After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 12

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The Favor Asked for by the Beautiful Transfer Student

TL: PuffyPyjamas.

ED: Daemon.

Ever since Emma and her sister entered my room, Emma is the one doing all the talking. Charlotte occasionally chimes in, but she is careful not to interrupt Emma. I just kept listening to Emma talk. Emma spoke about various things, such as the first time she got on an airplane and the cat videos she watched today.

While she is talking, she presses her little head against my chest while asking to be spoiled, and sometimes she grabs my hands and plays around with them. Somehow, watching her have fun like this makes me glad.

After a while, Emma began to nod off. It’s already very late, and she’s probably really tired from all the various events that occurred today. Let’s just have her soundly fall asleep like this.

Charlotte and I patiently waited for Emma to enter the land of dreams. After a short amount of time, I heard cute sleeping noises originating from Emma. It seems like she’s completely fallen asleep.

“Thank you very much, Aoyagi-kun.”

Charlotte thanked me for the umpteenth time today. When I looked at her, I found her watching Emma with a very gentle gaze. At this moment, Charlotte truly feels like an older sister who watches over her precious little sibling. It is obvious that this little girl is very important to Charlotte.

“There is no need to thank me.”

“No, that’s not true. I am truly thankful to you for spending time with Emma.”

“Hahah, it’s all good. I had a lot of fun playing with her as well.”

I kind of feel like I was taken for a ride, but it was fun to play with Emma nonetheless. If it’s a little sister like her, then it’s fine… I honestly think that.

“I’m sure that Aoyagi-kun is like a hero for Emma. When she couldn’t ask for help because she was unfamiliar with the language, Aoyagi-kun called out to her. You smiled and treated her gently. I can understand why Emma is so attached to you.”

What should I do? I am getting complimented even though I haven’t done anything impressive. I couldn’t face Charlotte because I was too embarrassed. Charlotte continued while I averted my gaze.

“A strange land where people don’t speak the same language. I believe Japan is a very scary place for Emma. Having said that—if you don’t mind, can you play with Emma until she gets used to Japan?”

“Play with her…?” 

Charlotte made an abrupt suggestion, and I gazed at Emma who is sleeping in her arms. I understand what Charlotte wants to say. Since Emma is in an unknown country where people communicate in an unknown language, she must be very scared and anxious. For a young child like Emma, these feelings must be greater than those of an adult.

Having said that, it honestly isn’t that convenient for me. In the evenings, I usually work as Aki’s tutor, and after returning home, I review my lessons and prepare for the next day. Honestly, when it comes to cutting down on that time, it’s really tough. Of course, there’s a reason why I devote so much effort into studying.


When I glanced at Charlotte, she was staring at my face with a serious expression. Today was the first time that we met, but I feel like I understand how this woman known as Charlotte is like at her core.

A kind person who cares for others and places the needs of others before her own.

Such a person is asking for my favour for her sister’s sake while being completely aware that it will bother me. Thinking about the meaning behind it, it would be quite difficult for me to refuse. Above all, I do not wish for Emma to be anxious. If I can get rid of even the slightest bit of Emma’s anxiety by playing with her, then the answer is obvious… 

“Yeah, that’s fine. I may be a little late in coming home, but if that’s fine with you, I can make time.”

“Thank you very much!”

I nodded in affirmation, to which Charlotte bowed and thanked me with a delightful smile. I believe it was the correct answer since I got to see this beautiful smile.

As for studying, there should be no problems if I cut down on my sleep time. An individual doesn’t perish if he or she sleeps a little less.

“—Will your family be coming back soon?”

After chatting for a bit, Charlotte started to worry about my family. I think she’s starting to feel uncomfortable since no one has returned even though it’s so late. As for me, I am more worried about her being in my apartment and her family worrying about how late the siblings are. I would like to avoid developments like your father abruptly barging in and shouting. It’d be unbearable to be yelled at for doing nothing wrong.

Well, leaving that aside—

“Nobody will come back.”


When I briefly stated the facts, Charlotte had a confused expression on her face. I may have said it a little too bluntly. I hastily smiled and rephrased.

“No, what I mean is that I live alone. So, nobody will come back.”

“Live alone…? Even though you are still a high-school student?” 

“Ah, yeah. That’s correct.”

I stopped saying anything after that. I’d rather not talk about this topic too much. And as such, I didn’t say anything unnecessary and phrased it so that this conversation wouldn’t continue.

Charlotte seemed to have sensed that, and after opening and closing her mouth multiple times while looking for something to say, she ultimately chose not to speak. It seems like she realized that I didn’t want to talk about this.

“I am starving…” 

I didn’t have any words left to speak, so I unintentionally uttered a soliloquy. I directly returned from Aki’s place and haven’t eaten anything yet. It’s natural that I’m hungry.

“Did you not eat dinner?”

My muttering shouldn’t have been very loud, but it seems like Charlotte heard me. It’s embarrassing to be seen as a glutton.

“Well, yeah…”

“It’s because we got in the way, right? I am really sorry…” 

“No, no! It’s okay! I just have to go to the convenience store later to buy dinner!”

Since Charlotte seemed depressed, I spoke with haste to recover her mood. If you get this depressed over one meal, I will feel guilty.

“But it’s already this late… Wouldn’t it be dangerous to go out at this hour?”

“It’s fine. Japan is safer than most countries out there.”

Though it’s not entirely safe, the probability of being attacked by a suspicious person in Japan is quite low. Charlotte, who is from a foreign country, probably isn’t too knowledgeable in that aspect.

No, it’s not that foreign countries are very dangerous. However, it can be said that Japan is safer than many of the countries.

“Even so… I got it! I will cook dinner for you!”

Charlotte, who was feeling uncomfortable, abruptly clapped and said delightfully.

What is this…? I wonder if I’m actually dreaming right now? Will this beautiful girl who just transferred into my school cook a meal for me? How can there be such a happy and convenient development in this world… 

“Is that, no good…?”


When I didn’t reply, Charlotte looked at my face with upturned eyes. She’s cute, and she smells so good, it’s making my head spin.

“P-please and thank you…” 


When I answered her in a semi-conscious state, Charlotte left my room with a very delightful smile.

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