After Responding Seriously to a Marriage Promise, I Married my Cute Childhood Friend ~The Start of a Money Saving Life with my Wife~ – 4

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We Flirted While Looking Over Our Fixed Budget

TL: PuffyPyjamas

ED: Daemon

Following our relationship’s acceptance, we settled on a 2LDK house in Chiba prefecture where the closest station to our place was the Ichikawa station.

The school both of us attend is in Ichigaya on the Sobu Line.

We came across this place while searching for cheap and easily commutable houses along the Sobu Line. Since the apartment is rather cheap and spacious, it is quite a distance from the station, approximately fifteen minutes by bus.

All in all, the rent comes to exactly 80,000 yen per month, which includes the maintenance fee.

As of April 29th, two days before the month changes, the remaining balance is a thousand yen. Our first month together was filled with absolutely delicious home cooking, and this was the result. From now on, let’s do some serious saving.

“First, let’s review our spending habits.”

“But we haven’t maintained a household account book this month, have we?”

“Fixed expenses… What I meant is how much money we spend on services every month. We should be able to estimate those.”  

Fixed expenses are truly indispensable for daily life. Some examples of the said fixed expenses being: electricity, gas, water, smartphone charges, internet charges, etc.

That’s why I take out receipts such as smartphone communication charges.

“First of all, the smartphone charges… 8000 yen for two people. This is really expensive.”

“However… It’s an average SoftBank plan, isn’t it?”

Softbank is one of Japan’s major telecommunications carriers. The commercials are also hitting the right audience, so the company’s face value is quite high. However……

“Softbank is surprisingly overpriced.”

“By the way, Mii-kun’s fee is… only 2000 yen per month!?”

“It’s the combination of a cheap SIM-free smartphone and a cheap SIM card. That’s why it’s pretty cheap.”

“My subscription costs 6000 yen though… It’s different.”

“Yep. If we want to save money, we should start from here.”

“But I am worried about the lack of internet data.”

“If you use the Wi-Fi when home, then a 3 gigabytes plan is more than enough.”

Also, when we’re at school, we don’t watch videos with a heavy amount of data.

“Now that I think about it, we’re on an optical line here, right?”

One of the selling points of this property is that the optical line has already been opened and it is included in the rent.

“Yeah. It’s wise to use what you can and save money.”

It’s a waste to pay for extra data if we’ve already got a high-speed internet line for the house.

“I am on an iPhone, but can I insert another SIM card?”

“We won’t be able to do it ourselves like this. We’ll have to go into the store to have them undo the SIM lock on the phone.”

“Hmm, then we should go and get them to unlock my phone.”

“Okay. In any case, we use the free calls on Line for the most part, right?”

“Yeah. It’s mostly the free Line calls with friends.”

“That’s why there isn’t any meaning in getting an unlimited call plan from Softbank.”

This is the reason why Kouri decided to get a cheaper SIM. This should save us around 4 thousand yen.

“It comes around 10,000 for electricity, water, and gas… What’s going on?”

“We’re not wasting any water, electricity, or gas.”

“Is there no way to lower the expenses for these things? I’d like to shave a bit here.”

Sometime later… 

“Kouri, you play a lot of smartphone games, don’t you? Is there some kind of monthly charge to them?”

“I haven’t played much recently, but I think there are two that charge 500 yen per month.”

“If you don’t play them anymore, then it would be helpful if you could cancel the subscription.”

“I understand!”

It seems that the cancellation has been sent through as seen on the display after Kouri fiddled with her smartphone for a while.

“There’s no need to force yourself as well. It’s not good to hold back on things you want to do.” 

“Yep. However, I have to hold back from now on for both our sakes.”

I am a little worried because Kouri tends to get carried away when she is excited.

“Oh! That reminds me, I have been paying for a Youtube Music subscription as well!”

I said that to Kouri after remembering the fact that I have also been paying for useless subscriptions.

“Mii-kun, don’t you listen to music often? You don’t have to overdo it.”

“Since Kouri is putting up with it, I have to put the effort from my side as well.”

As such, the Youtube Music subscription has been canceled, this will save us 980 yen, which can be rounded off to a thousand yen.

“After that, for fixed expenses… Now that I think about it, we can also lower our allowances by a little.”

“If we cut it down, I will not be able to buy any clothes I like.”

When I saw Kouri’s dejected expression, I realized the mistake in my words.

“That’s right. I am a guy, so I just wear whatever is convenient for me. I am sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. But you’re right, I have to use my allowance properly from now on.” 

“That applies to me too, I also buy drinks a lot at convenience stores.”

“Drinks at convenience stores are expensive. Why don’t you buy them at Daiei instead.”

Daiei is a major supermarket near Ichikawa Station. We often stop by Daiei on the way from school to shopping for groceries and whatnot.

“Well, that’s all in a different category. We’ve probably saved all we can when it comes to fixed expenses now.”

In total, the savings totaled to 4000+500*2+1000= 6000 yen.

“We were wasting so much money in some unexpected places.”

“I’ve done a bit of research about all of it before too.”

I was quite traumatized because of money, as such, I was researching incessantly about various methods to save money. I haven’t informed Kouri yet, but I have about 300,000 yen saved for emergencies.

“However, if Mii-kun wasn’t here for me I would’ve been useless, right?”

After we finished reviewing the fixed costs, Kouri had a strangely depressed expression.

“Don’t say such a thing. Kouri does a lot of the housework, so I’d be in pretty deep waters without you.”

I placed my hands on Kouri’s back while saying this and hugged her tightly. I love the feeling of Kouri’s warmth when we hug this way.

“Mii-kun, you like to hug me, don’t you?”

Kouri asked with a trembling voice.

“Do you hate it, Kouri?”

I asked her while being already aware of the answer.

“No. I love it, however…” 

Kouri closed her eyes in my embrace and raised her face invitingly. Her cheeks are a slight shade of red that makes her very cute.


We smeared our lips together, kissed each other deeply, and enjoyed each other’s warmth.

“Somehow, when we kiss like this, I realize that we are a married couple.”

“What? Are you saying you can’t feel it without kissing? I always feel it though.”

“Ah, Mii-kun, your thing is getting bigger!”

“Shh. Don’t say it even if you noticed it.”

“…Do you want to do it?”

They were words that she hadn’t understood when they came out of Father-in-law’s mouth. However, it can’t be denied that her whispering such things to me makes me incredibly tempted.

Before we even realized it, the sun was already setting outside.

“Then, we’re doing it? Is that okay?”

The first time I did lewd things with Kouri was the night of the day we got married. This girl who had strange aspirations had said, “You can’t do it until marriage!”, and didn’t let up.

“Mii-kun, your eyes look like that of a beast.”

Kouri chuckled as she looked into my eyes.

“That’s because Kouri is so beautiful that I want to eat you up.”

“Thus, I was eaten by Mii-kun. From the top to bottom.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just tried imagining myself getting eaten for a bit.”

Kouri said such a thing while giggling as she usually does.

“As I thought… Your body is incredibly beautiful after all.”

I spoke while slowly undressing her.

“Is that so? I am awfully conscious about it.”

“It’s the truth. Your back is very smooth as well.”

I take her top off and stroke her exposed back.

“Nnn… I am starting to feel it.”

“Your back is your weak spot, huh?”

“Don’t say that even if you know it.”

This person who speaks in such a weak voice is so amazingly cute. In mere moments, all her clothes have left her body.

“Un… My heart is beating really fast.”

Kouri, who has been completely stripped naked, stares at me while blushing all the way to her neck.

“I am happy you feel that way.”

After saying that, we began our activity… 

In this way, our holiday went by. We may be short on money, but it’s a very happy time.

“It feels nice to have a bath after doing it.”

Kouri said while soaking in the slightly narrow bathtub.

“Yeah. It feels just like a refreshing drink after sweating.”

I tried a bit of teasing to get her embarrassed.

“You always tease me like this. Hmph!”

Kouri began to pout. However, even this appearance was quite stimulating.

“Now now, I just wanted to try embarrassing you a bit.”

It’s not good if she continues to speak sweet words like that.

“Then, how about this? *hugs*”

After she said that, I was hugged naked.

“Hey. This is really embarrassing.”

Fortunately, she can’t see my face from this position.

“I thought Mii-kun likes hugging.”

Those are some mischievous words.

“Of course, I do enjoy it. But being naked is quite embarrassing. Are you not embarrased?”

I pat her back as I say.


It seems that Kouri was embarrassed by her own action. However, it’s okay to flirt in the bath.

In the bedroom after the bath.

“However, the expenses for condoms are not a joke either.”

I immediately said what I had just remembered.

“We can’t cut down on that!”

It seems that it would not be allowed from the somewhat carnivorous Kouri. Well, even I would be troubled if that were to happen.

(We’ve been having a lot of fun ever since we got married.)

I remembered the day we got married, that is, April 2nd.

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