Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 2: Afterword

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Suzuki Daisuke here. I bring to you volume two of Monku no Tsukeyou ga nai Rabukome.

Volume one ended in the way that it did, and volume two became like this. I believe that you as the one reading this would understand, but it’s a first and second half. The next volume is planned to cover the ending of this “game”. Still, Yuuki and Sekai’s fight has just begun—I invite you to please look over the continuation of it.

Once again, on the web comic site, Tonari no Young Jump, currently has the comic version of this series by the illustrator, Abara Heiki. The story for it is written by me over here, Suzuki, and it provides a completely different taste from the original. I hope that you guys can all read it.

By the way, within the story, Kanaruzawa Sekai collects all types of alcohol, and drinks it. So far, only one brand has been specified. The scotch whiskey from Glen Albyn. It has already been almost 30 years since the distillery has been closed down, and by this point, new bottles are rarely released. If you happen to find this rare whiskey at a bar, I invite you to order it. You might be able to have a little taste of Kanaruzawa Sekai’s world. And please, when that happens, please report it to me. If you would like, with a picture.

It was a short afterword, but I hope to see you all in the third volume.

One day in January, Suzuki Daisuke

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