The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 95

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Do You Pass the Psychological Test?

“…Please think of the person that you like…”

Kanata’s mellow and quiet voice reverberated within the home economics room.

“T-the person I like… Got it…”

Sana glanced in my direction once, then closed her eyes.

“The person I like…!”

Hiiragi-chan turned her head in my direction, and when our eyes met, her cheeks turned red.

She’s such an easy to understand person.

I also closed my eyes, and began to think. Think of Hiiragi-chan of course.

“…You, have the ability to stop time—”

Kanata spoke to the three of us.

“W-what’s with that. What’s with the supernatural ability!?”

“It’s a psychological test. There shouldn’t be an option like that.”

After eating lunch, there was still time, so we started doing some psychological tests from a book she had borrowed from the library.

“… If you could stop time for the person that you like, which would be the first part of them that you would touch?”

Stopping time… being able to freely touch Hiiragi-chan…

No. I can’t. I can only think of erotic things. Saying outright that I want to fondle her breasts would be too lewd.

When I opened my eyes, Sana was raising her hand.

“…Alright, Saa-chan. Where would you touch?”

“L-lips! It’s just a random thing. Just a feeling, there isn’t any deep meaning behind it.”

“…For the Saa-chan that chose lips…”

Sana gulped.

“I-is it actually reciprocated love?”

“…It will end as just one-sided thoughts.”

As I was about to ask Kanata why those are the results,


A dry laugh came from the dazed Sana.

Ah! I can almost see a soul-like thing leaving from her mouth!?

“Hey, Sana! Come back.”

Just as I grab Sana’s shoulders and start shaking her, she started hitting the desk like a child.

“Sh-sh-shut up! Whose fault do you think this is… Ah, wait, no. Nii-san, you idiot!”

It seems that her soul has returned into her body, so I was able to pat my chest in relief.

“Ah, Kana-chan, actually, that wasn’t right… Instead…”

“… Saa-chan, no cheating.”

“Uuuu… Why are you so strict at times like these…”

This time, it was Hiiragi-chan’s turn to raise her hand.

“… Alright, Sensei.”

“For me… ummm…”

“What is it, Sensei? This should just be on instinct. So you should just go out with it and say the first place that comes to mind.”

Hiiragi-chan peeked at my face, then made up her mind and her expression turned into a confident one.

“I would touch a man’s precious spot.”


The two of them backed away slightly.

Well, but having it be a sexual part is the same as me. I guess maybe couples think alike? That in itself makes me a little happy.

“If you think of that as the first thing, I guess it would be something like hoping to be blessed with children?”

“…For that person, your relationship will end as just a physical one.”


Hiiragi-chan and I took an unexpected hit from that one.

Kanata explained it in a cold voice, but that explanation went in my right ear and came out my left.

B-b-b-but we haven’t even proceeded past kissing? If it’s only a physical relationship, then I believe that various things would have been done by now. What’s up with that part?

“Puu Puu Puu. Sensei, don’t worry. That means, your just aiming at playing around for their body, right?”


Hiiragi-chan received an even bigger shock.

“There’s no way that’s true!”

I subconsciously denied it.

“Don’t suddenly shout like that. It doesn’t have anything to do with you anyways, Nii-san.”

Hiiragi-chan was looking at me with teary eyes, so I forcefully shook my head. If that was really the case, then the deed would have already been done. There would be no need to hold back.

“Earlier, that was actually a lie…”

“No, you can’t. No changes are accepted!”

Sana was lively. She was denied her own change when she wanted it after all.

“…Last one is Seiji-kun. What did you think of first?”

Where? Well I would like to fondle Hiiragi-chan’s breasts… No, I want to support them from underneath… No, I want to poke them with my finger, no…

—Go somewhere else, you puberty driven libido!

It’s completely filled with breasts!! I can’t change my thoughts at all. No, that’s wrong. It’s not her breasts that I want to touch, it’s what’s behind. Her spirit—the so-called heart. [1]

I want to poke it, support it, fondle it…? Something like that?

“The heart. Or, the connection to her spirit? That’s how I would wish to touch it.”

As I said that while brushing away my bangs, Sana made a face of disbelief.

“What are you saying, Nii-san? Are you okay? It’s like I just heard a poem from a middle school or younger person. I bet the results would just say something like a relationship ending as friends.”

Kanata browsed through the pages of the book, and then nodded.

“…There isn’t anything like heart, the closest thing would have to be the heart… If it’s that, then it’s likely that the person you like holds a passionate love for you.”


I stood up and made an all-out guts pose.

“You see?”

I don’t know what there is to see, but the me who was fully wanting to fondle some breasts, was now making a smug face while looking down upon Sana.

“Heeeh… I see… p-passionate love…”

Hmm? Why are you blushing?

“…That means even if you have obstacles, you can overcome it, right…?”

Glance. Fidget. Glance. Fidget.

“That’s probably what it means.”

Hiiragi-chan suddenly stood up, and walked out of the home economics room.

I wonder what happened? Well, it’s okay.

“Without worrying about status and position, just continuing on in a straight line… right…?”

“That’s what it would mean.”

My relationship with Hiiragi-chan is exactly that. Man, I hit the jackpot!

“Nii-san, you pervert.”

Dogon, I was hit in the shoulder with a pretty large amount of force.

“…Saa-chan. Calm down.”

Sana, who was sticking closer to Kanata than me, her brother, calmed her breathing through her nose.

“I wonder where Sensei went? I’ll go check for a bit.”

While leaving those few words behind I exited the home economics room, and instantly found her. She was leaning on a pillar just outside the room, covering her face with both her hands. I thought that she was crying, but it seems that’s not it. She might have been embarrassed since her ears were completely red.

“You love me, a lot… That means you love me so much that you can’t hold back… Wow… A passionate love…”

I murmured into the red ears of Hiiragi-chan, who was blushing furiously.

“Still, Sensei, for you to think of something so erotic…”


Hiiragi-chan raised her face all of a sudden.

“T-that’s not it, Sei… Sanada-kun…”

She said herself to “Wait until after marriage” and that last line of defense seemed quite strong. Yet, in contrast to that, her interest was quite high.

“Then, what were you thinking of?”

“N-nothing… I wouldn’t think of something so weird…”

“Is it something you can’t say? Sensei, are you actually, quite the lecher?”

“Y-you’re wrong… Sanada-kun… I’m not a lecher, I’m not but…”

Half crying, Hiiragi-chan began to quiver.

Ah, I teased her too much.

As I was just about to start reflecting, she spoke while blowing her nose.

“E-even I… sometimes think of perverted things…”

Gufuu…!? S-so cute… If you say such a thing with teary eyes, I’ll end up hugging you and pushing you down. Whether or not I have the courage to do that is another story though.

“Ah! Just as I was thinking that you weren’t coming back! Nii-san, you’re making Sensei cry!”

“I’m not making her cry!”

Are you an elementary schooler?

“Sensei, what did Nii-san do to you? Are you okay?”

That makes it seem like she was attacked by some pervert or something, so can you please not ask in that way.

Saying that she was okay, Hiiragi-chan stood up.

I now understood that because of that final line of defense, both Hiiragi-chan and I had desires that couldn’t be fulfilled.


  1. The italicized heart is written as the English version of it, while any other mention of heart that isn’t italicized is an indication of Japanese usage describing the organ itself.

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5 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 95

    • The italicized heart is written as the English version of it, while any other mention of heart that isn’t italicized is an indication of Japanese usage describing the organ itself.

      I think the English version of heart is meant by Seiji to mean the spirit, which can also be written as heart in Japanese, but with different meaning, differentiated by context.


  1. Thnx for the chapter!
    Nice dose of sweetness!

    I honestly think that Sana should be slowly let down though…like she should stop denying it and accept the fact that he does see her in that way and just move on.

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