Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 27

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Today really was hot~

Since the air conditioning was broken at work earlier, work felt like it took a lot more effort than usual. I was in my room with the air conditioning going at full power, laying down on my bed. Originally, I was planning on doing my part-time work till night time, but I now suddenly had time to spare.

That’s right, I haven’t played very much recently, so let’s play some Human Beast Wars. The other party members probably aren’t online, but I can still train alone. With that train of thought, I pick up my phone charger on top of my desk, and launched the application while lying in bed.

“Oh, Ryoma-san is logged in.”

At the top of my friend list, Ryoma-san was marked as online. Without any hesitation, I sent a message to Ryoma-san. He’ll probably respond in a little bit, so I can think for a little bit as I wait.

After 10 minutes, Ryoma-san was still online but a reply did not come back. He doesn’t seem to be on a quest, I wonder what happened? Maybe he forgot to turn off his smartphone? I also forgot to turn off my phone during work, so when I was done and I looked at my phone, there was only a few percent of my battery left.

Ryoma-san almost never ignores my messages, so he probably just forgot to turn off his phone. After making that conclusion, I select the matchmaking mode and went on quests with other players. That’s too bad, I really wanted to go questing with Ryoma-san instead.

“I have a girlfriend, you see?”

His words echoed in my mind, and stabbed my heart. I was on my bed when I saw my in-game friend Yosshii-san message me, causing me to let out a big sigh. Yosshii-san, who came online about 10 minutes ago, messaged me, “Do you want to go on quests together?”

I received the message, but I didn’t reply. Because of that, Yosshii-san was now going on quest right now. To be honest, going on a quest with Yosshii-san right now would be hard on me. The Yosshii-san that I like, is my coworker Setsu-kun, and that Setsu-kun, has a girlfriend. Just knowing this fact disturbed my heart to the point that I wasn’t in the mood to play games.

Then why am I looking at this screen? It’s because it is the only proof that I have of my relationship with him. I wanted a little something that was more like him, but I didn’t have any pictures of him, so I could only look at the game screen. His username was Yosshii-san, and his icon was a picture of a dog, but for some reason, I could see the image of him smiling.

Well, he hasn’t smiled like that in front of me before, when he talks to the owner he ends up smiling. It’s been like this for a while now. I keep thinking about him, and it won’t leave my mind. For me, who doesn’t talk very much to other guys at school, this was my first time feeling this way.

However, even I understand what this feeling is.

I’m sure… that I… have fallen in love with Setsu-kun.

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24 thoughts on “Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 27

  1. oboy… Now for the true question, do we get Yandere murderer + dead Tsundere girlfriend + dead sister or Yandere murderer + harem or do we keep what we have (Yandere girlfriend + Tsundere has crush + sister has a crush)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Protag can (hopefully) still avoid it! All he has too do is _not_ attempt to date more than one person at once, nor do anything that can be misunderstood as such, should work well enough…


    1. “Yandere murderer + harem”, wow, you just used godly tags there, only very small number of MC can pull that out.

      Well, whatever it will be, i hope it will not end like School Days or Doki Doki Literature Club, which literally made my heart doki doki *pun intended


      1. @seanna2000 No, i didn’t make it to happy end, because after 1st round, i opt to Monika route mod because she deserve a lot of love than the other 3.


  2.   ∧ ∧
    ┃Thanks! Nepu!┃
     ┗┛   ┗┛
    DAmmit! I know that as a reader I can see the whole picture unlike for the characters who can only see the part of it but still…..


  3. He really should think about what the yandere girl’s mom told him and break away as soon as he can for the safety of the women around him and himself as well


    1. All of these is not his fault though. He had been upfront about his relationship with his girlfriendd and gave strong and firm rejection to both his imouto and his co-worker.


  4. Oioi, didn’t MC already know that Ryoma was a girl?
    In earlier chapters, he said that it was probably a girl biased on her manner of speech.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Why do I have a feeling that imouto also didn’t give up yet? We will either see Yandere gf fiercely protecting her bf or School Days except MC this time is actually likeable.


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