Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 31

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“So, the both of you are here now. Good morning.”

In front of the cultural hall, Wada-sensei greeted Mamiko and I, who had a weird mood between us.

“Good morning.”

“Good… morning.”

We each return our own greetings.

However, Mamiko’s voice seemed frustrated, showing a little bit of her bad mood.

All the while, she continued to glare at me next to her. Well, what happened earlier was my fault and I ended up doing the same thing as before, showing no sign that I was reflecting on my actions.

By the way, the moment that Mamiko arrived, Ueno quickly ran away somewhere. She really is quick at escaping. Her stealthy capabilities were just as high back in middle school as well. While I was thinking that, I suddenly got elbowed in my sides. It was quite a strong one as well.

I couldn’t help holding my side as I looked towards where I was elbowed from and saw Mamiko. Seeing her, she was watching me with an even sharper gaze than before.

“Why are you thinking about that girl earlier?”

Then, her voice, which sounded more angry than irritated came through my ears. Eh, why does she know what I’m thinking about? It’s true, I was thinking about Ueno though. But still, it was only for a moment, I wasn’t thinking about her for that long. Even if I tell her that, Mamiko’s mood probably won’t get better, so I just silently rubbed my sides. That really hurt…

Eventually, without Mamiko’s mood becoming any better, we went in through the back entrance of the cultural hall. The front entrance had a lot of middle school students, but walking in through the back entrance, there was barely any people. There was only a few high school students who also came to represent their schools like I did and their respective teachers.

“Then, the two of you can wait over here in the waiting room. I’ll go greet the other teachers.”

After Wada-sensei told us that, she walked towards the back. As the teacher told us, we stayed put within the waiting room designated for students. Inside the room a long table was placed in the direct center with about ten chairs or so lined up along the table.

On one side of the table there was a water cooler, cups, and some light snacks. It seems we could help ourselves to some. Mamiko and I eyed the other students out of the corners of our eyes as we picked an empty seat to sit down at.

“Somehow, it seems like everyone looks very smart…”

While looking at the other students around, I say that in a small voice to Mamiko. However, Mamiko just looked the other way She is really angry… What should I do…?

I want to do something to make Mamiko happier, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll listen to anything I say… Really, what should I do…? As I was thinking, my eyes met with Ueno who was sitting far away.

Apparently, Ueno came in before us. Sitting next to Ueno was a serious looking boy who wore glasses. Since he was wearing the same uniform, they are probably from the same school. Then, after Ueno saw Mamiko, she looked towards me and gave me a look that seemed to say, “Don’t mind”.

She completely thinks this is someone else’s problem. No, well, I guess it really is someone else’s problem… But still, I wanted her to at least feel a little apologetic about this. That’s how I feel, but still, no matter how much I think about it, it’s still my fault. Thinking that, I didn’t say anything as I hit my head against the table. Really, what can I do to fix this…?

“Hey, what’s wrong? Yoshiki.”

At the same time that I heard that voice, a boy put his hand on my shoulder. It was my middle school classmate, Kenji Kawachi. I heard he entered the rugby club in high school, so even though there wasn’t much difference between our heights, He seemed somewhat bigger than everyone around.

Despite that, his hair was set, giving a sense of cleanliness to some extent. He’s a friend from kindergarten, and he is a pretty good person. He goes to Oumi High school, so we ended up splitting up, but every once in a while when I see him on the train, we always end up talking.

“Kenji, you’re here too?”

“Yeah, I came out all the way here on a holiday.”

That’s a surprise. Kenji was the same as me and wasn’t the type to do bothersome things like this. I wonder how much his character has changed.

“Still, it’s unexpected… for Yoshiki to be here doing this.”

“Well, there were a few things that happened. More importantly, you too, Kenji, it’s unusual for you to be doing this as well.”

“For me, as well… ummm… a lot of things happened…”

Kenji standing there like that gave me a slight feeling of mismatch. Kenji is usually a pretty head strong man and won’t usually give in like this. Besides, his face was red for some reason. We were together a lot in middle school, but this is the first time I’ve seen him like this
It’s almost as if… he’s starting to burn up or something…

“I see. We both have it tough.”

I don’t pursue him any further and leave it at that. He smiled thinly back at me.

“No, it’s not really that bad. I came here with the person that I like after all.”

“What? The person you like?”

“Yeah, it’s the other person who came to the school information session.”

Kenji gave an embarrassed smile. It was the first time seeing an expression from him like this. If I remember correctly, this is probably the first time Kenji has come to like someone. I worried because Kenji was stuck to his mother all the time in middle school, but it seems it was unnecessary.

“Heeeh. Is she cute?”

“Yeah, she’s quite cute. I fell in love at first sight. You would probably be the same, you know?”

The moment that Kenji said that, Mamiko glared at me with even more anger.

“Nono, I have a really really cute girlfriend after all.”

“Ehh! You had a girlfriend!?”

“Yeah, the girl sitting next to me.”

“… Hello.”

Probably because she was angry at me, Mamiko gave a blunt greeting. When Kenji saw Mamiko, his whole body stiffened. He started moving a few seconds later and put his arm around my shoulder. He then spoke to me in a voice so Mamiko couldn’t hear.

“You, did you really get yourself such a cute girl as your girlfriend?”

“I did. Though we probably don’t match very well.”

“Yeah, you guys definitely don’t match.”

“You really put that bluntly…”

Without hearing my last words to him, Kenji let’s go of me and faces Mamiko.

“Kanojo-san [1], he’s like this, but I hope you will continue to take care of him from now on.”

Are you my parent or something? Well, I guess even my parents didn’t end up saying that.

“… I understand.”

After replying to him in a small voice, Mamiko quickly moved her eyes away from Kenji and looked back at her smartphone.

“Yoshiki, did you make her mad?”

“Well, some stuff happened…”

Kenji gave me a dubious look. If Mamiko was acting so coldly, it can’t be helped that he would think something happened.

“More importantly, who is the person you like? She’s here right now, right?”

I try to change the topic. To be honest, if I start talking about Mamiko there’s going to be no end to it, I’ve got to think of a way to fire back….

“No, I don’t think she’s here yet… Ah, she just arrived. Echizen-san, over here.”

It seems that the person that Kenji likes just arrived. Her name is “Echizen-san” apparently. Echizen… Oumi High School… Echizen…


It can’t be…

I turn my eyes to the entrance of the waiting room.

“Good morning, Kawachi-ku…”

Then, my eyes ended up meeting with that person. When that person saw me, she froze. Standing there was my fellow part-timer, Echizen.

TL Note: 

  1. Japanese for girlfriend. We assume that most people would not need a not for this but in order to be consistent we will make a note for any untranslated Japanese.

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21 thoughts on “Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 31

  1. Yep, to be honest, I see no fault of MC here. You can still be friends with opposite sex without having a romantic interest at them. Mamiko is too jealous to a fault. I want MC to stand up a bit, but we all know this will end in School Days ending.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dunno about you, but in Asia, most girls are like Mamiko, dislike when the bf close to other girls. But that also applies to most boys too. Relationships in here are hard, that’s why there’s a growth of singles in Asia.

      Liked by 1 person

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