After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 31

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I Gradually Begin to See Her True Face

TL: PuffyPyjamas.

ED: Daemon.

“—As expected, Charlotte’s home cooking is extremely delicious.”

Since Charlotte insisted that she’d prepare my breakfast as well, I indulged in her kindness and let her spoil me with her cooking.

The table was lined up with the standard miso soup and white rice. There was also stir-fried spinach and bacon, grilled saury flavored with pickled plums, and finally an rolled omelette that was filled with cheese.

It feels quite extravagant for breakfast, but all of them are delicious and I can’t believe that I received so much in the morning.

“Fufu, even if you flatter me like that. There is no more food left, okay?”

“No, this is heavenly. I wouldn’t mind eating this every day for the rest of my life.”

“Eh…? That—” 

Charlotte turned away from me for some reason after hearing the words I said from the bottom of my heart. What is it? I feel like her ears are red.


While I was staring at Charlotte, Emma, ​​who was sitting on my lap, pulled on the hem of my clothes.

“What’s wrong?”

“When Onii-chan is with us, there is so much more food to eat than normal. I want to eat with you every day, Onii-chan.”

“E-Emma, don’t say unnecessary things!”

Charlotte responded rather sensitively to Emma’s innocent words. Charlotte’s face also turned bright red because of embarrassment.

From Emma’s words and Charlotte’s reaction, it seems that she prepared such an extravagant meal just because it was for me as she turned to face me again.

What should I do? Charlotte was probably just enthusiastic because she was cooking for someone not from her family, but I’m very happy to think that she went the extra mile for me.

“T-that’s not it! I don’t usually cut corners while cooking, okay?”

“Hahah, you don’t have to panic, I am aware of your intention, so it’s alright.”

“Y-you’re laughing…! You’re actually making fun of me on the inside, aren’t you!?”

“I am not making fun of you though!?”


…For some reason, Charlotte thinks that I am making fun of her. I’m really not doing that though…

However, Charlotte, who is pouting like a child, is extremely cute. Is it okay to think that Charlotte showing this side of hers to me is a sign of her opening up to me? Although only a few days have passed since we met, I feel like we are getting along pretty well, and I am really happy.

“—By the way, there is a test soon, right?”

Charlotte brought up the tests while we were washing dishes standing beside each other in the kitchen after finishing the meal. Incidentally, I’m washing the dishes together with her because I feel really bad to have her wash it by herself every time, and I forced her to let me help her.

“Yeah. However, since it is the test after a long vacation, the content for examination will be from the first semester, with half of it coming from the summer vacation assignment, so Charlotte will probably be exempted from the test.”

Naturally, the school wouldn’t ask Charlotte, who has just transferred in, to take the test. I don’t know how far she has studied in England, but the pace and scope of the lessons cannot be exactly the same as us. She will probably take the tests starting the coming mid-term examinations.

“Yeah, I was exempted this time. Oh, by the way, I heard from Hanazawa-sensei that Aoyagi-kun is the top student in our school? I also have to do my best to not lose to Aoyagi-kun.”

The top student at school? Certainly, I may be first if we just look at the test results in our grade, but what did Miyu-sensei mean by saying I am the top student in the entire school…? It may have been said based on the results of the national academic ability test, but I want her to stop saying that I am the top student at school.

Well, next time, I’ll just indirectly mention that to Miyu-sensei, but on the other hand, Charlotte seems very confident in her academic ability. She’s fluent in Japanese, and from her usual personality, she seems like the type that would be very good at studying. There is a possibility that Charlotte would be the biggest obstacle in my purpose… 

Well, even if that were the case, I would have no choice but to just do my best in the end. I don’t want to be the someone who steps on others to achieve my goals. Even if other people were to fall, if there are people above me who kick me down, then there’s no end in sight. Therefore, I have no intention of committing such a sin.

“I will also do my best to not lose to Charlotte… The athletics festival is waiting for you as soon as the tests are concluded, and we’ll be busy for a while after that too…” 

“A-A sports festival, is it…?”

Hmm? What happened? I just casually mentioned about the athletic festival without much thought, but Charlotte stiffened while looking at my face.

“What happened?”

“N-no, it’s nothing… Well, unlike Britain, Japan seems to have placed appropriate focus on exercising… It’s usually shown in manga as well…”  

Charlotte said that it was nothing, but judging from how she looks, there is definitely something wrong. She started mumbling at the end, so I couldn’t really hear it very well, but is she maybe unathletic?

I was worried and tried to walk closer to listen—

“—Onii-chan, play with me.”

Emma, ​​who seemed to be completely free, clung to my leg, so I missed the timing to listen.

――By the way, I played with Emma until the last possible moment before heading to school.

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