The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 96

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Do You Pass the Psychological Test? — Part 2

Following that incident, Hiiragi-chan became obsessed with these psychological tests. They were all romance oriented psychological tests, and especially those related to what your lover truly feels, as if trying to discern my true thoughts.

“Seiji-kun, you are on a large green grass field, making paper airplanes with friends.”


Sana likes these psychological tests and fortune-telling type things as well, so maybe girls are just fond of them.

“When they were released, how many paper airplanes are seen flying far away?”

Well, if it’s friends, the only one that comes to mind is Fujimoto… Mine should fly farther than his.


“Eh!? One!?”

W-what? What’s with that reaction?

“H-heh, I see. Hmmm, so just one…. Mufufu, I get it, I get it ♪”

If I had something I was dissatisfied with, it would be this. Just like this, being all giddy, laughing, and enjoying all of it by herself.

“What did you discern with that answer?”

“A secret.”


“Ummmm, for the next one…”

Being one-sidedly questioned by Hiiragi-chan, and having it result in her having fun. This type of psychological testing has continued for over two weeks, enough to make me sick of it.

It was then, one day over the weekend. Thinking of getting my revenge, I bought my own psychological test book, and headed to Hiiragi-chan’s place.

“Haruka-san, you’ve only been asking me, but you never do one for yourself. Isn’t that unfair?”

“It’s not unfair. You were the one who told me to do what I wanted to do, when I bought the book.”

“And so, it’s my turn to do the questioning.”

“Oh? In the end, Seiji-kun also likes this”

I do have to admit that psychological tests like these are easy to get good results at, but I definitely do want to know what Hiiragi-chan thinks.

She came over to me as I was sitting on the sofa, and intertwined her arms with mine.

“Then, let’s begin?”

“Bring it on.”

I flipped through the pages. Ah. This one seems interesting…

I read out the question in a way where Hiiragi-chan couldn’t see it.

“Your lover is in front of you. That person is in a state of only wearing underwear.”

“Fufu ♡ Seiji-kun, you’ll catch a cold, you know?”

“Stop worrying about me in your imagination… And so, what is the first thing that you would have them wear?”

It was one of those multiple-choice types, so four choices were provided.

“Mumu… Seiji-kun… You have quite the nice body…”

“There’s no need for those types of settings. Just pick one based on how you feel.”

With this, I can find out——her S&M level! Is she normal, an S, or an M…?

“Ummm. Pants!”

“Hmmmmm. Haaaaah. I seeeeeee.”

Hiiragi-chan is an M. I can somewhat accept that. Last time, in the future, she became quite the M. She’s the type you really want to tease… Hmmm? Me thinking that, does that make me an S?

“What, what what what!? What did you get from that!?”

Hiiragi-chan pulled on my arm like a child.

“It’s a secret.”


Fufufu. It’s annoying, right? This is my revenge.

Since I was now satisfied, I ended up telling her the truth.

“I-I’m a masochist…?”

“Did you think of something?”

“Rather than just getting it right, that’s all I can think of!”

How right was this, exactly?

“Seiji-kun, you’re teasing me, right? I might actually kind of like that.”

“That’s an amazing coming out right there!”

“When I think that you love me enough to tease me, it makes it even more lovely…”

The thinking of a masochist is something I don’t understand at all.

“Sometimes, you pinch my cheeks, right? I like that as well…”


It’s true that I do that sometimes, but she likes that?

“Hitting you is probably out though, right?”


“That’s a wide range.”

Is the Virgin Mary motherhood feel that comes from Hiiragi-chan, due to the fact that she is a masochist?

“Do you like pain…?”

Once you dig this deep, there’s no way, right?


Don’t answer so quickly while blushing. I wasn’t that surprised about her being a masochist, but asking about the details is quite surprising.

“Ah, but if it’s done by someone other than Seiji-kun I would hate it, get mad, and return it ten times.”

“You’ll allow it if it’s the person you like?”


I pinched Hiiragi-chan’s cheeks and pulled on them.


“This is good?”

Once I let go of her cheeks, she rubbed her cheeks with her hand while nodding embarrassingly.

“… Yeah. It somehow feels pleasant…”

Eventually, it’ll become, “It feels good.” Hiiragi-chan is about to enter a weird world… because of me.

Let’s move on to the next question. If we continue on with this conversation like this, it’ll most likely cause even more change. I opened a random page in the book.

“Then, for the next question. Give me three types that you like of the opposite sex.”

“Hmmm? I wonder?”

Hiiragi-chan, who had entered her spoiled child mode, stretched out her legs and rubbed the inside of mine. She then rested her head on my shoulder and became completely stuck to me.

“Just on first thought, intuition.”

“Ummm, the first, would be for the body. A thin macho type. Next… someone fun to talk to. And for the last part…”

After thinking for a bit, she spoke out clearly.


“Hah? Type, okay? Type.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Even if you say type, I can’t think of much, so it’s just those.”

Well, with this, these seem to be the types that she likes. And, the important part is the third one.

…Me!? That’s not a type but an actual person!?

“I-I see…”

“What is it? Seiji-kun, your face is red. What did you find out?”

“It gives me a better understanding of the type of person that you like…”

After I explained, Hiiragi-chan looked at me teasingly with a sidelong glance while grinning.

“And so you blushed because of that? You must have been happy about it then?”

Dammit… I can’t say anything back!

After all, I secretly did it yesterday, and my third choice was also Hiiragi-chan herself.

“It seems to be the same for the both of us.”

“Eh? Why’s that?”

“… For me too, when I did it yesterday, the third one was also you, Haruka-san.”

Hiiragi-chan’s teasing immediately disappeared, as her face exploded in red.

“I-I see…”

“We have a passionate love for each other after all. Right, Haruka-san?”

“Kufuu… Don’t mention it anymore… I’ll end up melting…”

Slightly loosening her entangled arms, Hiiragi-chan then grabbed my hand in a lover’s hold.

“That’s what I thought anyways, Haruka-ojousama… such shamefulness.”

“Pl-ease-stop. Don’t say it anymore!”

She started hitting me.

Yeah, Hiiragi-chan really is easy to tease.

“If you don’t block off this teasing mouth…”

While embarrassed, she closed her eyes and stuck out her lips. I smoothly dodged it. Hiiragi-chan continued on to kiss the back of the sofa.

“W-why did you dodge!? My feeling of wanting to kiss was at a max!”

Th-this person, is so funny…

“You can’t run away.”

Firmly using both her hands to hold my face, we exchanged a long kiss.

I tried a lot of various other things, but there weren’t that many unexpected results that came out of it. It was just more confirmation that Hiiragi-chan loved me a lot. I was afraid of her stalker level, so I didn’t test her on that though.

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