The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – ss1


Side Story – 1

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

Recently, Hiiragi-chan seems to like going shopping at the supermarket together, so I often get dragged along.

“Seiji-kun. What do you want for dinner?

While picking up a basket from the stack, Hiiragi-chan asked me.

“What do I want…?”

The meals that Hiiragi-chan makes are usually good. That’s why I’m fine with anything. However, when I said that to her one time.

“Seiji-kun, anything is fine is the most troublesome answer.”

Was her response. Just as I remembered that and had a hard time finding a response, there was some bamboo placed by the entrance. There was a long desk like one you would see at schools, a bunch of colorful strips of paper, and some pens.


“Indeed, Tanabata.”

“Will you write something?”

“That sounds good. Let’s do it.”

Hiiragi-chan seemed really into it. What will she write, I wonder? As I peeked at her hand holding the pen, she turned back towards me.

“What are you looking at? Seiji-kun, you’re writing something too.”

She poked me with the pen that still had the cap on.

“You were the one who suggested writing something too, Seiji-kun.”

“I just thought that Sensei would want to write something.”

“And there you are calling me Sensei again.”

She pouted and then poked me with the pen some more.

“For me, it definitely has to be this, there’s nothing other than this…”

She seemed to think of something as Hiiragi-chan loosened her mouth embarrassingly.

“There’s nothing else?”

I wonder what she’s talking about.

“If you aren’t going to write one, then no peeking.”

Hiiragi-chan made sure that her paper was in my blind spot, before running the pen across the paper.

“I’m done~”

Trying to make sure I never got a look, she turned it away from me, and tied the slip of paper onto the bamboo.

“Eh, w-what did you write?”

When I tried to stretch my neck to look, Hiiragi-chan moved around to guard and block my vision.

“You can’t.”

I’m curious. Even more so after she said that this was her only choice.

“I’ll be going first, so think about what you want to eat.”

Hiiragi-chan, who is in a good mood, walked away energetically with a bounce in her step. She grabbed a basket, before heading off to the produce section.

…Hiiragi-chan, you know, if you leave me alone, I can just go take a peek at the piece of paper you know? However, she really seemed like she didn’t want me to see it, so I guess I’ll just give up on that.

After a bit of thinking, I wrote down one of my wishes on a slip of paper.

I found Hiiragi-chan in the produce section examining cabbages and then quickly chased after her.

“Have you decided on what you want to eat?”

“What about soumen?”

“That sounds good.”

There has never been a time when Hiiragi-chan denied me the food I suggested. However, she does seem to care about calorie intake, as there are times where she complains when I suggest fast food.

We purchased ingredients and after settling the bill we went to leave out the entrance we came in from. Ah. My slip, I had flipped it over, but the front was now facing forward. Well, I guess it won’t be found out. I didn’t write my name after all.


Hiiragi-chan took a sidelong glance at the bamboo, and her expression loosened.

“Gosh, Seiji-kun…”

She playfully complained as she one-sidedly began to hit me as I while I was holding the ingredients. Huh? Did she find out…?

“I’m at the very least able to recognize Seiji-kun’s handwriting.”

“Uwah. So only mine was found out. That’s somewhat embarrassing…”

“That’s not true. I also wrote the same thing.”


Yeah, Hiiragi-chan nodded with a shy smile. It’s that one, she said as she pointed at a slip of paper in confirmation.

[I wish to always be with the person I love.]

That was written in Hiiragi-chan’s handwriting.

“Once we get home, let’s kiss a lot.”

She whispered in my ear.

“No, go cook. That’s why we bought the ingredients right?”

“Geez! Why are you so cold!?”

Her expression made it seem like she was mad, but Hiiragi-chan was definitely happy.


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