Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 01

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There are two stations near Touyama High School, the place where I am currently commuting to. One of them, the one that I use, is the Touyama High School Station on the Sandai Line. This stop is centered within the residential district, and has few shops around it.

The other one is the JP Touyama Station. It is the largest station in the area. The amount of people going out of the Touyama High School Station is significantly less compared to the amount of people going out of Touyama Station. Around the station there is a large mall, a few companies, schools, and other various institutions. The area is lively during the weekdays as well as the weekends.

Out of all the students from our high school, about 70% of them commute through Touyama Station. By the way, about 20% commute by bus or bike, and the remaining 10% commute using the Sandai Line like I do. It is quite surprising how few people use the Sandai Line to commute.

Well, because of this, the number of students on the path between the Touyama High School Station and the high school itself is very low. Adding on to it, the students commuting through the Touyama High School Station, maybe because it feels inferior to the Touyama Station, are mostly very quiet. I am also very quiet, however, it’s because I come from the countryside and I do not want to stand out.

So, today as well, I take my time, walking down the quiet path where cars cannot pass through.

“Hey, Setsu. Is it true that Kii-san got a boyfriend?”

As I entered the classroom and sat in the seat furthest in the back, my classmate, Sagami, asked me this.

He is an idiot. That should be a good enough introduction.

By the way my name is Yoshiki Setsu. Almost everyone calls me Setsu.

“Kii-san, boyfriend? I don’t know anything about it…”

“As I thought~. You don’t know~”

“Actually, why would you even think I knew?”

I basically have no interest when it comes to the romances of other people. Who cares if this person is going out with that person. It’s conversation that should end with just, “Ah~, is that so”.

Of course, if it was about someone that I liked or a close friend liked, I would hold some sort of interest, but when it comes to people that I have no relationships with, then there is no reason for me to care.

However, Sagami seems to like that sort of gossip, and will tell me as if I would care. Don’t you have any friends other than me?

I faced Sagami with a surprised expression. Then, despite the seemingly lack of information gathering ability, he began to tell me things that I have never heard before.

“Actually, it seems like a third year senpai confessed to Kii-san yesterday, and she rejected him saying that she already had a boyfriend! Kii-san doesn’t seem like the type to tell a lie, so maybe she really does have a boyfriend!”

Sagami stood up with excitement. Why is he so hyper? Well, I guess it’s like usual.

“Whether or not she has a boyfriend or not, there is no effect on you.”

“So sad! So regrettable!”

“Really, It’s not such a big deal.”

After a few seconds, Sagami loses his energy and falls back into his seat. What now?

“No well, even I know, there is no way that I could ever go out with Kii-san. That’s why, I want the guy going out with her to be brave and cool.”

What’s with the sudden gloomy expression. What happened to all the energy you had a while ago, your emotions are way to unstable. However, since I Sagami looked so pitiful, I decided to tell him what I know.

“Well, I don’t know if this means much, but when she rides on the train, there isn’t anyone that looks like her boyfriend.”

Although, looking at us, someone may think that I am her boyfriend.

“I-Is that true!?”


“Is that so? In the train…?”

“Ah, did I not tell you? She rides the same train as me.”


Hearing my words, Sagami opened his mouth and stopped like that. Then, gradually, the muscles in his face started to move again.

“Haaaaa!? You really just said that! That Kii-san, living in the countryside!?”

“I mean, she does. Actually, don’t call it the countryside, it’s a residential area.”

As I snapped back at him, Sagami fell onto my desk in despair.

“You’re lying… that Kii-san, living in the countryside… So enviable!”

“As I was saying, it’s not the countryside, it’s a residential area.”

“Dammit! If she’s on the train with you you can take some pictures can’t you? She might even sit next to you on the train… dammit!”

Looking so envious, there really isn’t any way for me to tell him that she really does sit next to me. Actually though, how much do you like Kii-san anyways.

“Maybe you can even feel her chest…”

“There’s no way, you idiot.”

Instead of liking, he might just be a pervert…

“Mamiko, you’re in a good mood today again.”

When I arrived at school, my best friend, Yuuka-chan greeted me. Her expression seemed somewhat surprised. Even I didn’t understand why she had an expression like that.

“You came with your boyfriend today again?”


“The aura that you give off is so happy it might make others feel embaressed.”

“I-Is that so? Ehhhh~”

“That’s not a compliment by the way. Isn’t it alright to tell me already? Mamiko’s boyfriend. Is it someone from this school?”

Yuuka-chan wouldn’t let go and asked me this.

But, I’m…

“…Sorry, I can’t tell you.”

Yes, since he’s quite shy, I wouldn’t want to spread it around that we were going out. I would really like to tell her right now, but thinking of him, there is no way I can say it.

“Is that so, then, I wish you happiness.”

In reply to my words, Yuuka-chan gave a smile and returned to her own seat. In my heart, I apologized to Yuuka-chan one more time, and laid down on my desk. I remembered again what happened on the train this morning.

Today, I leaned against him. Ahhhh. What did he think? Did he hate me for it? But, it’s Yoshiki-kun’s fault, keeping such a distance from his girlfriend. Today was special, I won’t do the same again. Next time, Yoshiki-kun would do it… I really want that… If he does…

“Nnn~, fufufufufufu.”

Oh no, just imagining it makes me this happy. He still hasn’t talked to me yet, but if he does, oh… I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from smiling… fufu, eheheh.

We’ve been going out for ten years already. I hope to do something couple-like soon. I’m sure that my face is smiling right now. Even knowing that, I couldn’t help myself.

Fufufu, I hope that we can talk tomorrow.

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25 thoughts on “Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 01

  1. Wait wait wait a damn second!!! Ten years?! So like since they were 6? Is this some case of a forgotten childhood promise? Did he ask her out in a game and she thought he was for real? How come she hasn’t realized?!!!

    Anyone else seen Baka to test to shoukanyu? There was a girl like that in it

    Well she is yandere or stalker material nonetheless

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  2. I’m surprised that the gf hasn’t pull something out of the ‘yandere codex’ but this is too soon to conclude. I need to see the bedroom introduction like photos covering all side of the wall and such


  3. Now all of ya, get some rope, muscle relaxant and a pretty wrapping: In order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed we should just tie him up and hand him over to her



    MMmm, sorry i was out of my mind. i knowed this novel would be good


  5. Wow, I didn’t see that coming. I spat my water out and started choking because I was laughing so hard… That’s hilarious, if this first chapter is any indication I’m glad I decided to read this one!


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