The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 93

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Hiiragi-chan, who was in close contact with me, moved around a bit.

“Sensei, you’re too close…”

“I-I mean, it can’t be helped… Also, it’s Haruka-san right now.”

We whispered to each other in low voices.

“Se-Seiji-kun too… y-you’re thigh is hitting my groin… wait…”

“Eh, ah, sorry…”

We were both squeezed closely into a classroom’s cleaning tool closet. Hiiragi-chan was pushing her breasts up against me. This time it wasn’t intentional. It just happened to be like that. It was unavoidable for my general to turn into active mode. My body was still in puberty after all. It seems that Hiiragi-chan had noticed, as she said nothing and blushed.

“Why did it become like this…?”

This all started when Hiiragi-chan came into the classroom in order to flirt with me, who was in charge of cleaning duty.

“Sanada-kun? You’re cleaning by yourself again, today?”

“Everyone was here until part way. They had club activities or other things, so no one stayed until the end.”

After organizing the desks and chairs, closing the windows and curtains, cleaning was done.

Katan, Hiiragi-chan locked the door from inside.

“Seiji-kun~ there’s still some work left for me to do…”

Hiiragi-chan, in her spoiled child mode, came close to me and hugged me.

“Just a little?”

“It’s actually a lot…”

“Do your best, Haruka-san.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best… so I came to replenish my Seiji-kun nutrients.”

She puckered her lips, pleading for a kiss.

Without allowing it to escalate further, we had a few light kisses, until we heard voices coming from the hallway.

“Daidou, why does it have to be in a classroom after school? Let’s go to a different place.”

“Fine, it doesn’t matter. Speaking in person rather than over text should prevent any misunderstandings.”

Gatan, the door was pulled on, but since it was locked, it didn’t open.

“Hmmm? The door is locked.”

Hiiragi-chan had locked the door so it shouldn’t open…

Ah. But the back door… doesn’t that look unlocked?? Hiiragi-chan, did you forget to lock it??

I take a closer look.

——Ah, it’s open!

Hiiragi-chan tilted her head with an innocent expression.

Dammit, stop making such a cute face. I just can’t get angry at that.

“The one over here is…”

The two students moved towards the back.

“Se-Seiji-kun, this is bad.”

“It’s your fault, Haruka-san.”

It would be easy to mislead if Hiiragi-chan was just helping out with cleaning, but having the door locked and the two of us being alone makes it suspicious no matter how you think about it. My case with the “person that I like” might then be considered serious.

Is there any place that we can hide—

I widened my eyes as it caught on something. The cleaning tool closet. Hiiragi-chan and I quickly packed in, and ended up in this really close state.

Gara, the door opened and the boy and girl student pair entered.

This reminds me of the time when we were trapped inside the closet during the school trip, but regardless of which one, it’s a relief that we managed to hide somewhere.

However, it was already a state in which we couldn’t come out even if we wanted to.

“What did you want to talk about?”

Oh? This direction, is it heading towards a confession…?

I was wondering who the guy was, and it turned out to be Fujimoto.

Congrats, Fujimoto.

Which means, the other person whose name Fujimoto had mentioned, would be one of the flashier girls in our class, Daidou-san. It’s an unexpected combination.

Heeeh, I see, I see. So this is youth…

I narrowed my eyes in pleasure like an old man. Hiiragi-chan also became excited.

“I-it’s a confession, right…?”

Shh, I placed my index finger in front of my lips and then listened to the conversation between the two people.

“No, well, it’s true that I need to talk to you about something, but I also have something to ask.”

“Oh, oooohh… W-what is it?”

Fujimoto, do you have someone you like? That’s probably what Daidou-san would ask.

Uwaah. A confession scene involving other people is so nice since it’s about other people. There’s more excitement and enjoyment compared to watching a bad movie…!

“… Sanada-kun… him liking Hiiragi-chan, is that just a joke? Or is it serious?”

Dokin, my heart jumped.

Hiiragi-chan was also the same it seems, as my eyes met with the upturned eyes of hers.

“I don’t call him with a suffix, so Sanada is Sanada-kun… So, that’s how it is…”

Puhaah, letting out a huge sigh, Fujimoto sat down on a desk.

“That’s how it is… so what? And, how is it really? You’re the closest with him Fujimoto… I think you probably know something.”

“What? If it’s a joke, are you going to confess to Sanada?”

“…That has nothing to do with any of this, right? Besides, I’m not the one that wants to know.”

Fujimoto shrugged his shoulders.

“That’s right, Sanada and I are friends, best friends out of all friends. I even know how many hairs are on his butt.”

You liar. Rather, I haven’t grown any.

“Eh, you guys are close in that way!?”

See. You’re inviting unnecessary misunderstandings.

“Close, really close…”

“That can’t be…”

It’s not true! Don’t believe it, Daidou-san. Stop receiving shock from this.

“… Seiji-kun, is only growing a bit.”

“Stop trying to compete. Rather, I’m not growing any.”

The two of us shushed each other with our index finger in front of our lips.

“… That’s all I have to say… So, how is it? Hiiragi-chan. I saw how she was during the school trip, so I just thought maybe it might be for real?”

“… Aaah, the school trip.”

Keeping silent for a moment, Fujimoto took a glance in our direction. Why did he look this way?

“——Of course it was just a joke. It’s the same sort of feeling as liking an idol. If you say you like the idol that’s on the other side of a TV screen, do you think you can date them? Of course not.”

“But, Hiiragi-chan didn’t look too against it whether it was during the school trip or the borrowed item race…”

“It’s that. It’s because he had chosen Hiiragi-chan as “the person he liked” in such a public place, she acted seriously.”

“But, wasn’t Hiiragi-chan all over him?”

“Isn’t it nice to be idolized by your students?”

“Is that so…?”

“At the very least, that’s what it looked like to me. It can’t be helped that there are people who would see that and come up with strange things, but from a teacher’s perspective, goodwill which comes from a student can only really be thought of as “idolizing” I think.”

I am an expert in analysis on Sanada, Fujimoto said with a wry smile.

“If that’s the case, then all is good.”

“Sanada, Sanada, Sanada. Sanada is such an idiot and annoying. Daidou, how about me?”

“Nothing much.”

“I see. Let’s hurry up and leave then. A teacher will probably come to close up.”

Daidou-san agreed with him.

The two of them left the classroom, while Hiiragi-chan and I sneaked out of the cleaning tool closet.

“Was I really all over you?”

“I think so?”

“Y-you’re lying…!?”

Were you not aware?

“Sorry… Starting tomorrow, I’ll become the cool beauty Haruka-san.”

Don’t waste your effort on something like that, Hiiragi-chan. There’s no problem with you becoming a beauty though.

Then, let’s talk over the phone at night, Hiiragi-chan left those words as she quickly left the classroom.

I sat down on the desk where Fujimoto had done the same earlier.


There’s quite a distance from here to the cleaning tool closet. He shouldn’t have been able to hear Hiiragi-chan and I whispering.

Using the part about my but hair to misdirect the conversation, declaring that it was all a joke…

——Daidou, why does it have to be in a classroom after school? Let’s go to a different place.

Why would he purposefully call out at a place like that. Moreover, in such a loud voice.

… Fujimoto. Do you, perhaps…

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10 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 93

    • I have a feeling that Fujimoto is the same as Haruhi in the “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” series but I wish the ending will not be the same


  1. nah, more like fujimoto knew sanada was cleaning alone and came in. He probably nderstood sanada was hiding in the closet and ask daidou some question to make her confess. true wingman there, but wrong heroine

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  2. well, there is a chance that fujimoto look at the digital camera that sanada throw to him at the “Goddess by the Poolside” chapter


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