Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 2: Chapter 3

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He left the Kirishima family house at 6:30 the next morning, got on the train and arrived after a little more than 30 minutes.

“We have been expecting you.”

As soon as he had reached the Kanaruzawa mansion, he was greeted by the maid.

“My mistress will soon finish her preparations. I hope everything goes well today.”

“No well, thank you.” After lowering his head to the maid who was bowing to him, Yuuki spoke, “Still, how should I put this, Chiyo-san?”


“Even though you were supposedly fired, you’re here like nothing happened at all.”

“Of course.” The maid smiled slightly, revealing her trademark smile, “My mistress and I are bound by a strong bond. We wouldn’t be separated just from something like being fired.”

“Haah. I see.”

“The deep affection that is between us cannot easily be broken apart by any other person. We are just like strong magnets, and are bound to go back to their original position, sticking to each other.”

“Kanaruzawa seemed like she seriously hated you at the time though?”

“Please wait here for a bit. I’ll bring out my mistress.”

After ignoring him, Chiyo-san went into the mansion. Shortly thereafter, from beyond the entranceway, he could hear a voice sound out. “A-a-a-as e-expected! I changed my mind!”

“Please don’t say stupid things. Yuuki-sama came here personally to bring you along.”

“Yesterday, I was just speaking in the heat of the moment! Now, now that I think about it, it’s impossible!”

“I won’t forgive you if you quite now. Come on, hurry up.”

… It seemed like she was struggling.

After waiting a while longer, the transfer students figure appeared, hiding behind Chiyo-san.

“Sorry for making you wait, Yuuki-sama… Now, my mistress, give a greeting.”

“G-g-g” Being pushed by the maid, Kanaruzawa Sekai was made to stand in front of him. She was in her uniform today. She was also properly holding a bag. Then, she squeezed out a thin voice, while looking down and fidgeting, “Good… morning…”

“Yeah. Good morning.” Yuuki also returned with a greeting. With a bright smile.

He tried as much as he could to ease her anxiety and tension. It was aimed at trying to ease the pressure of going to school for the first time in a while.


The transfer student suddenly made a painful face.

“…Uuuu.” Her lips stayed shut as her red eyes became even redder, “Uuu… Gusu…”She cried.

Yuuki panicked, “Eh, wait. Did I do something? Did I say something wrong?”

“I-it’s not that… Hikku.” The transfer student covered her face, “I’m just so moved. Putting on my uniform like this, having a classmate come to take me to school, being able to exchange morning greetings. I’m very happy… Gusu.”

“Go on.” Chiyo-san gave the transfer student a light push.

It took everything that Yuuki had to give even a sigh in reply.

“… My mistress” Coming closer to Yuuki’s side, Chiyo-san whispered into his year. “She’s always been holed up inside the mansion after all. As such, I don’t believe this sort of development will happen again, however, I hope everything goes well.”

“H-hah.” Confused, Yuuki could only repeat the same reply. He was prepared for the fact that things probably would not go to smoothly. However, it seemed it may be more troublesome than he had expected.

They took the road to the station. Then, they got onto the train of the morning rush. Sometime in between, they went into a convenience store and bought some can coffee. One by one, Kanaruzawa Sekai ended up being moved by each thing.

“Uuu… the road to the station is quite long… Gusu.”

“Haguu… I have to endure in this crowded situation… Hikku.”

“Hawa… Why does such a bad drink, taste so good… Shiku shiku.”

When that happened, Yuuki would retort with, “This is nothing to cry about, right?”

However, “S-sorry. However, to me, these are all very new experiences…” After saying that, she looked like she was about to cry again.

(… What is this creature?) Beyond being amazed, Yuuki was somewhat impressed. It was the first time he had seen someone who cried this much. He was really starting to wonder whether he should include this under the sad drunk category.

“…Fuu. Such a refreshing feeling.”

They were lined up with their hips against a guardrail near the convenience store. The transfer student who had somewhat regained her calm let out a sigh.

“Today, I was able to feel moved so many times. This is also thanks to you. Ummm…”

“Yuuki. Kirishima Yuuki.”

“Yeah, Yuuki. I must thank you.”

“Your welcome… Rather, you were the one who became moved on your own. I didn’t really do anything, though?”

“That’s not true. Everything is thanks to you.”

“I don’t think that, though… Well, I’ll accept your gratitude.”

“Yeah. That would be great.”

She made an embarrassed smile. It was quite an attractive smile, “Then, I’ll be going back from around here. Ah, there’s no need to worry, I still remember the road, so I can go home alone.”

“… What?”

“There’s no need for you to worry. If that’s the case I can even have Chiyo come to pick me up.”

“Nono. You haven’t even reached the school. It all starts from here, doesn’t it?”

Yuuki retorted.

The transfer student’s expression wavered.

“Uuu… I have to go as expected…”

“Do you not want to go?”

To Yuuki’s question, she shook her head, “That’s not the case… I-I’m just nervous.”

“Nervous? For what?”

“What if, I’m not used to talking with other people?”

“You’re talking to me normally, though.”

“Yeah. That’s true. You are, well, special. The circumstances in our meeting was a little special, so being able to speak with you normally is not a problem.”

“Well, I guess. I was suddenly shown a service scene… two times in a row as well…”

“… Uuu… Gusu…”

“Aah, sorry! Forget what I said just now! It was just a light joke! It’s a joke!”

Soothing her again ended up eating quite a bit more time.

He wasn’t quite used to the delicacy of her feelings yet. She was the owner of a personality that seemed like it will fly away with a light blow, and scatter if you touch it.

(Well, it can’t be helped!)

He thought while looking at the back of Kanaruzawa Sekai.

Silver hair and red eyes. Living the life of a shut-in.

A weird way of talking, and she had a mentality that was moved at even the slightest things

There was no sign of her family inside the mansion, and Chiyo-san seemed to be the only maid. There were probably quite a few difficult circumstances. He couldn’t ask at a timing like this though.

“Hmmm, I know…”

After thinking for a bit, Yuuki made a suggestion.

“Then, why don’t we think of a plan?”

“A plan?”

“When it comes to your debut at school, the first impression is something that’s really important. Rather, the impact of it is essential.”

“I see!”

The transfer student’s eyes sparkled. Then, she tilted her head, “Then? What exactly should I do?”

“Ummm, let’s see.”

Yuuki crossed his arms and thought.

Then, he noticed. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that the transfer student already had enough of an impact. She was able to draw in all his classmates just from showing herself after all.

Rather, the first impression was really good. What came afterwards was the problem though.

“For now”

He changed his angle and made his suggestion.

“How about you change how you speak?”

“Muu? What part, and how?”

“That, it’s exactly that way of speaking. It’s like a little bit stiff. Especially the way you call other people. That isn’t exactly great.” [1]

“I-I see. It isn’t great…”

“To be honest, it really stands out. Let’s talk a bit more normally.”

“However, I’m used to talking this way…”

“You just need to put some conscious effort into fixing it. Why don’t we try it out?”

“G-got it.” After nodding, the transfer student tightened her expression.

“For now, let’s try and start a random conversation. …Ummm, then, do you have a favorite food? Is there anything like that?”

“I-I don’t really have anything I like or hate. I eat anything.”

“Do you have a favorite season? Mine is spring by the way.”

“I like any season. Each season has its own good parts to it. I think each of them are great.”

“Chiyo-san is really such a terrible person, right?”

“I know right? That person has such a bad personality and is so mean. Someday, I will find some way to get back at her. However, if I end up firing her, I won’t be able to take care of myself anymore. I can’t fire her. It’s very sad.”


“H-how is it?”


He looked up at the sky. Something wasn’t quite right. It was like translating something straight from English. Moreover, her expression was super stiff. It felt like she was speaking with a face that looked like she was holding her breathe, so it made the people listening feel tense as well.

“Alright. Let’s move on to the next thing.”

“Fumu? Is the way I talk fine already?”

“Basically, it should be alright if we just deal with your nervousness. I was just thinking that it would be fine if we just find a method to that end.”

“I see. You have a clever mind.” Koku koku, the transfer student nodded. “Then? Did you have some sort of way?”

“Maybe, you can write the word for person on your hand and swallow it?”

“Doesn’t that only have the effect of being some sort charm?”

“Then, try taking deep breaths?”

“That doesn’t have much of an effect. I do it often so I know.”

It’s just as she said. It seems that any of the normal methods doesn’t have much hope to them.

“Well, how should I put this? Something like this is different from person to person. It wouldn’t be easy to find one I guess.”

“I see. It’s just as you have said.”

“Is there anything? Something where you would think, as long as I had this, I can calm down.”

“Mmm…” The transfer student made a difficult expression. Then she spoke out hesitantly, “It’s not like there isn’t… but…”

“Oh, there is? Then isn’t that fine?”

“Well, technically is one. Ummm…”

“What is it? Don’t hold back.”

Yuuki urged her on. After hesitating for a little bit, the transfer student took something out from inside of her bag. “It’s this.”


He narrowed his eyes and took a peek. To Yuuki, it was something he was used to seeing. It was a cigarette case, and the cigars that were lined up inside. “If I were to smoke this, I think I can calm down… how is that?”

“Well… how should I put it? This is…”



“I see. Of course that’s the case.”

Haa, the transfer student let out a sigh. Yuuki also made a sigh.

“Rather, you really can’t be judged by your appearance. The fact that you smoke cigars and stuff.”

“Yeah, well, it’s only at the level of being hobby though.”

“Actually, I also smoked in the past.”

“Is that so!? Then you’re just like me!”

“By the way, right now” Yuuki also looked through his bag, “I use this as a replacement.”


The transfer student leaned over.

“That’s a chocolate cigarette, isn’t it!?”

“Yeah. You also like it?”

“More than just like it,” The transfer student once again looked inside her bag, “Me too, look, I also have them. Chocolate cigarettes. If I eat this in place of cigars, I can feel some peace of mind.”

“… Hahaa~”

Yuuki widened his eyes. What the transfer student held in her hand was definitely a chocolate cigarette. Moreover, it was the same brand as Yuuki’s.

“There are coincidences like this too.”

“I know right? It’s almost feels like you and I are the same.” Saying that, she laughed. It was a nice smile. This was the first time that Yuuki had seen Kanaruzawa Sekai make a genuine smile.

“… But well,” He scratched his head in embarrassment, “Neither of those will work. You won’t be able to keep it in your mouth forever, whether it’s the cigar or the chocolate cigarette. It’s not possible at school.”

“I see. It can’t be helped.”

The transfer student dropped her shoulders in despair. When she did that, he noticed it for the first time, that her face was looking a bit pale. Her already pale skin, seemed to look even paler, it seems that she isn’t feeling very well due to some other reasons.

“Are you alright? You don’t look to good.”

“Yeah, no. It’s not a problem. No need to worry.”

“You definitely aren’t alright.”

If you look closely she seemed be breaking into cold sweat. Her breathing was also shallow.

“Yeah, like this, if you go to school, you’ll just be going to the infirmary.”


“It’s not possible to go to school today then. You should quietly rest at home.”

After contacting Chiyo-san, she quickly arrived.

The car that came to pick her up was a white compact car. Thinking about how wealthy Kanaruzawa’s family looked from the outside, it was a unexpected car model.

“Can I once again ask you?”

As they parted, the transfer student said that with a nervous expression.

“Can I ask you to come with me to school together? Next time, I’ll properly arrive at school.”

“Yeah. We can try again.”

To such a halfhearted confirmation, she smiled and replied with an, “It’s a promise!”

Like this, Kanaruzawa Sekai’s first attempt at going to school ended with disgraceful results, having her retire halfway through.

Of course, at this time, Yuuki didn’t know. Her existence and any contact with her, would become more of a problem than he had imagined. And that he would eventually have to bear that burden on his own two shoulders.

TL Note:

  1. She refers to people in a very archaic form rather than by their name or more modern ways.

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