The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 98

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Hiiragi’s Mother — Part 1

When I woke up, I somehow had the feeling that my time leap had been released. I thought I would do some cleaning, so I looked around the room. As I thought, I was right. My smartphone was located by the bedside, and I was alone on a slightly large bed.

Last time, the present me had written down a note, so I was able to understand the situation, but this time I didn’t. After finding my most used business bag, I pulled out my business card holder and checked it.

“Seiji-kun? If you don’t wake up, you’ll be late, you know?”

I heard Hiiragi-chan’s voice coming from outside the room.

Hiiragi-chan seemed to be used to this as her everyday life… the feeling of living together with her is really nice.

My business card had the name of a company that I didn’t know written on it. Did I not enter the HRG company? Or is it, that I couldn’t enter? 

Anyways, what’s important is that the me before my time leap, had the title of an employee at a large company. It was quite the black workplace, and the salary was also cheap, but having an official title was nice. Now that I think about it, it was a wonder that I was able to get the HRG company to hire me.

Whatever. I left the room in my pajamas, and headed to the dining room, and greeted Hiiragi-chan, who was preparing breakfast.

“Good morning, Haruka-san.”

“Yeah, good morning.”

She kissed me on the cheek. Waking up, having breakfast together, greeting each other with a kiss… so this is how nice a life living together is? However, it seems that we still weren’t engaged yet as Hiiragi-chan didn’t have a ring on her left ring finger.

This time, Natsumi-chan didn’t seem to be living with us.

Once I took my seat, I started to work through the Japanese food. Itadakimasu, after I placed my hands together and started to eat the food, I asked Hiiragi-chan a question.

“About being added into the family… if it’s going to be official, I’m going to need to greet your family.”

“Ah… Yeah… however, just wait a little bit more. My home is in kind of a mess right now, why don’t we do it after things settle down?”

Without saying any more than that, Hiiragi-chan told me that there wasn’t much time and started to pester me to hurry up.

As expected, the HRG company’s performance has probably declined.

“Your father is doing well?”

“Ummm… I don’t think he’s doing that well. Natsumi is also working hard at our company, but it seems to be bad.”

She’s the daughter of the president, so I think it’s fine even if she doesn’t work. Still, she really has everything together. 

Based on the conversation, it seems that it’s not bankrupt yet.

While we were eating, Hiiragi-chan quietly set her chopsticks down.

“Is something wrong?”

“This might be something that we shouldn’t be talking about in the morning… but, I’m currently in a fight with my mother…

She was probably fighting with her about our future together.

“We might not have gotten them to accept it yet, but we have conveyed our will to both my parents… It should be alright without greeting them now.”

“What do you mean?”

“What it means is that, talks probably won’t succeed without having it be an approval after the fact.”

“What are we going to do about the wedding?”

“No, it’s alright without one. It’s been my dream to be together with Seiji-kun ever since I started dating you.”

Hiiragi-chan made a goddess like smile. Having her say that makes me happy, but is that really alright? By the time she’s turned 27, she’s probably been to one or two weddings, and celebrated the coming together of bride and groom. The appearance of a bride in her dress is beautiful, and even Hiiragi-chan must have dreamt of being in that position. I’ve even heard that the ceremony is done just for the girl.

“Why don’t we follow the proper steps? Skipping steps, isn’t like you.”

Yeah. It really isn’t like her at all. She’s unusually negative.


It’s probably because she got in a fight with her mother over our future.

Our end goal is to marry and be together with each other, but I also want it to be a marriage blessed by everyone involved with Hiiragi-chan and I.

A wedding is also a place for showing off… Rather, I want to see Hiiragi-chan as a bride.

Fuwaah, the feeling of a time leap enveloped my whole body.

The next moment when I opened my eyes, I saw the familiar ceiling of my own room. Picking up my cell phone, I checked the date and time and realized that it was basically the same as when I time leaped. However, the time had advanced forward for about an hour.

Before my conviction cooled off, I called Hiiragi-chan.

After the ringtone repeated itself for a while, Hiiragi-chan answered with a sleepy voice.

“… He-hello…”

“Haruka-san, good morning.”

“… Good morning…”

She probably woke up from my phone call. Her tone was quite hazy.

“I’ll get everyone to accept our marriage, okay?”

“… The nattou… is in the refrigerator…”

She’s still sleep talking…

“Sorry. I’m going to marry someone.”

“……Eh!? What!?!? With who!?!?”

Ah, now she’s awake.

“Sometime in the future.”

“That’s what you meant… that surprised me.”

“As I was saying, I want to make sure we get your parents’ approval.”

“‘We’re getting married, so please give me Haruka-san.’ Something like that?”

“No, that is a little… The fact that we’re dating has already been found out by your dad, so I was thinking of letting your mother know, and allowing her to get to know me as a person.”

It’s the same as the time with Natsumi-chan. If it’s someone you don’t recognize, nor know their name, your attitude towards them will probably be strong. However, once she knows me better, her attitude towards me should soften to some extent.

“So, I want you to also let Natsumi-chan know…”

“Natsumi? Wake up. It’s Seiji-kun.”

“Uuuu… It’s impossible. I can’t wake up…”

“She’s next to you?”

“She came to play, and ended up staying over.”

“Then, I’ll head over to your place.”

“Eh? Wait wait, I haven’t prepared yet, so wait just——.”

Piii, I ended the call, and after changing, I headed over to Hiiragi-chan’s place on my bike.

“…Thief-kun… what are you thinking suddenly coming over to someone’s place like this… even if you’re close, there are manners, you know?”

The normally energetic Natsumi-chan, seemed to be weak in the mornings as well, as her eyes were a bit hazy.

“Seiji-kun? If you haven’t had breakfast yet, want to eat together?”

On the other hand, Hiiragi-chan had properly gotten dressed and was just like her usual self.

“Haru-chan… it’s a good thing you hurried and made you preparations, right…?”

“Be quiet.”

As Hiiragi-chan went into the kitchen, Natsumi-chan and I sat down in seats at the dining table. There, I let Natsumi-chan hear my thoughts.

“Then does that mean, you’re going to come over to hang out?”

“For that, I’ll be relying on you.”

“Haru-chan is also coming back…?”

“Well… if Seiji-kun is going…”

Hiiragi-chan gave a reluctant reply, but after we ate breakfast, all three of us ended up heading over to Hiiragi house.

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6 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 98

  1. Meeting the mother of your female friends is already scary for me yet alone the mother of your lover….

    Getting interrogated by parents every time I am invited by their daughters even though I’m just a friend

    Thanks for the chapter!

    My friends tend to tell me that I look quite hot when wet after swimming but look too plain when dry…

    Anyone has the same experience here??


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