The Line That Separates Them. — Line 4

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An Eventful Lunch.

As I made my way towards the school building on the first day of school.

I realized that I was looking forward to it more than I ever had.

My school life was never really fun, it was filled with tears of boys who were rejected, and the malice of girls who were jealous.

However, as I am now, school is the place which I yearn for the most, and it is the place from where I never want to part.

As I walked on the brick path, people cleared the way for me by hopping aside.

I normally would’ve retorted at their unnecessary consideration. However, I didn’t have the necessary brain-power to. The entirety of my brain was filled with Kawashima-kun.

If I didn’t have my reputation and dignity to consider, I would’ve most probably ran to the second-floor corridor.

I glanced at the window of class 1-E which faced this direction, in hopes of getting an early sight of him, but it was for naught as the perspective wouldn’t let me.

I made my way to my class as fast as I could without running and greeted the huge flock of men who were obviously waiting for my arrival.

The men gathered were mostly from the other classes, some of them were even from different years.

I gave all of them a light greeting, but one among them caught my attention.

He gestured me to come outside, and after informing Chiaki about my errand, I left the class.

He was standing there, leaning on the pane, his face had a wide smile printed on it.

“I heard what happened on the result day.”

He said with a half-serious expression and a completely serious voice.

When he mentioned the incident, my cheeks turned hot and my heartbeat escalated.

“I-is that so…?”

I was still waiting for his acknowledgment, if I were to get acknowledged by him, I knew that I would have a great advantage over Minami.

“Give me your phone number.”

He said so while taking out his own smartphone.


I was a bit uneasy, I had been asked for my phone number by a lot of guys, so I instinctively asked him the reason.

“Why? Don’t you want pictures of him or something?”

Pictures of Kawashima-kun… I want.

But, that would mean.

“Aoki-kun, are you saying what I think you’re saying…?”

He looked at my face, his serious expression just a moment ago loosened and it changed into an amused one.

“Yes, I acknowledge you. Well… Takumi did praise you.”

The last part was in a monotonous voice, but I didn’t ask. I was just so happy about getting acknowledged by him that my face naturally bloomed like a flower.

“A-anyway, do you want to exchange numbers or not?”

His face was red and his eyes averted. It was a normal reaction. I was kind of relieved.

“Of course. Send me lots of pictures, got it?”

I knew I was imposing on him, but I just couldn’t hold back.

“Fine, fine. Listen, if Takumi finds out about our alliance, he’ll surely abandon me. I seriously don’t want that. So don’t get caught, okay?”

‘Are you a dog’, I wanted to retort, but I barely managed to stop myself.

I nodded. He gave me his number and I gave him mine.

He turned around and dropped a few words before walking away.

“Go. Make Takumi call in love with you.”

I was going to do that either way, Idiot.

I once again returned to my classroom, only to find Minami already chatting away with Chiaki with unusual enthusiasm.

I was going to click my tongue at the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see Kawashima-kun today, but the gazes aimed at me prevented me from doing so.

I approached the seat where Minami was talking with a wide smile on her face.

They noticed my presence and greeted me.

“Miya, you back?”

“Oh~ Miya-chan, long time no see~”

Minami had a cheerful expression on her face.

“We just met last week though. Well, whatever, what’s got you all bloomy this morning?”

“Oh~ I know you don’t care, but Takumi-kun was looking so good in without his blazer on, that I just couldn’t handle it.”

Yes, we had changed into our summer uniform. White dress and tie for boys and the same for girls with the exception of skirt.

And also… I want to see.


“Oi! Miya, what you spacing out for?”

Oh crap! I just unconsciously entered my fantasy land.

“I-It’s nothing. More than that, Minami-chan, have you made any progress?”

Listening to my question, she just slouched on the table with her chin in his hands.

“I got his phone number…”


“Good work Minami.”

How are they so calm!?

“U-Umm, Minami-chan, why aren’t you more excited?”

She shifted her gaze in my direction and said.

“Well… I don’t know what to say to him. Whenever I start to type a message, my fingers get all sweaty and my head starts feeling dizzy. Even his number was obtained by using underhanded tactics.”

She said so while showing a little regretful face.

“‘Underhanded tactics’?”

Chiaki just asked her with the same indifferent attitude.

“Before the holidays started, some guys were asking Takumi-kun for his contact info so they could invite him to hang out, and I just ‘happened’ to overhear them.”

She eavesdropped, didn’t she?

But still, Kawashima-kun’s phone number…

How nice would it be to hang out together after school, how nice would it be to go on dates on weekends, how nice would it be to spend special occasions together, how nice would it be to be embraced by him…

“Oi! You are spacing out again Miya!”

I came to after I got hit lightly in the head.

“Umm, sorry about that Chi-chan.”

“It’s fine.”

She said so and returned to her seat as the class was going to class.

At the same time as the bell for homeroom class rang, I received a message on my phone.

It was a single photo with another message attached to it.

[Fujiwara-san seemed impressed by this, what about you?]

When I opened the picture, what I found was Kawashima-kun’s side profile. His face was illuminated by the sunlight coming in from the window. His chin on his hand, he looked so enticing that I wanted to gobble him up.

Saved. Changed wallpaper. Replied.

The message I wrote back was.

[Thank you for this exquisite feast.]

His reply came instantly saying.

[Just make sure he doesn’t find out or he’ll kill me.]

I just replied with an ‘Okay’ and switched off my phone.

Hehe I’ve got something to think about till lunch.

I didn’t even realize how time went by as I was immersed in the photo which I received from Aoki-kun this morning.

I normally cook my own lunch box every day, but I just didn’t feel like it today.

All three of us decided to go to the cafeteria.

Every wing in ‘Haru high school’ had a cafeteria of its own. Being the exquisite and comfortable school that it was, they didn’t compromise in student’s lunch.

We made our way to the cafeteria, accumulating glances from all the males around us.

When we got our meal and settled on a six person table with all of us on one side, we realized that the cafeteria was quite different today.

Usually the abnormally huge cafeteria was only half-filled, but today it was filled to the brim. Not a single seat was empty. Moreover, the students weren’t only the first-years, students from all three years were present here, staring at us quite fiercely.

Among all that intense staring, there was an aloof voice that snapped us out of the pressure.

“Can we join you?”

All three of us looked up to the person who had the courage to ask that.

“Oh, sure.”

Before Minami or I could reply, Chiaki said in a friendly voice.

I swallowed my saliva, and so did the person sitting on my right.

The one who took the chair in front of me was Kawashima-kun.

Aoki-kun took the seat beside him which was in front of Chiaki.

“Hey, Fumiya, don’t you think sitting here is rude to the two other girls?”

Kawashima-kun said while twirling the chopsticks in his hand.

“”It’s fine!””

Both Minami and myself replied with a firm tone.

“Looks like Fumiya is quite loved, huh.”

It’s you though.

Minami was surprisingly calm, just her cheeks were slightly red. On the other hand, I was completely calm and composed.

I worked really hard on my poker face during summer. Now I won’t get flustered that easily.

“I don’t know about Yukimura-san, but I’m sure the other two don’t think of me that way.”

They started a carefree conversation between them like it was nothing.

“Is that so? Why do you think so?”

“I don’t know~ Maybe they’re already in love with someone?”

You bastard. If this goes on, I’ll surely lose my composure, and it looks like Minami is at her limit as well.

Kawashima-kun grabbed his chopsticks and took a bite of the ramen he was eating after cooling it down with his breath.

‘Way too erotic’, I wanted to say, but I held back.

He placed his half-empty bowl to the side and rested his chin on his hand.

“If that’s the case, I would surely like to know. I mean, the two ‘Goddesses’ have fallen in love, I wonder who the lucky men are.”

I wanted to retort, but at the same time, I wanted to take a picture of him.

“Maybe it’s you, Ta-ku-mi~?”

Okay, I lost my composure. My face turned red and so did my ears. I grabbed my skirt with both of my hands to prevent me from shouting.

I glanced over to the side and Minami was in the same situation as me, no, she was in a worse state. Her whole being was dyed red and she was trembling.

“Hey, don’t say something like this. It’s rude to the other party. Also, it’s way too outrageous for someone like Kobayashi-san or Minami to even look at someone like me. You’re more suited for this kind of thing, Fu-mi-ya.”

I started to grit my teeth in frustration, I think it was for the best that my head was lowered for all this time or I would’ve ended up showing Kawashima-kun my disgraceful appearance.”

“However, tell me, what would you think if that actually happened?”

My ears unnaturally twitched as those words entered them, anticipating for the reply.

“Well… Both Princess and Minami are cute, so I wouldn’t really mind.”


Looks like Minami’s confusion and my own overlapped. He called us cute, didn’t he? Wait a second, that means he indirectly called me cute.

No compliment in my entire life has made me happier.. I feel like I can die peacefully now.

“Oi! You two, stop making that ‘Now I can die peacefully’ face.”

We both snapped out and realised that the boys were already gone.

“…Miya-chan… I’ve mostly ascertained this, but pleas-“

“I know its lowly, but, I am love in Kawashima Takumi, and I wish to be together with him.”

I said so in a low voice, cutting off Minami.

“I don’t think it’s ‘lowly’, I’m not his girlfriend or anything. It makes me feel kinda relieved actually, knowing that my friend is in love with the same person.”

“What do you mean?”

“Girls in my class day that I’m weird, falling in love with Takumi-kun. Now I know that I am not.”

My serious expression turned into a gentle smile after hearing this.

“No, you’re not weird. Rival in love.”

“I am not going to lose to you. Takumi and I are in the same class, you know?”

“I won’t lose to you either, it’s a battle between women.”

“Hey, you guys, don’t go off in a tangent!!!”

The table’s surface was hit by Chiaki’s hands, and she was pretty angry.

“What’s with this love triangle situation, huh. Miya, you didn’t even tell me about this.”

Chiaki was definitely angry, her cheeks were inflated and the chopsticks held in her other hand were aimed at me.

“I’m sorry, Chi-chan.”

I lowered my head while apologizing.

“It’s fine. Just tell us all about how you fell in love.”

Minami seemed interested as well, she leaned on my back so she could grasp every word of our conversation.

“With pleasure!”

I said with a cheerful tone.

“Today, I don’t know why, but it seems like the cafeteria is a bit weird.”

Fumiya said so as we entered the cafeteria during the recess on our first day back.

The opening ceremony was held today, so the first two periods didn’t happen. We just had to go through two periods to reach the lunch time.

After he pointed it out, I realized as well. Today, the cafeteria was unusually filled to the limit.

We come to the cafeteria every day, so we know. Today, there certainly was something different. The usually half-empty seats were already occupied, and gazes of all the men were focused on one point in particular.

After we got our ramen, I was busy contemplating about some matters and I left searching for a table to Fumiya.

And he sure did. He led me to a table which I totally didn’t want to sit on.

“Can we join you?”

He said.

“Oh, sure.”

Yukimura-san replied.

I had a glimmer of hope that she would reject us, but it was in vain. I really hate Fumiya’s looks.

“Hey, Fumiya, don’t you think sitting here is rude to the two other girls?”

I said in an attempt to run away from these scornful and antagonizing gazes.

“”It’s fine!””

Oi oi keep your hormones in check, will you?

“Looks like Fumiya is quite loved, huh.”

They both had a ‘it’s you though’ expression printed all over their faces.

After witnessing this, Fumiya smirked, and replied in a provocative tone.

“I don’t know about Yukimura-san, but I’m sure the other two don’t think of me that way.”

You wanna play, huh? You should know Fumiya, you haven’t managed to beat me in any kind of competition in our lives.

“Is that so? Why do you think so?”

I asked in a challenging time, as if declaring that I had accepted his challenge.

“I don’t know~ Maybe they’re already in love with someone?”

Bastard, you can’t play that card!!!

I made an annoyed expression, and told him with gestures that I would slaughter him after we leave.

“If that’s the case, I would surely like to know. I mean, the two ‘Goddesses’ have fallen in love, I wonder who the lucky men are.”

I said so in a slight rejected voice, already realizing the ending to this conversation.

“Maybe it’s you, Ta-ku-mi~?”

Hey, that’s going too far. And what’s with that smile? Is it the smile of a soldier spending his final minutes on the battlefield?

“Hey, don’t say something like this. It’s rude to the other party. Also, it’s way too outrageous for someone like Kobayashi-san or Minami to even look at someone like me. You’re more suited for this kind of thing, Fu-mi-ya.”

This was purely self-defence. I glared at Fumiya intensely in an attempt to put words into his mouth.

It looks like, at this point, he was quite scared. I followed his gaze and found Minami trembling and Miya gritting her teeth.

Fumiya glanced at me with a questioning expression. I gestured him to speak the words.

“However, tell me, what would you think if that actually happened?”

I could literally see both of their ears twitch with a *pico*, their attention completely focused on my next words

“Well… Both Princess and Minami are cute, so I wouldn’t really mind.”


Their voice leaked out together, and after that, pink air of happiness started coming from their bodies.

We hurriedly finished our ramen and excused ourselves from the table while both of them were probably in fantasy land.

“You’ve got them wrapped around your finger, huh?”

Fumiya said so while we were walking towards class.

“I have no intention of wrapping them around my finger. That was just demand of the situation.”

He was walking a bit unevenly and had a bruise on his cheek.

“Well, whatever. Miya-chan must be confessing right about now. I truly didn’t think that their affection for you was so strong. They were going to faint when you said that self-depricating thing, you know?”

“And whose fault do you think that is?”

He chuckled a bit and said while smiling.

“That follow up with the ‘cute’ was good though. They were going to faint at that too, but with opposite sentiments.*


“Are you starting to like them?”

“I think your lesson wasn’t enough…Want to go for round 2?”

“I apologize.”

“It’s fine. It looks like my life is going to get a lot more busy that I thought it would be.”

After that, we had to deal with more than 20 people who were of either ‘Miya-chan fan club’ or ‘Minami-chan fan club.’

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