Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 24

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In the morning, I woke up in my room to the dazzling sunlight. Lazily groaning, I look at the clock in the room. The needle indicated that it was 9:30. If it was like usual, now would be the time to head to school.

However, I started to mess with my smartphone without any feeling of guilt. Today was the start of summer break for us students. To be honest, the end of the year tests before summer break really killed me, but that doesn’t matter now.

The pleasure of it being summer break was 10 times larger than the grief of my tests. Summer break is about one and a half months. My school doesn’t have students going to school during the break, and since I didn’t participate in a club, I could really do whatever I want, however much I want.

Ah, of course there’s still my part time job, but I intend to work only 3 times a week. I’m not really pressed for money right now after all. Besides, I’m thinking of writing a story during summer break. It would be a short story about 100,000 characters long.

I’ve mentioned it before but I’m secretly writing my own story. It’s posted on a site called Let’s Make an Author [1].

The number of stories that I have currently written is just one. I have actually written a few other stories before, but I was having trouble developing the story and it never really became popular, so I didn’t end up finishing them.

The story that I have finished is one that I have put a lot of thought and feelings into. It was the first time that I had contributed to the site. The bookmarks reached 6,400, the PV for it reached over 3 million views, and even reached rank one in the daily rankings before. It was so popular that I was contacted by a company.

However, my ending to the story had caused the reviews to go down. The story was overflowing with foreshadowing and characters, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to end it.

In the end, the story developed to where the romantic plot ended in the two not being able to see each other again. It was such a big disappointment to others that I wanted to cry. When I was writing it, I thought it was pretty interesting, and even now I still think that way, but it seems that I was somewhat biased.

Since there weren’t many hints leading up to the characters being split up, it can’t be helped that I received quite the bashing from readers. I’m able to talk about this normally now, but back then it was really hard. The impressions were bad, the reviews were also bad, and there was nothing I could do but apologize.

I did think about rewriting it, but I didn’t like that for some reason. Just as my mentality was about to collapse, making me stop writing, I received a message from one of my readers. Within the message, the reader told me that they really liked my story. That it was interesting, and that they were glad they had found it.

I couldn’t help but be happy from that so I began to write again. And well, with this type of connection to the story, it left a very deep impression in me.

So, what will I write this time? I think I will try to write fantasy.

I didn’t know if I could fit the whole story into 100,000 characters, but I’ll try it and see. I turned on my laptop and opened Notepad.

Usually, when I write my stories, I do it in Notepad. Before I had used Word, but since it had a slow start up time on my laptop, I now use Notepad.

I stared at the blank white Notepad screen with nothing written as I sat in deep thought. Even with fantasy there are many types of stories, each with its own countless developments. Among them, setting aside originality, the one with the easiest setting to make…

It would have to be an otherworld reincarnation story. Even I who only reads romantic comedies will find them interesting. Yeah, let’s go with an otherworld reincarnation story. And, about the setting…

Just like that, one by one, I slowly spent the time building the story.

Then, it was night.

Starting from the morning, staring at the laptop for half the day, I was finally able to complete a fantasy story. After confirming that I didn’t make any misspellings, it was time to post it.

To be honest, this is the moment that is the most nerve-wracking when it comes to writing stories. The moment when you press the post button. At this time, I start thinking about stuff like whether it will be interesting, or whether the readers will be happy. Maybe there will bad reviews like last time.

Still, I think that this story is interesting, so I ended up posting it. Please, I hope that many people will read this story. I say that in my mind as I press the post button. At the same time, the words, “Your Post Has Been Made”, showed up on the screen.

What will happen?

Will it be unpopular?

Will it be uninteresting?

Such worries came after I made the post.

Despite that I turned back to the laptop and started writing.

That’s because, I love to write.

TL Note:

  1. The raws have it as 『小説家をしよう』 which is likely a play on 『小説家になろう』. It’s basically the site that this web novel is posted on.

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22 thoughts on “Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 24

  1. Wew, I got lost somewhere around the middle. Good thing comments exist to guide dense people such as myself. (Thought it was MC’s POV, like wtf)


  2. “Usually, when I write my stories, I do it in Notepad. Before I had used Word, but since it had a slow start up time on my laptop, I now use Notepad.”
    I agree with this person, I use the simple windows editor to write lists and other things. One click and the window is ready for writing, one click on Word or OpenOffice etc. and 2-3mins waiting time before all the functions have loaded…

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Hmmm… I have nothing to base it on other than this chapter, but it seems to me like the author might have been foreshadowing that he intends to write an other world reincarnation novel irl in the future… Tho, maybe he already has and I just haven’t noticed XD sadly, i never really look at author names for LNs, most of the time they’re just too generic to bother… It’s like the mc in every novel is the same guy going thru different situations that are basically the same thing, just with subtle differences and different characters… But I digress XD haha, I might have to look into whether or not the author has written a fantasy novel now tho…


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