After Responding Seriously to a Marriage Promise, I Married my Cute Childhood Friend ~The Start of a Money Saving Life with my Wife~ – 7

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A Stupid Married Couple

TL: PuffyPyjamas

ED: Daemon


Koutaro’s and Sekka’s screams resounded throughout the classroom.

“Hey, you guys are way too loud.”

I want to avoid being the center of attention this early in the new semester.

“That really surprised me. Did you really, like really get married?”

Koutaro posed the question. I guess I can’t expect them to believe it on the first try.

“Yeah, we really got married. On the second of April.”

“Isn’t that Michihisa’s birthday? That was the day he turned of age to marry…”

Sekka is really sharp.


“Don’t speak in English. Kouri must have begged you to have it, right?”


I really can’t say anything in response to an on point guess.

“Of course, I wanted to get married as well.”

“Yes, I have no doubts about that at all. So, what about Kouri? How are you feeling now?”

Her gaze was directed at Kouri who had been listening silently until now.

“I am very happy. I became his wife, and we are now living alone together.”

Kouri replies with a big smile on her face.

“Married and living together? I’m surprised you guys got permission from Kouri’s parents.”

“Actually, there were a couple of conditions set by Father-in-law.”

“Father-in-law, huh? You’re already acting like a newlywed.”

Sekka has a frown covering her forehead, but I don’t understand what the problem is.

“Anyway, they said they were going to pay the rent and told us to pick whatever place we wanted to live in.”

“Kouri’s father is a little too indulgent towards his daughter… Ah, towards Michihisa as well.”

“Even with how rich Kouri’s family is, I can’t help but be a little jealous.”

Koutaro and Sekka live normally with their respective parents. These two have also wanted a place devoid of their parents’ eyes for a long time.

“Fufufu~ Aren’t you jealous~? We can basically flirt whenever we want now.”

“It’s great that we don’t have to worry about my parents’ eyes anymore.”

“I don’t think you guys are worried about the public eye given how you act at school.”

“However, there are certain things you can’t do at school.”

In particular, sex, sex, and sex. Besides, it feels a little too much to kiss and hug when inside school.

“I can imagine what you’re thinking, and it would definitely weird people out if you guys did that.”

“People are already weirded out. If you guys continued like that it would definitely result in expulsion.”

“Regardless, a very big congratulations to both of you. Why don’t the four of us go hang out after school?”

Is it like a treat from Koutaro? I am really thankful.

“Yeah, that will be fun. What about you, Kouri?”

“Yeah, I can flirt with Mii-kun as much as I want after going home.”

We gazed into each other’s eyes and nodded in understanding.

“It seems like you guys can communicate without even using words. It’s really amazing.

Sekka appears to be astounded, despite her words.

“Shouldn’t you guys already understand what the other person wants to say just by the look in their eyes and facial expressions?”


They look at each other and nod.

“It seems we haven’t reached that level quite yet.”

Sekka looks at Koutaro for confirmation.

“We’ve had a very long-standing relationship. Has it been fifteen years already?”

“We started dating when we were in kindergarten, so that should be about it.”

“It’s pretty weird to be dating for fifteen years considering our age, isn’t it?”

Sekka said in healthy humor. However, if you were to ask me.

“The one who caused it was Kouri, she said, ‘When I grow up, I’ll be your wife.’”

“Mii-kun too, with his, ‘We have to be lovers first.’”

“No, I think it was Kouri who started it.”

“It was Mii-kun’s fault as well.”

We started a quarrel without any particular reason.

“They’re such a stupid couple. I feel a heartburn whenever I see them.”

“Do you guys want to be stared down to death by your classmates?”

As we were quarreling over things unrelated to love, we received a warning.

“I don’t really mind getting married at this age. I am prepared to face all the weird stares and remarks.”

“You may be fine, but Kouri-chan is involved too, isn’t she?”

“I’m alright! Everything is fine as long as I’m with Mii-kun!”

Her words made me feel at ease. I was a little afraid that I would end up implicating Kouri.

“Sigh, you guys… Just be careful when introducing yourselves today.”

“Ah, yeah. We introduce ourselves when we change classes. It totally slipped my mind.”

At our school, we are required to introduce ourselves at the start of the first semester in April because we change classes every year. And since there are only four classes in each grade, there are definitely a few familiar faces.

“Don’t you dare take the plunge and say that you guys got married this spring!”

“Ah, that’s quite good. We’ll do that!”

“I think people will view you guys strangely.”

“I think that rather than to hide it out of fear from the judgemental eyes. It’s better to be imposing and announce it.”

“As long as we force things by saying we’re married, things will work out somehow.”

“If I see you guys boasting about your marriage out in the open, I think I would just give up…”

While we were bantering and chatting, the sound of the school bell resounded throughout the school.

“See you later. Please look forward to our introduction.”

“I’m asking you to avoid being too preposterous.”

“It wouldn’t be fun if we aren’t preposterous.”

“I feel a major headache incoming.”

After that was said, we scattered to our seats.

About 5 minutes later, the homeroom teacher of our class, Haru-sensei, walked in. Her full name is Imagawa Haru, and she teaches Modern Japanese. 

Imagawa is very hard to pronounce, so everybody calls her Haru-sensei. Haru-sensei is in her late twenties and is a beautiful teacher with big breasts who secretly cares about her appearance a lot.

“Alright~ It looks like everybody is present. Then, first of all, I’ll be taking attendance.”

With that, she flipped open the attendance book.

“And in the meantime, you guys can carry out the usual self-introduction.”

Haru-sensei said. So it is time for that after all?

“Most of you people should know each other already, so don’t go too overboard with the introductions.”

Such were the words of Haru-sensei. Is it finally time for self-introduction?

What should we do…? I naturally directed my line of sight towards Kouri who was sitting on the opposite side of the room. Kouri gestures to me to look down, and is looking down at something herself. Ah, so that’s it. She’s asking me to look at my smartphone.

I retrieved the smartphone from my pocket and looked at the screen.

[I have a good idea for our self-introduction.]

I received such a message from Kouri. Good idea… Is it?

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