After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 17

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The Beautiful Transfer Student Seems Happy When Our Eyes Meet

TL: PuffyPyjamas.

ED: Daemon.

“Oh~ You managed to complete it, not too bad.”

When Akira handed in his six-times increased homework, Miyu-sensei received it with an impressed expression. We did manage to complete the work prior to Miyu-sensei’s arrival, but my right hand is killing me right now. It’s natural for my right hand to hurt since I copied the homework with all my might.

However, considering Miyu-sensei’s reaction, I don’t think it was necessary for Akira to do six-times the homework. Well, if I think about it normally, nobody would be able to complete six-times as much work. The person who issued all that homework, Miyu-sensei, is super scary, so you can’t help but follow through with it.

There should not be any other problems unless Akira says anything unnecessary.

…Hmm? While I was watching Miyu-sensei and Akira, I felt a gaze on my back. When I turned back, Charlotte was looking at me for some reason.


When my eyes met hers, Charlotte smiled happily and waved her hand so that no other students would notice it. What should I do? It’s so cute of her to happily wave her hand at me when each other.

I almost waved back with my hand but I managed to stop myself at just the right moment. I decided that I wouldn’t be involved with her at school. I don’t know if someone’s watching me, and I can’t really pass it off if something does happen. 

Well, Charlotte will be more at risk than me if we’re found out. However, it seems that she’s not conscious of that fact. Although she was waving in a way that nobody else could see her hand, I would prefer if she’d stop doing that since she’s popular and draws too much attention.

…I was very happy to see Charlotte wave her hand at me though. 

“—I did it, Akito! It’s quite unusual for Miyu-sensei to praise me!”

Akira delightfully spoke to me while I was thinking about Charlotte. I think he is glad that he was praised just because Miyu-sensei is always angry at him.

“I am happy for you.”

“Ah, but it’s mostly thanks to you. Are you really okay with me taking credit for all of it?”

“Of course. Miyu-sensei would be angry if she found out the truth.”

It wouldn’t be much of a problem if I just told Akira the answers to the questions. However, I wrote the answers onto the printout for him. 

Although I tried my best to make my handwriting resemble Akira’s as much as I possibly could, I feel like I will get caught if Miyu-sensei is the one looking over the homework. If you underestimate that person’s wild instinct, you will surely suffer.

“Now then, the next class is about to start, but… Aoyagi, come with me for a little bit.”


For some reason, Miyu-sensei called out to me. What is it?

“Hurry up can come. Make sure you guys keep quiet until the teacher for the next subject arrives.”

Miyu-sensei left the class after saying these parting words. I don’t know what’s happening, but I quickly followed. If I were to ignore her, the aftermath would be way too scary.

While I was leaving the classroom, I met Charlotte’s eyes, which were looking at me with worry. Charlotte is a really kind person for worrying about me. However, this is Miyu-sensei we are talking about. She’ll just make me do chores or something.

“What happened?”

Immediately after leaving the class, I asked Miyu-sensei, who was waiting for me. Then, Miyu-sensei sighed while holding up the homework papers that Akira submitted earlier.

“Even if you wanted to cover for Akira, this is overdoing it, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, I know you helped with this homework.”

Miyu-sensei gazes at my face. Seriously, I was found out just like that…?

“Geez… Your imitation of Akira’s handwriting was quite good… I couldn’t tell at first glance. However, there are traces of modification and rewriting up to the second set. Whereas, there are no traces of rewriting after the third set. Isn’t that weird?”

Miyu-sensei looked at my face after heaving a sigh. One might say that it’s normal to rewrite it, but what Miyu-sensei is referring to is something a little different.

The second set is probably double the amount of homework that Akira has done. The parts where she pointed out the modifications are the parts where Akira’s answers were incorrect and I instructed him to correct them.

If it was only the first set, it would be reasonable if you searched for the answer and rewrote it. However, there shouldn’t be any rewriting in any of the next sets as it would just be copying the first. If there were any mistakes, there wouldn’t be very many. Despite that, the second set was corrected in the same exact places as the first set. We were found out because of that..

If it was all the same for all six sets, then it may not have been noticed. I naturally noticed this risk, but I feigned ignorance since I had no time. I prayed that Miyu-sensei would overlook it, but it seems that such a convenient story-like development wouldn’t happen.


Since I have already been busted, I’ll just apologize obediently. It’s better to apologize to this woman than to make excuses. She is one to easily spot a lie.

“Hey, Aoyagi. I completely understand why you’re soft on Saionji. However, this is too much. If you spoil him too much, he will soon turn into a useless person.”

Miyu-sensei kindly explained, as if coaxing a child. It seems she wasn’t angry, she just wanted me to be careful.

“Yes, I am sorry…”

“I know you are. I’ll overlook this matter for the time being, but there is no next time, okay?”

“Yes, I understand.”

When I nodded, Miyu-sensei smiled kindly at me. The reason why she didn’t mention this inside the class was probably in consideration of my situation. As always, she is a good teacher. I am grateful for being placed in Miyu-sensei’s class.

“—Oh, yeah. There was one other thing.”


As I was leaving to return to class, Miyu-sensei stopped me. When I looked back in wonderment, what I saw was Miyu-sensei standing there with a perfect smile on her face. I really do think that this woman would be extremely beautiful if she was silent.

I thought of such a rude thing, but I focused on maintaining my poker face so that it wouldn’t be noticed by the sharp Miyu-sensei. However, my indifferent expression was immediately destroyed.

The reason being—

“I overlooked the thing with the homework… But being abandoned yesterday is another thing all together.”

—Because there were blue lines forming on the smiling Miyu-sensei’s forehead.

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