The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 99

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Hiiragi’s Mother — Part 2

As expected of a rich lady, when Natsumi-chan called for someone to pick us up, a luxurious black car arrived while seemingly gliding over the rough road.

“It would’ve been fine if we commuted using my car.”

“Haru-chan, if you drive, then Mama will get mad, right?”

“I don’t listen to anything Mom says anyway.”

“Aaah, Haru-chan has really turned out for the worse.”

Looking at Hiiragi-chan sulk, Natsumi-chan laughed. Now that she mentions it, Hiiragi-chan doesn’t follow her parents’ orders at all.

An old man wearing a driver’s suit opened the door to the back seat.

“Haruka-ojousama, it has been a while.”

“Yoshinaga-san. You seem in good health.”

After showing a smile, Hiiragi-chan climbed into the car. Even an amateur such as myself could ascertain that the smile that Natsumi-chan and Hiiragi-chan showed were both a façade.

On the other hand, the driver, Yoshinaga-san, took a glance at me, and then brought his face closer.

“So, you’re Sanada Seiji.”

“Haaah… That’s right.”

“I heard from the master. I’ve been a driver, transporting Haruka-ojousama ever since she was thiiiiissss small.”

He indicated the size with his index finger and thumb.

…How small was Hiiragi-chan? Was she some kind of midget?

“I watched over her growth more than anyone else. A kid like you suddenly dating Haruka-ojousama, I won’t accept it.”

Before I could say something, I was pulled from behind with Hiiragi-chan butting in.

“Seiji-san, is my lover. He’s already recognized by Natsumi. It’s not something that you, Yoshinaga-san, should be sticking your head into.”


“But, but what? Insulting someone that I have recognized, is the same as insulting me. What is your job? Glaring at my lover? I get it. So, back off.”

Ooooh… Hiiragi-chan, she’s so cool. However, her tone is completely different from normal.

Natsumi-chan was looking over worriedly, but since nothing happened, she patted her chest in relief.

Yoshinaga-san kept quiet as he watched us take our seats in the back, and then closed the door.

“The main house will be coming up.”

After telling us that one thing, he stepped on the accelerator.

Still, that was quite the reaction. Having her driver act like that toward her partner, just emphasizes the fact that Hiiragi-chan is treasured by other people.

“Haru-chan, doesn’t appreciate that our house is like that.”

As if she didn’t hear Natsumi-chan’s voice, Hiiragi-chan continued to hold my hand while dazedly gazing out the window. Noticing that, the face of the driver, Yoshinaga, that was displayed in the mirror, turned bitter for just a moment.

“Being too treasured, Haruka-san turned out for the worse I guess.”

“I didn’t turn out for the worse. Once you become an adult, you become independent, right?”

For a normal household, it would not be unusual for someone to begin living alone after college and starting work. But for a household that doesn’t need to work like the Hiiragi family, they wouldn’t fit within that normal frame.

Wanting to know how Hiiragi-chan’s day-to-day life was, Yoshinaga asked a question, to which she gave a suitable reply with a forced smile.

After driving the car for about an hour, we arrived at our destination. It looked like a mansion that was made after cutting out a part of a mountain, and as such, it was quite big. From the main gate, there was still quite a distance to the front door.

“Well, how is it? Thief-kun.”

“I can’t say it’s the mansion that I imagined.”

I glanced at Hiiragi-chan, and noticed that she wasn’t looking too good. Now that I think about it, ever since she got in the car, she hasn’t said much.

“Are you okay, Haruka-san?”

“Last time… the house arrest…”

Did it end up as a trauma!?

When we were let off at the entrance, a young maid greeted us with a bow, “Haruka-ojousama, Natsumi-ojousama, welcome home” and then opened the large doors.

Of course, the maid had also taken several glances at me.

The maid stuck out her hand as Natsumi-chan naturally handed over her small bag.

“Natsumi-chan, did the people of this house know that I was coming?”

“I just told them that a friend of ours was coming.”

If you say a friend, and bring a male, there will be various misunderstandings.

“There’s nothing in Haru-chan’s room, so let’s go to mine first.”

While walking on a carpet that muffled our footsteps like that of a luxurious hotel, Natsumi-chan guided us to her room on the second floor. It was larger than Hiiragi-chan’s room, and of course, my room as well. With a number of stuffed animals placed by the window, it really felt like a girl’s room.

“Ojou-sama, should I bring some tea?”

“No. It’s fine.”

She had the maid go out, and it became just the three of us.

“Thief-kun, don’t look around too much, okay?”

“I won’t do anything rude.”

I sat down on the sofa. next to the lower energy level Hiiragi-chan.

“Mama will come back in a little while, so I’ll introduce you then. I think she wants me to introduce you to her without being told to.”

“What type of person is your mother?

“She’s a little strict when it comes to courtesy, but other than that, she’s pretty normal. Well, for Thief-kun it’ll probably feel like a powerful upper-class lady.”

I did catch a glimpse of her at the hotel restaurant, but since I didn’t speak to her face to face, I can’t help but feel anxious. I came in a slightly rough appearance, is that okay?

We decided on a few things after discussing plans on facing Hiiragi Mama. First, I would be introduced as Natsumi-chan’s friend and exchange formalities and greetings. About me being her friend, well, it isn’t a lie, so it should be fine. Then, we would look at how things go, and reveal the truth.

Based on what Natsumi-chan has said, Hiiragi Papa has already told Hiiragi Mama about me. I was also there that day on the marriage interview so there is a possibility they talked about me.

“Haru-chan, what will you do? Will you see Mama?”


Hiiragi-chan has been quiet for a while now. Her energy level really is quite low.

“Haru-chan, there’s no need for you to force yourself to meet her, right?”

Hmm? When I returned to the present, Hiiragi-chan had said that she was in the middle of a fight with Hiiragi Mama.

Was that… something that continued from now?

“You’re fighting with your mother?”

“Yeah… that’s how it is.”

“Last time, when you came back, it was really unusual.”

“For me as well… I thought after becoming an adult and learning some more common sense, I would properly have a conversation with mother, but she forced me into that marriage interview…”

As she was about to continue on to say something a knock came from the door. Once Natsumi-chan told them that they could come in, the maid from the entrance came in.

“The madam has returned. What will you do?”

…Thinking that it was about time, I ended up getting nervous. However, Hiiragi-chan had a stronger reaction than me. I don’t have an impression of her mother as a scary person, but maybe it had something to do some trauma from the house arrest, or maybe it’s because they are in the middle of a fight.

“Thank you. Let mother know that she should wait for us in the reception room.”


The maid steps back and closed the door.

I’ll first be introduced as Natsumi-chan’s friend, and if Hiiragi-chan’s present, then there will be various complications. That’s what Nastumi-chan decided.

Having the unenergetic Hiiragi-chan wait here for a bit, the two of us left the room.

“Are they really on such terrible terms?”

“For Haru-chan, it’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that she was super opposed to everything Haru-chan is doing. Secretly getting a teacher’s license to become independent, teaching at a school, living alone… that’s all I know. ”

As a result of that, Hiiragi-chan ended up fulfilling her own wishes. Since there isn’t a reason for her to work, it’s not like I don’t understand the reason for opposition. But still, I don’t think it’s right to remain on bad terms like this.

If this is left unattended, Hiiragi-chan will continue to carry this burden in the future and end up marrying without her parent’s consent at the end of the day. With that, it would be the same as elopement.

Once we arrived at the reception room, I sat down next to Nastumi-chan on the sofa. It really felt like a rich reception room. The sofa felt nice, and the walls were decorated with priceless looking paintings.

A maid soon opened the door, and then Hiiragi Mama came in.

I stood up and bowed.

“Thank you for allowing me to intrude today. My name is Sanada Seiji.”

My business persona was on full throttle. This was something that a normal high schooler would be incapable of doing.

“Thank you for being so polite. Are you the friend that Natsumi was talking about?”

“Yes. We were able to meet on chance, and today, I was invited to visit.”

“That’s right.”

She was a friendly-looking person, and her face had a similar atmosphere to Natsumi-chan, blended with the fluffy feeling of Hiiragi-chan.

Yeah. She really does seem like the mother of the two sisters. She seemed to be in her mid 40’s and was covered from head to toe in elegant apparel.

Hiiragi Mama, wearing Japanese clothing, sat across from us. Being urged to sit down, I also took a seat.

“It isn’t a friend from school, right?”

“Yes. A friend from outside of school.”


When she was asked in such a teasing manner, Natsumi-chan shook her head.

“T-that’s not it! Sanada-san just has a friendly relationship with me, having meals together or drinking tea.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

The conversation turned towards me, so I firmly nodded my head.

“Yes. I had the opportunity to meet Natsumi-san multiple times outside, and so it became like this.”

Natsumi-chan nodded along with blushing cheeks as I gave my supporting remark.

“Has Nastumi-chan done anything careless around you?”


“No no. That’s not how it is. She’s quite responsible..”

Just like this, Hiiragi Mama asked about how Natsumi-chan was outside.

Really. If you take out the fact that she’s rich, it’s just as Natsumi-chan had said, she’s a normal mother. It’s a bit disappointing.

If that’s the case, however, I wonder if Hiiragi-chan can properly make up with her.

“Natsumi is responsible, that’s unexpected.”

“Since Onee-sama is so airheaded, it’s natural that I would turn out like this, right?”

Even though she was calm, when Hiiragi-chan was mentioned, her gaze suddenly felt like it turned cold.

Natsumi-chan turned her line of sight towards me. She’s probably going to say it.

“Mother, Sanada-san… you misunderstood and thought of him as my boyfriend, but he actually already has a lover.”

“Oh? Natsumi, that’s unfortunate then.”

“A-as I was saying, that’s not the reason that I am accompanying him… Aaaah, the reason I am with him here is purely as friends… ummm….”

Hiiragi Mama started laughing after seeing Natsumi-chan hesitate. It seems that even though she knows that Hiiragi-chan has a lover, she doesn’t remember my name.

Receiving Natsumi-chan’s pass, I started speaking about our true goal.

“The girl that I am dating is… Natsumi-san’s sister, Haruka-san.”

“Ah, I see. So, it’s you…”

All she did was raise a surprised voice. There was no strong reaction like there was with Hiiragi Papa. When I looked into her eyes, the interest that she had when talking about Natsumi-chan’s boyfriend was not present anymore.

“…There is a bit of an age difference, but we are seriously dating each other. S-someday, we will consider marrying each other.”

“Eeeeeeeeeeh!? Reaaaaalllllyyyyy!?”

Natsumi-chan turned over in surprise.

“Y-you guys are already at that—”

“Natsumi. Don’t shout like that. It’s shameful. Also, mind your words.”

Yes, Natsumi-chan said and then sat down on the couch again.

When I looked fearfully at Hiiragi Mama, she nodded multiple times.

“Sanada-san, I have certainly heard your resolve. Please do as you will.”



We got the okay!?

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8 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 99

  1. Well that was a surprise outcome. I would have thought that Hiragi mama would be more opposed to the relationship. But, there seems to be a catch.
    We’ll see ok the next chapter what happen


    • While walking on a carpet that muffled our footsteps like that of a luxurious hotel, Natsumi-chan guided us to her room on the second room.

      “her room on the second room”? Shouldn’t it be something more like “her room on the second floor/etc.”?


  2. Really, all that stuff about getting approval from the parents and even him saying not getting approval would be elopement… Just how antiquated is Japan in this aspect?! According to my commonsense you should introduce your lover to your parents and they can tell you their impressions and express their opinion.
    However they can’t decide anything and you don’t NEED their approval, though most would introduce their lover before marriage. If you are on bad terms with your parents like Hiiragi-chan, then they won’t even know you are married, when your eldest child visits college. And that is completely fine and nearly nobody, not the teenagers, nor the young adults, nor the middle-aged would frown upon this act.
    Only a minority of the elderly would frown upon this, with the majority of elderly being open-minded enough. If you are on bad terms with your parents, then your grandparents may even support you in your marriage endeavours.

    As such all this stuff about getting approval from her parents and not being able to marry, if her parents do not approve, causes me to be incredibly annoyed and angry and all this seems just stupid to me.


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