Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 3: Chapter 14 Part 1

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Kirishima Haruko continued to think about the Tsukumo organization.

This is the conclusion that she came up with.

The Tsukumo organization is god.

—It’s not, as if they are god. 

They are god. That is what Haruko had decided on.

Kanaruzawa Sekai is indeed the one that is making adjustments in the world. How she obtained it is unknown, but by using some mysterious power, the white-haired woman can purify the impurities and stabilize the world.

However, she is placed under the control of the Tsukumo organization. Except for extremely rare occasions—like this one—there is no ambiguity in their relationship.

If that’s the case, there is only one conclusion.

With an unknown leader, this amoeba-like organization where even the existence of a core seems to be in question is god. This is the only decision that someone can come up with.

(Deciding to pick a fight with God isn’t something someone would choose in their right mind.)

Haruko didn’t know where she could stop complaining. 

In the first place, there is too much unfairness in her life—so she expressed her resentment.

Why are such problems occurring to her one after the other? She was already fed up with the unpleasant sight of women gathering around her brother, and yet, she now needs to go up against an existence beyond the comprehension of man? There’s a limit to impossible games. Wasn’t it already hard enough to try and exceed their blood ties? All she wanted to be satisfied with was to be able to spend time flirting with her beloved brother.

(That brother ended up eloping with that white-haired woman. What’s with this situation? Did I do something bad? Is being a brocon such a heavy sin?)

While she sipped on the tea that left quite a bad taste, she pondered with serious eyes. 

There aren’t very many options. She had intended to try and find all possible solutions. However, she couldn’t find a single one that resulted in a happy ending.

In the first place, various systems around the world are broken. She could not help but think that. 

A house where the creator had forgotten to hammer in the nail in various places—Haruko could only think of the place where she lived as a defective product. Moreover, the places where those nails were forgotten felt like they were chosen on a whim, and seemed to be something akin to evil intent.

(It’s not like I can rebuild it. I can only make the best life I can out of the situation that I have been given.)

It was obvious.

Still, there was a reason for her worries.

“Onii-sama is an idiot.”

The choices are all foolish, time is of the essence.

Speaking of time, there was probably a way to stall for more time, but while unintended, that possibility has been crushed. By none other than her brother.

It was inevitable that her complaints wouldn’t stop.

——As she continued to drink the terrible tea, Haruko came to a decision.

Wear a wedding dress. Walk alongside Yuuki. Where she wanted to walk was, none other than down the Virgin Road. [1]

In other words, a marriage. A wedding ceremony.



Yuuki and Chiyo stood up, both startled.

“Well, it’s not something that needs to be huge.” Getting into a panic, Sekai clarified.

In other words, it’s fine if she were to just wear the dress. It doesn’t even have to be a wedding dress. A white one piece would be sufficient. As for the location of their walk, it could just be some grassy field. There is no need to prepare some sort of ceremonial hall. She would be satisfied with just leaving it as pretend.

“I do understand the situation that we’re placed in.” Sekai added on with a troubled smile. “As such, I don’t intend to be indulgent. It’s fine if you just laugh it off as some sort of silly dream you know? I do not want either of you to be troubled with any unnecessary risks.”

Neither Yuuki nor Chiyo was listening to the explanation.

The moment the two of them had heard Sekai’s wish, they had decided to accept her request. Rather, they did not plan to recognize any attempt she would make to hold back. It was just a small request for someone who has done a considerable service to the world. It’s a lie to say that it could not be granted.

Of course, they understood the risks. They were fugitives, and there was no way the Tsukumo organization would just give up. There also wasn’t any guarantee that they would be able to shake off their pursuers.

Still, the danger was approaching them from behind. Now, when they must leave the deserted island on which they have lived recently, they inevitably need to push themselves during their long journey to come, for the girl who has been left uncompensated for her services.

“First things first, guaranteeing our safety.” Even while Chiyo was excited, she stayed collected. “We will be leaving this island and heading overseas. Please leave the specifics of the route to me. My mistress’s request is a little bit outside of expectations. However, I will take responsibility and make it a reality.”

——And so, at the current moment, the three of them were out at sea.

It was halfway through the night. Under the cover of darkness, a small fishing boat kicked up some waves as it moved through the water.

“Please pardon the discomfort on the ride.” Chiyo apologized while manipulating the boat, “However, rather than a cruiser, something like this stands out less. It’s as if we’re heading out for some nighttime fishing.”

“A date while going out fishing at night? That sounds elegant and nice.” Yuuki spoke jokingly, but to be honest, he was at a complete loss.

It was late at night, on the sea, in the middle of winter. Moreover, the wind was strong. They had prepared as much as they could against the cold, but he could still feel chilled to the core.

“Kanaruzawa. Are you cold?”

“I’m okay. Thank you.”

Lining up with Yuuki and sitting down on the side of the boat, Sekai expressed her gratitude.

Her face that was indistinct through the darkness, was pale but did not look terrible. There was a faint redness within her cheeks, and her condition doesn’t seem too bad.

“How is your body holding up?” Just in case, he asked further.

Their success in this case was dependent on Kanaruzawa Sekai’s condition. If her legs were to ever stop, they would be out. Rather, they were taking huge risks for her. If Sekai were ever to be separated from them, then the game would be over.

“There’s no issue. Rather, I feel great.” Maybe because his expression seemed full of worry. Sekai made a panicked gesture, waved both her hands in denial, and even showed a fist pump, “Look, you see? I’m full of energy.”

“I see. Well, that’s good then.” He smiled at her, “But still, that’s a relief.”

“A relief? For what?”

“That you’re healthy now. If your body was weak like before, then I don’t think we would have been able to leave like this. If it went badly, it would have been game over by the time we made it to the deserted island. It felt like that could have happened.”

“…If it was like that, this would have been a stupid dream. Each step would have felt like I was walking straight into the depths of hell. I would have needed to force myself not to laugh in despair.”

“Yeah. Same here.” Yuuki frowned at her exaggeration.

Seeing that, Sekai chuckled, “At the very least, I would have wanted to at least buy enough time to be able to stick out and my chest and say, “I walked.” One step, two steps, or even three or four steps… As long as I was able to proceed that far, I feel like I would have been able to accept it.”

“I won’t let you be satisfied with just that. I’ll make it so that you can walk far enough to reach the moon. Let’s make the people of the Tsukumo organization shed tears of frustration.”

“Yeah. That’s right. Let’s do it.” Sekai nodded.

She then looked out at the ocean covered in darkness.

(… She does look alright.)

While looking at her profile, Yuuki once again confirmed within himself.

Currently, she doesn’t have the delicate feel that he first had when he first met her. Compared to the time where it seemed like she would break with one touch, she is like a completely different person. You could see her body and expression filled with vitality as she quietly watched the crashing waves.

She’s the definition of healthy. More than just reaching the moon, it feels like she could walk from one end of the solar system to the other.


He stopped thinking further than that. Yuuki once again lined up beside her and looked out at the sea.

Snow began to fall, mixed in with the harsh sea breeze.

It was the second day after leaving the island. Their party was now on a cargo ship out at sea. Of course, they did not board legitimately as passengers, but as stowaways.

“Please pardon the discomfort on the ride.” Inside the darkness of the container, Chiyo tried to conceal her voice while apologizing. “However, if we were to choose a luxurious cruise liner when it becomes time to move, we might be more restricted. If you thought we were going to be like the protagonist of some movie, I do apologize.”

“You mean to have a taste of what it’s like to be an actor? That sounds nice in its way.” Yuuki spoke jokingly, but to be honest, he was at a complete loss.

Cramped. Unable to move. There wasn’t a heater so it was quite cold. They were also unable to sleep very well with the droning sound of the large-scale boiler engine. In terms of food, there was only the prepared water and dried bread. It made you feel what it meant to win by luck of draw.

Or not.

Still, compared to the largeness of the goal, this is easier.

They sat there like the mice on the ship, holding their breaths and earnestly waiting for time to pass.

“It seems like we’ll be able to clear the first stage with no issue.” Chiyo expressed her optimistic view.

In truth, they were able to secretly board the ship without any trouble—however, what was unexpected was for there to be stormy weather as they wrapped their way around the south. They had run into an off-season typhoon near the equator, causing the cargo ship to sway like a leaf in the wind.

“This isn’t that common during this time of year.” Chiyo’s expression was somber.

Even with Yuuki’s limited knowledge, he knows that the probability of a typhoon happening in the winter is very low. While being fed up with the feeling of wanting to throw up from seasickness, all he could do was curl up his body besides Sekai.

The fifth day after they left the island. They were able to step on land for the first time in a while. It was nighttime, having entered a country in Southeast Asia. To avoid the watchful eyes of others, they passed through the port and switched to traveling by train.

“This is somehow quite refreshing.”  Yuuki was impressed. Not by the scenery of a different country, but by Chiyo’s outfit. “This is the first time I’ve seen Chiyo-san, not in maid clothes. It gives a different impression. Rather, you’re like a different person.”

“If you think that way, then that is great.”

While closing one eye, Chiyo was proud.

She had a slightly wavy hairstyle combined with a T-shirt and jeans for an outfit that was easy to move around in. It does give off the feeling of a college student going on a graduation trip.

It’s truly an incredible disguise.

A silver-haired beauty lined up next to a maid would inevitably result in them standing out. From now on they would need to be able to blend in with their surroundings and be careful of any watchful eyes on them.

“Kanaruzawa as well.” He turned his gaze towards Sekai, “It’s completely on point. You’ve done well.”

She was currently not in her noble ladylike look, but rather, she was dressed roughly in shorts. Of course, her hair was hidden with a wig, and she was even wearing a hat. Moreover, glasses were added just in case.

“It also really suits you.” Yuuki complimented her.

Sekai responded embarrassingly with a thank you.

“Still,” While on the way to the station, Yuuki kept watch of his surroundings, “Somehow, the atmosphere feels restless, maybe even hostile. It does feel like that.”

They were in a commercial city, and also a major tourist spot. The security infrastructure should be one of the best. Despite that, there were very few people around. There were also many police and patrol cars roaming around. Even the occasional soldier with automatic weapons could be found.

“Was there some sort of incident?”

“Yeah.” Chiyo agreed.

It seems that the political instability of neighboring countries has accelerated causing this country to suffer an indirect blow.

Adding on to that, there was a large-scale earthquake that occurred in a neighboring country coupled with some terrorist attacks, making it likely for martial law to occur if things get even worse.

“Is it alright for us to enter a country in this state?”

“This is still better than in other countries.” Chiyo shrugged with her shoulders. “We will probably need to pass through some countries that are more unstable than this from now on.”

The tenth day. Chiyo’s words became reality. They were traveling through a certain country in Central Asia when a coup d’état occurred. Due to the political and military unrest, the public order worsened. As a result, they were attacked by bandits.

“This is the first time I’ve experienced this in my life.” After working together with Chiyo to repel the attackers, Yuuki sighed. “I’ve never been attacked before by bandits equipped with bladed weapons and metal clubs. I thought that was just part of games.”

“It might happen again from now on.”

“Yeah.” Yuuki could only agree with Chiyo’s prediction of misfortune.

After leaving the island, there wasn’t much, but the information was coming in. If the current situation could be expressed in one sentence, it would be that it was as if the world had opened Pandora’s box.

Incidents, disasters, and political upheaval all occurred in large numbers everywhere around the world. Humanity as a whole has fallen into complete chaos. Areas where the government has stopped functioning, have begun to crop up everywhere. There were even various places with insufficient supplies. 

What if this chaos were to continue at this pace?

“Anyways, let us hurry.” Chiyo urged the driver, who they had bribed with money. “If this continues, there will probably be many things that occur outside of expectations. However, on the contrary—”

“It’s also a chance, right?” Yuuki followed up with her statement. “It is probably also hard for the Tsukumo organization to grasp our movements. Using this chaos, we should do our best to buy ourselves more time.”

“Yes. We should continue while it’s still only at this level.”

The twelfth day. It took drastically longer than planned, but they were able to pass through Asia. The chaos in the world showed no sign of dying down. There was even information that came in describing military movement between certain large countries. Crossing borders became a daily hassle and the number of refugees that could be seen increased.

“For now, there isn’t any movement from the Tsukumo organization.” While camping within a certain forest, Chiyo spoke after looking at the screen of a laptop. “It doesn’t seem like they have a grasp of our movements. We can probably safely travel around for a bit.”

“Well, that’s great. It’s all thanks to you, Chiyo-san.” Yuuki expressed his gratitude while rolling his tongue.

If you ignore the equipment that he didn’t know the name of, this laptop was pretty much the only thing that she had. With just this piece of equipment, this maid was waging informational warfare with an organization that pretty much has a leash on the world.

It’s such an amazing feat, that it’s at the level of being unable to imagine it. On top of that, she coordinates our escape routes and even does all the cooking. It certainly could be described as all-powerful. She is the only person you could think of as being a god.

On the other hand, Yuuki did his best as a baggage carrier and a bodyguard. The difference in the contribution is dizzying.

“Can it be just an act that the Tsukumo organization is putting up for us to let down our guard?” Just in case, he tried to confirm.

Chiyo’s response was an affirmation. “I believe that possibility is low. Of course, before, this might have been a likely possibility. The Tsukumo organization is one that is formless and can grasp almost the whole world. However, I was once a part of it. I know through intuition.”

Can he believe in that?

Still, whether he believed it or not, Yuuki’s job was the same.

“After coming this far, there’s only one step left.” Chiyo said.

It was long, yet short—the ending to their one trip was approaching.

Looking up at the sky, it was cloudy despite the low humidity.

It wasn’t from the smoke from their campfire. A nearby volcano had erupted for the first time in 100 years. It was quite a violent one. Due to the effect of it, many of the people living nearby had evacuated. The town nearby had turned into a ghost town and many empty houses could be seen.

Looking out in the distance, one could see a large mountain, with bits of red lava bubbling out of it.

The end was approaching.

The twenty-fifth day. Their party arrived at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea as they stood on a pier.

There was a monastery overlooking the blue sea. It was small, run-down, and was pretty much an abandoned temple made of stone.

The condition on the inside was a lot better than expected. Although there was dust and cobwebs everywhere, the stained-glass windows and the shrine were left in an unexpectedly good condition.

Just as he was about to roll up his sleeves and begin cleaning, Sekai shook her head.

“This much is fine.” She said. “This has its feel to it. Besides, I would like to take today to take it easy and rest, to relieve some of the tiredness from our long journey.”

“Is it okay?”

“It was originally meant to only be just a modest ceremony with just the three of us. It’s not like we were trying to show-off to anyone.”

The ceremony was officially going to be tomorrow, and tonight was planned to be the pre-celebration.

“I can’t prepare very much.” With a strongly burning will, Chiyo rolled up her sleeves. “However, I will do my best to treat you to what I can. Considering the type of celebration, it is, it probably won’t amount to much, so please do forgive me.”

With the current circumstances, it would be absurd to ask for something luxurious, and so neither Yuuki nor Sekai had very many expectations.

The two of them, however, had underestimated the power of the super maid.

That night, a splendid full course was laid out on the dining table. While lacking in fresh ingredients, she freely used preserved meat and fish everywhere. From the large amount of effort and passion she put in, it was a meal that Chiyo put her all into making.

Both Yuuki and Sekai gladly relished the meal.

There was even alcohol. Lighthearted conversations sprung up.

They casually spoke under the dim light of the lamp. About school. About their many failures. The things they cried for, and the things they laughed at. The topics were left unexhausted, and the laughter never died out.

Within such a foreign country, they were able to have such a dream-like period.

After dinner, the two of them went on a light walk outside the monastery.

“Thank you, Yuuki.” At the top of the cliff, they stood next to each other while watching the sea. Sekai expressed her gratitude. “For me to be able to reach this point. Half a year ago, I could have never imagined myself achieving this, much less being able to have such an enjoyable moment…”

“Yeah. It was quite a bit of trouble to get this far.”

“Yeah. It was hard. However, you and Chiyo worked hard for me. Thanks to that, I can be here right now.”

“You should be more grateful to Chiyo rather than me. That person is amazing.”

“Yeah. That person is amazing. She’s done a great job until now. If that person wasn’t here, I wouldn’t have been able to live until now… And yet, all I’m doing is complaining to her. I haven’t done anything for her at all. That’s why I think it’s great that we can journey like this. It might be a busy one, however, I’ve been able to spend some irreplaceable time with her.”

“Rather,” Yuuki said as if laughing, “From here on, is the main part, you know? It’s only just started so far. You’ll get to spend even more enjoyable times. I’ll at least put in my best effort to let you do that.”

“Yeah. That’s right.”

Saying that Sekai smiled.

Then came the morning of the 26th day. Yuuki could be seen at a café in a port city just a little way away from the monastery.

(I’m so bored…)

With stuttering words, he ordered an espresso and entrusted his back to a chair out on the open terrace.

The sky was cloudy as usual.

Yuuki was the only customer.

(I’m so bored…)

If he was just bored, then that would have been fine. Yuuki’s leg was trembling. Tapping up and down. He was currently in a very restless state.

(It’s still early, right?)

While looking at the clock, he let out a sigh.

A bride has a bunch of preparations to make. Chiyo told him that after chasing him away an hour earlier. Seeing the maid ready to put in so much effort, it seems that it’ll take quite a bit of time.

The balding master of the café looked at him as if he was a weird person.

It wasn’t just within the store, there wasn’t anyone passing by either.

The fishing boats were all moored up at the port, and yet there was no sight of any fishermen unloading their harvest and fixing their nets. The only things that could be seen were seagulls and their feathers covering the floor. In a time filled with natural and human disasters, it was probably the owner of the open store that was the weird one.

He picked up the cup giving off steam. Then, he took one sip. It was surprisingly good. The bittersweet liquid seeped into his chilled body.

(At a time like this, how is a person supposed to feel?)

Yuuki thought as he watched over the port city, he crossed his legs and slowly licked the espresso off his lips.

He was tapping his leg up and down as usual.

To be honest, he was in a festive mood.

This place wasn’t the goal, there were still places further ahead, however, today would undoubtedly be considered a stopping point.

After all, it’s a marriage. An important part of one’s life.

What Yuuki was about to accomplish, was not anything small. For that misfortunate goddess, for that young girl who continuously carried those burdens alone, he was finally able to hand her a small amount of happiness. It was the completion of a large job that should allow him to dance in happiness on the spot.

With this, he can finally settle it. The usual bout of déjà vu entered his mind, allowing him to arrive at one answer.

“This is a huge victory, damn it.” He muttered to himself while drinking the espresso.

It’s not enough. On a celebratory day, he should be able to spread his wings a bit.

I should order an extra cup to cheer myself up—Just as he was about to call over the master to put in his order, someone called out to him.

“Is it alright if I sit next to you?”

Yuuki’s expression changed in an instant.

“…How is it, Chiyo?” Once the bride preparations were finished, Sekai bashfully questioned. “Does it suit me? Is it not a little too much for someone like me?”


At first, no words came out.

The appearance of her mistress that she had painstakingly put effort into preparing, had beauty befitting the title of the goddess. She was in full bloom within the abandoned monastery.

“…Of course.” While doing her best to hold back the liquid threatening to overflow from behind her eyelids, Chiyo finally spoke. “Of course, it suits you.”

That was all she could say. Any words of compliment would immediately become obsolete when faced with the reality that was in front of her.

Yes, this is reality. It’s not a dream.

For a long time, all the goddess had done was fulfilling her duty, and continuously be used to and forced to accept her rotten fate. She could never have imagined that Kirishima Yuuki would be such a special existence that would bring about so much change.

“I want to wear a wedding dress.”

“If I were to marry—”

The moment that Kanaruzawa Sekai had spoken her insignificant wish, Chiyo had told her that she couldn’t. That it wasn’t possible. That it was all just a pipe dream.

At that time, she had yet to doubt that.

Sekai, Chiyo, and even the Tsukumo organization were all no more than just a single part of a complicated and unfathomable system. For a single gear to imagine themselves as the existence turning the gears meant that they just didn’t know their place. It was questionable whether she would truly put into action the act of rebellion that she had spent so many years to refine and perfect.

That was how hopeless the situation was.

Moreover, an important factor was missing. Mainly, Kanaruzawa Sekai’s motivation was completely lacking. Sekai had never thought for a single moment about being saved, or about gaining happiness.

(Fate, it can only be described as such.) Chiyo thought intently.

She had tried suggesting to her mistress going to school as a way to broaden her experiences, however, she had no expectations for it. It didn’t fit with the collective will of the Tsukumo organization, and even for Chiyo, it was only barely a possibility. It was only at the level of hoping for that slight chance of a miracle. That’s how far Kanaruzawa Sekai’s mind had worn down. She had already lost interest in pretty much everything. In the first place, she would have easily jumped on a proposal like this in the past. Chiyo had already begun to think at that point that it was too little too late.

All she did was to try and open the lid to see what was inside.

While looking after her mistress, it was decided that she would then transfer to high school.

Then, Sekai met him. An existence that turned around her whole destiny.

(Such a mysterious young man.)

It’s annoying, but she must admit it.

The person who brought back the lively energetic expressions of the goddess that had been living while being dead was without a doubt Kirishima Yuuki.

How much had Sekai been saved by his candidness, boldness, and his refined charm? It wasn’t just Sekai but also Chiyo. The gears that had been degraded to just standalone parts, were now brought to life by his light. He became the guiding light that showed the way.

“I’ve already repeated myself multiple times.” While gripping the sleeves on her pure white dress, Sekai fidgeted around. “Just let me say this, Chiyo. I’m grateful to you. If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be able to experience such a dreamlike moment.”

“No, I’m just—”

“There’s no need to be humble. Puff out your chest with pride.” Sekai smiled softly.

Within the dimly lit monastery, her appearance seemed to be glittering white.

“We’ve known each other for a long time.” Sekai spoke while turning her gaze outside the window. “How long has it been now?”

“Since the day that we have been walking side by side as mistress and servant?”


“Now, I wonder. I’ve already forgotten. I’m quite old after all.”

“Fufu.” Sekai narrowed her eyes, “In truth, I as well. It’s laughable, but I can’t even really remember how we met, or even the way we started out living with each other.”

“It’s really hard for me to remember things sometimes. After all, things just kept repeating themselves for a very long time. It would be inevitable for this to happen to a human body.”

“Has it been about a thousand years?”

“A few hundred years maybe. Or maybe tens of thousands of years. It only feels like a few years.”

They were always together. Steadily, they fulfilled their duty like two people in a three-legged race.

However, they wonder when, or why they were entrusted with such a destiny. Who thought of it and how did it come to happen? Chiyo already couldn’t remember. Who was she originally? What was she doing? Why did she end up buried in such a terrible role?


Does a past before this even exist in the first place?

… She didn’t know.

The only thing she did know, was that they had finally arrived at their current point in time. It was the happiness gained from finally touching the light after being in what seemed like an endless abyss.

Even now, there wasn’t any sign that the Tsukumo organization had caught on to them. It was unknown for how long this would continue, but at worst, they should be able to last a few—


Chiyo’s expression changed. Her gaze quickly darted around the area.

“We’re surrounded, is it?” While narrowing her eyes, Sekai, who was looking at the window, asked.

“Unfortunately.” Chiyo gave a succinct reply.

As she replied, anger gradually boiled over within her heart.

(Why? From where? How?)

There shouldn’t have been any mistakes.

The warning network that she put up just in case, was not something that could be easily broken through. There were thousands of electronic and physical barriers that created a system that would instantly notify them of any suspicious movements. No matter how large of a network the Tsukumo organization had, it wouldn’t have been easy for the organization to discover them after not noticing anything until now. No, it could even be said to be impossible.

That’s right. If they used a route from within the organization that is.

(…It must have been a careless error at a more fundamental level.)

Shaking her head once, Chiyo refocused.

“This isn’t the end yet. I’ll try to drive away from the pursuers. After that, let’s meet up with Yuuki-sama, and leave this place.”

“There’s no need to push yourself, you know?” Sekai expressed her concern, “Their aim is me, not you. You can go by yourself—”

“I must apologize.” Chiyo snorted, “I’ve already decided to sacrifice my life for you. There’s no need to concern yourself over me.”


“I won’t mind you firing me.” 

Sekai smiled wryly after hearing her nonchalant voice, “There’s no meaning in it after all.”


“Even if I fire you, you’ll come right back.”

“I’m truly a loyal maid.” Saying that Chiyo made a troubled smile. “We’ve come this far together. I’d hate to be separated at this late point in time.”

“… Sorry. It was all due to my selfishness.”

“You should just stay put over here.”

Chiyo left the monastery.

Under the cold wind and cloudy skies, there was the presence of a limitless number of people. From the way they were concealing their killing intent, they all had considerable skill.

“Go ahead.” Chiyo spoke out firmly. “Anyone that wants to be taken out along with me, feel free to come at me. I’ll make sure you all regret your decision.”

It was a field of dry grass.

Despite there not being any ditches or trees to hide behind, they appeared suddenly. As if they were heat hazes.

Ten, twelve people. No, it was still increasing.

Clad in black. Their whole body is covered by a mantle. They only had a white mask that covered their faces.

(… So, they’ve come.)

She clicked her tongue.

Not at the number of people, but rather at their quality.

Chiyo was not someone to be underestimated. As such, she could feel it from her skin. Among the group of people clad in black, that had surrounded the monastery as if suppressing it, there was a significant number of them that were at least on a level equal or even greater than Chiyo. Even if she didn’t have to guard anyone, breaking through would have been difficult.

Chiyo flipped her “switch”.

All of a sudden, the air around her changed. If Yuuki were here, he would have turned and run without looking back. It was a turbulent dread. A cold wind. Quite literally, frost began to form on the dried grass in the area.

“It ended up with a draw when I matched up with Yuuki-sama.” Alone, Chiyo raised her fists. “A standard beating up isn’t exactly my specialty, so do let me use my normal method of fighting.”




Spots of light floated around Chiyo and began to dance around. Seeing the spots, that were the size of fireflies, or maybe miniature light bulbs, the group of people clad in black, that encircled her stopped.

It was a good life, Chiyo thought. It might have been an unfair game; however, she was able to resist at the very end. It was admirable for someone who had bowed her head down and allowed herself to be swept off by the flow of destiny.

“Well then.” She walked forward carelessly.

The limitless spots of light shook as one as they all began to move around as if they each had a win of their own.

“Let us begin.”

At the same time, the spots of light dispersed at the speed of light—


  1. Apparently what Japanese people call walking down the aisle.

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