After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 3

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A Teacher That Cares for Her Students

“Thank you.”

Seeing that things have calmed down, Akira whispered softly into my ear. 

After making eye contact with me earlier, Akira realized that he was troubling Charlotte, causing him to flip and support my side. That’s probably what he’s thanking me for. If he continued to push forward without realizing, there would have been a negative impact on Charlotte’s impression of him. 

I gave him a nod and started my preparations to head home. I didn’t have anything in particular that I need to do, but it would probably be better for everyone else and for the general atmosphere of the class if I left.


“Oh? That’s a very admirable statement coming from Saionji, who has the lowest overall score in the class.”

Just after everyone started their preparations to head home, Miyu-sensei, with a mischievous expression and a voice that made it seem like she was having fun, spoke out all of a sudden.

“――Huh!? Mi-Miyu-sensei…? Since homeroom is over, shouldn’t you be in the staff room?”

Akira turned toward Miyu-sensei who had abruptly entered the class with cold sweat pouring all over his body. Looks like Miyu-sensei’s anger today has instilled a trauma in his heart. I don’t know what was said, but seeing how things are going, he was probably reprimanded pretty severely.

“Now now, there’s no need to be so frightened. I didn’t come back because I had business with you.”

“P-Phew, you should say that earlier then. Geez, there’s no need to scare people like that.”

“Fufu, as long as you don’t do anything wrong, I won’t get mad, much less a reason for you to be scared, right? Are you admitting something? If so, do you want to come back to the staff room again?”

Akira said something unnecessary after feeling relieved, causing Miyu-sensei to smile and grab his shoulders with an angry scowl on her forehead. From the rustling sound that could be heard, the painful expression on Akira’s face, and his shaking body, I could tell that her grip was quite strong.

“Miyu-sensei, didn’t you come back because of something else?”

As Miyu-sensei was the type to finish things through, I stepped in between them and changed the topic. She’s unexpectedly a relatively simple teacher, so it should be easy to distract her in this way.

—However, I ended up regretting reminding Miyu-sensei about her business.

“Ah, that’s right. I had some business with you, Aoyagi. Come with my right now.”


I didn’t think that I would be the one she had business with, causing me to turn speechless.

Is this maybe—

“I just thought I’d also give you your punishment for what happened this morning.”

Just as I thought…

Didn’t she say it was okay as long as she didn’t notice…?

Resisting would drag things out, so I reluctantly followed Miyu-sensei out.

“My bad, Aoyagi. I was suddenly asked to do something, so I wanted someone to help out.”

As I was organizing the teaching material in the storage room, Miyu-sensei apologized to me while similarly organizing the scattered materials.

Currently, I am immersed in cleaning up the storage room with Miyu-sensei.

“No, it’s alright. However, if you just want someone to help, please don’t threaten them with punishment.”

I continued to move my hands, but I simultaneously raised a complaint.

When Miyu-sensei told me that I was to receive punishment, the thought that I would receive a scolding just like Akira worried me sick.

Well, it was Akira’s fault in creating a reason for him to be scolded so severely, but I would say that with Miyu-sensei, it was still a possibility that I would receive my own punishment.

“Punishment was a convenient excuse to get you out of the class to help me. If Saionji was the only one receiving punishment for this morning’s incident, you would once again make people resent you.”

I didn’t respond, but I could tell by her words that she was worried about me.

Even though Miyu-sensei has a bad-temper and a strong-willed personality, it’s an irrefutable fact that she is an amazing teacher who keeps her student’s well-being in mind. And that is the reason why Miyu-sensei is really popular with the students and the students intimately call her by first name.

“Also, you brought everyone’s enmity upon yourself again, right? Why do you always choose to take on the unfavourable role in such cases?”

Probably since I didn’t reply, Miyu-sensei proceeded to ask me a question. I stopped moving the materials as I looked into Miyu-sensei’s eyes and asked.

“Since when were you observing the situation?”

“It was just before you took the initiative to stop Saionji.”

“That means you were present from the beginning…”

“Yeah. I was contemplating on whether or not to step in and interrupt, but when I saw you make your move, I stopped. I didn’t wish to interfere in the matters among the students, and I knew you would resolve it. To be honest, I wish I’d have stepped in.”

Miyu-sensei’s words and expression clearly display her regret. It’s probably because I became the sole villain. I believe it was the best choice considering the circumstances, and also because I trust Akira. However, it seems that it was a bad choice with an unfavourable result from Miyu-sensei’s perspective.

“If it’s just that. I couldn’t care less.”

“You… Aki was worried that you must be a target of bullying at school.”

Miyu-sensei muttered with an amazed expression.

I reflexively reacted to the words which shouldn’t be ignored.

“Please wait. That girl, did she really say that?”

“Ah~! Other than that, she’s been saying things like, ‘Is Senpai lonely without me~?’ and ‘Is he eating his lunch all alone~?’”

Listening to Miyu-sensei’s words, I could feel a serious migraine creeping up on me.

Aki is Miyu-sensei’s little sister who is a lot younger than her, in addition, she was my junior during my middle-school days.

She has a rather feminine personality, which is in complete contrast with that of Miyu-sensei’s. However, she can also be quite the worrywart and can sometimes be a little annoying.

“Why does she think I would be lonely when she knows that Akira is in the same class as me…? Besides, she never expresses any of that ‘worry’ to me even though we meet practically everyday.”

“Well, if she tells that to you personally, you’ll get angry, right? She also said, ‘Saionji-senpai can get people together, but they’ll always leave if Senpai is around.’” 

“…This, is it okay to tell me all this? She’ll start crying after I scold her, you know?”

“Haha~ You shouldn’t worry, I know that you can’t strongly reprimand Aki.”

“Miyu-sensei, you’re quite sly…”

“You can’t survive in this society if you aren’t sly.”

Miyu-sensei gave me a totally nonsensical tip with an innocent look.

I still can’t comprehend how the serious and diligent Aki and the irresponsible Miyu-sensei are sisters.

“Hey, Aoyagi. What are you thinking now?”

As soon as I thought something rude, Miyu-sensei responded sensitively. This person is scary when she shows off her animal-like instinct at times like this.

For now, I shook my head sideways and insisted that it was a misunderstanding.

If she finds out about what I am thinking, she would give me a severe scolding.

“I see, so that was just me… Well, it’s fine. What I mean to say is, you should take care of yourself more.”

“I feel like I am taking care of myself pretty nicely?”

“In what state of mind are you saying that…?”

Miyu-sensei sighs heavily as she holds her forehead in frustration.

Why is she making a stunned expression?

“Miyu-sensei, this should be the last of it. Can I leave now, she gets noisy if I get there too late.”

I confirmed that I was done with my work and expressed my desire to leave.

If I continue to stay here, I would only be reprimanded further.

Moreover, Aki is going to worry if I am late, it’s gonna be bad if I don’t head out soon.

“Ah, thank you. I’ll contact Aki for you to let her know. Thanks as always..”

“It’s okay, since I am receiving money, I consider it as my job. It isn’t anything you need to thank me for.”

The reason Miyu-sensei thanked me was because I’m actually Aki’s tutor.

When I informed Aki that I would find myself a part-time job when I began high school, she asked me to become her tutor.

I initially declined, however, after being urged by Aki and given permission by Aki’s parents, I finally decided to take the job.

After bowing towards Miyu-sensei and bidding her farewell, I headed towards Aki’s home.

The distance between our school and Aki’s house is not excessively large, so I’ll be able to manage somehow.

—Or so I thought. However, it was impossible for me to make it in time for the appointment.

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