Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 02

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Today, I commuted to school using the train again. And of course, the prettiest girl in school, Kii-san, is sitting next to me again.

However, today, there is more people than usual. There aren’t many seats that are empty, and quite a few people are standing as well. If there are other schools around without morning classes, the amount of people on the train increases like this.

Well, it’s still far from being really crowded.


The announcement came out from the speakers on the train. Since I don’t really put on earphones on the train, I can clearly hear the announcement.

It seems that the train will arrive at the Oumi Station soon. Oumi Station is two stops before the Touyama High School station. Near this station, there is Oumi College and Nishi Oumi High School, so many students get off at this station.

On the other hand, there are two or three large apartment complexes in the area, each having many residents. There are also quite a few people who get on the train at this station.

Then, among those that got onto the train, there was a grandmother looking over eighty, with a bent waist and using a cane. She seemed to be looking for a spot to sit down, but since there were so many people, there were no open seats.

I quickly stood up and walked over to the old lady.

“Please sit down on the seat over there.”

“Are you sure? Is that okay?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

I help her with her bag and lead her to the seat that I was sitting in earlier. Kii-san was sitting in the seat next to it, but there shouldn’t be any problem.

“Thank you.”

As she sat down in the seat, the old lady gave me her thanks.

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it.”

Giving her a casual response, I moved towards an empty space. As I mentioned earlier, although there were a lot of people it was not crowded like it would be on busier trains, as such, there was still space to stand comfortably. I lean my back against the train door, and take out my smartphone.

Somehow, I felt refreshed.

Partially because I did a good deed, but also, being able to get away from Kii-san, felt like a burden came off my shoulders, letting me spend time on the train as I normally would.

Let’s see, I guess I can work on morning quests which I haven’t done in a while. Recently, since I haven’t been able to go on quests in the morning, I have troubled the other people in my party. Let’s go monster hunting today with everyone.

With that going through my mind, I finally put my finger on the icon of the application called Human Beast War.

This game places players on a large map with various beasts. Players are then forced to fight the beasts with weapons dropped from killing them. You can’t prepare weapons or equipment beforehand. It is a game that requires both skill and luck.

This game allows parties of over 50 players, who you would go on quests with together. I also belong to one of these parties. The party isn’t the strongest, but it’s a very fun party that I really enjoy being a part of. Looking forward to going on quests together with everyone, I tapped on the title screen.

At that moment.

“What are you doing?”

I heard a bright voice from right next to me. The owner of that voice had long black hair and was quite the beauty. It was Kii-san.

I immediately hide my smartphone. It isn’t like there is something wrong with playing games, but I didn’t want to be made fun of for it. Wasn’t she sitting down next to the old lady a moment ago…?

“It’s nothing, I was just holding my smartphone for a little bit. W-what about you, Kii-san? W-why are you over here?”

After I said that, her expression noticeably became worse as she gave me a glare. Eh, what’s wrong with her?

“Why the polite speech?”

I see, even though she seems like an unreachable existence as the top beauty at school, she is still the same year as me. I guess she didn’t like that I used polite speech because of this.


“Also, what do you mean by Kii-san”

What? Wait a second, what is she talking about? Kii-san would mean her, right? Or does she have some other sort of other meaning to the question?


Yeah, even after thinking about it I don’t get it.

“As I was saying! Why did you use my last name?”

Kii-san spoke as if annoyed.

She definitely seems mad, but I don’t understand why. Why is it that I can’t call her by last name? Maybe she just doesn’t like being called by her last name? Well, it’s probably something like that. After all, she is really angry right now.

“Sorry Mamiko-san. I’ll be more careful next time.”

“There is no need for the san.”

“…Ah, yes, sor—I mean, my bad.”

That was close, I almost responded in a polite tone again, which would have made her mad at me again. It really doesn’t suit her and she becomes really scary. If possible, I don’t want to make her angry again.

I made a little bit of distance between me and Kii-san. However, as I thought she would, she closed the distance between us.

M-maybe she likes me? She does? Right? If she doesn’t she wouldn’t do something like this, right?

I can’t be sure of it since I do not have a lot of experience when it comes to romance, however, a there was a glimmer of hope, that maybe, Kii-san does have feelings for me. Well, the chance is only about 0.000001% though.

“Though, Yoshiki-kun is really nice after all. You gave up your seat after all.”

She looked at me as she spoke, her tone returned from her angry tone earlier, to a much softer and gentler one. Since there is at least 10 centimeters of difference between our heights, Kii-san is forced to look up at me when she talks.

Is this the so-called upturned eyes? It’s super cute. I’m so happy there are no words to describe it. I turned my face away, which was now red with embarrassment.

“It’s nothing, perfectly normal.”

“It’s not normal. Yoshiki-kun is really kind.”

Emphasizing her thoughts, she once again said the same thing. Speaking of which, why has she been calling me by my first name? I feel like I’ve never told her before.

“It’s just I really wish you would’ve stood by me, next to my seat. It’s almost if you left me behind. It made me feel lonely.”

Kii-san blushed as she said that.

Wait a minute. I don’t understand what she’s saying. Why should I stand next to her? What does she mean by lonely?

Today, I really don’t understand a lot of what Kii-san has said. However, I do understand that she can be surprisingly scary. Let’s try not to get on her bad side from now on. Rather, I should try not to talk to her as much. I wouldn’t want to make her angry again after all.

“Next~Touyama High School Station~”

As I was making such a decision, the train closed in on the usual stop.

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    1. If a yandere chooses you will not escape no matter what. The only way to stop a yandere is to get an even stronger one.


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