly backed off.

“Na-Na-Natsumi said that it was interesting, so I just bought it to try it…”

“Did Natsumi-chan also tell you to tag all the erotic scenes?”

“She said, Haru-chan needs to study too! That’s why… the tags…”

“You’re completely interested in this, Haruka-san.”

Ugugugu… as her mouth turned into the shape of a frown, she ended up with teary eyes before I knew it.

Ah, this is bad. I overdid it.

“That’s right! I am interested! But, it’s forbidden to do something like that in reality right now, so I’m reading manga to study!”

“S-she turned defiant!”

While taking deep breaths, Hiiragi-chan appealed with teary eyes.

“While thinking about how I would die if Seiji-kun did this to me, I grinned while hiding myself in the futon! I know it’s improper!”

“I-i-it’s not like I said that it was bad…”

It was one of those ‘a cornered rat will bite a cat’ situations.

“Then, why don’t we try doing it?”


“The scenes that you have taken a liking to, Haruka-san and I…”

“Let’s do it! Let’s do it!”

Hiiragi-chan pulled the manga from me.

“Bufufu, bufu, gufu… w-what should I do? Which scene should we do…”

Letting out an eerie laugh, she turned the pages.

“Alright, I’ve decided! I’ll change first, so Seiji-kun should get out.”

“Eh!? You’re putting this much effort into this?”

While pointing at the box with the scene, she handed the manga to me.

“It’s over here. This one! Remember your lines, okay!?”

She’s serious… I merely intended to do a slight imitation of it though.

This scene was one where the hero rushed towards the depressed main protagonist, hugged her from behind and whispered his love into her ear.

… That’s a relief. It’s not some erotic scene.

“I’m ready now!” After Hiiragi-chan called out, I opened the door.

It seems that the scene has already started, as Hiiragi-chan was on the bed, her arms around her knees.

She took glances at me, and since she already knows how this scene would unfold, she’s grinning from ear to ear. Hey, this setting is supposed to be one where you’re depressed.

Lightly coughing, I started acting out as the hero.

“… So you were in a place like this? I was looking for you.”

“Why did you come looking for me? There’s no need for you to care about me.”

With the door still open, I made a loud audible sigh.

“Haaah… Of course, I’d look for you. Especially if you run away with a face like that.”

“Don’t come chasing after me. Seiji-kun, you probably like Sana-chan anyways, right!?”


Why is she using real names?

“I know about that… the fact that Seiji and Sana-chan had sex.”

Buhah!? That technically is the correct line, but please don’t insert real names.

“Haruka, haven’t you misunderstood something? That was something that Sana ended up saying selfishly. It isn’t true at all.”


Seeming to have had her heart tighten, Hiiragi-chan held down her chest.

You’re showing your real self you know?

“O-oh… Really?”


I approached Hiiragi-chan from behind and hugged her.

And, the finishing line.

“Haruka is the only one that I love.”

It’s a somewhat embarrassing line…

The next line was supposed to be from the main protagonist, but Hiiragi-chan was silent. It seems that her heart had surpassed a critical point, and her whole body staggered with her ears red.

“Next line, next line.”

I spoke into her ear with a quiet voice.

“Tha… that’s right… Ohon…. I still can’t believe that… I want to believe it, but I can’t be made to believe it.”

“Then, how about with this?”

I gently lifted her chin, and kissed her.

With this, the scene was over.

“C-can you call me Haruka one more time…?”

“You like those super confident types?”

“Fuguu… th-that’s not it, but… I want Seiji-kun to say something like, ‘You are mine, Haruka’.”

“Don’t smoothly make a request like that?”

It didn’t seem like she would take it back at all, so I could only answer her request, and whispered into her ear.

“You are mine, Haruka.”

“Yes… ♡ I am yours…”

I don’t know if it was because she was acting out a role or something, but Hiiragi-chan’s limiter was in a state of release. Without even turning on the lights, we flirted in the dark.

Needless to say, dinner ended up not being homemade Chinese, but just some random takeout.

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9 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 91

  1. “Needless to say, dinner ended up not being homemade Chinese, but just some random takeout.” but of course.. She drop their dinner and it’s not because they flirt too much

    At first i suspect MC will do a kabedon, then what we get is the back hug… But i like that!!!


  2. Oooh. So the bruises from hiiragu-chan’s back was because of seijii awakening his sadist-insticts. Maaan don’t hurt our goddess
    Thankies for the chap


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