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Their First Encounter.

September 1, it was the first day after our long and hot summer vacation came to an end. 

For most students, it would be a highly problematic event, one that they would have to face whether they liked it or not. 

But for me, it was completely different, I was looking forward to this day ever since the first moment of summer vacation rolled by.

The reason would be simple, I would be able to see Kawashima-kun again.

The last time I saw him was on the closing ceremony, he was wearing his normal summer uniform comprising of a white half-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and a black necktie which went perfectly with his uniform. 

Surely, anyone would say that it was the same uniform which more than 700 males who attended Haru academy wore, but on Kawashima-kun, it just seemed different.

Kawashima-kun was a student of class ‘1-E’, while I was a student of ‘1-A’.

It was a random shuffling that led to the students being placed in the classes they were in, but I hope that next year, I get to be in the same class as him.

The number of students in our school were excessive, 1500 students walked through the corridors of this school everyday. 500 attending classes of each grade. 

Each grade in our school has ten sections, a person could be randomly assigned to any class from A to J, there is one-in-a-ten chance that I would be placed into Kawashima-kun’s class next year, but none caused harm by hoping.

Kawashima-kun was an above average student who achieved 125th rank out of the 500 students in our grade. 

Kawasumi-kun had brown hair, which were always perfectly arranged, as if bedhead was an alien concept to them. He had an unnoticeably attractive face, he wasn’t too eye-catching, but neither was it bad to be seen with him. He had medium-sized brown eyes and the same coloured eyebrows which accompanied them. He had a slightly pointed nose, and that indifferent and aloof air always surrounding his being. He was around 175 centimetres, but he seemed much taller than he looked because of the calm and composed look he always had on his face. His small bangs always hanging down on his forehead, covering his temple slightly, if he were to tilt his head downwards by a certain angle, it would be impossible to see his eyes because of his bangs.

If I were to explain how and when I had fallen in love with him, it certainly wasn’t on our first encounter.

Our first encounter…

It was the end of April, a relatively quiet and relaxed morning, I was being stared at by all the guys who walked past me, their eyes full of lust and perverseness. I was used to these stares, so I calmly moved through the corridor, and as I could see my class ‘1-A’ in view, I heaved a sigh of relief as I realized that once I entered my classroom, the lustful stares of the boys will be limited to the ones in my class.

My class was the nearest one to the staircase which led to the second floor.

As I decreased the distance between my classroom and myself, all my concentration was gathered towards the signboard above the door which indicated that it was in fact, my class.

That was a huge mistake on my part, or so I believed at that time, for the current me, it was the best possible error I could’ve made.

As I clutched the straps of my backpack, I felt an impact on my flank, and was sent rolling on the ground. Because of the nature of my backpack, my books were safe, but the same couldn’t be said about me. 

It seemed like my ankle was twisted, and was throbbing uncontrollably, while I tried to regain my composure, I heard a voice of concern from my side.

“Hey, are you okay?”

It was the voice of a boy who was clad in a calm and composed air, his voice a sort of calming effect. I opened my eyes completely, and there he was, looking at my face from a distance which couldn’t be called too close, but neither was it a distance that any boy in life has been able to approach.

“U-Umm, I am alright, it’s just my ankle.”

I said so unreservedly, I wanted to know who he was, how was he able to talk to me so calmly.

I remembered my younger days, since I was in elementary school, I was a prime target for confessions and gifts, whenever I approach a boy, he would blush and start to panic excessively, it had been the same for more than eight years, so my interaction with the opposite sex was very limited. 

But there he was, as calm as a laburnum tree without any of its branches being used as nests for chirping and energetic birds.

“Okay, got it. Here, take my hand.”

Saying so, he extended his hand in my direction, the only thing I could notice was that his right forearm looked unusually strong, I unconsciously grasped his hand, he instantly lifted me up from the ground as if I was just an infant.

He supported me as we reached the staircase, my face was slightly red as it had been years since I had been in such close proximity to a boy, and like his forearms, his shoulders were strong as well.

“Just sit here and extend your foot.”

I thought that this was an indirect attempt to glance under my skirt, so I instantly put up my guard. But when I looked at his face, it was as calm and composed as it had been since I first saw it, his eyes didn’t have a speck of malicious intent, he was purely asking me to extend my foot because he was concerned.

This was the first time since my second year in middle school that I encountered a person who didn’t have any ulterior motive while seeking me out.

I obeyed and stuck out my right foot which was still throbbing and paining, I clenched my teeth as to not let out a scream filled with distress.

The people started gathering around us, the staircase above was filled with people and so was the first floor corridor. Upperclassmen and my peers started gathering to look at the spectacle in front of them.

My mind was in chaos but as soon as I glanced at his face, all my worries vanished, he had the same calm look, which seemed to have gotten even calmer.

He extended both of his hands and removed the shoe on my foot, he wrapped both of his hands around my ankle.

“Hey, what is he doing to our Miya-chan?” “Why is our Miya-chan sitting on that dirty step?” “It looks like she is in pain.” “If he was the one who caused our Miya-chan suffering, we would annihilate him.” And some other comments of the same nature were flying about in the corridor, the eyes of all the guys was glued to my skirt and bosom, while the girls were looking at my foot where he had been rubbing both of his hands gently.

“Hey, what are you doing!?”

I started to doubt his methods, I had a sudden thought that he was just taking advantage of the situation and I asked in a clearly harsh voice.

“Shut up, Princess.”

He said those words so calmly that it felt like they lost their meaning, but he told me to ‘shut up’, a phrase so uncommon for me that I had forgotten what it meant.

After he said so, he gripped my ankle with tremendous strength and twisted me heel part with a sudden jerking motion.


I couldn’t help but scream with all my might, sparkling jewels forming on the edge of my eyes.

“That should do it.”

After he said so, I realized that the pain in my ankle had disappeared. The pain which was enough to make me scream a minute ago had now completely ceased.

“You should be conscious of the path, don’t solely focus on the destination.”

He dropped these words as he made his way through the dense crowd, which was still in a daze following my scream.

That was my first encounter with the person I am in love with, Kawashima Takumi.

“Hey, Takumi, wake up, it is our first day back and you’re sleeping in the morning.”

“Leave me alone. I had gotten in the habit of waking up at ten.”

I received a wake-up slap on my back from the only person who truly knew me, he was the only son of one of my father’s friends. Before dying, it seemed that my father had already prepared for me to enter Haru Academy with Fumiya.

Aoki Fumiya, he is my best friend and the only person who knows my true identity. 

He is a fit guy of about the same height as me, but he seems to be very smart, for the norm that is, he managed to get into the top 20 in our grade, well, that was to be expected.

His long black hair are tied with a rubber band on the back of his head, in addition to his academic superiority, he is very impressive at sports, and his looks are nothing to scoff at either.

He is up there in the list of the most popular people in the school, but he still manages to annoy me whenever he finds the opportunity.

“What do you mean habit? You gotta pull yourself together Takumi. Oh~ Look, look, there’s the perfect thing to get you going in the morning.”

Fumiya excitedly pointed his finger downwards, it was the path which led to our building from the school entrance.

Our school, Haru Academy was a famous and humongous school where 500 children enrolled every year, the school itself was quite luxurious, the infrastructure was strong and well planned, there were three buildings in total, every building encompassed ten classes of each grade. Each floor of the building held three classes and other rooms for various purposes such clubrooms, staff rooms, or just ordinary storage rooms.

My class ‘1-E’ was on the second floor and adjacent to the staircase.

The part where Fumiya pointed at was a well constructed brick path which the first-year students used to commute between the school gate and their classes.

There was one person in particular who walked alone on that path, other people just left the path for her, and stared at her as she passed them by. It somehow looked like a Royal Procession. She walked like a goddess among mortals, seemingly unaffected by the stares from all of the school. Not just the students of first-year, second-year and third-year upperclassmen also yearned for her from the bottom of their heart. 

She is effectively the school’s number one.

“And why would the Princess get me going in the morning?”

“You still calling her ‘Princess’, didn’t you tell me that she explicitly told you to not call her that?”

“‘Princess’ just rolls of the tongue. ‘Kobayashi-san’ is too long, and it’s not like I have too much interaction with her, or rather, I wish there wouldn’t be any interaction between us for the rest of my life.”

“Yeah, well, the way you guys first met sent an uproar throughout the whole student body, remember?”

“Leave me alone, Fumiya.”

“Fine, fine, just wake up before the homeroom starts, ‘kay?”


I just dropped my head back down on the table, recalling my first encounter with the Princess that Fumiya talked about.

It was the end of a pretty normal April, and it was the happiest one month of my life.

I was in my class, fiddling with my phone, when I got a call from Fumiya.

“Come down, let’s grab some fresh air.”

He said.


I replied. It was better to grab some fresh air in the morning rather than spending time in the classroom.

I simply stood up from my seat, answered the courteous queries of my classmates as to my sudden urge to go out, and made my way towards the first floor while slowly descending the stairs.

When I finally reached the first floor and confirmed Fumiya’s location, a girl suddenly crashed into me and fell over. I wondered who was stupid enough to crash into someone who was standing in the same position for the last two minutes, the answer to my question was provided as soon as I glanced downwards.

There she was, as beautiful as the rumours labelled her to be. Her face more beautiful than a well-made bisque doll’s. Her black, long and lustrous hair swaying with the wind, her big and shiny black eyes, her long eyelashes and that perfectly shaped nose, below which her rose coloured and moist lips generated a radiance of attractiveness. 

Her curves were are impressive and feminine as my classmate’s described them to be, her pearl white and seductive thighs peeked through the gap between her knee-socks and skirt, she was a representation of the perfect woman, a woman that every man yearned for, but was out of their reach.

“Hey, are you okay?”

I asked, my voice and demeanor unaffected by the beauty akin to a goddess in front of me.

“U-Umm, I am alright, it’s just my ankle.”

She started timid at first, but it immediately turned into an unreserved tone, as if saying ‘help me’.

“Okay, got it. Here, take my hand.”

I said so while examining her ankle with my eyes and figuring out my next move. Her ankle was simply twisted, but maybe the force of the weight which was put on her foot during the impact with the ground did some unwarranted damage.

I extended my hand in her direction which she grasped after what seemed like a moment of daze, I supported her as we reached the staircase which was just about two metres away.

“Just sit here and extend your foot.”

I said so while lowering her on the last step of the staircase, she obediently settled on the step about caressing her skirt, and after a bit of consideration, extended her foot towards me.

People started to gather around us, but they were of no importance, I just needed to do my thing and get myself out of this predicament. If I were to stay with this beauty for more time than necessary, I would surely be a target of immense scowling from the male populace.

I could hear vulgar comments about me thrown around in the crowd, but they were all beautifully ignored as I gently removed the shoe worn on her right foot.

I wrapped both my hands around her ankle as to determine the correct spot, after about thirty seconds of no result, the touching transformed into rubbing, and I was finally able to discern the perfect location.

“Hey, what are you doing!?”

Her tone was harsh and doubtful, but I had little time for that now, I could make out Fumiya’s silhouette from the corner of my eye.

“Shut up, Princess.”

I called her princess because I had no idea what her last name was. The whole school referred to her as ‘Miya-chan’, and calling her ‘princess’ seemed much more appropriate.

I used a little bit of strength to grip her foot, I placed my thumb on the spot where her nerves seemed to be jumbled up, and twisted her ankle with just enough force to get the job done, any more force and it would’ve had an opposite effect.


She produced an extremely lovely scream, it was as lovely as her voice, her voice, a melody which would touch everyone’s heartstrings, no exception whatsoever.

“That should do it.”

I noticed that everyone around us entered a daze after her scream penetrated her heart, so I made my escape.

But before I vanished from her sight, I decided to drop some necessary knowledge.

“You should be conscious of the path, don’t solely focus on the destination.”

Saying so, I joined up with Fumiya, who kept asking me questions about what was going on and we made our way to the class after the crowd had cleared.

That was my first encounter with the Princess, an existence that was exactly opposite of mine.

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