The Line That Separates Them. — Line 12

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Prelude to Disturbance.

“Hey, I was wondering…”

Chiaki and I were standing outside class 1-E, peering inside and having a comfortable silence between us. However, this silence was broken with Chiaki’s abrupt voice.


I reluctantly took my eyes off of the trio of Aoki-kun, Minami and Takumi who were talking on Takumi’s table. Honestly speaking, only Aoki-kun and Minami seemed interested in the conversation, while Takumi appeared ready to doze off at any moment,

“Numerous guys are worshipping the very ground you walk on, and yet, you fall for the one guy who doesn’t even spare you a glance. I do not comprehend your logic and reasoning behind your choice even after you’ve explained it to me countless times.”

Striking where it hurts the most, huh?

“‘Worshipping the very ground I walk on’, isn’t that a bit too exaggerated Chi-chan?”

“No, it’s not. Don’t dodge the question.”

“You say that… But isn’t it the same for Minami?”

“It isn’t, you and I both know that.”

You are correct. Minami is different from me, but even so, she isn’t a girl who can fall in love like a normal girl and strive to live a normal life either.

“Is that so?”

I managed to avoid giving her something to work with.

“Hand over your phone for a second.”

Normally, I don’t show my phone to anybody, for it has many secrets stored within. However, Chiaki has access to all that my life holds, so a mere phone isn’t something inaccessible to her.


I hand over my phone to her on reflex.

“Your lock screen is a picture of him, your home screen is a picture of him. Even your password is ‘takumiya’, just how obsessed with him are you?”

I even have a folder on my phone named ‘Takumi’, not that it matters. It’s just that looking at his picture when his real body is far away provides me with some form of relief.

“I was conflicted between ‘miyakumi’ and ‘takumiya’, but I guess this works.”

“That. Is. Not. The. Point.”

Chiaki puffed up her cheeks and proceeded to fold her hands as if to announce her dissatisfaction.

“Hehe, just kidding. It’s fun though~ This feeling. For the first time in my life… I do not feel anxious about someone of the opposite gender. For the first time, I don’t feel objectified by someone’s eyes. It’s all fluffy and fuzzy. I love it.”

“Yes, yes, fluffy-san, homeroom is about to start, let’s go.”

I don’t want to go to class, I don’t like the boys in the class going on about my three sizes and the teacher allowing it like it is the most natural thing in the universe.

“Gonna get talked about in class again, huh?”

“It’s funny though. People passionately debating over whether you should be a maid or cat.”

That is… humiliating on so many levels that it isn’t even funny.

“Shut up.”

“Let’s go, I don’t think Minami will be coming to talk to us.”

Chiaki pointed to where the three of them were gathered and said in an indifferent tone.

“Yeah… She’s busy conversing with Takumi, how enviable. I wish I was in the same class as well.”


Chiaki started massaging her temple, but before she could say anything, I grabbed her hand and led her down the staircase.

It was a busy morning, we had decided that it would be in the best interest of the class to do a maid-cafe. The debate was… passionate, to say the least. Well. I couldn’t say I found it fun being objectified in the middle of the class. However, I held out after Chiaki reminded me that he would probably see me in the costume as well, which, even though embarrassing, could help me get closer to him.

The lunch break seemed lonely as Takumi and Aoki-kun had some work to take care of, so the trio of Chiaki, Minami and myself spent our time in the garden while eating our lunch boxes. We were sitting on a three-person bench and absent-mindedly munching on our food when Minami abruptly spoke up.

“Sorry for this morning. It’s just that Aoki-kun managed to get Takumi-kun into the conversation concerning the cultural festival. It was his idea, after all.”

“It’s fine. It was clear how happy you were while talking to him.”

“Are you trying to make me jealous or something?”

We were left talking about such things while watching other students either play or eat.

“Isn’t he going to stay back along with the others for the preparations? The festival is just around the corner.”

Chiaki said so while twirling a pair of chopsticks in her fingers.

“No. He’s not staying. He has work.”

“And the class is allowing that?”

I asked so because even the students affiliated with clubs have to contribute to their class’s projects.

“Aoki-kun will be doing double the work in place of Takumi-kun who will stay only when it is comfortable with him.”

“And Aoki-kun agreed to it?”

“It seemed as though he was blackmailed, but yeah, he agreed.”

I don’t know why, but I can imagine how that could be true. Immediately after, two girls from Minami’s class whom I’ve been introduced to before came over while running with all their strength.

They stopped in front of the bench we were sitting on, bent over to take in the air, and said in an urgent voice.

““Minami… A fight.””

We looked at each other and then at the girls, zero sense of interest found in any of us.

“It’s Kawashima-kun! Kawashima-kun’s fighting!!”

Now then. Looks like food has been sent to the lowest of priorities. We looked at each other again and nodded as we confirmed our plan of action without uttering even a single word. Packing our half-eaten lunch boxes, we left them at the bench itself.

“Lead us.”

You look so cool Captain Minami! We followed behind the two girls in haste and ended up on an open area where a small crowd was already gathered. Looking at us coming, people left a way for us to reach the center. It’s times like these when I appreciate my reputation.

As we moved through the formation and approached the frontlines, the view we saw was fascinating. A beautiful princess hiding taking cover behind a gallant prince, who is standing up to a drunk man trying to assault the princess- or so it would seem to the others. To us, it looked like a sister taking refuge behind her brother’s back.

“I still don’t get what is happening here…”

The question which should’ve been asked by one of us spectators was asked by the center of attention himself.

“Get away from her! You filthy first-year!”

First-year? Looking closely… The one standing in front of Kawashima siblings while assuming an attacking stance is the ace of the baseball club… A third-year male who’s very popular even in other schools. This fact is further established by the necktie brandished upon his body, a blue one, which is provided exclusively to the third-year students.

“‘You filthy first-year’, I don’t understand why you are attacking me for my age. What even is happening here? Why is a third-year out here on the first-year grounds? Isn’t the distance from the third-year campus to the first-year campus quite straining? And why does it feel like you are ready to fight me?”

“Shut up! I asked out Kawashima-san! But she refused! And when I pushed for the reason, she fled and came running to you and hid behind your back! The situation is clear then! Fight me over Kawashima-san! The one who wins between us can have Kawashima-san!”

What is up with this misunderstanding!! I understand that Miyuki-senpai is one of the most popular people in the school. Period. But even so, is this guy crazy? What era is this? Looking over at Takumi… He just looks confused. Why does this guy have to go and annoy Takumi!?

“Is this true? So you turned this guy down?”

In the face of a guy ten centimeters taller than him and with superficially better physique than him, Takumi calmly and gently asked the girl hiding behind his back.

“I did. But even after saying it a hundred times, he just wouldn’t stop pestering me, telling me that I have a boyfriend and that he would fight him over me.”

She said with a tone tinged with annoyance and tiredness. A moment ago, she appeared to be quite scared and anxious. However, as soon as she was exposed to Takumi’s calm atmosphere, her shoulders relaxed and her true feelings came out. I know that feeling, feeling of reliability and tranquility that Takumi generates.

“I understand. But I still don’t get why we are fighting, senpai.”

“Because you are the one she loves, and if I defeat you, she’ll love me.”

“Your logic is flawed on so many levels that it isn’t even humane anymore. But then again, I guess baseball and smartness aren’t the best of friends, huh.”

““““Pfft, hahaha””””

People all around me started laughing at the pitiful state of the ace of our baseball team. I couldn’t hold myself back either, so I giggled a bit as well.

“S-Shut up!! Fight me for Kawashima-san’s love!!”

“Hmm, ‘Kawashima-san”, huh. Senpai, you want to fight me, won’t you even ask my name?”

“E-Eh, W-What is it? Not that it matters.”

“It’s Kawashima, Kawashima Takumi.”

I was shocked over the fact that he announced his relationship with Miyuki-senpai which he’s been trying to conceal from the rest of the school.

“Kawashima… So you’re… married…?”

Listening to that was a good way to get over the previous shock. Takumi turned his neck back and looked at the girl clinging to his back.

“Good decision rejecting him…”

Now I wonder how he’s popular?

Takumi turned his head back after telling that to his sister.

“That is how it is… Please leave my wife alone, or do you wish for me to take legal action?”

Hahaha, he’s playing along! I didn’t realize that he had that kind of side to him.

“N-No, b-but-”

“Fumiya, take him and escort him back to the third-year building properly. And please explain to him about the Japanese marriage laws on the way.”

“Hahaha, okay boss.”

Fumiya emerged from the crowd along with multiple other boys and took the reluctant and resisting senpai by his arms and disappeared.

“Please refrain from bringing someone like him here again.”

My attention, which was focused on the leaving group of men was snatched again by Takumi’s voice which was directed towards his sister.

“I thought it would be interesting.”

“Well… I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t. I can’t comprehend how he manages to live his daily life like that. Or maybe it’s because of love? They say that love makes you stupid in more ways than you can imagine.”

Is it just me or did he steal a glance at the three of us? As it was happening, a boy started walking in Takumi’s direction until he was facing him, if my memory serves me right, that is one of Takumi’s friends.

“Kawashima, so, what exactly is the relation between you two? I mean, Miyuki-senpai is the whole first-year’s idol.”

“Have you caught that senpai’s disease Yuzaki? She’s my sister. Blood-related. Didn’t I tell you before that I have a sister?”

“You did… But you didn’t say she was the Miyuki-senpai.”

“I didn’t see a reason to. But now you know, right? Shouldn’t you guys disperse? There are less than ten minutes left.”

He looked around, at us, at everybody else who had gathered, and then subtly grabbed hold of his sister’s hand and led her away from the crowd. Nobody stopped him, nobody could. However, one thing still bugs me, why did he announce his relationship with his sister so easily? Wasn’t he trying so hard to keep it a secret? Has something happened? Will something happen?

All of us were left there, contemplating on such things while looking at the stihoulletes of the two people in concern disappear into the distance, in the direction of the second-year building.

What are you thinking Takumi? What goes inside that head of yours? How can I get closer to you? Will this distance between us persist forever?

“I am tired.”

“Well… You just had a three-hour interview, I can understand why you’re tired.”

“And then I had to make breakfast and feed Sana. You could at least make breakfast Fumiya…”

“Yeah… No.”

We were having such a conversation while standing in the garage of our house. We were running late than usual, so I decided that we would ride the bike to school this morning, but I was stuck here wondering which one I should take. I am personally in love with motorsports, and as such, I have a sweet and expensive collection of motorcycles.

“Guess we’ll go with this one.”

I touch the seat of one of the motorcycles and station myself on it soon after, Fumiya sits behind me while holding both of our backpacks. I would normally take out my BMW R 1250 G in the morning, but as we are going directly to school today, I opted for the Harley Davidson. It may be on the flashy side of things but it isn’t as if I will be showing it off to the other students.

“It’s past 8 already, let’s go Takumi.”

“Yes. Lily, open the garage door, close it soon after. Raise all the security and privacy parameters to level three. No one should be coming today if someone does come, notify me via a text.”


Commanding so, I startup my motorcycle and take off in the direction of the school.

“Hey, did you listen to that interview this morning?”

“I couldn’t hear the whole thing, but the little part I did hear was freaking amazing.”\

“Did you see their new phone? It’s a god-tier gadget!”

“All their updates are awesome. Even the game that The Oracle made is a masterpiece!”

I could hear such compliments running around the whole male student body while we were walking towards the school building after parking the motorcycle about one kilometer away from the school gate. And to be honest, this does put a smile on my face.

“Someone’s happy hearing their praise, huh?”

“Well Fumiya, when I hear the praise coming from someone who doesn’t know that the company’s CEO is hearing it, its value increases tenfold. It’s like I am listening to the unfiltered thoughts of the consumers, and those thoughts being positive is nothing short of a blessing for a businessman.”

“Yes, yes, you certainly love your consumers.”

We entered our class while keeping the voice of our conversation low, and as soon as we both passed the line of no return that was our class door, we were jumped by a certain beauty.

“Ah~ You are here Takumi-kun, I need to talk to you about the cultural festival…”

It looks like she realized that she was standing way too close to me and the distance between our faces was one which could’ve been measured by a small ruler.

“N-N-Needless t-to s-say, Aoki-kun can j-join too.”

I’d rather just sleep because I am tired- Or so I would like to say, but as an inhabitant of this planet, you just aren’t allowed to ignore something this adorable. Fumiya looked in my direction, I nodded my head slightly and heaved a small sigh at the realization that my sleep will be left unfinished.

We talked for many minutes that followed, the princess did come, but Minami was so engrossed in the conversation that she didn’t even notice her presence. Minami’s line of sight was unwavering and glued towards me, which was a whole lot awkward in itself.

We talked about many things concerning the cultural festival. I wasn’t into it at first, but the pressure from the two other people sitting on the table managed to suck me in, and I had to contribute to the conversation.

The classes proceeded as planned, or so I heard because I was busy completing my sleep. And when the lunch break arrived, something interesting yet tiresome happened, and I had to let people know about my relationship with one of the most popular students on campus. Vice-president of the student council, Kawashima Takumi.

However, in my case, it was partially planned as I was going to announce my relationship with her either way. I can’t have people spreading weird rumors about a senior and junior walking to and from school. However, the person I had to deal with was… stupid, so it took a lot out of me and I was unable to properly follow-up and people were left with a vague idea, they just knew that Miyuki and I were related, nothing more, nothing less, but I guess how it turned out was perfect.

Now I just have to keep manipulating my surroundings in order to keep my identity a secret and my abilities even more so, because, even if I don’t really give recognition to my school, Haru High School is one of the best high schools in the entire country and many people has its eyes on it for aspects like sports, arts, and other unrefined yet potent talents of students. Once you get noticed in a school with such a high population like ours, it becomes quite difficult to live the kind of peaceful life I desire.

Well… It’s all good if the people around me are smiling and I can keep living while surrounded by things I like, for example, peace.

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