Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 14

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“And? Who was that?”

Shortly after the train left the station, Kii-san puffed out her cheeks and asked me this.

“It’s just a friend from middle school.”


“…Umm, are you mad?”

“Of course, I am.”

“…I’m sorry.”

When I said that, Kii-san, who was in a very bad mood, glared at me.

“Even after all you’ve done, all you’re doing is apologizing?”


Ummm, what should I do? This time, it is definitely completely my fault, but I don’t know what to do other than apologize.

Maybe, she wants money? No, I don’t think Kii-san is that type of person…

Since I didn’t understand what to Kii-san became even angrier, until she began scolding me, saying things one after the other non-stop.

“I’ve always been think of you, Yoshiki-kun. Whenever I get on to the train, I hope that the train would arrive even just a little bit earlier at the station that you are at. And yet, you were just getting along with another girl… And you even said, I liked you, to her? What is this about? What are you thinking, Yoshiki-kun?”

Pressured by her anger, I fell silent again. Well, it isn’t unreasonable for her to be this angry… I mean, if Kii-san did something like this to me, I would probably be angry as well. No, well, maybe not as angry as her.

“Well, to me it was just me talking to a friend as I normally would…”

“Then what’s with the I like you?”

“That was… just the flow of the conversation…”

“Would a normal conversation come to that? I think not.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“As I was saying, just apologizing won’t be enough.”

“Then, then what should I do…?”

When I asked her that, Kii-san’s mood slightly worsened.

“Tell me I like you.”


Ahhhh… in the train?

Because of the earlier conversation, we were already standing out quite a bit too. Telling her, “I like you”, now would be way too embarrassing However, I can’t not tell her. I have to properly say it.

“I, like you.”

I looked straight at Kii-san’s eyes. Those were my true feelings.

It’s true that I was told to say it, and I kind of went with the flow when I agreed to date her. However, when confessed to by such a cute girl, there’s no guy who wouldn’t end up liking her as well. It may seem very simple, but there’s no helping it.

Besides, I didn’t fall in love with her just because of that. She has a slightly heavy-handed personality, but when I spend time with her, I end up enjoying every moment of it. I also really like that part of her.

I tried to put all that thought into my words. However, Kii-san’s reaction was unexpected.

“Then, the girl you confessed to earlier and me, who do you like more?”

She asked me this.

To be honest, my feelings were stronger back when I liked Ueno. I didn’t notice it at the time, but thinking back on it, my feelings were pretty strong. It couldn’t be helped though. I had spent over 10 years together with Ueno, while it’s only been a few months with Kii-san.

But, if I say that, she’ll most likely be in a bad mood again… Trying not to show it on my face, I carefully let out my voice.

“Of course, Kii-san.”

“Ah, you must have liked that girl before. It showed own your face.”


Eh? I showed it on my face?

“Ah~I see. You liked her more then~”

Kii-san had a relieved expression earlier, but she was had an angry expression again.

“Besides, you’re still calling me by my last name…”

“Uuu, that is, I’m still not used to it.”

“You did it before right? Call me properly by my first name. …You’re my boyfriend, right?”

“…I-I understand.”

“Well then, try saying it.”

“Umm, now?”


“…Umm, Mamiko.”

“Yes, that’s good. Call me like that from now on.”

This is bad, it’s super embarrassing.

Kii-s, no, I mean Mamiko, when you talk in such a loud voice, people will start noticing us.

Well, Kii-s-Mamiko seems to be in a better mood now.

“Next~ Touyama High School~”

Well, with everything settled, we were now just arriving at the station.
Mamiko, who was sitting by the aisle, left first, as other students from Touyama High School got off.

The students all had earphones in, absorbed within their own worlds. They probably didn’t notice us, the prettiest girl at school and me, talking together. Helped by this fact, it doesn’t seem like rumors about us will spread in school. Together, we walked behind these students and headed to school. We weren’t holding each other’s hands yet.

I don’t really think of myself as that innocent, but when it comes to the prettiest girl at school, it’s fine I guess. As long as we gradually close the distance between us, and learn more about each other, we will be fine I think.

That way, I will probably be able to like her more than I liked Ueno. Yes, that’s what I think.


It happened suddenly.

It was only an instant. Honestly, I didn’t understand it at first. However, it was my first time feeling such a feeling on my lips. I was puzzled, surprised, and had various other emotions mixed into my head as my mind shorted out.

My face was probably super red. The girl in front of me was also the same. Trying to hide it, she walked a little ahead of me. Then, with her back to me, she holds out her right hand to me.


Even though I was in a state of panic, I’m not a person who wouldn’t understand why she held out her hand. I wipe some of the sweat off of my left hand and hold on to her hand. A girl’s hand is smaller and softer than I thought. It’s as if putting just a little more strength into my grip would crush it.

While holding on to that fragile hand, I walked to school on the path that felt a little different from usual.

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35 thoughts on “Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 14

  1. At least this MC isn’t so bad that he can’t do what needs to be done. Also that girl he works with better be careful, one wrong move and she’ll be getting a lot more friendly with her insides.


  2. .    ∧_∧ A
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    Gotta read it fast!

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    /⌒ づ⊂⌒ヽ Nepu!❤

    So he successfully jumped out of the frying pan, next we'll learn if he landed off the fire or he again will get lucky.


  3. And a little mistake from the guy will makes this series from “Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train” to “These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy” real quick.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    “As long as we gradually close the distance between us, and learn more about each other, we will be fine I think.”
    That is if you survive long enough


  5. Oh god, just run away bro…like that girl is too hard maintenance, and jelly to be worth your life. I know Bland-kun isn’t that good of a catch and he might never meet a girl like her again (not sure if that’s bad or not) but at this point he is better following the incest route then this yandere in the making


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